Calista’s Dungeon Ch. 10


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Calista bid goodbye to the last of the guests that attended her Christmas party at her estate. It was nearly two o’clock am and the Mistress was a bit tired and, to be truthful, tipsy. She had partied with the best of them, danced nearly all evening and drank several glasses of Champagne. It was time to slow down and finish her half full glass of wine before going to bed. Bruno, Eric and the live in slave girls, Ella and Beth, would soon be leaving to spend Christmas and New Years with their families. The four of them finished cleaning and tidying up the huge party room and were ready to depart. They lined up and kneeled in front of Calista as she raised her evening gown to her waist. As usual, she wore no panties and each slave paid homage to their Mistress by kissing and briefly licking her pussy.

The live in slaves departed and Calista was alone. She sat down in an overstuffed chair and sipped her wine. She was pleased with the party. No one had drunk too much liquor and everyone was in a holiday spirit. She had even managed not to spill any wine or food stains on her beautiful silver evening gown studded with tiny pearls and sequins. The room was illuminated only by the multi colored lights on the huge Christmas tree. The lights danced in reflection from Calista’s sequined gown. Calista stretched lazily and laid her head back in the chair, breathed deeply and soon drifted off to sleep.

A clatter of hooves sounded in staccato beats that seemed to come from overhead. Calista arose to see what was the matter. She opened the front door and there stood Santa Claus with Mrs. Claus at his side, both grinning from ear to ear. “Merry Christmas, Calista,” said Santa as he handed her a box wrapped in Christmas paper and topped with a huge red ribbon. Calista’s eyes were as wide as saucers as she grasped the gift, speechless for the first time in a long, long time. “Merry Christmas, dear,” Mrs. Claus said as she hugged Calista to her ample bosom. Stunned at the turn of events, Calista stared out at the snow-covered lawns where a red nosed reindeer stood stomping his hoof.

“Rudolph?” she asked in amazement.

“Well of course it’s Rudolph,” said Mrs. Claus, “What other reindeer has a bright red nose that glows.” Calista was dumbfounded as the cold wind blew through the open door. “If you don’t invite us in, dear, Santa and I will catch our death of cold. We have been all over the world and would like to rest a bit,” Mrs. Claus said to her.

“Oh…of course,” Calista stammered, “Come in…come in.”

“Come on, Rudolph,” Santa turned to call to the prancing reindeer. Rudolph’s nose glowed brightly as he trotted into the house. Santa looked at the cold fireplace, stacked with firewood, he wiggled his nose, and instantly a huge warm fire blazed in the large fireplace. “Magic,” he explained to Calista with a wink. “Oh, you have such a nice home, Calista,” he said as he sat down on the sofa.

“Please, Mrs. Claus, sit down…I’m being a poor hostess,” Calista said.

“Call me Chrissie Claus, Calista,” she smiled and sat next to Santa. “Now open your gifts so we can see if you like them.” Calista, still wide-eyed and dumbstruck, mechanically began to unwrap the first of three gifts they had brought her. The card said, ‘From Chrissie…to Calista’. She opened the box to find a rich red velvet bra and matching panties, both trimmed in ermine fur. “Do you like them?” asked Chrissie.

“Oh yes, Chrissie,” said Calista eagerly, “they’re beautiful!” she exclaimed. Santa handed Calista another wrapped box and told her to open it. Calista quickly tore away the wrapping paper and opened the box. Inside was a red velvet handled flogger, trimmed in ermine with heavy leather strands tipped with tiny diamonds shaped like tiny pyramids embedded in the strands. “Oooooo, I love it…thank you Santa,” Calista gushed as she hugged and kissed the jolly old elf. “Shall I use it first on you…or Chrissie?” she asked playfully.

“I hope on both of us,” he replied with a huge grin.

“I promised ‘Old St. Nick’ a special Christmas gift this year,” Chrissie began, “He always wandered what it would be like to visit you professionally, so this year I gave him a ‘Visit to Mistress Calista’s Dungeon’ for his special gift,” Chrissie smiled, “so he is all yours, dear.”

Calista was positive she was dreaming so she decided to have some fun in her dream and go along with Santa and Chrissie. “What about you?” Calista asked with a pout, “Aren’t you going to join too, Chrissie?”

