Camp of Blessing Ch. 03


Kristanna walked around the school, happier and more fulfilled than she had ever felt. Even her demeanor had changed. She was more confident and smiling, she felt like she had always been missing something and last evening’s sex with Aisha had given her that missing piece. The energy she felt inside her was overwhelming and she couldn’t stop thinking of getting more of it at every second.

During their daily activities at the school, Aisha sometimes spotted Kristanna and smiled wickedly. Even though both wanted to talk they didn’t want to raise suspicion or draw the attention of the bullies to themselves, so the day went by normally for the most part.

After dinner, Kristanna had some time for herself in her bedroom. She did not feel like masturbating today. Maybe before she felt the urge because she couldn’t get the strange blue energy, but now she felt satisfied. Jerking off had lost some its charm, all she could think about was Aisha’s ass and how good it felt. She wanted to save her strength to fuck Aisha even better than the last time.

Sitting on her bed, Kristanna spread her legs and lifted her skirt examining her member. She confirmed it had indeed grown after yesterday’s sex, it was completely flaccid and still, it was about seven inches long. Her balls were bigger than apples now, looking full inside her sack. Before today they only looked like that when she had gone some time without cumming, which wasn’t the case here.

The touches of her casual examination were pressing some buttons, causing her cock to begin growing slightly harder. The foreskin that normally covered the head of her member when it was soft peeled back as it grew, exposing the fat glans. As it reached full mast her stell-hard cock was about fifteen inches long, leaning down and bending her body Kristanna could lick the tip easily and with some effort even suck on the head, she could also give herself a tit job if she wanted.

She thought about the blue smoke that emanated from Aisha’s body yesterday, what it could be. The only conclusion she could arrive at was that it seemed like she was somehow feeding on Aisha’s pleasure. Each time Aisha came the room was filled with it, Kristanna could just absorb it through her mouth. And it was such an amazing sensation that she couldn’t stop herself from doing it, she was instantly hooked to that feeling.

Momentarily, Kristanna felt a bit scared of this, was she addicted to sex like a drug? But she was also curious to understand this strange power and what she was after all. At this point, she was sure that there was something very different about her. She was even more of a freak than she had initially assumed to be, “As if having a gigantic cock wasn’t enough now I feed on people’s orgasms, and my cock grows when I do it. This is fucked up” she thought.

In the end, this was who she was. The only way to figure it out was by experimenting and understanding. It helped that her “experiments” felt amazing.

Letting her skirt down over her hard cock Kristanna went to her closet and looked through the clothes she had initially brought to the school. After some searching, she was able to find the several pantyhose that she brought for safety. Nothing was better to help conceal her cock and balls, even more than panties and strapping it to the leg, the pantyhose already did that for her and it wouldn’t even show under the long skirt. Her panties were getting too small to contain her balls, so pantyhoses seemed to be the only underwear she could use now.

The door opened behind Kristanna interrupting her thoughts, as she quickly looked over her shoulder she saw Aisha sneaking in her room and closing the door behind her. Kristanna opened her eyes wide, “Aisha! You can’t be here, if someone saw you coming we’re screwed!”

“Relax, no one saw me, I have been sneaking past these stupid nuns and their guards for years. I just had to see you. After yesterday I can’t think of anything else except…” Aisha spotted the massive tent under Kristanna’s skirt “…that cock…”

The redhead felt proud and happy inside, her member pulsated, and for the first time, she didn’t have to worry about hiding it. Aisha stared at it and blushed, swallowing nervously, “I see that you’re also happy to see me.”

“Yeah… I enjoyed yesterday too. Couldn’t stop thinking about it. I remember you said something about my eyes in the closet yesterday though, what was that?”

Aisha walked towards the bed on the opposite side of where Kristanna stood, she sat looking at the floor as if she was uncomfortable, clearly trying not to stare too much at the massive tent Kristanna was sporting, “Yeah… well, when I turned to face you at the end your eyes were like… shining or something. But I think it was just my impression, I honestly don’t know. I have to say Kristanna, you’re unique, I’ve never met someone like you before. Your body is such a mystery and it scares me a little, I won’t lie. But at the same Muğla Escort time, I like how I feel around you. Even though we technically just met… this is so strange.”

