Carol: My Sister, My Lover

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She was my sister but I lusted after her. I knew it was wrong but I could not help it. She was so beautiful with her long blonde hair, green eyes. tiny upturned nose, nice shapely breasts, cute ass and a great pair of legs. If that was not everything, she also has a pair of simply gorgeous feet. I was in love with her and this love was not the kind a brother has for his sister. This was the love a man has for a woman.

There was a part of me that kept telling me that I was wrong. A part of me kept telling me that she was my sister and that my feelings for her were wrong. But I was powerless. She was just too beautiful, her body just too sexy and my lust for her just too strong.

We lived in a small town in the Midwest. Dad had a small job that did not pay too well in a big corporation and was away from home a lot and when he was home, he was mostly drunk. Mom did not work but she had her group of girl friends that she spent most of her time with and me and my sister, Carol, were usually on our own in the house.

Carol was a very popular girl in school, her beauty made her an instant hit with the boys and secretly hated by other girls. I was pretty popular too and good with studies but I was not a nerd. How could I be a nerd when I was the star pitcher on the school baseball team.

My relationship with Carol was great! She was such a sweetheart and I would gladly do anything for her. But lately I had noticed that there was something wrong. Carol was not the happy go lucky girl that she used to be. There was something troubling her and my heart ached whenever I saw her like that. I had asked her if there was anything wrong or if I could do something to make things better but she would always smile her sweet smile and say that there was nothing wrong. But I knew better. I knew something was troubling my Carol and my heart ached.

It was the first day of spring training and I was late coming home. Dad was not home but then that was usual. Mom was at one of her girl friend’s house playing bingo but then that was usual too. As I walked in through the back kitchen door, I thought I heard someone crying. As I stepped in the living room, I saw Carol sitting on the couch and her eyes were red. I could see that she had been crying for a while now.

“My God Carol what’s wrong?” I asked really upset at the sight of the one person that meant everything to me crying.

Carol had not heard me walk in and tried to hide her tears but it was too late. “Jimmy has dumped me” said Carol in a shaky voice.

“That bustard! Carol, if he does Bahçelievler Escort not want you then he is the loser!” I tried to console her.

“Yes but he had told me that he loved me. How could he leave me?” Carol had head on my shoulder and there was fresh tears running down her cheeks.

I was calling her ex-boy friend a bustard but felt like one myself. Here was my sister crying her heart out on my shoulder at being left by her boy friend but all I could think of was how lovely she was and great her smelled. I was starting to feel a feeling in my pants and I felt like an asshole. How could I get turned on at a moment like this. I mean I had always been turned on whenever Carol was around me but this was hardly the time to have any sexual feeling towards my own sister. She was hurt and her heart had been broken and all I could think of was going to bed with her!

“Don you would not ever leave me like Jimmy did would you?” Carol asked, with tears still in her eyes.

“Carol, you know I love you and I would never leave you or do anything to hurt you. I love you Carol! I love you! I love you!” I tried to calm her.

I did not notice that that I had said “I love you” three times. I was too pre-occupied with consoling Carol and fighting the guilt of getting aroused by her closeness. But Carol did not miss it. She had a strange look on her face. It was almost like she was trying to make sense of it all.

Mom always said that women have a way of figuring out things about a man’s heart. Carol was a woman and in that brief moment, it seems I had become totally transparent to her. She knew about my feeling towards her. As far as Carol was concerned, everything made sense. My caring for her made sense. My hanging around her when I could be out doing “guy things” made sense. Me eyeing her when I thought she was not looking made sense. Me saying “I love you” three times made sense. She knew. She knew her own brother was in love with her.

Suddenly while things were making so much sense to her, Carol did something that made absolutely no sense to me. She reached up and kissed me. It was not the usual peck on the cheek. She had kissed me on the lips, a definitely no-no for a man and woman that are in a brother-sister relationship. It was the best thing that ever happened to me! Carol kissing me? Carol actually kissing me? The girl of my dreams (who cares if she is my sister) actually putting her pretty lips on mine and kissing me? WOW!!!

I was still recovering from that kiss when Carol looked me straight Bahçelievler Escort Bayan in the eyes and leaned over to kiss me again. I was a bit more prepared this time. I kissed her back. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I could not believe this was happening. Here I was, Donald Blackman of Blackburn, Illinois, kissing the most beautiful girl east of Mississippi!

