Caroline , the Casino


Like I said, I was sitting at this slot machine, more or less blindly pushing the buttons and listening to it go “Clank clank clank.”

I like that one machine, it is 3 bucks a push of the button, it has the 5 times pay things and if I manage to get two of them it’s 25 times pay which is a pretty good chunk of change if it ever pays off.

The last reel respins, too, that is fun but the first two reels have to be lined up first.

Of course that means that most of the time the good stuff, like the “7” or the “5” or the three bars land halfway between.

I was reaching into my pocket for the 3rd hundred dollar bill when this lady leaned over me and asked if anybody was playing the machine next to me.

Nobody was there, I waved her to go ahead and play it. I didn’t even really glance at her at first.

As she slid into the chair I got a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a bare leg that went dang near all the way to nevernever land, that got my attention.

I looked, then glanced up at her. She smiled one of those “light up the whole damned room” smiles, I realized I was looking at a well dressed lady, somewhere around 70 years old or so.

Wearing a dress that was split up the sides so far that half her butt showed for a moment before the cloth dropped back over her leg.

She caught my look and smiled even bigger if possible.

“Uhhh…Hello!” I said, cleverly.

“Hi, I’m Caroline.”


“Hi Dan. You don’t mind if I play with you a bit, do you?”

It took me a moment for her comment to sink in, I watched as she slipped a twenty into the machine next to me.

I was stabbing the button on my machine with my left hand while looking at her, hell, she was pretty! Seriously, 70 years old be damned. Makeup was perfect, her hair had a reddish cast to it and flowed down over her shoulders, I could see a few streaks of grey that didn’t detract one bit.

Besides, I am 64 myself so I ain’t exactly a spring chicken, she looked kinda nice to me.

Then I realized the button on my machine seemed dead and it was making a quiet ticking sound. I glanced up at it, there sat the big red 7 and two 5’s!

“Oh, you won!” Caroline exclaimed, reaching over and patting my right shoulder.

She even bounced up and down, making her breasts jiggle. It was pretty obvious there was nothing under there but Caroline.

I sat there surprised until a huge indian lady came by, congratulated me and took down the information. I signed the form, they handed Ankara travesti me $4500.00 which tickled the hell out of me, then I returned to playing the machine.

I kept glancing sideways at Caroline, then it hit me that two of the buttons on the front of her dress had mysteriously come undone. Each time she reached up to press the button I was treated to one of those almost peeks at a bare right breast.

I was right, there wasn’t no T-shirt or anything under there, either!

One inch! That was all I needed and I would be able to see the whole thing!

I glanced up at Caroline’s face, she was looking right at me with a wicked grin.

I blushed furiously at being caught peeking and went back to stabbing the buttons on my machine.

It was maybe 3-4 minutes later before I stole another peek, one more button had tripped somehow. Then she scooted her chair back, hopped back onto it with another glorious flash of her left thigh. I got a brief glimpse of light blue panties, then looked up as she leaned forwards to touch the buttons.

Her top gapped open fully and I had that one inch. Her nipple was brown, coming out to a firm looking little button right on the end.

“Ski-slope” I think is the term.

I was having a hell of a time playing my machine, I alternated between pushing the button and taking another peek at her bare titty sitting right beside me.

And I realized I was getting a boner to end all boners and no way to hide it. Sneaking another glance at Caroline, I caught her checking out my crotch, she honest to God licked her lips!

“What the hell am I doing?” I thought. Here was this old lady flashing the dickens out of me and I am getting all fussed up at the idea, hell, she was at least 70!

“Are you staying at the hotel?” she asked, suddenly.

“Uhhh…Yes, I will be here tonight and tomorrow.”

“Oh, good. How about we get together for a drink..or something…?” She left that last part hanging in the air.

I took a chance.

“I have a bottle of R&R and a pint of Bailey’s in my room?”

“Oh, that sounds nice!” she acted all excited.

“I love Bailey’s and coffee.”

The look on her face was…expectant?

“Would you like to come over?”

“OK. Yes! That would be nice. We can…visit.”

It ran through my head that maybe she simply DID want to just visit? Naw, she was flashing me, there was no doubt at all.

I hit the button and got my payout ticket, she tapped her machine and lost the Konya travesti last bet.

