Chocolate Nights

Note: English isn’t my first language, and you will find minor grammar errors. If this bothers you, please find other great stories on this site. Thanks.


Helga was finally alone. All alone. Her parents were gone for the evening and Helga knew they’d be back pretty late. Sean, her brother, was also gone, on another date with his new girlfriend. He would probably be back even later. She had a good three hours to herself, and she intended to make every minute count. She locked all the doors, closed most of the blinds on the first floor and went to the sweets cabinet in the kitchen. She grinned as she grabbed one bar of chocolate and a handful of Lindt balls.

You see, Helga really, really loved her chocolate nights. It was her own very private ritual, but she could only enjoy such nights when she was alone. Helga loved chocolate, but it wasn’t only for the delicious taste or unctuous texture in her mouth. Chocolate was Helga’s most intense aphrodisiac, and for years now every bite of the dark stuff had a powerful sexual impact on her.

She knew it wasn’t a chemical thing, despite the claims many chocolate makers made. Helga had simply associated chocolate into her masturbation sessions. In fact, she couldn’t even remember the last time she hadn’t masturbated without taking at least a bite of chocolate in the process. Now, years later, the association was deep. Granted, Helga could and actually did masturbate when the other members of her family were in the house. All one had to do was bring a piece, or two or three, of chocolate in your room, lock the door and enjoy yourself quietly. But her ritual nights, when she was alone, were something else.

She lay her small hoard of chocolate on her nightstand and headed for the bathroom. One did not start a ritual unprepared. In the bathroom, with the door carelessly left opened, Helga stripped down. Looking at herself in the mirror, she grinned. “So many boys who don’t know what they’re missing!” she thought, and laughed at her cheekiness. Helga wasn’t really that bold, and she still missed Jake, her first and only real boyfriend. It had been eight months now, and while few things had really been good between them, sex had. Oh my gods! He had been the one to truly open her to her own sexuality, and she had many, many amazing memories of nights, mornings and afternoons with him.

Helga looked down at her breasts in the mirror and grabbed them both. Her hands couldn’t fully handle her flesh, and as she squeezed them, she saw them bulge upwards, firm and heavy. As she released them, they bounced once or twice before settling down. Raising herself on the balls of her feet before letting her heels come back down, she saw her breasts bounce again, dancing as lively as young fawns.

In the past year, they had grown significantly. Throughout her adolescence, Helga had feared that she would be like her mother, with small, if nice, breasts. Her mother’s bras were 32B, and she’d worn a few a couple of years ago. But since then, Helga had been forced to buy quite a few more bras, most of them 34D. Despite the close band size, the jump in cup size was very significant. She gave her breasts a few more squeezes, knowing she was already getting aroused. Of course, when you’re a girl with many lesbian fantasies, it helped to play with your own body…

Wetting her two index fingers in her mouth, she tickled her nipples, feeling their early and eager hardness. She liked that her aureolas were rather small, as it made her breasts look even larger by contrast. Her nipples were pointing proudly upwards, and ever so slightly outwards. Helga squeezed her breasts together and was pretty sure that she could now tittyfuck a cock. Eight months ago, with Jake, she hadn’t been able. Of course, even when they’d been smaller, Helga knew she’d nonetheless had really beautiful breasts, and she had played Jake’s cock like a musical instrument with them. But now, her breasts were amazing. This wasn’t narcissism; on the net Helga had stumbled upon a nude model with whom she shared a first name, and, clearly, with whom she shared a remarkable pair of breasts.

Thinking about that model, Helga’s thought briefly turned to her choice of movie for the night. In the past couple of weeks, she had amassed quite a collection of— But no. Not too fast. She had ample time to think about that later. Shaking her head, she stopped staring at her breasts and looked lower. She had a very flat and smooth tummy, and her waist flared into decent hips for her age.

Between those hips, Helga saw that her pussy needed a shave. Her breasts hadn’t been the only things that had grown in the past year. Her bush, which at first had been sparse and delicate, now had to be trimmed. Not shaven entirely, Helga loved the sight of her dark hairs, but she didn’t like it when her pussy looked like an unkept garden.

