Cockometer Ch. 03


(This story contains bi-curious situations. If you wish to avoid reading about two married couples exploring all aspects of their sexuality, please choose another story.)


I took Sheri by the hand and led her down the hall toward the bedroom Lori and I shared last night. We heard Lori’s and Ben’s voices thru the bathroom door, the splashing shower masking their words. Thoughts of joining them in the large shower flickered, then faded. I didn’t want to watch my loving wife dancing nude in the shower, her tits hard on Ben’s back, rubbing her pussy hard across his ass. She’d have her arms around his twisting waist, her soapy hand holding him by the balls while she rocked her other hand over the head of his dick.

I pulled Sheri to a stop in the doorway, taking the side of her face in fingertips, I kissed her lightly; it was a ‘first kiss’ kiss.

“I feel like we’ve been flirting forever; it’s like like we’re on our third date.”

She got this big grin on her face. “And you’re wondering if you’ll score?”

“Is sex what you’re talking about?” she asks, shutting off the harsh overhead light and walking around the bed. She snapped down the sheet on the far side. “Pull down the sheet and we can lie down here and talk about it. Maybe you can work on your second base moves.”

We were on our sides, arms around each other, stretching out, our bodies pressed together; her warm body thawing my cold dick. Sheri fluffed the sheet full of air over us, looking down my body, and I marveled at my good fortune — not exactly serendipitous because I had given her husband a rather good blow job, but here I was in bed, fooling around with my best friend’s wife.

I know I want to kiss her all over, get her off once, or maybe twice before we get to third base because –one last baseball metaphor- I know I’m going to take the first pitch.

We are face to face, looking into each other’s eyes, sharing the air between our kisses.

“What was it like Arnie, to be there, on your knees with Ben’s hard-on in your mouth?” I let out a slow breath and kissed her while I tried to put what went through my mind into words. The best I could come up with was that it was an in the moment thing, my hard dick wanted it, my wife wanted it, Ben sure wanted it, but most of all I wanted to go to bed with Sheri.

She wasn’t convinced.

“Don’t try to bull shit me about this Arnie, I saw the way you looked up into my husband’s eyes; it was like you two were on a different planet, and I’m not about to forget how hard your dick got when Lori and asked you about that guy on the constructions site. You wanted to try the other side just like I wanted Lori to put her hand down my panties. I mean, look how I gave myself to her, on top of the couch no less. I wanted her to take me, to make me cum while you and Ben watched us.”

We both heard the shower stop, listening for clues as we whisper between kisses.

“They’re getting out of the shower now, drying off.”

Sheri was licking my ear. “I’ll bet Ben’s hard as a rock.”

Her breast is warm and fits my hand perfectly. “My wife likes to watch while I dry my self off; sometimes she takes hold of me while she towels between her legs.”

Sheri is watching me through her half closed eyes as I kiss my way between her two breasts, and as she pulls my lips to hers, the sounds from the bathroom fade away. She puts her fingers in my hair, arching into me, tilting her hips, pushing harder, her hand on my cheek, fingertips touching my ears and our tongues, once unsure, now more earthy, we are clenched together, our breathing hard, our hands exploring with tentative caresses like first time lovers; both of us like horny teenagers, almost mature enough to draw out the pleasure, to savor the touching, the feeling of a stranger’s hands on the bodies which had been off limits to all but out spouses. My cock had been thrust up by our embrace, pre cum was oozing on her stomach and she lifted a leg and held me between her warm, tan thighs.

I wanted to bury my face between her legs, but what if she wasn’t into it, what if she and Ben didn’t do oral sex, and what I’d seen her do on the back of the couch, was strictly a girl-girl thing. What if I insulted her and she stormed off in a huff.

I was about to begin licking my way down her body when Ben and Lori stepped out of the bathroom and headed for the bed. It was silly, but I pulled on the sheet and let it settle down over our heads. Putting a finger to my lips, Sheri started to giggle, whispering about how ‘they’ll never guess who’s under here. “

The room was in shadows, the kitchen lights making a dim triangle on the wall. The bed settled, swaying, as Ben made room for my wife, and I wondered if our two wives had planned to corner their naked husbands between them.

Sheri pulled me tight against her, hugging my body to hers, squeezing my cock with her thighs. I could feel her body shaking with suppressed laughter at the absurdity of us hiding out under the sheet.