We got up and walked out the door, it was about 100 yards to the row of rooms that faced the Ocean. My room was on the third floor, I got some nice peeks at the back of her legs as she climbed up ahead of me, and another flash of blue panties as she turned down the hallway.

Her blouse was still undone, too. She crossed her legs as she sat in one of the chairs, I busied myself making a pot of coffee and mixing some drinks.

I handed her a glass, she sipped it and smiled.

“Good, I like Bailey’s”

I sat on the edge of the bed, took a sip of my drink, then set it down on the table by the bed.

Caroline smiled at me.

“I liked the way you were looking at me.”

“I liked the way you look.” I blurted out.

“Good. We aren’t kids, we both know why we are here.” she said, standing up. She shrugged her shoulders, the dress slid back, then fell to the floor.

She stepped out of them, then slipped off her shoes.

Except for the blue panties, she was naked.

“Do I look all right?” she asked. That seemed odd to me. Hell, her body was beautiful!

“You look…wonderful!” I told her honestly.

She came and sat beside me on the bed, then she reached over and began to fumble with my belt. Then she tripped the top button on my pants, and slowly slid the zipper down. Her hand snaked into my briefs and grasped me, my erection was as firm as it ever got, even when I was much younger.

Caroline began to push at my lower clothing, I lifted my hips to help her slide them down and off.

That left me sitting there wearing just a shirt. She reached up and undid the buttons, slid the shirt off me.

I turned to her, letting my hands wander over her. Her stomach was flat as a board, her breasts were nice, the perfect size for her slender frame. I would have guessed her at 5 feet and a dime, just right for my six foot frame.

I pressed her back onto the bed, my fingers brushing across the front of her thin blue panties.

“I want you to take them off me.” she said, her voice now coming in short gasps.

I reached down and slowly slid one side off her hip, then the other. She lifted slightly as I pulled them down further, her full bush, wiry and with a trace of grey came into view.

She had a lot of pubic hair, more than most. I pressed her legs apart, lowered my lips to her. The taste was musky and sweet, she smelled clean and fresh. I licked İzmir travesti her until I felt the flood of moisture.

I raised up so I could reach her breasts with my mouth, I felt her hand drop down to fondle me as I did so. We must have spent a good 15 minutes exploring and touching, then I pressed her legs apart and slid into position atop her.

I managed a couple of inches, she was surprisingly very snug. I felt her take a deep break, relax and then push back against me. My foreskin rolled back, I slid in further.

Not wanting to hurt her, I was going gently but her hips now worked at me, trying to get me deeper.

“Hard! Do me hard!” she muttered between clenched teeth.

I began to shove back and forth as firmly as I could, I could even feel her clit expand and squash against me as she lifted her hips to meet my thrusts.

Her orgasm was an explosion, I could feel her inner muscles clamp and release in spasms. Somehow I managed to hold off, she relaxed, then I began again.

Her hips began to thrust, I felt her peak a second time, this time I could not hold back, her vagina was grabbing at me like a glove.

My own climax was so solid I almost passed out, her body went rigid as my sperm blasted inside her.

We rested for a full hour, both of us naked. The ice in my drink had long since melted when I felt her hands fondling me back to an erection again.

In no time I was up and we were at it again, it had been a very long time since I had managed twice in one evening. Her legs straddled me as her hips thrust back and forth, head tipped back, mouth open.

Afterwards, I dozed. I woke up several hours later, she was gone. I even looked in the tiny bathroom, she had simply left.

I retrieved my clothes, even taking the time to count my money. I was reassured to find it all there.

I went back over to the casino, up and down all the rows looking for her.

There was no sign.

Sighing, I wandered back over to the 5 times pay machine, stuffed in a hundred dollar bill. I sat there idly tapping the buttons.

Glancing up, I saw the heavy set floor worker who had paid me the jackpot.

“Have you seen the lady that was sitting beside me earlier?” I asked her.

“Oh, you mean Caroline?” The woman said.

“Yes, that was her name.”

“She comes in here once in awhile, not very often. It could be weeks before we see her again.”

“Oh. Well, does she live around here?” I asked.

“Yes, she lives down the coast a few miles.” I noticed the woman had an odd look on her face.

“Down the coast?”

“Yes, with her husband. Caroline is the general manager’s wife.”

Uhoh…I glanced up at the black lenses of what I knew were the ceiling camaras.

I knew it was time to hit the road.

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