Twisting around, Helga looked at her ass, and thanked the Gods that she was nineteen. She didn’t know how long she would be able to keep that ass, but damned if she was not going to Picture upload enjoy it. As with her breasts and bush, her buttocks had filled in quite nicely, and the thin young girl she had been transformed into a ripe young woman, with curves in the right places.

Sure she wasn’t as curvy as Rachel, one of her best friends, but Helga rather preferred her own body. Guys might very well gawk at Rachel’s bountiful 36E breasts, but Helga knew that the fact that Rachel was slightly overweight explained part of that lusciousness. Her own body was lean and athletic, so her breasts were all flesh. This, at least, she got from her mother, and Helga knew that if she went to the gym a couple of times a week, her muscles would begin to show through her skin. She didn’t want that. Instead, the teenager thought that her body was perfect as it was.

In the shower, Helga laughed out loud as she pressed her soap covered fingers against her pussy: she was quite aroused now. She couldn’t refrain from thinking about a clip she had listened to yesterday, where Mia and Adria played with their strap-ons… What she wouldn’t have given to be in Mia’s place! Shit Adria was hot, with amazing breasts, lovely face and she seemed to be enjoying herself so much in these videos…

Helga closed her eyes and focused, knowing that she really didn’t want to cut herself shaving tonight. She carefully shaved her legs from ankle to bikini line, then trimmed her bush until nothing but a short, black line was left above her lips. She finally shaved lower still and behind, between her cheeks. It was troublesome, especially given that nobody was going to enjoy it but herself, but it was part of the ritual. Every time she shaved her ass, she thought back to the few times Jake and her had tried anal, and it gave her shivers. And a grin. “Soon…” she thought, “I will need a cock or a dildo up my ass very soon…”

When she came out of the shower, she dried herself and then lathered up, applying her favorite skin cream all over her body. All over. Her thighs, ass, pussy, tummy and breasts received extra attention. After squeezing and pulling her nipples upwards, she released them and watched her breasts bounce down in the mirror. Helga took a shaky breath. She was hot and ready. In her room, she placed her laptop on her desk and angled the screen just right. As she busied herself with the last preparations, she started the only video she had of her namesake. It wasn’t a nude video, but seeing a girl who looked so much like her in erotic settings turned her on.

While keeping a careless eye on the screen, Helga dimmed the lights and closed the drapes. She hesitated with the window, but decided to leave it open because of the heat. The drape would forestall any unlikely voyeur. All she had to do was turn the volume down. She then pulled the sheets off of her bed and piled three or four pillows against the wall. Before lying down herself, she squatted in front of her computer and browsed her porn video collection. After a minute, she found a folder she had called “Personal”. She grinned and opened it. She double-clicked on the only file in it, made it play in full screen and jumped on her bed.

As she reached for her first Lindt piece, she suddenly remembered the gift she had bought for herself and had hidden last week. Pausing the very taboo video, she went to her wardrobe and reached all the way back between two boxes. Smiling, she brought her gift on the bed and opened it. It was a dark chocolate dildo. She knew she couldn’t safely push it inside of her pussy, but the thought of pushing it as deep as it would go inside her mouth had titillated her all week long. Looking at the bottom drawer of her dresser where her regular, sweetly penetrable dildo lay hidden, she decided against it for tonight. Her fingers would be enough.

Two minutes later Helga was lying on her back with her legs opened. One of her hands was guiding a Lindt ball into her mouth and the fingers from her other hand were sliding all over her outer and inner folds, spreading her glistening juices. Her eyes were glued to the screen and her heart was beating faster than usual. A few weeks ago, after having discovered a porn video sharing forum with strange stuff, she had found an incest section.

At first she had been appalled and embarrassed, but she couldn’t stop herself. She barely noticed that she spent the next hour browsing it, her fingers dancing inside her panties. Finally, she couldn’t resist downloading a video where two sisters were finally abandoning themselves to the lustful feelings that consumed them.

So now, her upper body propped up on the pillows, one hand on her breasts, chocolate in her mouth and fingers in her pussy, Helga was captivated by the movie. Of course the girls weren’t really sisters. Of course the lighting, setting, camera work and acting were horrible. But strangely, it added to the effect. Helga didn’t have any sisters, but the video had whipped her mind up into a frenzy of lustful obsession. She was realizing images upload that not only did she like the video, she loved the idea of seeing sisters fucking.

