Charity Auction

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All the hard work over the last 25 year was paying off, being a good worker for the graphic art company Charley worked for in Idaho over that time. His boss sold that business to a national graphics Company with the assurance that Charley would get the CFO position that the national company was advertising for. The only down side is that the family would have to move to Chicago. The company would move his family; will pay for a house for him along with moving expenses and a 250,000.00 dollar paycheck with bonuses. This is the back story now we will get to the present.

The players are:

•Charley 58 years old 6′ tall and a powerhouse who knows his accounting

•Carla his wife of 35 years who is 55 years old 5’6″ tall black hair to her shoulders, green eyes, 36,32,38 measurements, she also looks 42 years old.

•Ben who is the CEO of the national company and the person that sponsored Charley for the golf club.

•Tom, Bill and Mike are Carla’s and Charlie’s Sons

•Lisa is the chair person for the auction and one of the women being auctioned.

Getting back to the story:

It all started when Ben told Charley that he had a chance to join an exclusive golf club. The club only added new members when someone left, but this year they expanded the total membership by 3 new families. Ben took it upon himself to sponsor Charley, so he could not refuse his boss. Many of the shakers and movers belonged to this golf course. This was another reason that he wanted to join the club. Charley was a golfer with a 2 handicap and used golf as his way of relieving stress and network with others. NC the company he worked for picked up the 50,000.00 dollar fee for the club for them. Carla his wife and sons were also put on the membership. For the first 4 months everything was fine, Carla went to the club whenever her husband was there using the facilities.

One day the President of the club came to her. He told her once a year they have a charity auction. It was a private affair member’s along with guests that are prescreened.. The wife’s of members volunteer to be auctioned off, usually the women that are members for a year or less volunteer, but some women enjoy the auction and volunteer yearly. In essence Carla would be required to volunteer since this was the first year in the club. She will have to agree to be auctioned off to the highest bidder that will be held in 2 months, as long as her husband agreed to let her.

Carla being a shy woman and one that is not used to big city life being brought up in Idaho, was very stressed about this. She did not like to be the center of attention. Carla told her husband she wanted him to get her out of this. Charlie in turn brought up Carla’s reluctance to be auctioned to his boss. Ben told him in no uncertain terms that Carla would have to participate in this event one time as he sponsored them and it would make him look bad with the club as he came up with the charity auction. Charlie would have to give back the entrance fee along with another 30,000.00 dollars. Ben told Charley it was all in the documents that they signed when they joined the golf club. Charley went through the contract and found it in the one paragraph that he missed.

Charley informed his wife that they could not do anything and she would have to be auctioned off; it will be for a good cause he assured her. The next 6 weeks nothing was said about the upcoming auction, Carla forgot about it until the week before the festivity. She received a call from Lisa one of the women that volunteered to be auctioned off; she is also the chairmen of the festivities for the auction. She told Carla that there would be a meeting for all the ladies that would be participating in the event the weekend.

The Saturday before the auction Carla and 29 other women went to the meeting at the golf club, it was in the ball room. Lisa had all the women introduce themselves to one another and they milled around to get acquainted. She called the group to order describing what the auction will entail; the women would be with the men or couples that bought them for the weekend, Friday night the auction will take place. The women go with their purchaser Friday night, will be with the person that bought them until at least Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately Lisa then stated that there will be no sex required with that successful bidder and there was a little chuckle from some of the women. Signs of relief in the faces from the other women that were there for the first time. There will also be seating for spectators for 150 Dollars a ticket for invited guests that sign non-disclosure statement. One woman asked if her husband could buy a ticket she said that husbands if invited will get in for free. Going on Lisa stated that participants will be wined and dined, and be shown to the bidders. Lisa said that this is the fifth year that she has participated. The first time she was nervous when Lisa was entered in event, but every time Ankara travesti after that she has looked forward to the event this year becoming the chairwoman.

Handing out some paperwork Lisa asked the women to fill out the paperwork with the sizes of their dresses, panties and shoes as all outfits will be supplied by the auction committee and the women can keep the outfits after the gala. She called out for Susan. The woman came out wearing the outfit that the women will wear. Each woman will wear a different color. The outfit was made of a satin material it was a dress that went from the neck to 3 inches below the knee. The bodice had small snaps down the front of the dress and the shoes where 3 inch heels the same color of the dress. Lisa stated as you can see the outfits are sexy but not slutty.

Lisa asked if any of the women would have any problem with wearing the dress and to raise their hand if they did. All were fine with the dress and specially Carla she was feeling good so far and was beginning to feel at ease for the first time today.

Then Lisa told them that they will all have to sign the non-disclosure document that was in the packet. A few people wanted to know why. Lisa stated that there were many well-known people that donate to this cause. It is the fun of going with a pretty woman that gives them the incentive to give a little more. They did not want the world to know about this little fun time they were having for fear that people will take the auction the wrong way. The bidders are screened and asked if they would like to participate. The women that were there for the first time thought that made sense.

