Carla – Chapter 4


Harry Carter and I went way back. He was, like me, from a part of the military that doesn’t exist. He had to leave when he mislaid a leg in some shitty part of the world. I’d carried him most of the way out and while he didn’t owe me anything (he’d have done the same for me), he’d remained a close and dear friend. He was also one of the most resourceful men I knew. If the police couldn’t find who was trying to kill Lauren then maybe, just maybe, we might. I gave Harry copies of all the email threats we’d received and talked him through the shooting and the explosion. Harry was a man of few words and didn’t interrupt but I knew he was taking it all in. ‘Who has access to Lauren’s diary?’ ‘Her PA, Jenny and Frank and me. Possibly a couple of other staff might know too. They’ve all been checked out though.’ ‘That,’ said Harry, ‘is no guarantee. It just proves that they’re not known to anyone.’ I nodded. ‘Get me all the possible names and I’ll do them all again. Who knew you were going to Edinburgh?’ ‘Nobody except that lot.’ ‘What have we got on the shooter?’ I explained there had been no CCTV and no witnesses aside from Frank, Lauren, Jenny and me. Jenny had been too scared to see anything. Lauren said she thought she saw a man in a black coat but was also too scared to be observant. Frank had seen someone, not sure what gender, in a black coat and heard what sounded like a silenced pistol shot. He’d aimed at the retreating back of the shooter but he or she had been too far away for a decent shot or identification. He thought the assailant was wearing a hat, probably a trilby or similar. ‘So, we’ve got six eights of fuck all.’ Which about summed it up. ‘I’ll go through the usual crazies and I’ll do some digging. It’ll cost.’ We both knew that elvankent escort but Harry liked to get money stuff sorted. I’d agreed a budget with Lauren, far more than I reckoned would be actually necessary and told Harry so. ‘I’ll get on it. I’ll call you every day.’ * I’d tried to call Angie a couple of times but her phone didn’t answer or go to mail. Frank and I escorted Lauren, usually with Jenny, to a number of appointments without incident. Business as usual in fact. I was a bit pissed off with Angie, though. But she’d made it clear it was not a romance and so, well, I could live with it. One evening I was staying at Lauren’s house. She was throwing a dinner for some important guests, including the MP, Ellie Saunders and it had been decided that I should be there in case some lunatic decided to do something unpleasant. Lauren had her own, domestic security but my boss, Carl, wanted me to be there. So I was wearing a long, black frock with a slit up the side that gave me access to the weapon strapped to my thigh. Not the best arrangement but the most discreet in the circumstances. Lauren was playing it cool with Ms Saunders. I could read her body language. It struck me that she’d only have to snap her fingers and the MP would be straight up to the bedroom. Jen was sitting next to me at dinner. Her leg touched mine a couple of times. The second time, during coffee, I turned to look at her and saw she was wearing a rather nice smile. ‘Don’t look so surprised.’ ‘Well, to be honest, you’ve never really shown any interest.’ I was smiling too though. Jenny was a very attractive woman and whilst I normally saw her in her PA uniform of dark suit and white blouse that evening she was, well, stunning. emek escort bayan Her hair was loose and longer than I’d thought and her dress was dark green silk with silver edging that made a bra shape around her substantial breasts and was somehow sexier than if it had been more revealing. ‘To be truthful, Lauren warned me off. But now she’s told me that, whilst she still wants me as her PA she’s concentrating on the new relationship and has decided to be exclusive. I can live with that, it was, after all, only ever sex. But she did say that she knew how I feel about you and that if….’ I was a bit miffed. ‘Is she playing pass the parcel with us?’ Jenny’s hand closed over mine. ‘No, it’s not like that at all. Please don’t think that. She just said that if we were to think about it she wouldn’t mind.’ I told her I had to do a sweep which wasn’t true but I wanted time to think. I had always fancied Jenny and she’d never given me any cause to think it was reciprocated or, in fact, that she was a lesbian until the other evening and here she was saying that she had feelings for me. I made excuses to the guests and wandered around the house checking the security. I took my time. I heard the hubbub of departing guests and made my way to the hall to watch carefully as people were collected in their limos. Ellie Saunders didn’t leave. She and Lauren had ‘business to attend to’ and disappeared upstairs. So, perhaps not so cool after all! When the last had gone and all was secure I went to the sitting room where Jen was sitting by the fire in a deep armchair and drinking a brandy. A decanter and a second glass stood on a small table beside her. ‘Join me?’ I sat in the chair on the other side of the fire and she poured Escort eryaman me a glass. Without thinking, I spread my legs and unbuckled the pistol from my thigh, glad to get it off. I sorted my dress out. I placed the gun and holster on the floor beside me then looked up to see Jen standing, holding my glass and staring at me, wide eyed. ‘My God,’ she said. ‘That has to be the sexiest thing I have seen in years!’ ‘Sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to get the bloody thing off.’ ‘No need to apologise.’ She handed me my drink then sat down and, as she did so, she smoothed her dress under her arse. She crossed her legs and I heard the whisper of the silk dress and noticed, for the first time, the heels she was wearing. They must have cost a packet. ‘Christ, Jen. You’re full of surprises tonight.’ Her right shoe dangled from her toes and she smiled. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it out to the side in a gesture I found alluring. ‘It was an opportunity to dress up a bit and, well, I like occasionally to get out of uniform. Do you always wear a gun there?’ I laughed. ‘Of course not. But in this,’ I indicated my dress, ‘it was the best place to keep it.’ ‘Yes, I can see there aren’t too many hiding places. Nice knickers, by the way.’ I didn’t blush but I did feel that she was coming on to me a little stronger than I might have expected. Suddenly she stood, walked to my chair and sat on the arm, facing me, her legs on the outside. She placed her hands on my shoulders and kissed me firmly. I was about to return the kiss when a horrible thought occurred to me. ‘Jen, sorry but there is something I need to do.’ She looked surprised and a little hurt but I stood, went to my bag and extracted my phone. ‘Harry, it’s me.’ ‘Nobody else calls me at midnight.’ ‘Yes, I know, I’m sorry. But a thought has come to me. Can you find out where Angela Constantine is?’ I explained who she was and why I wanted him to check. I gave him her address and as much as I knew about her work. ‘I’m on it.’ I turned back to the chair but Jen had gone.

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