Invisible, I pulled my cock out from between her legs, rose to my knees, and sex hikayeleri tugged on her hip. Sheri willingly rolled onto her stomach, a vision of black nylon straps to flicker thru my mind as I look down at her naked bottom. The naughtiness of being in bed with Ben’s wife, while he and my wife lay next to us, made the hot, sexy air under the sheet worth it.

I glanced over at Ben and Loir as I got up on my knees. They played peek-e-boo with their end of the sheet, flaunted their rutting while they watched my hardon poking at Ben’s wife’s ass. I pulled the sheet over us, I straddled her legs and firmly kneaded her shoulders, used my thumbs and palms to massage the muscles along her spine, starting at her lower back, I pushed hard, twisting my palms on her subtle curves, up to her neck and then using my thumbs on each side of her spine, I worked my way back down again, my hard-on bobbing as I worked lower and lower. She was so beautiful, so luscious, so hot, laying there, her ass ready for me to do things to. I stretched out over her and lay down on her back, covering her body with mine; my hard-on nestled naturally on the warm flesh of her shapely butt, poking against her as I kissed the back of her neck. I was holding my weight with my arms, but clearly she was trapped there, nothing between her sex and my hard dick.

My plan to make her have a couple of orgasms before I entered her was turning out to be a real labor of love and before I got too hot, and heaven-forbid, had to be cooled off again, I raised myself up and kissed my way down her spine and breathing hard, I exhaled in a rush, blowing streams of hot air into the crack between her beautiful cheeks. Sheri was moving her hips, squirming as I kissed my way around her nakedness. It was hard to keep from spreading her cheeks and licking my way deep between them, but the way Sheri was moving her hips, she wanted to make love in the good old fashioned way, so after some forceful, meaningful kisses on her cheeks, and licking deep between her legs, I took her by the hips and rolled her toward me, and her breasts brushed across my chest as she lay back on the pillow.

We had gotten so warm under the sheet that I pulled it off us and glanced over at Ben and Lori. They were covered to the waist with the sheet, both on their sides watching us in the dim light. My wife was kissing Ben’s neck as her hand drifting over his pecks.

It still felt wrong, forbidden, and hot as hell; the four of us were in bed together, my wife looking at Sheri over Ben’s shoulder as she hunched over him, and reached down, the white sheet tenting as her hand moved over his hard dick.

Sheri and I were both wet and I noticed how her body glistened in the dim light. The night air seemed chilled, but her body felt so hot. I took her in my arms, and our bodies wove together, arms and legs slipping and rubbing, and I was surprised by the ferocity of the kiss that held as we rolled each other around on our half of the king sized bed, rubbing our naked bodies against our spouses, the sheet of decency forgotten. She ended up on top of me, her breasts leaving cool places on my chest as pushed herself up on her hands, breathing hard, content to flop down next to each other to catch our breath. Neither of us moved, the wave of wonder and simple contentment mixed with simmering lust washed between us until the growing yearning of my hard-on propelled me back up on to my knees, keeping my boiling cock out of her reach, I kissed her parted lips, our tongues refreshed and ready.

I was dimly aware of how this must look to Ben and my wife; my ass was in the air, my balls swinging below my hard dick while I deliberately and slowly moved my hand down Sheri’s neck, fondling both her breasts with my hand, kissing her harder as my other hand leisurely explores her stomach all the way from breasts to the enticing skin beneath her navel. I didn’t wait for any kind of go-ahead sign from Sheri, guessing she was OK with just about anything right about now, so I cupped her sex and leaned over her to suck her tender nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the hardness and she made the most beautiful sounds in the world. I took the other breast in my mouth and sucked and lashed at her while I caressed her sex through her damp hair, tracing her lips, pressing lightly, exploring her, raking her pubic hair, my wrist nestled against her as I eagerly traced her lips, spreading her, touching her, pressing harder against her, pulling her sex, now mauling her most secret place, but still not putting my fingers inside her.

Sheri reached for my cock again and I gave her breast a little bite and straightened up over her. She held my eyes and smiled as I took her hands and curled my fingers around hers then stretched her arms over her head and wrapped her fingers around the bottom of the headboard.

