Cheerleader vs. Lesbian Bully Pt. 04

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I felt Tanyas hot breath on my neck as she licked my cheeks, chin, nose and eye lids. I was terrified not knowing what she was going to do, but that was soon to be apparent as I felt her body shift on the bed, her hands left my body as I could feel her removing her yellow panties and tossing them across the floor. She then went back to snuggling with me as I felt a Brillo pad rubbing against my ass. I began to cry as her hairy cunt began humping me. I tried forcing my body to lay flat on the bed with my head buried in the pillow, both of my hands were by my side each making a fist trying my best to protect my already bruised cunt from being further violated. Violated what am even talking about, I enjoyed every minute of Natashas rape but this hideous creature lying next to me wasn’t the strong black teen who I just made love to but her fat slob of a Mother. I asked her if Natasha could come back but she said that she was busy with my mom so it was just you and me cup cake. I don’t know why but I became angry with my mom, she was coming on to my girlfriend I just knew it. Beth was beautiful and I could never compete with her. Reality hit home as I felt Tanyas strong arms turning me on my back. What was I even thinking her fucking daughter raped me. Girlfriend, oh my god that lesbian dyke bitch is with my mom and I needed istanbul travesti to save her but Tanya had other things in mind.

I tried resisting but she finally managed to get me flat on my back and just like Natasha she forced her fat thigh between my legs exposing me

to another finger fucking. Before I knew it she slid her fat tongue into my mouth. I had to resist, I just had to but my body only betrayed me. I soon welcomed her tongue into my mouth as she devoured me like a hungry animal, meanwhile her fingers were performing wonders between my legs. I soon found my hips eagerly awaiting her every thrust with her hand. My orgasm was starting to build but Tanya stopped and changed positions. She now had her back against the head board of my bed with me lying flat against her tits, with me now facing the door to my room, where I could hear my mom yelling for her daughter Natasha to stay away from her. My legs were spread apart by Tanyas powerful legs leaving me completely vulnerable, her mouth again smashed her lips into mine as she began fucking my young pussy in earnest. I could feel her other hand on my right breast gentle toying with my ever hardening nipple.

I started to make low sounding moans as my orgasm approached, but it came to a screeching halt as I heard a crash in istanbul travestileri the living room. My mom Beth who was now only dressed in her white satin panties and black high heels shoes came rushing into the room to save me, only to be stopped by Natasha who grabbed her by her long blonde hair. As they struggled in my bedroom I could see the claw marks on Natashas now bloody face. With a swift punch to my moms stomach Beth doubled over in pain, the fight was all but over now as my mom was no longer resisting.

Natasha made her put her hands on the bed board facing me, tears were in both of our eyes as we looked at each other. Next her panties were torn off her body as Natasha placed her hairy patch of cunt hairs on my moms ass. I watched in horror as her hand snaked under her belly and placed it on Beths neatly trimmed bush, her other hand had a solid grip on a handful of her blonde hair. She then began humping my moms ass as she fingered her pussy. Tanya enjoying the show went back to her finger fucking of my cunt. She stopped her assault on my mouth and whispered in my ear that I was a cunt teasing bitch like my mom. I watched as Beths face began to change as she obviously was starting to enjoy what Natasha was doing to her. Beths breathing was coming in short pants as the finger fucking travesti istanbul grew in speed and intensity. I don’t know who came first but Natasha made one final push against my moms ass and started to spray her with her juices. Beth a few moments later bellowed out her orgasm, it sounded more like a cow moaning not something you would expect from a former beauty queen.

Meanwhile Tanyas rape of my pussy was having its effect on me. It was just like my moms as I started to spasm and make my moans of humiliating pleasure as I also came. I though that the worse was over but that ugly fat woman flipped me over so my cunt was on top of her hairy pussy and began smacking my ass which made me grind my cunt into hers. Once I got the hang of it she stopped slapping my ass and instead used both hands to tease my now swollen tits. If I slowed down my humping of her massive pussy she would would painfully tweak my nipples to encourage me to fuck her harder and faster. In a flash her hands left my tits and grabbed the cheeks of my ass pushing me into her wet pussy hairs as she orgasmed. The shame I experienced was unbearable as I know. Natasha and Beth witnessed my humiliating downfall as Tanya continued forcing my cunt onto hers, I was making her have one orgasm after another, all at my expense and shame.

They last thing I remembered was that Ugly fat woman telling Natasha when shes through fucking my mom she reminded her that she was next. The last words I remember was she couldn’t wait to get her hands on that stuck up blonde bitch as she continued spanking my ass.

To be continued in part 5

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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