College Judo Ch. 04


Over the next few months Shane became more or less a fixture at my house. Our typical routine was for him to come over after judo, to eat everything I had in the house, and then for me to fuck him silly. It was a simple routine, but it worked for us. Most nights after we fucked, he would spend the night. So I was surprised when I heard, and felt, his signature door bang and it was Saturday afternoon. I hurried to the door and wrenched it open. I barely was able to stop my response when I noticed that Shane had brought someone with him. What the fuck is he doing, I thought.

“Hey Shane.”

“Hey. This is Marc,” he said with a backward nod. “He’s in ROTC with me.”

Shane walked past me without another word, heading for the fridge. I held out my hand and smiled at the obviously nervous young man,

“Hi, I’m Matt. Come on in.”

“Thanks. Shane said you wouldn’t mind if I came along. We just finished drill,” said Marc as he shook my offered hand. I motioned him in as I heard the typical clatter of Shane getting food out.

As he walked past, I checked out Marc. Not my typical tastes in men, but Marc managed to make it hot. He had short, dark auburn hair and very pale skin. A little taller than I was, he was fairly slender. I followed him into the kitchen where Shane had started feeding. I smiled at Marc and motioned at the food,

“You better grab something. He will eat everything in sight.”

Shane looked at me and grunted agreement around a mouth full of sandwich. Marc started out slowly but was soon matching Shane in the speed they inhaled the food. Soon the meal was reduced to scraps and both of them looked full and happy. As Shane started to walk away, I jerked my chin to the mess.

“Clean it up. I’m not your maid.”

Marc snickered a little as Shane muttered something under his breath, but moved to help. Soon they had the mess cleaned up and had a beer apiece which they were quickly draining. As Shane drank his, he let out a loud burp and then looked over at me.

“I’m horny. Let’s watch some porn!”

“Really? You want to watch porn?” I asked, looking at Marc.

He looked at Shane, who was already almost panting at the thought, then at me, and with an almost imperceptible nod he agreed. I shrugged and headed for the rec room. As they moved down behind me I flipped through the videos. While not a huge collection, I did have a few hot ones, all man-on-man of course. Wondering if Marc knew what he had got himself into, I popped in some college muscle porn that I thought they might like.

The room was dim, illuminated mostly by the flat-screen TV. As the first scene opened, two hot college men started making out. Their kisses were hot and sloppy as they stripped each other. As the action progressed, I looked over at my two guests to see how they were doing. Shane was unabashedly jerking himself through his shorts, and Marc seemed to be kneading his own dick with his eyes glued to the screen. As one of the actors began to get his ass eaten I heard a low moan from Shane’s lips.

“Fuck, that’s hotter than shit,” sighed Shane.

He looked over at me and licked his lips, his hand now inside his shorts as he beat his meat. Casting a glance at Marc, Shane stood up and walked over to me and kneeled down in front of me. He pulled down my jeans and then my jock. Once free of the confining mesh, my cock leapt up and slapped wetly against my stomach. Shane was almost panting with lust as he pried my cock down and stroked it slowly. I looked at Marc and he watched wide-eyed with his hand slowly traveling up and down his cock. Scooting down to make access easier for Shane, I put my hands behind my head and relaxed to enjoy whatever happened. I moaned at the slick feel of Shane’s rough hand as it moved up and down my hard cock. Soon I felt a hot tongue dig into my slit and the two lips wrapped around the head of my cock and started sucking. As Shane’s lips touched my dick, I heard a strangled moan from across the room. Smiling to myself, I focused on the delicious sensations pulsing from my granite hard dick. I was surprised to feel another tongue dig into my pits. Cracking my eyes open slightly, I discovered that Marc had stripped and was slobbering over my pit with his face pressed into my steamy underarm. I reached over, grabbed his hair in my fingers and pressed his face tight against my pit.

“Lick it out bitch. Suck all that stink out of my hairy pits,” I said with a growl.

I heard, and felt, Shane’s moan around my dick as he watched his Army buddy eat out my pits. As the two of them assaulted my body I felt every nerve come alive with desire for these two hot college boys. Suddenly Shane came off my cock and stood up. Without a word he climbed over me, reached between his legs and positioned my leaking cock at his hole. Gripping my torso he started lowering himself, my cock disappearing into his hot and steamy ass. Shane groaned loudly as he bottomed out on my cock. Another gasp came from Marc as he watched my cock disappear Sakarya Escort into his buddy. Moving quietly he moved behind Shane, kneeling, his face inches from my thick, hard pole that was sliding in and out of Shane’s hairy ass.