After her third Lindt ball, Helga reached blindly for her chocolate dildo, not wanting to move her eyes from the screen for one second. Playing with a dildo in front of such a movie wasn’t the best fit, but Helga wasn’t a lesbian. She had come to terms with the fact that she was most likely a bisexual a long time ago, and had learned from Jake that most guys wouldn’t be bothered by that. Quite the opposite in fact.

The hand that had been against, around and in her pussy was now thoroughly drenched, and she plunged two of her fingers very deep inside herself as her dildo touched her other lips. She kissed it, licked it, sucked it hard between her lips, and even bit it very gently. As much as she liked her new toy, she was fascinated by the movie. Never before had she watched an incest movie, and even though she didn’t have a sister (she was now regretting it more and more), it was turning her on a lot more than she had anticipated.

After sticking the dildo deeper in her mouth, she held it there by sucking on it while she crawled forward on her bed. Reaching for her laptop, she pulled it on the foot of her bed, wanting to see the action up close. Instead of leaning back against her pillows, she positioned herself on all fours, her head a couple of feet away from the screen. Having the thick chocolate cock inside her mouth was nice, but she wanted to play with it as well. So she leaned downwards until its base touched her mattress. Releasing her suction, she leaned downward even more and took more of its length inside her. She groaned when she felt it reaching the back of her throat.

In this strange position, her ass upturned and offering her glistening pussy to an empty room, Helga smiled around the black shaft. Part of her wished for Jake to still be her boyfriend, as he would kneel behind her and fuck her hard. Instead, she cleared her mind and focused on the movie. The two sisters were now kissing and petting each other heavily, and when one of them began eating the other one’s pussy, Helga moaned. Reaching upward, the young blonde onscreen grabbed both of her sister’s breasts in her hands as she devoured her pussy. Helga was propped on her elbows, and she realized that she could massage her own breasts since the dildo was hanging freely.

When her hands grasped as much flesh as she could, she closed her eyes and moaned again. She loved how her breasts felt much bigger in this position, gravity helping them gain girth and weight. If her hands hadn’t been able to wrap around their full breadth while standing upright, they didn’t have a chance now. Sure Helga didn’t have large hands, but still, the overflowing effect was quite a turn on. Playing with herself, giving her pussy a little pause as she didn’t want to cum too quickly, Helga revelled in her own flesh. She didn’t know if all non-straight people enjoyed masturbating while letting their hands roam all over their bodies as much as she did. But now, with her rather large breasts overflowing her hands, Helga felt wonderful.

She also felt her climax approaching even though she was only stimulating her breasts. Her mind was on fire, and she’d learned a long time ago that the most important key to climaxing was her mind. When she swallowed a large glob of chocolate and saliva, feeling the thrill of the sweet sugary stuff going down her throat, Helga knew she was not going to be able to stretch her pleasure much longer. Biting the top of the dildo off and chewing a large chunk of chocolate, she threw herself back against her pillows and opened her legs on either side of the computer.

Both her hands were now on her clit, one of them playing with her large lips and pussy hole, while the other worked on her clit. Looking down at the screen where the sisters were 69’ing each other, Helga used her arms to squeeze her breasts together. Still chewing on the chocolate, she grinned as she saw that if she squeezed hard enough, her breasts would hide the screen from her.

In the end, she played with that, squeezing her breasts only to release them to watch the screen for a few moments. But as she swallowed the last lump of chocolate, she felt her body twitching, and her clit burning. She began to buck on her bed, her mouth opened in a silent scream as her chocolate climax ravaged her. Helga managed to contain most of her moans, but one or two escaped through the opened window. She didn’t care. At all.

She was overwhelmed by the effect the incest movie had had on her, and the magnitude of her climax took her by surprise. She was covered in sweat, breathing hard as she drew and teased every last ounce of sweet pleasure from her pussy. She could hear her fingers’ wet sounds as they plunged in and out of her pussy while her other hand drive her clit to insane levels of pleasure. “Fuck that was good!” she whispered as she finally relaxed every muscle in her body. Despite being single and in dire need of actual sex, Helga was having the time of her life on her bed.