She gripped the wood for me, her breasts now pulled up and I kissed them while I became even rougher with her pussy, gripping her firmly, rocking her from side to side, and feeling powerful, animal-like as I became bolder in my lust. She moaned when I lessened my porno hikayeleri roughness, hinted she would like to go there again, but I think she forgot all about the loss when I softly began tracing my finger tips of my left hand over her bare stomach while still stimulating her now abused pussy with my right. She was breathing lightly, almost panting, touching her soft hair, my cock yearning, I drove my right hand deep between her legs, spread my fingers over the softness of her thighs, my thumb pressing at the entrance to her vagina, pushing her lips apart, insistently, relentlessly splaying my hand over the spot where legs become bottom and slowly closed my fist, gripping her ass while my thumb wormed against her opening. I held her there, gripping her, rubbing the wetness between her lips and worming my fingers into her slippery secrets.

Sheri spread her legs for me, my fingers finding her clit and she shuddered as my two fingers slid over her waiting nub, trying to capture it to better arouse her, she squirmed and thrust into her lover’s fingers, unable not to, letting go and letting it happen, the friend who turned lover, her husband next to us making out with my wife, and it all felt so damn good and while she was basking in that bubbling stew, a nice, gentle orgasm spread thru her body, it arched her back, curled her toes.

She was still floating when she realized I had stacked up our pillows and moved her on top of them, her rather nice, and very naked, ass was pointed up towards the ceiling and I was rubbing massage oil into her legs.

“Arnie, what’s going on here?”

“I’m finishing up your massage. It seems I neglected your legs when I was doing your back. You don’t mind do you?”

“No, I don’t mind, I mean, who in their right mind would turn down a massage, it just that…..well, you aren’t going to do anything else are you, you’re not going to try to… well, try to put your… Oh, you know what I mean..”

“Well, I am going to do a little more than just massage your legs, but no, unless you ask me to, I won’t do ‘you know what’.”

We both laughed at our shared awkwardness and then it got quiet as my hands came closer and closer to her waiting sex. I shoved my hand deep into the pillow and brushed her pubic hair and she made just the barest of movements. If it had been me there, bent over a pile of pillows, one hand rubbing oil over my ass, the other rubbing my cock, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it to a bare twitch. It was captivating watching her skin sliding beneath my oily hands; her legs were shapely, and I thought about my wife and how she would be spreading her legs wide for my best friend, and how she would wrap her legs around his ass when the cock I had sucked slipped deep into her hungry pussy.

Sheri started moaning ‘no’ when it dawned on her that It wasn’t my cock I was going to make her cum with, but with my tongue and my fingers, and there was going to be no cock for her until she came again. “No Arnie, you sadistic bastard, I can’t take anymore.” It turned out that she could and she did, and she was a most contented woman when she rolled over and guided my thawed out cock into her warmed and hungry sex.

My thoughts of a nice slow fuck, one where I could indulge my fantasies about fucking the off-limits Sheri evaporated when she shuddered as we joined together. She had her arms around my back, her fingernails raking my butt cheeks and I languidly rested on my forearms, pushing into her, feeling the excitement of her legs wrapped around mine, when she gripped my cock and jammed me into her with her legs. I felt that little tingle which meant cum was not all that far from blasting out of my dick, and one quick thrust of her hips and were off to the races, hammering each other, driven by the age-old need, faster and faster, our sex practiced and eager in a primal drive to climax. I curled my fingers over her shoulders, she wrapped her legs tighter around my ass and we fucked like rabbits, fast and barely in control, each wanting it to last, but lusting for the fireworks of a climax, our mouths meeting, devouring each other’s tongues, breaking free and gasping, our glistening, slippery bodies slamming against each other, hearts pounding as we played off each other’s eager hunger until, panting, brushing against the naked bodies of our spouses as we rolling around on the bed, we both came, holding onto each other so tightly I could hardly breathe. Our kisses came between gasps and as I softened and we parted, I brushed her hair out of her eyes, kissed her gently, and fell in a heap between her panting body and the other lover’s who had been just as horny as we were.

Sheri pressed her body into my back as I turned on my side, her breasts brushing against me; both of us captured by the sight of Lori’s legs entwined with Ben’s, her head was deep in the pillows, neck arched, her mouth open, little moans puffing out of her as they made love, her breasts flowing beneath his chest as he thrust his dick into my panting wife. I reached behind me to see if Sheri was getting as turned on as I was and wasn’t surprised when seks hikayeleri she took my hand, guiding me between her legs. The bed was rocking with their thrusting and I was so mesmerized by the sight of Ben’s cock slamming into my wife I didn’t notice Sheri reach over my hips and begin stroking me. I wasn’t hard enough for more screwing, but Sheri toyed with my slippery cock head, rocking her clit against my fingers until she shuddered and moaned quietly in my ear, snaked her small hand between my ass cheeks and wiggled her fingers into my crack and squeezed my cock head, jacking me off until I came again.