Leaning closer, he finally reached out and ran his fingers over the union of Shane’s ass and my cock. Moving closer, his tongue snaked out of his mouth and began licking and tasting both of our bodies. As he tongued my ass and balls, my body spiraled into new levels of desire. Between Marc’s hot tongue and Shane’s frantic ride, I knew I wouldn’t last long. As the porn flickered in the background, I relaxed and accepted the pleasure being given to me by these two men. Grabbing Shane’s shoulders, I started ramming into him hard and fast. Simultaneously, Marc dug his tongue into my ass and starting rimming me. I gasped and pinned Shane against my crotch as the first jet shot from my dick. Shaking with release, I shot volley after volley into his clenching muscle ass. Coming down from my euphoric high, I felt Shane’s dick unload over my stomach. As he ground against my semi-hard cock, he continued to burp semen out of his jerking cock. With the last squirt, he collapsed on me.

Marc watched our orgasms from his intimate location. He ran his tongue over us, tasting everything he could reach on either of our bodies. My deflating cock slowly slithered out of Shane’s gaping hole. As the glans cleared Shane’s hole, Marc sucked it into his mouth and licked it clean. Grimacing as he attacked my tender dick, I was glad that he quickly moved to Shane’s distended ass. As I relaxed I heard the slurping sound of Marc fletching out Shane’s filled twat. As Marc swallowed the last of the hot white treasure from Shane, he stood and rammed his own leaking cock into him. As he immediately started pounding into Shane’s wet tunnel I could tell Marc wasn’t going to last long. Running my hands over Shane’s back I watched with pleasure as Marc’s pale body arced repeatedly as he rushed toward his nut. Shane sighed softly as Marc’s trim cock started hitting his prostate.

Marc’s body jerked raggedly as his body started to overload. Gripping Shane’s hips tight Marc fucked his buddy, adding his load to mine. Marc’s orgasm finally subsided to body twitching. He ran his hands over Shane with his dick plugging his hole. Shane smiled and glanced over his shoulder at Marc,

“Did you get what you wanted Richards?”

“Yeah,” said Marc, “and it was fuckin’ good too.”

Shane turned back to me and lightly kissed my lips.

“We’re just getting started Matt, just getting started.”

Oh god, what have I gotten myself into, and what are these two up to.

Marc pulled out and announced, “I gotta go piss. Where’s the head?”

I directed him to the bathroom upstairs and watched as his pale white ass moved up the stairs. I turned to Shane and looked him in the eye.

“What’s going on? Who is this guy?”

“Yeah, he’s hot isn’t he?”

“That’s not what I asked. What’s going on?”

Shane sighed, “He’s been kinda hitting on me. You know, like patting my ass, rubbing my shoulders. That kinda stuff. So when he kept wanting to do something with me I thought I’d bring him over here and you and I could play with him.”

“You dumbass! What if he hadn’t wanted to do play?”

“Oh he did. I could tell.”

“Oh god, don’t tell me you think you have some kind of damn gaydar.”

Shane snickered, “Nope, more like a boy pussy detector.”

I threw up my hands in surrender. “Whatever. Well what are we going to do now? He’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Yeah, and I still think we can have fun,” said Shane. Taking my hand he led me over to the wrestling matt and pulled me down beside him as he lay on the dense foam. Shane lay on his side and slowly ran his hands over my bare body. Rubbing his fingers against my hard nipples, he leaned in and started working them over with his mouth. Soon his teeth and tongue were playing with my sensitive nipples like they were the accelerator for an Indy car. I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations, only dimly aware of Marc’s soft footsteps until another set of lips moved across my chest. As they both covered my torso with soft kisses and gentle nips of their teeth, my cock began to swell again.

They moved lower and closer to my now happily bouncing dick. As they converged on my penis, Shane grabbed its root and shook it at Marc.

“Come on Marc, lick it. You’ll love the taste of Matt’s cock snot,” said Shane with a chuckle.

Hesitantly, Marc closed the distance to my now throbbing cock. He tentatively licked though the tiny pool of precum that had collected on my slit. Moving back, I watched, as he tasted his first cock juice. Marc smiled at me, moved back and wrapped his hand around my cock. He ran his tongue over it and cleaned the clear fluid from it. Shane watched for a few seconds and then lay on the floor behind my ass and opened my cheeks slowly. He licked his Adapazarı Escort lips as he moved in and started running his tongue over my hole. As they both worked on me, my body responded fervently and I was soon arching my back in response to their attention. Before I reached the point of no return I sat up and grabbed both of them, pulling them to me.

