Chocolate Fantasy

Adriana Chechik

His girlfriend was spread out across his bed, in her underwear. She was waiting for him to retrieve the chocolate sauce and cherries from the kitchen. They had talked back a forth about food play, but had never done it, until now. They had got fairly hot and heavy, she had come over after work and told him that she was totally horny, cause she’d been having erotic thoughts all day. Just staring at the wall and thinking about what she would do to him once she got out of work, and sometimes leaning back in her office chair and picturing all the bodily contortions they could make.

She had just burst in the door, thrown her purse and other various items on the floor, walk over to him wearing her work suit, a very short black skirt and a v-neck silk blouse. She walked toward him kicking off her high heels. She pulled the skirt up all the way to her hips reveling her black lacy thong panties, and she just straddled his lap. She looked at him with a devilish grin on her face.

“I want you to fuck me now.” She declared.

Well, of course that was enough for him, he began to devour her with his mouth. He couldn’t believe how horny she was, she was never like this regularly. She pressed hard on his mouth, and her tongue just forced itself in, then she wrapped her lips around his tongue and promptly sucked it into her mouth. She started grinding her crotch on his bulge, leaving a trail of her wetness that the thong did nothing to absorb, on his work slacks. She grabbed the top of his dress shirt and just pulled, buttons went popping everywhere. He grabbed her arms wondering what had gotten into his girlfriend for the last three years. Their sex life was great, better than could be expected, but still she’d never attacked him like this, he wanted to know what was up.

“What has gotten into you?” He asked.

“I want to fuck my boyfriend. Is there anything wrong with that?” she said.

“No there’s no problem with that, but you’ve never ruined one of my shirts before, or just attacked me like this, what is up?”

“I just started thinking at work.”

“About what?”

“Well, you know how we’ve been talking about food play during sex?”


“Well, my coworker described an amazing night she’d had with whip cream and cherries.”

“Oh really, that’s interesting.”

“Yes, well I thought about that all day, and I want to do it, but not with whip cream. I’ve been fantasizing about chocolate sauce and cherries.”

“It will be messy but I’m game.”

Well, then it had been decided, sex with food. After this he thought he’d never look at cherries or chocolate again without getting a hard on. She got up and went to the bathroom to take her hair down, it was long all the way down her back so she kept it up in a bun for when she taksim escort was at work. She also stripped down to just her underwear a black lacy bra and black lacy thong, she told him she was lying down on the bed and waiting for him to bring in the food. He hadn’t moved yet, he was just thinking about what she would look like with dark chocolate covering her creamy white skin. Then he wondered what were they to do with the cherries, were they going to feed each other? Or did she have something else in mind?

Finally he pulled himself from his daydream, remembering it was happening for real. He got up and quickly yanked off his work clothes, just pulling at the shirt popping the rest of the buttons she hadn’t managed to pop off. Then he quickly pulled off his slacks nearly popping the button on there, getting a bit too anxious. He left on his silk boxers black with a flame design. First he looked in on her, she was laying across the bed, in just her underwear and her eyes closed. She heard him and her head popped up disappointed to see he had not yet got the food for their little escape into fetishes.

“If you don’t hurry up and get the food, I’m going to start playing with myself while I imagine playing with food.” She declared.

He quickly walked to the kitchen, his sock clad feet nearly sliding from underneath him on the kitchen floor. He went into the refrigerator and got the chocolate sauce, Hershey’s chocolate and a basket of cherries he had bought just a few days ago, cause he liked to indulge himself in a sundae every so often, though now he’d have his favorite snack and his favorite girl at the same time.

He went back into the bedroom with the food; she had pulled the covers down off the bed, and was just lying on the white satin sheet, in her black underwear. He didn’t want to ask her what to do next, thinking she would just give him a dumb look, so he just went for it. He pulled the top on the bottle of chocolate; her eyes were still closed and he just started pouring. When the chocolate first fell on her, she jumped with a startled sigh, and then she lay back down and just closed her eyes and let him pour. He started at her neck, and made a straight line all the way down her body. Then he got creative, drawing with chocolate little bull’s-eyes on the mound of her breasts, just above her bra. Then on her stomach he made a design of interesting wiggles. He next made zebra strips down her legs and she began to moan. She opened her legs wide and he could tell how horny she was by the way her thong was just clinging between her pussy lips.

He began to pour chocolate on her mound, covering the thong until it was practically nonexistent. He put the chocolate sauce down, wanting to taste her sweet body. He licked şişli escort every inch of her, down her neck over the mound of breast tissue over the tops of her thin bra, causing her nipples to shoot up. Down her stomach, as she moaned out, then he got to the place between her legs, he began to lick where the thong clung to her lips, he licked all the chocolate off, tasting the chocolate, the fabric and a little bit of her sweet wetness.