“oooohh… Don I always knew you had a thing for me. oohh I always saw you looking at me, looking at my legs and oooohhh trying to look down my dress. Do I turn you on Don? Do you think I am sexy?”

Did I think she was sexy? Oh God yeah!!! I had a throbbing erection now and Carol’s hand that was a moment ago resting on my thighs started slowing moving up till it was resting on my manhood. I was beyond saying something intelligent and all that came out of my mouth was “Oh God!”.

Carol, slowing un-buckled my belt and opened the zipper on my jeans slid them down to my ankles. Then she got off from besides me and sat down between my legs and gently pulled my boxers off. My cock was rock hard and the blood vessels were swollen with all the blood. I could not wait for Carol to actually touch my penis. She just sat there with a naughty smile on her face and then the ultimate happened. She took me in her mouth and started to give me a blow job! Now I had so many blow jobs from so many girls but nothing quite like this one. Damn Carol knew how to suck a cock.

Gone were all my feelings of guilt about my sexual feeling towards my own sister and they were replaced by a single desire to make love to this lovely creation. Damn Carol was good at sucking cock!

My penis was shaking with sex and I knew I was about to cum. I was not sure if I should warn Carol before I came but nature decided for me. Suddenly my penis exploded and with violent jerk, started spitting out cum. There was cum all over Carol’s face, nose, eyes and neck and mouth. She just smiled her lovely smiled and licked it all up. I love this girl. This was the point of no return. I had to go all the way with Carol.

I started ripping Carol’s T-shirt off. She had a pink bra underneath that hardly contained her substantial breasts. I was so excited that I could not get the bra hook to open. Carol reached back, open the bra hook and took it off. This was the first time I had seen Carol’s breasts. They were prefect. Nice and round with pink nipples that stand erect. I had never seen a sight more beautiful. I could not believe myself. I could not believe that I was about Escort Bahçelievler to make love to my own sister.

Carol slipped out of her shorts and took her panties off. Carol was a true blonde and not like a lot of other blondes that owe their blonde hair to chemicals. Carol had the softest blonde pubic hair covering that special place between her legs. Hmmm she smelled so good. I started kissing her neck and she ohhhed in pleasure. I slowly made my way down to her lovely breasts and she pulled my head towards her. I was in heaven!

With one hand running through my hair, Carol was holding onto to my cock with the other. Her flat tummy with the belly button looked so inviting and I started licked and kissing it. Carol wanted me to lick her pussy and she started to push my head down.

I had been with other girls but no one tasted as good as Carol. As far as I was concerned, I could die now. I have experienced every joy this world has top offer. Carol’s pussy was so sweet and as I run my tongue up and down her clit, she arched her back and ohhh’ed in pleasure. My tongue run to and from her clit and her ass hole. When ever my tongue would touch her ass hole, she was shake with pleasure. Then I would move it to her womanhood and then back to her asshole and she would shake again. I could tell she was enjoying this.

“Don I love you baby! oohhhh yes Don fuck my little asshole with your tongue! Ohhhhhh babyyyy that feels so gooodd”

My tongue was listening to her every command and was now busy digging into her ass. I was tongue fucking my sister! My Carol getting tongue fucked my me!

My dick was starting to stir again and boy I wanted to fuck her. Carol was lying on her back on the couch and I raised her legs and placed my penis on the opening of her pussy. She was already wet with her feminine juices and with a gentle push, my cock was buried in her pussy. Carol let out a small sigh and started moaning as I started to fuck her.

“Ohhhh Don baby fuck me harder”

“Ohhhhh Don fuck me baby fuck me harder baby”

I was about to come and knew it. My penis was about to explode again. Two more thrusts and I shook with pleasure and my cock exploded with cum. I had never felt an orgasm this strong before. I had never cum this much before. But then I had never made love to a girl as lovely as Carol before. My cum was dripped out of her lovely pussy. Carol flicked it up with her fingers and licked them. As for me, I was feeling so weak after that orgasm that I just laid there holding on to my Carol.

Suddenly we heard someone coming in the house through the kitchen door and we realized that it must be Mom coming home. The two of us run upstairs to our rooms before Mom saw us in each others arms butt naked. But we both knew that we would have each others body again soon and the knowledge made me happy. Made me happy and horny.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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