Caroline and Ivy Ch. 02


Ivy was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when Caroline knocked on the door the next morning. She answered it and Caroline walked in holding a brown paper package. She set it down on the table.

“This is for you, but wait to open it until after breakfast.” She sat down at the table and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing much of her cleavage. She fanned herself. “Whew. It’s hot out there.”

Ivy was busy turning a roast chicken over in the oven. She sprinkled a pinch of salt over the meat, humming to herself.

Caroline sniffed the air. “Mmm… That smells heavenly. Kind of like you,” she said, winking at Ivy.

The blonde woman blushed. “Oh, stop,” she said. “Here. It’s’s just about ready.” Ivy carried the roaster over to the table.

She and Caroline each took a leg and began to eat.

Ivy wiped the grease from her lips with a napkin and let out a loud belch. She paused and sat up slightly. Leaning to one side, she blasted out a huge fart and immediately inhaled it, fanning the gas up to her nose and breathing deeply.

Caroline laughed. “That was a nice one.”

Ivy blushed and patted her belly, which was bulging with chicken. “Thank you, Caroline…” she trailed off. “BUUUURP! Oh my! Excuse me.” She fanned herself daintily.

Caroline finished her leg and ass and let out an enormous belch, wiping her lips primly. “Now, Ivy, you’ve simply got to open your present. I spent half the night on it, you know.” She presented Ivy with the brown-paper package.

Ivy took the package and smiled. “You really shouldn’t have.” She untied the string and unfolded the wrapping, holding up a lovely handmade lace corset.

Ivy ran her hand over the material. “Oh, Caroline, it’s beautiful.”

Caroline smiled. “Go try it on.” She gave Ivy’s rump a playful smack as she got up to go change. “You dirty girl.”

Ivy giggled. “Oh, stop!” She flounced into her bedroom and emerged a few minutes later in the corset. She turned in a circle on her tiptoes, looking back at her ass and patting her breasts.

Caroline noticed something slightly odd about Ivy’s crotch. She raised an eyebrow. “Erm… What do you have going on down there, Ivy?” she asked, straightening up in her chair.

Ivy glanced down and immediately flushed a bright red. She sat down quickly. “Oh, um… that’s… ah, do you know…” She cleared her throat. “Have you heard of anything wierd happening from… Well, breathing gas like that?”

Caroline instantly thought of her daughter’s insane transformation and nodded. “I’ve definitely Muğla Escort heard of some strange things,” she said. “In fact, I’ve seen some firsthand.” She leaned to one side and casually blasted out an enormous fart, causing her skirt to flutter in the breeze.

Ivy sniffed the gas up greedily. “Really? What… what kinds of things?”

Caroline patted her breasts. “Well, let’s just say that I didn’t always have these beauties.”

Ivy fluttered her eyelashes and blushed. “Oh… oh my,” she said. “Well, my… measurements haven’t really changed, but I have… grown.” She clasped her hands over her crotch.

Caroline raised her eyebrows. “Grown… what?” She leaned forward and placed a hand gently on Ivy’s private area, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

She moaned softly. A loud tearing sound was emitted from her new panties as the most enormous cock Caroline had ever seen burst from her panties. It was easily three feet long, extending almost over the level of Ivy’s head. Ivy held the massive member with both hands and nuzzled it with her face as it expanded to its full size.

Caroline’s jaw dropped. She had never seen anything like it in her life.

Ivy smiled nervously. “Well?” Her stomach gurgled loudly and she accidentally let out a rude fart, causing her to blush, but not stopping her from inhaling the gas.

Caroline licked her lips. “It’s… it’s amazing,” she said. “Is it… does everything work?”

Ivy smiled in relief and nodded. “Oh, well… yes. Do you… do you want to…”

Caroline nodded anxiously. “Mm-hmm.” She placed her hands on the cock, feeling the blood pulsing through it. One hand wouldn’t fit around the huge shaft, so she used both and slowly began stroking it, not yet touching the enormous head.

Ivy’s body was jerked slightly as her cock convulsed, responding to Caroline’s touch. She used her breasts to help Caroline, moving them as far up and down the shaft as she could reach.

Caroline began to stroke faster and licked the shaft as far up as she could go, not quite reaching the tip.

Ivy sat on the floor to allow Caroline to get her mouth around the head of the cock. It was all she could do to get the huge head into her mouth. Ivy’s moans began to get higher pitched as she approached her climax.

Caroline bobbed her head up and down, trying to fit as much as she could into her mouth. She moved her hands faster and faster. Ivy nearly screamed. Her cock leaped and her body rocked as massive amounts of cum began to Muğla Escort Bayan shoot out of the end of the massive penis, straight down Caroline’s throat.