Kristanna walked towards Aisha, her cock was fully hard now, parallel to the floor and showing under the skirt. With each step, it swayed left and right moving the skirt with it. She stood in front of Aisha and caressed her hair softly looking down at the girl. There wasn’t much to say, she just loved to hear that, someone accepting her for what she was instead of running away or hatting her for being different. Aisha looked up at Kristanna with pleading eyes. “Can I touch it again? Pretty please?”

The redhead could not refuse such request, nodding she unbuttoned the skirt and allowed it to fall to the ground; She was wearing nothing underneath, her powerful thick thighs were fully on display as well as her cock. She saw Aisha’s eyes widen and her lips part slightly as she admired the veiny member and the ball sack hanging below them.

Without warning, Aisha grabbed wrapped all of her fingers around the girth of that cock with both hands and gave it a stroke. Kristanna couldn’t help but moan, a shiver taking running all over her body as her hair stood up, “Aisha… we shouldn’t do this. Not here… I’m gonna lose control again and you saw the mess I make when I cum”.

“I’m sorry, I am not usually this kind of girl but… I just can’t stop myself around you. I can smell it from here and… oh god!”

As Aisha said that she launched her head forward kissing Kristanna’s ball sack, she stroke her cock with both hands as her face was pressed on that hanging scrotum. She started flicking her tongue all over it and just taking deep breaths, making sure she took in the strong smell emanating from Kristanna’s crotch, “Please Kristanna… you don’t have to do anything just… let me play with it. Let me taste it!”

Kristanna had already accepted the situation, her body knew what it wanted. She tried to pointlessly still resist, but her hips thrust forward helping Aisha worship her balls, “But what will we do later? I mean the mess…”

“Hmmmph… I don’t care, we will clean it… just let me do this!”

Aisha took one of Kristanna’s balls inside her mouth barely able to do it from the sheer size. They were also swelling rapidly from the stimulation. After making sure her sack was coated in saliva she pulled back and licked the underside of Kristanna’s cock from the base to the head, slowly tasting it. She had done this before, though probably not with such a huge shaft.

Kristanna just stood there letting Aisha work her cock, she caressed her breasts over the clothing, eventually removing her vest and shirt and using her fingers to play with her nipples. She felt her legs tremble slightly when Aisha’s tongue licked the head of her cock. It wasn’t much before her member started to drool precum all over Aisha’s face and hands, her pussy dripping as well, fluids wetting the wooden floor below them. The drivel began to form all over Kristanna’s cock and Aisha’s lips as precum oozed out of the slit in copious amounts.

The second Aisha drank some of that precum her breathing got heavier and she started to suck more eagerly. Opening her mouth wide she placed the fat glans inside and pushed her head forward, swallowing until it touched the back of her throat. She gagged on the invading cock but controlled her reflexes well, breathing through her nose. Before she could continue sucking Kristanna’s hand just grabbed her hair and pulled Aisha’s head towards her crotch, forcing the cock further down her throat.

Aisha had a moment of fear as she felt her neck violated but gave in. She swallowed inch by inch until her nose touched Kristanna’s lower abdomen. The Hispanic girl’s neck thickened, bulging with the girth of Kristanna’s cock as she deepthroated that monster. She kept gagging and drooling a mix of her saliva and Kristanna’s precum. It quickly formed a sticky foam all around her mouth and face. The redhead just grabbed Aisha’s head with both hands and began to thrust her hips, fucking her skull. She had never seen a throat stretch like that before, it shouldn’t be impossible, but she didn’t seem to care.

Something in the back of Kristanna’s mind just switched off her empathy now. All she saw in front of her was a head moving, swallowing her cock deliciously. She felt the warm and wet throat hugging her dick so tightly, massaging it when Aisha gagged on her cock. She couldn’t care less if the girl was breathing properly or not.

Aisha grabbed Kristanna’s toned thighs and sank her nails on them trying to endure such brutal face-fucking. She would grunt and gag with the cock on her throat struggling to breathe, there was nothing else she could do. Her mouth was being completely used by her redhead partner that seemed to be lost in a trance, thrusting her hips back and forward while grunting in bliss. Kristanna’s ball sack Muğla Escort Bayan was so big and swollen it hanged low and swung with her movements hitting against Aisha’s chin and chest every time the cock went deep in her throat. Kristanna’s ass cheeks flexed when she thrust forward, her legs were slightly apart to give her balance. She fucked Aisha’s throat like there was no tomorrow, craving for the orgasm that was slowly approaching.