Realizing what I was wanting, they began making out with each other and me in a hot three-way session. Marc’s pale skin was already flushed pink as I fastened my teeth on his neck and sucked a hickey. The combinations of stimulation became endless with all three of us reaching a fever pitch in our lovemaking. My two Army stud’s found themselves in a hot tongue wrestling session, which gave me the opportunity I had been waiting on. While they were preoccupied, I moved behind Marc and opened his small ass cheeks. His pale and almost hairless crack was in sharp contrast to Shane’s full bubble butt and his infrequent hairs were deep auburn in comparison to Shane’s forest of blonde curls. His deep red pucker also looked small and tight while Shane’s brown-eye had loosened up considerable over the past few months. I moved in closer and smelled his deep earthy scent that was the only similarity to Shane, their masculine smell.

Unable to resist any longer, I pressed the point of my tongue into Marc’s tight hole and moved it back and forth. Marc broke his kiss with Shane and gasped,

“Oh fuck! What are you doing? Damnit, don’t stop. That feels amazing!”

Rubbing my finger over his flexing hole, I smiled at his slender heaving body.

“You like having your ass eaten Marc? Does that feel good to you?” I asked.

“Oh hell yeah. God that feels good.”

Shane moved back in front, gripped Marc’s head and pushed it toward his own leaking dick. I lowered my face and began to work Marc’s ass in earnest as he started polishing Shane’s thick cock. My attack on Marc’s hole quickly had him whimpering and moaning as he licked Shane’s fuck pole. Suddenly a slap that sounded like a rifle shot echoed out and I realized that Shane had smacked Marc hard across the face.

“Suck it bitch! It’s not a fuckin’ lollypop.” yelled Shane.

Marc looked up at Shane with a whipped puppy look in his eyes, but then slid his mouth over Shane’s dick. Shane grabbed his head and started fucking his mouth. Marc’s cheeks hollowed as he sucked and licked over Shane’s dick. He soon matched his rhythm to Shane’s and soft moans escaped around the thick cock in his mouth.

I abandoned his ass, and retrieved the lube that we would need. Moving back I pumped several squirts of it into the top of Marc’s almost hairless crack. Running my finger down his butt, I rubbed my finger around his hole. His ass started thrashing as I teased his butt and then slipped my finger into him. His slender body was twisting between us as Marc was assaulted from both ends. As Shane pounded his face, I slowly slid in a second and then third finger. I could feel his body shake as I slowly explored his butt. Squirting another dose of lube into my free hand I reached between Marc’s slayed legs and grabbed his hard cock with my soaked hand, stroking it as I finger fucked his tight white ass.

Shane sped up his attack on Marc’s mouth. I watched in fascination as his ass clenched with each thrust. As his fucking reached a fever pitch, I moved behind Marc, rubbing my purple cock head against his tight pink pucker. Gauging my timing carefully I watched Shane as I slowly worked my dick into Marc’s butt. As Shane tensed, releasing his torrent into Marc’s mouth, I shoved my cock completely into his ass. Marc’s screams of pain only served to send vibrations around Shane’s cock, stretching out his orgasm as I remained still and deep in his ass. Eventually Shane released Marc’s head and let his softening cock slip out. As soon as his mouth was free Marc started to beg,

“Oh god Matt, please take it out! It hurts like a motherfucker! You’re too big! Take it out!”

“Relax Marc, your tight ass is clamped down. Give it a minute and it will get better,” I said. Looking at Shane I nodded downward. He smiled, immediately understanding, and lay on his back. He slid his head under Marc and rose up, taking Marc’s soft cock into his mouth and nursing it. After a few more minutes Marc’s gasps of pain seem to have transitioned to soft moans as Shane nursed his dick back to life. Finally feeling his ass relax around me, I pulled out slightly and then slipped back in. Marc collapsed on his elbows as Shane and I dealt him a double dose of pleasure. Finally hitting a rhyme, I pulled almost out, coated my cock with lube again, and then shoved it back into Marc’s ass. Changing the angle slightly I rammed against Marc’s prostate, causing his body to tremble and a loud groan from him.

“Fuck! What was that? Holy shit that was good!” cried Marc.

“It was your prostate cutie. It’ll make this all feel really good.”

And with that Shane and I sped up. Serdivan Escort I pounded Marc’s ass, hitting his button more times than not while Shane deep throated his slender dick like a pro. I heard Shane’s pace change and knew Marc was unloading into his mouth. I continued jackhammering into Marc as my own climax rolled through my body. Marc was panting and thrashing on the floor under me as my nuts empty their load into his hot, tight gut. I felt a tongue exploring the seam where my cock and Marc’s ass join, and I knew that Shane was licking up the leaks from my explosion. After a few more stiff pushes I collapse against his back, my cock still lodged inside him.