Chrissie grinned and exclaimed, “Wild horses couldn’t stop me from participating, sweetheart!” She removed Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort her glasses, took off her hat and white haired wig and unzipped her portly Mrs. Claus dress. Out stepped a beautiful naked young woman with magnificent D cup breasts that defied gravity. They stood upright without a hint of sag, topped by hard upright nipples. Her light brown tresses fell to the small of her back and her neatly trimmed bush exactly matched the color of her hair. By the firelight, Calista could see a glint of moisture between her thighs. Her supple body was beautiful, tanned and perfectly shaped. She smiled at Calista and stood in a pose with her arms spread to let Calista see her.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Calista, “you’re…you’re my Sarah…my sweet Sarah!”

“No, love, I looked into your heart and found your darling Sarah so I choose to look like her for you tonight, or I should say, this morning,” Chrissie grinned. Calista looked at Santa with an unbelieving look on her face. Santa grinned, kicked off his boots, unzipped his Santa suit and snapped his fingers. A puff of smoke hid him from view for an instant and when it cleared a tall naked young man stood smiling at Calista. His balls were huge and his hard-on massive. Santa stood over six feet tall and was well muscled and tanned. Calista was dumbfounded and could not believe her eyes.

“Well,” began Santa, “what’s the use of being a magical person if you don’t use magic to your advantage?” he asked with a smile. “Anyway, I’m sure you don’t want to train an old fat man with a jelly belly.” Rudolph had curled up near the fireplace and snorted as though he was laughing. “Hush, Rudy, or I’ll turn you into a frog or something,” Santa told him. The reindeer seemed to smile and Calista was sure she heard him say something about ‘his turn’. Santa smiled and clasped Chrissie’s hand and they both kneeled in front of Calista. The elf, turned into a handsome stud of a man, winked at Calista was instantly naked! She looked up to see her gown fly through the air to neatly land on the back of a stuffed chair. Santa smiled at ‘his Mistress’ and told her to just snap her fingers when she wanted anything.

Calista thought that she should start by spanking Santa. She snapped her fingers and instantly she was sitting in a straight chair with Santa, restraints on both wrists and ankles was preparing to lie across her lap. As he lay across her lap, she thought he would press heavily on her. Surprisingly, he was a slight as a feather. Calista grasped his massive cock, drew the foreskin back and placed it between her warm thighs squeezing it tight. Santa gasped when he felt her warm flesh surround his cock. She snapped her fingers and his ankles were spread wide and fastened to rings in the floor. A stiff leather paddle magically appeared in her hand just as she finished placing his heavy balls on the top of her thigh.

Calista looked at Chrissie and she nodded for her to go ahead. The Domina raised the paddle and delivered a savage blow to Santa’s asscheek. A howl filled the air as his asscheek began to burn and turn crimson. The next blow seared his other asscheek and Santa groaned, saying a barely audible, “Thank you, Ma’am.” Calista began to roll his magnificent cock between her thighs and he moaned in pleasure. The moan was cut short by another harsh blow of the paddle to his asscheek, followed by another and yet another. Santa’s eyes welled up with tears and rolled down his cheeks as he tried hard to avoid sobbing. His Mistress could feel his cock grow even bigger and harder as it throbbed mightily between her warm thighs.

Applying several harsh strokes of the paddle to the backs of his thighs caused him to cry out and whimper. Calista reached under Santa’s chest to find, pull and squeeze his nipples. He gasped in pleasure as his nipples responded to her touch. Another series of blows to his asscheeks brought forth loud long wails of sweet pain from slave Santa. His ass burned like fire and his cock was throbbing with a strong to cum. “Don’t you dare cum without my permission, slave Santa!” Calista warned him. He struggled to prevent himself from cumming and finally was able to control himself. Calista smiled, as she knew the torment of needing to cum, but was precluded from orgasm.

“Please, Mistress…enough,” Santa begged Calista. She looked at Chrissie who shook her head no. Smiling, Calista renewed her assault on Santa’s ass and thighs while rolling his sensitive cock between her thighs. After another rough spanking session, Calista decided that it was enough and snapped her fingers. Instantly Santa was spread-eagled by chains hanging from the ceiling and legs spread wide with ankles fastened to steel rings in the floor. A huge drop of clear thick pre-cum gathered at his cock lit. Calista scooped it up with her finger and tasted it. It was pleasant with a sweet sugary flavor. She milked his cock to get more pre-cum to lick up then placed a rawhide cord tightly around the base of his massive cock. The rawhide acted like a cockring preventing him from cumming and his cock Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort from getting soft!

