Cara, Daddy, and Uncle Johnny Ch. 07

Big Tits

Author’s Note: Kindly refer to my profile for the correct order of my stories. Thank you.


The first few bars of Metallica’s Enter Sandman cut through the announcer’s voice as Bill’s phone rang.

“Hey, what’s up, Johnny?”

Bill’s hand drifted down to brush over Cara’s head. She had been giving him a warm, wet, and slow blowjob for about half an hour while he watched part of the game he’d taped that weekend. He’d finished up at a job site a little earlier than usual, so had treated himself to an early Friday quitting time, getting home before anyone else was there, grabbing a couple of beers, and sitting down on the couch to watch the Sox spank the Yanks for a few innings.

Cara had gotten in at around 4:30 from her part-time job at a local gym. Though they’d come up with a way for Cara to earn some extra allowance a few weeks ago, he thought it was important for his 18-year-old daughter to experience what a real job was like. She spent enough time at the gym keeping her body toned anyway that Cara said it didn’t really feel like work, but more like talking to new friends about what she was already doing. Bill was pretty sure gym memberships had doubled once people found out they could have Cara give them a hands-on demonstration on how to use the various machines. Her spandex work uniform didn’t leave much to the imagination, and boy did she have the body to fill it out.

The sleeveless crop top was neon-green with black edging and zipped up the middle. The zipper ran from the top of her ribs to about halfway up her impressive 34J cleavage, her cantaloupe-sized breasts pushed up and together to sit just below her collar bone. She could lean her head down and lick the line of her cleavage if she was so inclined. Bill wondered how many stiffies the men in the gym had to hide, watching those beauties bounce around or checking out her equally round and tight ass as she bent over wearing the matching spandex pants. Though they were called pants, they came to mid-calf, and the material was a swirl of neon green spandex and black mesh from thigh to calf, showing plenty of flesh through the mesh. Bill, himself, got hard every time he saw her in her “work clothes,” and he was hard-pressed to keep himself from doing what every other man and probably some of the women who saw her wanted to do: unzip that top to free those massive tits, rip her pants down to mid-thigh, and plunge his face into her cleavage while shoving his cock into her pussy.

He’d restrained himself today, but only because he was feeling too relaxed to get up from the couch. Cara had bent over to kiss him, giving him an up-close view of just how deep that cleavage went, before running upstairs to change. Bill enjoyed watching his daughter’s toned ass bounce up the stairs, but his attention returned quickly to the game. That is, until Cara came back downstairs again, wearing the same top but having changed into a flirty black skirt that hit her at about mid-thigh.

“Don’t you want to go shower and change out of your work clothes, princess?” he’d asked her, but she said she didn’t feel like showering yet, and instead got him another beer and then curled up on the couch next to him. She only lasted about half an inning before she made a move, undoing his belt, unbuttoning his pants, and slipping her hand inside to find him hot and half-hard from just being near her. She grinned her naughty grin at him before sliding to the floor, helping him to pull his jeans and boxers down to his knees when he lifted his hips. His large cock slapped against his t-shirt, growing larger every second as she stretched back out onto the couch, half on his lap so that her hands and then her mouth could reach him. Her skirt rode up a bit, revealing one bare ass cheek, and Bill had given in to the temptation of squeezing it, kneading it, while his daughter alternated between jacking him off, licking around just the tip of his dick, or sucking the whole thing down her waiting throat.

And that’s what Johnny interrupted when he called.

“Yeah, we’re both home, why?” Bill asked, his hips thrusting a little, shoving his dick into his daughter’s welcoming mouth. “No, Cara can’t talk on the phone at the moment. Her mouth’s full,” Bill told Johnny, his satisfaction clear in his voice.

Cara bobbed her head slowly, breathing through her nose, taking Daddy’s cock deep into her mouth and then slowly dragging her mouth off again, loving the feel of his slippery smooth shaft against her tongue while listening to him talk to Uncle Johnny.

“Yeah, that sounds good, bro,” Daddy was saying, his hand caressing the side of her face, feeling his dick through her hollowed-out cheeks as she sucked on him. “I’ll let her know. Deal’s on. See you when you get home.”

He hung up and put his phone back on the table next to the couch before caressing Cara’s face again.

“Uncle Johnny’s got a deal for you, princess,” he told her. “He says if you can get me off by the time he gets home, he’s got a surprise for us both.”

Cara let her daddy’s dick Escort Bayan Gaziantep slip out of her mouth, pumping her hand up and down to keep him hard as she asked, “You don’t know what the surprise is?”