Lisa fielded some questions before she said they would now walk through what the proceedings would be like for Friday. She had the women come up to the desk that was in back of her and get a number. The women will all be known only by a number for the gala. Carla got number 24 and they put that on the information that she turned in.

Going into the ball room of the golf course the chairwoman told the women that they will be mingling with all the people that would be bidding. The husband cannot attend that part of gala Lisa told the women when asked, unless the husband is invited. She then told the women that they would have dinner. After that they will go up on stage so that the bidding can start. Lisa walked with them up on stage as her number was 1 the first woman to be auctioned off. I will show you what to do during the bidding.

There will be an area for all the bidders to examine the woman to be auctioned. Lisa walked them back to the community room. There will be boxes set up just as this one, Lisa got up on the box to show the ladies that they will be examined by the prospective bidders. Some of the ladies asked Lisa what is meant by exam. She told the ladies the bidders will look over participants to see who they would like to bid on. Just do as the bidders ask or just watch me and do as I do OK. There was no more said about this.

The inspection will last an hour and then we will walk through the center isle and go up on stage. To the room in back of the stage where each woman will wait for her number to be called. The women went into this room that was sound proof. The room had no window out to the stage. Lisa stated that we will wait in this room for our numbers to be called and 3 men will come get us to escort us to the stage.

Follow me now ladies she said and she went to the front of the stage and told the women one at a time to go up on stage. She said there will be 4 large TVs above that will project their image on the screen for all the bidders to see them from all sides.

Finally when the bidding is over you will go with the successful bidder for the weekend. Lisa asked if there were any questions a few asked some questions she answered them and then dismissed them telling them that they would have to be back by 12 noon on Friday.

Friday afternoon came quickly. Carla was picked up at her home by limo to be brought to the golf club at 11:30. As the limo went through the gate it was manned by a guard. She saw a sign stating the club was shut down for the day stating a private party was using the facilities.

It was about 12:30 when all the women arrived. Lisa told all the women that they were going into the Ladies locker room. Find the locker with your number on it, remove all your clothes and put on the robe that is in the locker. In the locker you will find your outfit for the night. Carla looked around and most women were going to their lockers, starting to remove their clothes, so not wanting to start anything she did as the other women, she stripped nude. Putting on the robe, she noticed it had her number 24 on it.

To her embarrassment the robe did not have a belt to close the robe. Some women tried to hold it together, but most just let it stay open. You could see their breast and pubic hair or lack of it as they walked or even Antalya travesti stood still.

They walked to the open area of the locker room when called by Lisa to find her completely nude, with her robe draped over her arm. She was explaining to the ladies that they will be getting a complete beauty treatment this afternoon. Lisa walked out into the hall and started for a room at the other end of the banquet center it was set up as a waiting room and full service beauty shop. She was stopped by a few men and women who asked her questions, which she answered she was not self-conscience of her nudity one bit. This was not overlooked by the other 29 women including Carla.

Lisa put her robe on the seat still completely nude she sat in the first chair on her robe, there were 6 stations total, and a male hair dresser started to wash her hair in the makeshift sink that was set up at each station. She told the women to go in order; woman 2 took the next chair following Lisa she took off her robe sitting on it in the chair.

Each woman did the same as Lisa until all six chairs were filled. The women were facing the other women and the door, some women tried to keep their modesty, by keeping their legs together but it was too strenuous when leaning back they just gave up and spread their legs a comfortable distance apart and showed all there their flower of life at the junction of their legs.

Seeing all the women totally exposed Carla was very embarrassed they were showing their pussy to all that came through the door of which most were men setting up for the evening. Knowing she will be sitting in the chair soon she did not know if she could go through with it, being nude in front of the men and women. She talked to the women and each side of her and asked them if they were going to take off their robes. Both told her that their husbands volunteered them to be auctioned off. They liked the idea as they did this a few times over the years. The non-profits helped out were grateful also although they did not know about the auction.

By the time it was Carla’s turn to get into the chair she saw the women beside her get up remove their robes and put it on the chair to sit on it. So she turned very red removed her robe and sat on it. She tried to keep her legs together to keep some modesty, but it was impossible when she slid down to have her hair wash she had to open her legs. Carla could feel the cool air on her moist pubic area and was very embarrassed by her arousal. By the time her hair was dried she became used to being nude and spread with the other women, also was excited that she was showing her most private area to all the men walking around in there, she was starting to enjoy her exposure.

The next treatment was a complete body procedure, which Lisa still nude let the women watch her before she told them to go by the numbers again. Carla noticed some women had no pubic hair and others like her had a full bush. She did not feel embarrassed any more because she was nude. She did not bother to put on her robe, she just carried it. Carla was told that she would have her pubic area groomed by a young man about as old as one of her sons. The young man was very easy on the eyes; he had her lay on a massage table on her back. He told her to spread her legs. It surprised her that she did not even hesitate opening her legs to him showing him and anyone else who cared to look her most secret area; her flower of life.