Her brother Sean, on the other hand, wasn’t. Not at all. He had gone on his eight date with Sarah. Sarah was his relatively new girlfriend, they’d been officially together since nearly three months now. During her senior year, Sarah had been the hottest girl at school. When she had accepted to go on a first date with him, Sean had been floored. He knew and felt that he was really falling for her and from what he could gather, either directly from her but also from her friends, she was deeply in love with him as well. Sarah wasn’t Sean’s first girlfriend, but she certainly was his first serious relationship.

There was only one problem: it was now very clear that she was not going to be the one to take his virginity. Unless, of course, he waited for his wedding night. It was making Sean pretty angry. Sarah had had a reputation as a very sexually opened girl in school, but one of the first things she said to him during the date was that it wasn’t true. She even admitted to him that she was a virgin.

At first, Sean had been pleased. While he really wanted to have sex with her, he didn’t fancy being with a slut. Add to that the fact that he didn’t have to worry about telling her that he was also a virgin. Their mutual relief had turned a tense first date into a very enjoyable evening. Extremely enjoyable. Sean hadn’t slept at all during the night following that date, his eighteen year old mind exploring fantasies of his future life with Sarah. What had surprised him the most was that the vast majority of these fantasies were not even sexual.

But now, three months later, sex had completely taken over. He was dreaming and daydreaming about fucking her in all sorts of positions from dawn to dawn. Everyday. He had tried to be patient, tried to understand her, cajole her, and push her over the edge more than once. They had explored much of their bodies over the last few weeks, and three nights ago he had seen her fully naked for the first time. She had jerked him off until he came a few times, and he had returned the favour with relish.

But that was going to be it. No sex, either oral, vaginal or anal. Sarah wanted to save herself for her wedding night. Fuck! Sean loved her, but he didn’t have any plan for an early wedding, nor did Sarah. She had made it clear for him that she was ready to go steady with him, and part of him wanted that very dearly. Yet tonight, sitting on the patio behind his house, looking at his painfully hard cock, Sean didn’t know if he would be able to wait. Before walking in the backyard, Sean had disabled the automatic lighting system. He needed to be alone and in the darkness to think.

A few minutes later though, something broke the silence. A moan. He had come home much earlier than expected tonight, feigning stomach trouble about an hour after Sarah had made her position (so to speak) on sex cristal clear. Back home, standing at the front door, he paused, unwilling to face his sister. She would ask, innocently, how his date had gone, and Sean didn’t yet have an answer. So instead he had gone in the backyard to sit, relax and think. Now he had heard a moan and he got up to walk towards her room’s window, sure that she had hurt herself. When he heard a second moan, he recognized that subtle shift in tone at the end, and knew that Helga wasn’t hurt.

Sean grinned, and walked right up to her window silently. It was opened, but the drapes were closed. He could now hear her breathing hard, and guessed that she was coming down from a climax. His already hard cock twitched at the thought of Helga, naked, sprawled on her bed, her legs wide opened, pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy. It wasn’t the first time Sean had fantasized about his sister, especially since she had bloomed into an extremely sexy creature these past few months.

But it was the first time he had been so close to her like this. Pulling his cock out from his pants, he began masturbating, right there next to her window. The backyard was surrounded by fences and thick bushes, so he wasn’t afraid of being caught. He heard one last moan, almost a groan, as she finished off. Sean felt his heart thumping hard in his chest, and soon his balls were boiling over. Extremely careful to remain quiet, he exploded against the bricks, spending his pent-up seed like a water fountain.

As he quieted down, he finally heard the very faint sounds from Helga’s porn video. It then suddenly stopped, and Helga turned her light off. Silently, he moved away from the window and went back to his chair. He was still feeling bad about Sarah, but that unexpected pleasure, naughty though it had been, had taken the edge off his frustration.

Stretching on the chair, then looking at his still hard cock against his belly, Sean grinned. All of his friends were lusting after his sister, and he could barely fake not being interested. Helga was stunningly sexy. Strangely enough, the incest taboo made it so that he couldn’t tell if she was beautiful. But sexy? Shit! That was plain as day. As he relaxed once again, Sean realized that Helga probably seized the nights she was alone in the house to watch porn.

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