“Nope,” he said, finally unzipping her top and peeling it away from her pendulous breasts.

Thank god for 18-year-olds, he thought, as he hefted one still perky breast in his hand, rolling the nipple between his thumb and index finger. He wanted that in his mouth, wanted to suck on it while she fucked him, watching those big tits bounce, but the deal had rules.

“I don’t know what the surprise is, and the rule is you’ve got to keep doing what you’re doing to get me off.”

“I’m not allowed to fuck you?” Cara pouted. She’d been looking forward to riding her daddy during the last inning of the game, timing it so that when his team won, they both came.

“Nope,” Bill said again, guiding her head back down to his dick. “You just have to keep sucking, baby, until I come in your mouth. Johnny says he’s about 10-15 minutes away. Think you can make me cum in 10 minutes, princess?”

“Mmmhmm,” Cara murmured around her daddy’s cock filling her mouth, continuing to go slow at first, making sure his dick was nice and wet from her lips.

A sudden change in pace could throw off the slow build she’d been working on, but Cara had a few tricks up her sleeve. After letting more saliva drip out of her mouth, down over his dick and balls, Cara began to cup his balls, rolling the sack in her soft hand and gently squeezing.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right princess,” Daddy said, one hand groping one of her swollen breasts, the other in a loose fist on his knee.

He closed his eyes, no longer watching the game, and leaned his head against the back of the couch while he enjoyed what his daughter was doing to him. He loved the feeling of her sucking mouth. He wished for a minute that he could feel her hot wet lips around both his dick and his balls at the same time, but then felt a moment of guilt for feeling so greedy. How many guys out there got a genuine blowjob from their baby girl? Not many, he’d guess, and even fewer had a baby girl built like his, he thought, giving her breast another squeeze.

Letting her breast go, he trailed his hand down Cara’s naked side until he reached her skirt, and pulled that up past her waist. Cara moved her hips so that her upper body was still twisted toward the TV across the room, while her lower body was almost flat against the couch cushions, her legs spread so her right leg was hanging off the couch while her left leg was bent up and open to lean against the back of the couch. Opening his eyes, he grinned to see what he suspected, confirmed: she was wearing just a wispy little thong.

“You’re so sexy in these panties, baby,” he told her, his finger tracing the bare lips of her pretty little pussy, clearly visible through the white nylon mesh of her thong pulled snugly against her mons. “I love seeing your pussy like this, barely covered.”

He groaned as Cara sucked a little harder while squeezing his balls a little more firmly, and then slipped his finger under the front of the thong and pulled it to one side.

“Of course,” he gasped, as Cara sucked and squeezed again, “I like to see your pussy not covered at all even better.”

Spreading his fingers on either side of her pussy lips, he opened her up so that her glistening wet clit was exposed.

“God, I wish I could sixty-nine you right now, princess,” he told her. “I’d love to taste you, just lick you right there, while I shoved my cock down your throat.”

His words made Cara moan around his cock and her hips gave a little shudder. His own words were turning him on and he knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before he came in his daughter’s mouth. But would Johnny beat him home first?

Cara continued the wet blowjob, beginning to bob faster and suck harder. She used her left hand to hold his dick up to her mouth, gently squeezing and turning her hand to stimulate the base, while her right hand continued to fondle his balls as her mouth continued to suck.

It was when they heard the garage door open that Cara slid her fingers down from his balls into the crack of his ass cheeks and gently probed at his asshole. Her daddy’s hips gave an involuntary thrust off the couch against her finger, and just the tip of her index finger slid into her daddy’s asshole, made extra slippery with her saliva and his precum.

“Cara, sweetie,” gasped Bill, “what are you doing, baby?”

Cara didn’t answer as they heard the truck door slam out in the garage, but simply withdrew her finger and then slid it in again farther, gently massaging his anal walls. Bill had never felt anything like it, but he couldn’t say it was actually bad. In fact, his dick had gotten harder than ever, and though he wasn’t quite ready to blow yet, he could feel himself close. Damn his brother for driving as fast as he did. Couldn’t he get pulled over just once so Bill could have an extra 10 minutes to get off?

Cara felt her daddy’s fingers dip down toward her pussy and she spread her legs apart wider. She knew her daddy liked to feel how wet she got giving him head, and she also loved displaying herself for Uncle Johnny.