Caroline was nearly knocked off of Ivy from the force of the blast. She struggled to swallow all of the jizz as it came out, but some squirted out the side of her mouth as her cheeks filled up. She gulped and sucked as hard as she could, her belly rapidly filling with hot, sticky cum.

Finally, a last spurt of jizz blasted out of Ivy’s cock and she collapsed, exhausted and breathing heavily. Caroline licked the cum from her lips and sat down, her hands on her swollen stomach. She let out an enormous belch, spattering Ivy with droplets of semen.

Ivy gasped and licked a few drops from her lips. “Did you… like it?” she said between breaths.

Caroline smiled and massaged her belly. It was bulging visibly with semen and she had to spread her legs slightly to sit down properly.

Something about seeing Caroline bloated with her own cum made Ivy extremely aroused, and before she could think about it, her cock was at its full length, the large set of balls that hung beneath it pulsing rapidly.

Caroline raised an eyebrow and with some difficulty, got over on her hands and knees, presenting her ass to Ivy. The combined weight of her massive breasts and swollen belly swayed her back a little, but she widened her legs and kept herself up.

Ivy brushed her hair back and moved forward, leaning over Caroline. “I… um, I’m a little dry,” she whispered into her ear.

Caroline turned her head back toward Ivy. “Give me your hand,” she said, taking the blonde woman’s left arm. Ivy followed Caroline’s lead as she brought the hand up to her mouth and let out a liquid, gurgling belch, filling Ivy’s palm with her own cum and several bits of chicken. She smiled. “There you go.”

Ivy smeared the mixture onto her massive cock and lubricated the tip generously, licking her fingers. She gently slid her cock into Caroline’s asshole, which, to her surprise, opened readily to accommodate her huge width. She pushed in as far as she could go, fitting almost half her length into the woman’s ass. She could feel Caroline’s stomach, a soft, round object just below the tip of her cock. “Can I go farther?” she whispered.

Caroline moaned softly and nodded. Ivy pulled back and stroked forward, using a little force this time, which elicited a whimper from Caroline. She gained a couple of inches and tried again, getting even further. Starting Escort Muğla a steady pace, she kept sliding in and out until she was up to the hilt, her massive balls slapping Caroline’s ass. She felt Caroline’s stomach rumble slightly, and heard her stop moaning for a second to belch loudly. This caused her to start stroking faster. She could feel her load getting ready to blow.

Caroline moaned as Ivy’s cock began to pump an amount of cum into her ass that was larger than the load she had swallowed. Her intestines filled up and the jizz began filling her stomach again, only this time from the other end.

Ivy felt Caroline’s stomach inflate and push her cock up inside Caroline’s body until she could actually see the bulge of her penis from the outside, just next to Caroline’s left shoulder blade. She pulled out slowly as her cock blew the last of its load into Caroline, and licked as much cum from the tip as she could reach.

Caroline’s belly was now almost absurdly large. She looked like she was pregnant with triplets. She struggled to stand and leaned against Ivy for support.

Ivy held her up and helped her to the couch. She had to spread her legs almost 90 degrees to sit comfortably. Her now massive belly protruded almost two feet in front of her. Ivy patted her stomach and sat next to her. “I’m sorry there was so much,” she said nervously.

Caroline smiled at her. “I loved it, Ivy. BURRRRRRP! Oh!” She covered her mouth as another belch exploded from it. She shifted her weight and her stomach emitted a deep, liquid gurgle. She winced and put a hand on Ivy’s breast for support. “I have to fart,” she said, looking at Ivy, “but when I do, it’s going to cover everything behind me in Ivy juice.” She winked at the blonde woman and patted her massive cock.

Ivy blushed and fluttered her eyelashes. “Well, if you’re still… um, hungry, you could stay for dinner. My sister Tina’s coming over, though.”

Caroline patted her belly. “Oh, there’ll be plenty of room in here after I let a few good farts out.” She patted her breasts and burped loudly. “Oh, that’s better.”

Ivy smiled and farted, reaching for the phone. She dialed the number and waited, smiling at Caroline. “Tina? Yeah, this is Ivy. Mmm-hmm. Yeah, one of my friends is going to be a dinner tonight.” Ivy accidentally belched quite loudly into the receiver. “What? Oh no, that was… um, I dropped the phone. Mm-hmm. Ok, see you in a bit.”

She hung up the phone. “Well, here she comes. I hope she doesn’t mind a little gas.” She giggled and leaned over, letting out a gargantuan fart. She inhaled the air, fanning herself. “Wow. I am absolutely rotten.”

Caroline laughed. “You certainly are,” she said, massaging her swollen stomach. “I can almost taste that one.” She let out a deep belch, sighing in relief.

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