For the next few minutes, Aisha just did her best to endure the abuse. She caressed Kristanna’s legs, grabbed her huge ass cheeks with both hands, feeling how huge they were. Kristanna’s body was a true miracle, perfect and thick in every way. But however good it felt to suck Kristanna’s cock and bathe in her fluids, the Hispanic girl increasingly grew afraid. Kristanna just didn’t seem like she was going to cum soon, she kept thrusting without any signs of interruption or giving any ground. Aisha felt light-headed, almost fainting as the massive cock blocked most of her breathing tubes.

The sludge formed by precum and saliva clogged Aisha’s nose, bubbles popped as she tried to breathe. Her eyes were red as tears rolled down her face. When Aisha was losing hope and starting to fade away, Kristanna finally let out a louder moan, shoving her cock down she spasmed and trembled, fucking Aisha’s esophagus and cumming violently. Holding Aisha’s head against her crotch Kristanna leaned forward slightly as her abdomen spasmed out of control.

The redhead shot her huge load inside Aisha’s throat without any concerns for her well being. She looked over her shoulders and saw the powerful stream of squirting cunt juices splash against the wooden floor. A true geyser of girl-cum spraying in every direction. All while she pumped gallons of cum straight inside Aisha’s stomach, filling it up to the brim.

As te bedroom floor was washed in her fluids, Kristanna rolled her eyes and moaned in ecstasy. The white goo began traveling up Aisha’s throat and oozing out through her nose and the edges of her mouth. Aisha tried to struggle out of that situation but could not overpower Kristanna’s grip. After a full minute of orgasmic bliss and without slowing down her torrent of cum and cunt juices, Kristanna pulled her cock out of Aisha’s throat stumbling back.

The Hispanic girl coughed some of the cum out, almost puking as she struggled to clear her clogged breathing tubes. Holding her neck in a choking gesture she just kept coughing cum out, almost regretting having started all of this. Kristanna was trembling with anxiety but had a smile of satisfaction on her face. She tossed her head back, feeling pleasure course through her being. High in her feelings she ignored Aisha and stared at the ceiling, shivering every few seconds.

Aisha could feel her cunt dripping wet under her panties as she sat on the bed. Despite the abuse her throat had suffered, the cum tasted simply delicious. She caressed her churning belly full of sperm as she began to breathe normally. And despite being utterly bloated with jizz, Aisha couldn’t get enough of it and started to lick all of the cum on her face and swallow all she could, moaning as she tasted the precious cream.

Distracted, Aisha didn’t even see as Kristanna approached. The redhead pushed her body back towards the bed, imposing her taller frame over the Hispanic girl. Looking in Aisha’s eyes she smiled wickedly admiring her messy face. “Aisha… I think I am not done yet.” She said with some uncertainty, but her actions didn’t bear the same hesitation of her words.

Aisha just shivered at that statement, it was as if something had come over the teenage girl now crawling over her like a predator. How could she do this? So much cum and that endless stamina! Kristanna knelt in front of the bed and pulled Aisha’s skirt off, then quickly grabbed her panties yanking them down. She stopped for a few seconds to admire the wet cunt before her. Aisha’s fat ass cheeks rested on the bed under her weight girl, forming a natural cushion. She grabbed the girl’s ankles and spread Aisha’s leg wide placing her cock against her asshole, remembering Aisha’s request to remain a virgin. She was rational enough to still respect that, at least.

Without mercy, Kristanna thrust her hip and buried over half of her cum covered cock inside Aisha’s ass in one go. The impaled girl used her hands to muffle her scream of pain as she was completely invaded by that fat prick once again. She was barely over the soreness from the day before, but she couldn’t get enough of that cock regardless.

Kristanna grabbed both Aisha’s legs and backed away a bit, dragging the girl’s body with her, the lower half of her body almost fell off of the bed allowing some room for Kristanna to begin her drilling motions. At first, she only moved her hips in a snake-like motion, stirring up Aisha’s insides. She made sure her asshole was properly wrapped around her obscene girth, giving Escort Muğla it time to get used to the size. Kristanna admired the girl lying before her, panting and holding her moans as much as she could.

Aisha gripped the bedsheets with her hands, writhing in bliss as she felt her asshole filled up with the massive cock. She had her legs completely spread, cunt dripping and clitoris swelled with pleasure.