Mistress Calista licked Santa’s nipples as he squirmed with pleasure. She patted his sore ass firmly and he whimpered then grimaced from the searing pain. Calista kneeled down to lick the sensitive spot in front of his cockhead causing Santa to shiver in lust and arousal. “Please let me cum, Mistress,” he whispered. Calista took his cockhead into her mouth and looked up at Santa, swirled her tongue around his cockhead and shook her head no. Santa moaned then groaned loudly as she sucked his cockhead. Chrissie grinned, obviously pleased with the progress of Santa’s session. Calista noticed Chrissie’s delight at Santa’s plight and she snapped her fingers. Instantly, Calista was seated in the straight chair with Chrissie lying across her lap, wrists and ankles restrained.

Santa looked down at his wife lying over Calista’s lap and smiled. Chrissie opened her mouth to say something, but she gasped as Calista’s reached under her mons and parted her cuntlips with her finger. She sighed as Calista rubbed her sopping wet pussy and rubbed her erect and engorged clit. Chrissie closed her eyes to concentrate on the pleasure at her cunt when she screamed as the paddle swatted her asscheek brutally. Again the Domina struck the beautiful asscheeks hard with the paddle to the wails and sobs of her slave girl. Chrissie’s ass cheeks turned the same shade of crimson as Santa’s as Calista continued spanking her without let up. The slave girls tears and sobs did nothing to melt the Domina’s cold heart and only served to increase Calista’s zeal.

Chrissie moaned with both pleasure and pain as Calista fingered her pussy, and with pain from the paddling. Calista withdrew her finger from Chrissie’s cunt and reached under her chest to find Chrissie’s nipples. The slave girl moaned with pleasure as she felt her mistress rub, roll, pinch and tweak her nipples delightfully. Calista twisted and pulled a nipple savagely as she blistered Chrissie’s thighs with the paddle, accompanied by the piercing screams of the slave girl. Inserting her finger in Chrissie’s cunt again, Calista swirled it about then brought it to her mouth to taste her slave’s juices. She gleefully licked her finger and the taste of honey greeted her taste buds pleasantly. “Ummm, you taste sooo good, Chrissie,” Calista told her as she dipped in for another taste.

Chrissie sobbed and whimpered at the burning pain at her ass and thighs. Salty drops of tears dripped to the floor and disappeared as they struck the floor with a sparkle. Calista snapped her fingers and in a wink Chrissie was chained and spread-eagled facing Santa. Their Mistress stood between them and pulled them together until Chrissie’s nipple touched Santa’s. Calista sucked both nipples into her mouth and licked them delightfully. After a few moments she moved their other nipples together and sucked and licked those too. Both Santa and Chrissie moan with delight as Calista pleasured their nipples. Calista kneeled between them, put her hands under their legs, feeling for their asshole. Finding them, she shoved a finger in each of their assholes and swirled them about. Looking up at her slaves, she saw them dreamily enjoying the pleasure in their assholes. Santa’s huge hard-on beckoned her and Calista opened her mouth and began to lick his cockshaft all over wetting it with her saliva. Her tongue swirled around the underneath of his cockhead rim, causing Santa to groan with delight. Her mouth enveloped his cockhead and she pressed her tongue hard on the satiny glans as he cried out in pleasure. Calista gripped his massive cock with her lips and began to move her head up and down slowly while licking his cockhead. Each time she drove her head down a bit more of his massive member went deeper into her mouth.

After several tries, Calista’s nose was buried in his bush, the soft curls tickling her nostrils. Chrissie watched in amazement as Calista deep throated the enormous cock, a feat she had never been able to do. The Domina squeezed his cock with her tongue to milk out several dollops of sugary pre-cum, which she promptly swallowed. Santa was nearly mad from the need and desire to cum, but Calista ignored all his pleas and entreaties. He groaned as she withdrew her finger from his asshole to heft and fondle his balls. She drove him nearly insane as she drew her tongue repeatedly over the sensitive spot in front of his cock. He whimpered and sobbed to be permitted to cum, but Calista ignored him. Several times he thought that he would overcome the cockring as he was on the verge of orgasm, but at the last moment, nothing happened.

Calista felt his failed cum attempts in her mouth as his cock throbbed. She released his cock from her mouth and turned her attention to Chrissie. She put her face near the slave girls’ cunt to inhale her scent. The fragrance of jasmine filled her nostrils as Chrissie’s pussy beckoned Calista’s tongue. Teasing her, Calista kissed and licked Chrissie’s inner thighs. She drew her Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort tongue along the creases where the thighs meet the torso, jasmine filling her nostrils. Calista kissed Chrissie’s pussylips as though they were her mouth as the girl trembled with lust. She flicked her tongue back and forth along the edges of Chrissie’s closed cuntlips as the girl trembled and whined softly. Calista parted the girl’s cuntlips with her tongue. A gush of cunt juices flowed onto Calista’s tongue as the girl moaned with pleasure.