He began to get as excited as she had been, he wanted to taste all of her covered in chocolate. His hand went to the waist of her thong and just pulled, the thin fabric immediately coming apart at the seams, reveling to him a completely unobstructed pussy, in need of some chocolate. Then he reached up and grabbed her bra right in between her breasts and the fabric gave away just as easily as the panties. Grabbed up the chocolate and began covering the bare parts with more sauce, then on a whim he began rubbing the chocolate into her firm breasts. She started moaning excitedly, and he rubbed all over her torso and down her legs. Her body began to shake as an orgasm ripped through her, even though he hadn’t as of yet touched the sensitive spot between her legs.

After it seemed her orgasmic wave had completed he laid on top of her covering himself with the chocolate that was all over her body. Putting a bit of chocolate on his finger, he rubbed some into her full lips, and the latched his lips to hers, it was the most delicious kiss they’d ever had, she licked her own lips and then licked his lips. Then he started licking the rest of her, she squealed as he cleaned off all the chocolate, especially when he got to the swell of her breasts, he licked all the surrounding tissue, avoiding the nipples. Then he brought one of the nipples into his mouth and it was like a chocolate covered cherry, and then the next completely cleaning it, with a swish of his tongue.

After thoroughly cleaning her stomach, he got to her chocolate covered pussy. He spread her pussy lips adding a bit more chocolate between the lips, and his tongue began licking the length of her sex, tasting her and tasting the rich chocolate. Within moments she was writhing as orgasms hit upon her, taking her further than she’d ever been, then suddenly he felt her pussy muscles contract and out shot her feminine nectar. He’d always been a lover of the female juices, and when he’d found a woman that could ejaculate he latched onto her literally. But, this was marvelous, the taste of her sweet juices along with chocolate, he had found a taste better than his favorite sundae. He greedily lapped her up and down, drinking the chocolate and her juices at the same time.

She raised up and pulled his face from out of her pussy, he didn’t know why cause she could go for şişli escort hours like this and he’d only been at for maybe thirty minutes.

“It’s time for the cherries.” She said.

He’d almost forgotten about the cherries, what do they do with the cherries? She explained what he was supposed to do, and he quickly got the idea. He grabbed a cherry from the basket, and pulling out the stem with his teeth, took it between his fingers and rubbed it the length of her sex, covering it not only in chocolate but also her juices. Then he pushed the cherry into her hole, not all the way in, but somewhat in. Then he began to eat her and eat the cherry. Her body exploded into ecstasy, wave after wave of orgasmic tidal waves hit her, and writhed through her body with an amazing force. Once the cherry was completely eaten, he was greeted with a nice surprise as her juices once again exploded out of her in a waterfall like gush. He did this over and over, until she was just too worn out to take anymore. She confessed that had been the best orgasms of her entire life. She told him how she wanted to repay the favor; she sat up on the bed and told him to stand up.

Once standing in front of her, she pulled at the silk boxers and they pooled around his ankles. She leaned toward him and began to caress his throbbing cock with her lips and tongue, and then she took his entire member into her mouth. Her lips began stroking him up and down, then he got an idea, still holding the chocolate sauce he began pouring the dark liquid on his own cock. When she’d reach the head of his cock, he’d pour chocolate along the rest of his member, and watch as she devoured him and the chocolate making her lips become covered with the gooey stuff. She moaned, as she tasted the chocolate covering a part of him she already loved to eat, he just enjoyed watching her clean off all the chocolate and then he’d pour some on again.

Soon with the image before him, the feeling of the gooey chocolate sauce, and the feeling of her full lips, he was going to climax. He warned her, but she kept going, then his cock pulsated and filled her mouth with his thick white cum. With the help of the chocolate, it so improved the taste of his semen, that she did something she’d never done in the course of their relationship she swallowed him! White semen and dark chocolate went sliding down her throat, she licked him until there was no chocolate or cum left on his now softening cock.

She released him from her mouth and looked up at him with a smile plastered to her face. She had chocolate all around her mouth looking like a kid that has just eaten a plate full of chocolate icing. He bent down to her and deeply kissed her, then he cleaned all the sauce from around her mouth, when they had separated, she looked down at her body and laughed. It was becoming slightly sticky.

“I guess I need to take a shower now.” She said, but with a satisfied smile on her face from enjoying their little chocolate fantasy.


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