“Oh god! That was amazing! I’ve never came that hard before,” said Marc with a soft moan.

I looked over to see Shane crawling toward Marc. His cock was dark red and dripping. I knew Marc was about to get round two of tonight’s fuck fest. I rolled off Marc, giving Shane full access to his dripping ass. With a look of shear lust, Shane opened his tight ass and started licking his swollen and abused ass lips. Soon his face was glued to Marc’s hole as he feasted on the leaking man juice. Releasing Marc’s ass, he crawled up and started rubbing his granite hard cock up and down Marc’s hairless ass. Shane grabbed the lube and flooded his dick and Marc’s ass with the slick substance. As he pressed his almost purple cockhead into the tight, abused alabaster ass under him, Marc began to struggle.

“Fuck no! Shit! I’m already tore up. Don’t Shane! Please!”

Shane was past caring about anything other than getting his rocks off. Ignoring the pleas he pressed his dick into Marc’s tender ass and almost immediately began pounding it. The combination of Shane’s powerful grunts as he thrust into Marc and Marc’s own mews of both pain and pleasure soon had my own dick hard again. Looking at Marc splayed under Shane, I felt some pity for him and decided to hurry Shane along. Wetting my finger with spit, I slid it along Shane’s humping ass and quickly sank it to the hilt. Ramming my finger against Shane’s prostate, I felt his ass convulse as I triggered his orgasm. With a few last hard thrusts he pinned Marc and added his cum to my own. With that we all collapsed to the floor, a pile of sweat and exhausted muscle.

As we lay recovering, I began playing with the dark auburn pubic hair surrounding Marc’s dick. I found his tall, slim build, pale skin and almost hairless body strangely appealing. Moving closer I sucked his flaccid penis into my mouth and began sucking it clean. His cum was definitely a different flavor from Shane, sweeter somehow. In typical college boy recovery time, Marc’s dick began swelling back to its erect state. I was delighted to discover that his dick was perfect for me to deep throat. Shane watched silently, slowly fondling himself as he stared at me licking and sucking on Marc’s cock. As our leisurely session evolved, Marc began to respond to the attention I was giving his dick. As we became more and more focused on each other, Shane suddenly spoke,

“I wanted fucked. Matt, I want you to fuck me.”

Somewhat caught off guard, I twisted flat on the floor and motioned him over. Gesturing to my now hard dick, I said, “Sit on it Shane. I want to see you fuck yourself on my dick.”

After smearing more lube on his ass, Shane moved over my waving dick. Positioning it against his hole, he slowly sank down until my pubic hair rubbed against his ass. He leaned forward, his hands on my chest for balance as he started pumping himself onto me. Marc crawled from in front of me and moved so he was again watching my cock disappear into Shane’s butt. As I watched Marc practically drooling over the sight, an idea came to me. Motioning Marc down, I grabbed Shane and pulled him against me. Marc caught on quickly and squirted more of the rapidly emptying lube over his hard dick. As Shane lay on my chest moaning, I fastened my teeth to his shoulder and motioned for Marc to slide his cock in beside mine. While not matching mine in girth, the combination of being plugged by two cocks brought Shane from his haze.

“God damn fuckers! You assholes! You’re fuckin’ tearing me!” he screamed.

With a look of ‘yeah fucker, like you did me’ Marc rammed the rest of his cock deep into Shane. Unable to do more than hold Shane, I felt Marc’s hot cock slide over mine as he flailed Shane’s ass like it was his last. Shane never got past the point of mixed pleasure and pain from the double fucking, but his cock stayed hard during the entire time. Shane’s ass was unbelievably tight with both of us inside him. Marc soon was panting with need as his balls fired off again. The hot cum flooded Shane’s ass and surrounded my cock. As Marc slipped out, I started plowing through the slick fuck hole. Gripping Shane’s hips, I pounding into him, my dick finding new recesses as it drove through Marc’s slick residue. Shane’s own cock was again red and throbbing, leaking precum over my stomach. Soon our grunts of effort were joining as we both approached climax. Shane fired off first with thin strands of hot cum across my chest. His clenching ass triggered my own orgasm, adding my own cum to Marc’s. Our bodies shook and recoiled with Shane collapsing onto my chest, Marc momentarily forgotten as we began to cuddle.

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