Calista’s taste buds immediately recognized the sweet flavor of honey as it streamed from Chrissie’s pussy onto her Mistress’s cunt. Chrissie swayed delightfully from her chains as Calista pleasured her sweet cunt. Her sighs, moans and gasps gave testimony to the delight Calista’s tongue brought to Mrs. Claus. Calista plunged her tongue deep into Chrissie’s pussy as the slave girl gasped with joy. Her Mistress tongue flicked across her clit and Chrissie jerked and writhed in pleasure as Calista continued to ‘torment’ the long clit with her tongue. “Oh God, Mistress…that’s sooo good. Don’t stop…please…don’t stop,” Chrissie murmured as she tried to push her cunt deeper into Calista’s face. Calista rewarded Chrissie by reaching up to rub her nipples, gently rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers.

Rubbing her nipples was the trigger as Chrissie screamed and erupted in a savage orgasm. Wave after wave of thick honey flooded Calista’s mouth as Chrissie writhed, jerked and bucked in one orgasm after another. Calista ‘tormented’ her super sensitive clit throughout Chrissie’s orgasm, causing the girl to nearly faint from sheer pleasure. Finally Chrissie’s orgasm subsided and she hung limply form her chains, spent and exhausted. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and she closed them while she gasped for air, unable to easily breathe. Slowly her senses returned and her eyes fluttered open and she whispered hoarsely, “Oh my God…I never came that hard before…never!” She looked at Calista’s face, glistening with honey, and she pursed her lips. Calista rose swiftly to embrace her chained slave to kiss her lips and probe for her tongue. “Mmmm, That was incredible, Mistress,” Chrissie whispered between kisses.

“Your pussy tastes like honey, sweet Chrissie,” Calista said and kissed her again.

“I know, Mistress, I know,” Chrissie confessed as their tongues entwined.

Calista released Chrissie from her embrace and move to her Implements and Toys table. She selected two Y chains. The first had clamps on all three ends and the other had an elastic slipknot at the long end of the Y with clamps on the other ends. The slipknot was made of leather and was lined with hundreds of tiny needles. The needles were not long enough to break the skin, but would prick and irritate it mercilessly. She returned to face Santa, grinning as she showed him the chains. He gasped when he saw them. Chrissie was just beginning to fully recover from her orgasm and she shivered as she saw the clamps.

Mistress Calista licked and sucked Santa’s right nipple. He moaned in pleasure until she bit it and pulled it out with her teeth. Santa winced in pain as she tightly clamped the extended nipple then released it. He moaned as Calista sucked in Chrissies right nipple and bit and extended it too as the slave girl whimpered in pain. Calista tightly clamped Chrissies right nipple too. The two slaves grimaced in pain as Calista pulled harshly on the elastic slipknot and fastened it securely around Santa’s balls. He cried out as the tiny pins dug into his balls flesh. Releasing the elastic the chain snapped painfully stretching both their nipples and Santa’s balls. They groaned in sweet agony while Calista clamped their left nipples together. She let the Y chains long end and clamp rest on Chrissie’s neatly trimmed little bush.

The Domina kneeled facing Chrissie’s pussy and sucked her cuntlips into her mouth to tease and nibble them. Chrissie moan with both pain and pleasure as her Mistress licked, sucked and nibbled her puffy cuntlips. Calista held both cuntlips between her teeth. She pulled them out, stretched the long end of the Y chain to painfully clamp the aching cuntlips securely. Calista leaned back to admire her innovative work. Her slaves were joined at their tits, at his balls and at her cuntlips. They chained duo gritted their teeth as they groaned in pain. The clamps pulled viciously at their nipples, her cuntlips and the tiny pins dug painfully into Santa’s balls, pulling them up high.

Satisfied, Calista began to lick Santa’s balls and stroke his cock, drawing his ample foreskin back and forth. He strained to achieve release, but he could not as the cockring did its job perfectly. Calista arose and moved to her table again selecting two phallus shaped dildo butt plugs. Each dildo was eight inches long and two inches wide. Drawing them between her sopping wet cuntlips, she lubricated them both. Calista kneeled behind Chrissie and stood the dildos on their flat bases. She licked and kissed Chrissie’s asscheeks causing her to sway delightfully to the caresses of Calista’s tongue. Parting her asscheeks, Calista revealed Chrissie’s tight little rosebud nestled in the crack of her ass. Mistress drew her tongue down the cleft of Chrissie’s asscrack pausing to lick and suck at her asshole. The slave girl gasped and trembled from pleasure, causing the Y chains to stretch painfully for both she and Santa.

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