She closed her eyes as he trimmed her pubic hair into a heart, she found out when he was done. He cut the hair between her legs and then pulling her vaginal lip out. He shaved all the hair from between her legs. The young man actually had his fingers in her pussy. He was having a hard time shaving her she was so wet with arousal, his fingers kept on slipping. He was afraid of injuring her womanhood.

He had her turn over presenting her butt to the young man he told her to reach back and expose her anus to him so that he could make sure she was presentable. Carla was amazed that she did as she was told without any embarrassment or humiliation. For the first time she could expose her body to other people and not feel like she was doing something wrong. She liked the feeling of her exposure. When he was done he brought over a mirror and showed her his handy work. She did not realize how excited she was her pussy was so engorged.

The next thing they did was put on full body make-up with lip gloss on her pussy lips and ruse on her nipples. As always Lisa was the first to show them what they could expect. The last thing that was done was their hair and they were ready. Lisa stood in front of them nude. She had each of the women come up ,so the other women could see them. All were nude and very excited about what they looked like. Each woman had a picture taken of them completely nude. As always Lisa was the first one showing the others what was expected. When her number 24 was called she got İstanbul travesti up there and poses for the camera including some spread shots as Lisa had showed them.

They remained nude and were lead into the green room by Lisa. After she told them to get their robes, which were forgotten by then; they were very comfortable nude in the company of each other. The men that came in from time to time did not cause any of the women any embarrassment. The women conversed until the master of ceremony came in the green room to tell them to get dressed.

Lisa led them group back to the ladies locker room all nude holding their robes. Carla surprised herself walking with her head high and letting all the people in the hall see her nude figure. In the locker room Lisa passed out a neckless that was in gold with their number inscribed on it with diamonds. Carla went to her locker; putting on her panties that she found were crotch less, she put on the dress that snapped down the front it had a bra embedded in the dress. She put on the matching shoes and she was ready. The dress she had was a ruby color. She went to a mirror and could not believe how beautiful she looked she wished that her husband could see her presently.

By the time all the women were dressed and they had their make-up put on it was 6 PM and time for the ladies to start circulated among the people at the event. Lisa led them to the ballroom and after the master of ceremonies’ announced each woman by her number, as she was led in by a young man in a tux. To her horror her three sons were there, escorting ladies to be auctioned into the ballroom. Even though her sons were there, by the time Carla was introduced she could not contain herself, she could feel her nipples get hard and her pussy was dripping. She will have to find a rest room to wipe her excitement away as it was running down her thighs.

Coming out of the rest room after she wiped up her excitement from her thighs she started to circulate around noting the men, couples and women that had tags on as bidders. There were other men and women there that had spectator buttons on. Carla was really coming out of her shell. She could see all the men and women looking at her as she walked by. She stopped at a few groups and introduced herself as 24. They asked her if it was her first time she said yes. When asked how she was feeling she said she was having a great time.

At 7 PM they called for all the people to sit down to supper the ladies were set on a raised platform and sat according to their numbers. A delicious meal was served there were many items to pick from. Carla talked with the women on both sides of her. They said they were having a great time so far.

It did not occur to any of the women sitting on the dais that being on the raised platform all the people that were sitting below them could see between their legs. With their crotch less panties most of the women’s modesty was compromised. Therefore of the women where very at ease with the surroundings that they spread their legs a comfortable distance apart thus exposing their flower of life to all sitting below unbeknown to them.

It was 8:30 pm when the master of ceremonies’ called the ladies to the main stage one by one. Lisa was the first. She walked up there did a slow turn and went to the right. The next woman did the same thing until they got to 15 then they called woman 30 first and went in descending order when it was Carla’s turn she walked down the middle isle and up the stair head held high. She did a slow turn smiling to all as she did. Carla was having the time of her life she felt like a queen. The satin outfit felt great on her naked skin and primarily on her nipples. She did not even give it a second thought that before the night was out her sons may see her completely nude and probably spread.

By the time all 30 women were called on stage it was 9:30 PM and the master of ceremonies’ said that the bidders can view the women in the community room. Lisa led the 30 women down the center isle; into the lobby across to the community room where the participants found the boxes that were 2 feet high and 4′ square. There was a set of steps that were movable and after Lisa was ushered onto her pedestal by one of the young men, who stood by her pedestal, she then proceeded to unsnap the top two and the bottom two snaps on her dress.

As the other women got onto their boxes each young man that escorted them stood by their pedestal. The women each did the same thing with their dress as Lisa did without any reluctance, having a good time to this point. The stair was moved to the next pedestal and so on until all were standing on her pedestal. The women had their number engraved on their outfits including their panties and the pedestal so the bidders could not make a mistake on who they wanted to bid for.

Carla thought that the bidders would be running in to see the women, but it was only a few came wandering in. They walked down the line stopping at one of the women. She watched the couple look up the woman’s skirt. They had her spread her legs also had her unbutton her top. Carla Looked over at Lisa she had her dress totally unsnapped. There were 4 men and 2 couples that were examining Lisa.

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