“Aisha… this is too fucking good… I want you to give yourself to me completely. Surrender your asshole to my cock… hmm.”

Kristanna didn’t know where all this dirty talking was coming from, she just felt like saying it, maybe she learned it on one of her porn movies. Aisha answered positively, giving in to the pleasure overtaking her being, “Y-yes… my ass is all yours, just fuck me hard, please! Pump me full of your delicious cum! I need more of it! I wanna feel my tummy even fuller than the last time!”

Kristanna’s dominant nature was just taking over, she didn’t know why she felt like saying those things but it just turned her on so much. And Aisha seemed out of her mind as well, her eyes were empty as if she had gone somewhere and simply surrendered her body to Kristanna. Kristanna was able to see the blue smoke once again emanate from Aisha’s body. She was cumming already, her cunt spasmed as she contorted herself on the bed just from having her ass fucked for about a minute.

Kristanna promptly absorbed all the energy, it didn’t seem like Aisha could see the blue energy though, nor she cared. The redhead just pumped her asshole harder, getting drunk on the power of Aisha’s convulsing orgasms. She let go of one of Aisha’s calves and placed her hand over the girl’s pussy, her hand ran back and forward over the clitoris, rubbing it vigorously. She didn’t insert her fingers but she played with Aisha’s pussy lips and clitoris all she could. So much energy came out of Aisha as the extra touch got her even more turned on. Kristanna sent the girl into a sequence of multiple orgasms just by keeping her cock lodged in her asshole and rubbing her delicious wet cunt. It was a beautiful sight, to witness the Hispanic beauty begin drooling all over herself with lewd expressions of pure agony and utter bliss. She lost count of how many times she came in those minutes, her mind slowly melting in ecstasy.

The passing of time became blurry. They were lost in pleasure, Kristanna picked up the pace, relentlessly smashing her hips against Aisha, burying her entire cock in her asshole. In between her moans and orgasmic convulsions, Aisha pointed at Kristanna’s face, “Your eyes…”

Kristanna looked at the mirror in her room and she could see what the girl meant. Her sea-green eyes were shining bright, and their pupils were elongated, like lizard eyes. She was scared for a moment but the pleasure of violating that asshole hijacked her senses and she couldn’t pay attention to anything else. Completely drunk in Aisha’s sexual energy, it took a few more minutes before Kristanna finally erupted inside the girl’s ass flooding it with her thick seed.

This load was even more powerful than the first. The build-up was slow, she took her time driving Aisha crazy with multiple orgasms. Kristanna’s balls had swollen to a size they had never before reached. The redhead was on her knees by the bed and her dangling scrotum hanged so low it almost touched the floor. Each testicle was easily as big as a cantaloupe.

As Kristanna’s cock pumped Aisha full of sperm, her cunt once again splashed the floor behind her. Each spurt of cum from Kristanna’s cock could last up to five seconds, continuously flooding Aisha’s belly. A small interval before the next gush came in with equal force, again and again. The world around them just faded away as Kristanna’s brain was overflown in pleasure. There was nothing that matter but the feeling of her cock unloading gallons of spunk inside Aisha’s guts. She was so tight, so tight, so warm. The cum engulfed Kristanna’s cock inside and began to spurt out the edges of Aisha’s gaping asshole each time she thrust deep.

A minute later Kristanna was finally done. She trembled while kneeling between Aisha’s legs, feeling shivers and small shocks of pleasure running all over her body. Her abdomen spasmed slightly forcing her hips to thrust in a few more times and squirt the last drops of cum inside Aisha’s ruined asshole before she could finally pull out. A torrent of goo-like spooge immediately poured out of the black hole that Kristanna had turned Aisha’s asshole into.

While Aisha lied in bed, bloated with her belly swollen and her legs spread wide, Kristanna stood up with some difficulty. She took a moment to look down at Aisha and admire the girl’s slooshing cum belly. Reason slowly returned to the redhead’s pleasure-filled mind. She looked around the room and saw the pool of cunt juices formed behind her. It looked like someone had just tossed a bucket of water on the floor. Her cock was hanging in front of her semi-erect, still dripping thick strings of cum on the floor. Aisha was panting and moaning on the bed as if she barely knew where she was. She squeezed her asshole trying to shut it and hold the cum inside, but some would still leak out.

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