The four of us had fucked ourselves into exhaustion and lay there facing each other across the tangled sheets. Sheri was idly running her finger nails over the light hair on my stomach and Lori had her arm draped over Ben’s shoulders, his hand resting on his chest absently caressing his pecks.

Things quieted down some after our love making, there was some whispered pillow talk, some hugging, and a little kissing; the fact that we were in bed with each other’s spouses didn’t alter the natural course of things, and eventually Ben and I drifted off into a very satisfied and very deep sleep.

Sheri was none to gentle when she climbed up on the bed, her wet hair dripping on the two men; the cool water elicited sleepy groans, her finger tips trailing up the men’s thighs — Ben arched when she reached his ass; Arnie stretched his cock toward her, and when she was sure she had their attention, she hopped off the bed, knowing they would try to grab her- and god forbid, have their way with her. She strode toward the bathroom door, stopping to look over her shoulder before she disappeared into the bath. Sounds trite, but the way she turned in the door way, put her hand high on the door jamb, and looked over her shoulder at us told me that good things were about to happen.

“Would you two care to join me in the shower?”

While Ben got off the bed, I stretched my arms over my head, thrusting my hips and arching my back. My cock was still sated, but who in their right mind — that’s the operative phrase here- who would turn down a chance to have warm sudsy sex with a woman who wanted to have two men in the shower with her?

Ben nodded for me to follow his naked wife into the shower. She had soap bubbles dripping off her pert breasts and a hint of suds between her legs. Sheri placed us in the corner and took the shower wand and sprayed the warm water on our now growing cocks, and, as she turned us around, I glanced at Ben, he was grinning as he spread his legs for the soaping of his ass, glancing down at my dick when he thought no one was looking. When Sheri slipped her soapy hand between my butt cheeks, I felt a bolt of energy surge into my cock; she pulled my cheeks apart with her fingers, the needle points of hot water were playing hell with my sphincter muscle and sending more bolts through my thrumming groin and making the muscle between my legs take notice.

We were both facing her now, our legs spread so far apart that our feet were touching. My back was against the cool tiles in the corner of the shower; Ben was propped against the adjoining wall. We stood there like bookend statues in some long lost erotic temple, our cocks pointing at right angles like living phallic symbols. Sheri added more soap while she slicked up our thighs, our balls, and our cocks. We were all panting, exchanging looks, my cock hard as rock, and I watched Ben thrust his dick into his wife’s tight fist. He was groaning, his knees weakening, like he was going to slide down the tile and shoot a stream of cum across my bow. Dazed with lust, we just stood there while Sheri handed me the bar of soap, took the shower wand and sprayed the soap off her tits and made a bump and grind show of spraying between her legs and turning towards us, spraying between her butt cheeks, then handed Ben the sprayer, stepped out of the shower, and closed the glass door. Ben and I were still in a state of sexual befuddlement when the steamy air which filled the bathroom roiled like swirling clouds on a stormy day. Sheri stepped through the open door to the other bedroom, “Lori and I’ll be on the bed in here guys; you want me to leave the lights on for you, or should I turn them off?”

Ben and I both answered at once. Ben said ‘on’, and I said ‘off’. The lights went out and Sheri closed the door.

Ben sounded a little nervous. “Talk about being in the dark. Looks like we’ve been set up again. Sheri’ll think we’re in here doing stuff; why do you want the lights off?”

I put my hand on Ben’s shoulder and turned towards him. “The dark works for now, Ben, because we need to talk about what I set in motion when I let you put your cock in my mouth.” Our erect cocks had to be mere inches apart, and although I could hear his ragged breathing, he made no move to stop me from sliding my hand down to his pecks, nor did he edge toward the door. I was almost whispering, conspiratorial, “Maybe the girls thought I wouldn’t do it, maybe they thought that the Cockometer fantasies would be so outrageous, that swapping husbands would seem pretty tame, and now Sheri has my wife on the bed, and I think if we play our cards right, we’re both in for some hot assed sex with strap-on cocks and blow jobs and all kinds of other good shit we haven’t even thought of yet.”

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