Warm wind pressed my shorts against my body, making my uniform tighter. I shot across the field, kicking the ball in and out of cones, panting and shaking. I never let the ball get away from me if I could help it. I did not want to let him down. With one final thrust of my foot the ball was in the goal. The front part of my damp hair hung low over my face and I pushed it back.

It was the summer after I graduated high school, and I was keen to keep up with soccer. I had just gotten a new coach, who had promised he would help me win a game for the first time in my life. We had only been practicing for a few weeks but I knew I felt close to him.

Coach walked over to me and set his hand on my shoulder. The weight and size of his hand had always stood out to me. They were hardened by his years yet soft on the underside.

“Nice shot”, Coach said.

Coach had a way of talking out of the side of his mouth, a quirk I found annoying and yet incredibly sexy. He was tall and stocky in his red shorts, and his whistle hung low to his waist. His hat was backwards and I was sure his eyes were smiling behind his sunglasses. Every time I looked at him I could only do it quickly, and always looked away bright red. I hoped he thought my red face was from running.

“Thanks, do you think I’m any good?”, I said with a small smile. He turned me to face him.

“I think you’re a natural. The way you move across the field, It’s almost….” His words tapered. His hand left my shoulder and I panicked inside. I wanted to feel that warmth again.

From behind the sunglasses I saw the coach look me over. My legs, firm from running and dotted with sweat, shifted from nervousness. I was thin but firm, a little tall for my age but that was never a problem for guys. I don’t know what he saw when he looked into my eyes.

“Lets go to my car, I have drinks”, he decided. I followed him across the park and into the parking lot. He opened the trunk to his small car. The sun began to set as he handed me a drink and slammed the trunk.

“Want to sit on the swings?” I offered. I was still tired from practice. He agreed and we set out to the swings. I sat on the middle one and chugged the last of the blue liquid down. Sakarya Escort Coach was twisting his class ring on the his finger, watching me tip the bottle straight up. Oh my god. While my head was upturned I was sure that I had seen movement in Coach’s shorts. His hands hung over his crotch, concealing everything. My heart shook violently. He took his sunglasses and set them on his head. His eyes were usually the color of peridot, but now were dark and clouded by his thoughts. He stepped forward and leaned down. His lips were thinner than mine but fit my mouth perfectly. My dick was so hard it hurt as it pushed against my shorts, begging to tear the fabric. My dick was lost in Coach’s grip and I began to feel faint. His tongue slipped in and out of my mouth, around my lips, finding my neck. He squeezed and pulled gently at my dick through my shorts.

Suddenly, he pulled back, away from me. For a moment I thought he was leaving and I almost screamed. He wouldn’t, couldn’t do that to me. He looked me over again with a curious expression on his face. As usual, I didn’t know what he saw. A boy gripping the chains on the swings so tight his hands might break, probably. He always looked at me, his eyes inspecting every inch of body, every birthmark. I lifted my shirt and pulled it from me. He let out a little laugh, looking at my nipples, the small creases in my body.

Coach stepped forward and pulled down his pants. His cock flopped out and rested lightly on his balls. Even though it wasn’t fully hard, it was huge. The head was large and looked impossibly soft. He saw me suck in my breath and lick my lips. With a a little swagger he walked over and put his hand behind my head, guiding me to his hips. His cock rested in my mouth, responding to the small movements of my tongue. It swelled and took up the majority of the space. My tongue flicked underneath it like a small flame to a log. I wanted to touch all of it with my tongue and moaned as I hungrily shoved more into my face. I choked a little when the tip of my nose touched his pubic hair.

A small sound escaped Coach’s mouth as I pulled back a little and went for it again. His big fingers twisted in my hair trying to get a hold. I sucked as Adapazarı Escort hard as I could and it wasn’t long before his hips were moving back and forth against my face. Coach grunted as I pulled my head off his massive dick to catch my breath. A small thread of spit stuck to the glistening head and my gaping mouth. He looked at me in disbelief. “Damn kid, where’d you learn to suck a cock like that?”

“I don’t know”, I smiled coyly and wiped my lips, looking into his eyes for approval. I found longing and hunger in them, small sparks desire crackling.

“Get to the slide, pronto.” Coach pointed a few yards away to a small slide. I looked at him confused. The sound of his whistle shot through the air like an arrow. I jumped up. I looked around to see if anyone had heard as I ran to the slide. Coach jogged right behind me, as if he thought I might run away.

He ripped my shorts off, leaving me standing there in my cleats and nothing else. He picked me up and lay on the slide, holding my weight up with ease. He crouched and put his face under me. His tongue slipped around my asshole, applying warm pressure and wet kisses. He let me down gently and I slipped down the slide to my feet. Coach spit in his hand wiped down his dick quickly. He picked me back up on the slide, his hands gripping the soft flesh behind my knees.

“Take deep breaths”, Coach said quickly as he aligned his dick with my pink asshole. I took a sharp breath when the tip of his cock pressed against the muscles of my sphincter. He pushed forward with his hips. I wanted to scream. Never had I felt such pain. I gripped his dick with my body and tried to breathe deep. Further and further he stuffed, and my breathing got shorter and more rapid. My ass was burning in pain. I looked into Coach’s eyes which looked distant, then caught my gaze and hardened.

“Deep breaths, remember?”

I shook my head in agreement and tried to steady my breathing. Coach began to massage my insides with his penis, slowly working the tension inside me loose. His cock felt enormous inside of me, impossibly big. I watched the muscles in his arms stretch as he held me up and I liked the shape of his mouth as he pushed in and out. Serdivan Escort My body began to feel limp rather than electrocuted. He pushed all the way inside of me and I shook suddenly.

Coach gritted his teeth. Faster and faster he fucked me, each thrust trying to reach new heights inside me. Groans and grunts escaped his chest as he tightened his grip on my legs. My head shot forward and I felt my eyes pinch close. I opened them and saw Coach’s face. There was aggression written all over it, but not anger. His eyes met mine and he bit his lip. Through squinty eyes he asked me if I liked having my asshole fucked. I wanted to respond but I couldn’t find my voice. I let my head hit the back of the slide.

Suddenly the thrusts weakened and I looked down to my waist. Coach’s cock pulled out of my ass and he set me down. I had never felt so empty when his dick left my body. He looked down at me with a sense of power and authority. His smirk would have brought me to my knees if I hadn’t already been sitting.

He pulled his shorts back over his hips and knelt down. He kissed me again, not with the same hunger but with gratitude. Coach kissed my neck and I almost purred. His hand lightly stroked my forgotten dick. When his lips kissed the head of my dick I felt the world spin. Slowly he began sucking me off. My dick, not nearly as large as his, was easily lost in the dark softness of his mouth.

I watched the top of his head, still covered by his hat, as it twisted and turned, up and down, on my shaking cock. Slowly something in me began to rise, begging to be released. My orgasm felt like it shook the ground like lightning. I felt my thick cum spurt out of me and Coach swallowed all of it as if it were water. His head lifted up to look at me and I saw his tongue slowly cross his mouth from side to side.

“You taste sweet. Like a peach”. I had to clear my throat to speak.

“When can I see you again?” My breathing had returned to normal and I looked up at him patiently.

“We practice three times a week, you know that.”

With a quick sarcastic laugh he turned and walked away. I sat on the slide, still stunned. I put on my uniform and then pushed my damp hair back away from my face and smiled. I had almost made it back to my car before I realized I had forgotten something. I ran across the park, across the field until I found the soccer ball we had forgotten. I dribbled it all the way back to the car with a new lightheartedness that I had never had on the field before.

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