Knowing Uncle Johnny was about to come through the garage door and down the hallway into the living room, Cara slipped her finger out of her daddy’s asshole and slid it back inside one more time, this time massaging his prostate when her finger was in far enough. She continued to do that as her daddy’s hips began to pump against her face, and she allowed her mouth to sink down farther and farther onto his big cock.

“Well, isn’t this quite the sight?” said Uncle Johnny from the doorway, watching his brother and his niece on the couch.

He didn’t miss anything, his eyes roaming over his neice’s exposed pussy being fucked by her father’s fingers, her large tits hanging out of her top just begging to be sucked, while she fucked her daddy’s cock with her mouth, and introduced him to the pleasures of a little anal play.

“Looks like you haven’t come yet, Bill,” Johnny said, leaning against the doorjamb.

“Damn you!” Billy gasped out, knowing he was so close to cumming, but just not sure what would get him there.

He groaned as his dick got even harder in Cara’s mouth while Johnny watched, but he couldn’t quite tip himself over the edge. Bill leaned his head against the back of the couch again and closed his eyes, willing himself to cum. “Couldn’t you drive slowly for once?”

Johnny chuckled. “I did break a few speeding laws getting home,” he confessed. “Maybe, in the interest of fair play, I should help you out.”

Bill’s eyes snapped open at the sound of his brother’s voice coming closer, and then suddenly Johnny’s mouth was on his in a bruising kiss. Johnny gripped his hair, slanting his mouth over his to take the kiss deeper. Bill couldn’t help but kiss Johnny back, more aggressively than he’d ever kissed anyone in his life, certainly nothing like the way he kissed Cara, even at his most frenzied moment.

He felt his balls lurch up as Johnny’s tongue dove into his mouth, but it was when Johnny’s hand cupped Bill’s balls that Bill lost it.

“Oh FUCK, Christ, what-the-fuck,” Bill gasped out, tearing his mouth away from Johnny’s as his hips jerked wildly, fucking up into Cara’s mouth, spurt after spurt being swallowed by her eager throat.

Johnny stepped back and watched his brother lose control, filling his daughter’s mouth with his cum. Cara watched him with her mouth full of her daddy’s dick, her finger still in her daddy’s ass, sucking gently as Bill came back down to earth.

“Holy fuck,” her daddy sighed, slipping his fingers out of her pussy and trailing his wet hand over her body before gripping her breast again and holding on. “GodDAMN.”

“You’re welcome,” Uncle Johnny smirked at her daddy. “Does that even things out for driving fast?”

Before Bill could find his wits to answer, Cara popped her head off her Daddy’s dick.

“That was sooo hot, Uncle Johnny!” Cara exclaimed, removing her finger from her father’s ass and wiping her hand on Bill’s pants. “I want to watch next time!”

Johnny grinned at her.

“But,” Cara continued, “I wasn’t able to get Daddy off before you came home. Does that mean we don’t get a surprise now?”

Johnny squatted down so that he was at eye level with his gorgeous, mostly-naked niece.

“Don’t worry, pun’kin, you did an amazing job. I know how long you’ve been sucking on your daddy today, and it’s hard to flip the switch like that.”

He smoothed her hair back from her sweaty face and leaned in to give her a soft kiss, tasting his brother’s cum on her breath.

“Don’t worry, babygirl,” he continued, “that deal was mostly to tease your daddy anyway. I definitely want to give you guys the surprise because it’s a treat for me, too.”

“Ooh, what is it?!” Cara sat up excitedly, her large breasts bouncing with enthusiasm.

“God, your tits are fucking fantastic,” Uncle Johnny told Cara, his hands going to them almost involuntarily. He cupped them and pushed them up and together, the way they had been when her shirt was zipped. “I can’t wait to fuck these in the shower later,” he told her.

“Mmmm, I’d like that,” Cara purred, reveling in the touch of her uncle. She was so wet and horny after sucking her daddy off for so long, having him play with her, and then making Daddy cum while he and Uncle Johnny made out – if she didn’t cum soon herself, she was going to explode!

“Anyway,” Uncle Johnny said, licking first one nipple, and then the other, before sitting back on the ground in front of the two on the couch, “the surprise is this: I closed on a new, six-figure project for the company today, and so to celebrate, I’m taking us all away for a three-day weekend.”

“Oh my gosh!” Cara squealed, then launched herself off the couch at her uncle, knocking him over.

Johnny laughed as his niece landed on top of him, her bare breasts pressed against his chest, her skirt flipped up over her bare ass, giving her father a nice view of her round globes and thong-covered pussy spread out over her uncle’s torso. “For real, Uncle Johnny? The three of us get to go away together?”

“You betcha, pun’kin,” Johnny said, running his hand over his niece’s ass. “How’s that sound to you, Bill?”

His brother had been uncharacteristically quiet, not that Johnny could blame him, considering the events of the last few minutes. He hoped that going for it with his older brother hadn’t been a mistake. Johnny’s own dick was rock hard, and if his brother’s orgasm was anything to go by, Bill had enjoyed it at the time.

Bill was currently starting at his little girl’s ass as Johnny fondled it, pulling her cheeks apart and pressing them back together, giving Bill teasing little glimpses of her asshole and pussy.

“I think my head’s still spinning,” Bill said a little ruefully, finally pulling his gaze away from his daughter’s holes and meeting Johnny’s eyes, “but that sounds great to me.”

“Congrats on closing the account,” he continued, giving Johnny a little smile. “I know how hard you’ve been working on it. It’ll be great for the company, and I’m really proud of you for making it happen.”

Johnny felt his cheeks flush a bit under the praise from his brother and a look that was edged in heat passed between the brothers. “Thanks, man,” Johnny murmured, turning his attention back to his niece.

“So,” Johnny continued, enjoying the sight of those full breasts pressed against his chest so close to his face he could motorboat them if he wanted to, “how soon do you think you can be ready?”

“Depends on whether I end up having shower sex with anyone or not,” Cara said honestly, caressing her uncle’s face.

“Well,” Johnny said, cupping his niece’s breasts in his hands and bringing both nipples to his lips, “I did say I was going to fuck these.

“You did,” Cara moaned as her uncle licked and sucked on her sensitive nipples. “And I’m sooo wet from sucking on Daddy.”

“You sure are, princess,” her daddy said from behind her, looking at how transparent her little white thong had become, pressed up against her pink pussy.

“Sounds like you need something hard inside you at the same time you need something in between these,” Johnny said, pulling back from her breasts for a minute and looking over at his brother. “You up for it, Bill?”

“Not sure,” Bill confessed, pulling up his boxers and pants. “I just got off a massive load. May need a little time to recharge.”

“Sure,” Uncle Johnny said, turning back to his niece, teasing her by flicking his tongue over her nipples rapidly. “Why don’t you watch from the sidelines, and if you feel like joining in, you’re welcome at any time.”

“Sounds good to me,” Bill said, standing up and heading toward the stairs. “I’ll see you guys in there.”

“You ready to take a shower with me, pun’kin?” Uncle Johnny asked Cara.

He slipped his thumb between her full lips, swollen from the blowjob she’d just given her father, and groaned at the way she immediately started sucking on it, even while she nodded her head up and down for yes.

“God I love to watch you suck,” Uncle Johnny said. “I can’t wait to have those lips wrapped around my dick later.”

Cara sucked harder, swirling her tongue around the thumb in her mouth, getting it nice and wet the way she knew he liked.

“But first,” Uncle Johnny said, pulling his thumb out, sparkling wet from his niece’s mouth, and rubbing it around her hard nipple, “I’m going to watch your tits bounce as I fuck them.”

He slid his hands down her body where she lay on top of him and gave her bare ass a quick smack.

Cara squealaed as Uncle Johnny said, “Get movin’, baby!”

She rolled off her uncle and ran up the stairs with him following close on her heels. He chased her down the hallway until they reached the master bathroom with its glass walled-shower with various nozzles and a convenient ledge that ran around the 2 tiled walls.

Cara peeled off her unzipped top and dropped it to the floor, followed quickly by her skirt.

“Leave the thong on,” Uncle Johnny said, pulling his own shirt off and undoing his pants.

“Yes, sir,” Cara said, knowing how much he liked it when she called him that.

She winked at him over her shoulder while she sauntered into the shower and got the hot water started.

Johnny dropped his pants and boxers, his already hard cock in his hand as he watched his niece let the water pour over her. Bill came into the bathroom and stood beside him, camera in hand.

“How’d we get so damn lucky?” Johnny murmured to his brother, slowly stroking his dick as his niece teased them through the glass, her hands sliding down to cup her breasts, water spilling over them and off her nipples.

“Don’t know, and don’t really care,” Bill answered, holding up the camera to take a couple of pictures of his daughter dressed in nothing but her now see-through sheer white thong, holding out her large breasts like she was begging them to suck on her swollen pink nipples. “But I’ll tell you one thing.”

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