Cabin Retreat

Big Tits

Jeremy stared out of the window, watching tree after tree pass. His forehead was beginning to feel numb from the glass, so he straightened up in his seat and looked around at his fellow passengers.

Danny, a shorter guy with a blonde military-cut hairstyle, was messing around on his phone in the seat beside Jeremy. On the row behind them were Addison and Porter. Addison was of a tan complexion, had a strong jaw, and striking blue eyes. Porter, on the other hand, was pale by comparison. Porter always had the scruffy look about him, like he’d just gotten out of bed.

Driving the Escalade was Sean, who looked more mature than he really was. And in the passenger’s seat was Christopher, whose Italian genes could be spotted from a mile away. They were all on their way to a weekend getaway from college. Deep in the mountains, Sean’s dad owned a cabin that they had all been allowed to stay at.

All six men had met each other at the gym since first starting college. They had grown close since then, and after three years of lifting weights, were each extremely muscular.

“I’m so fucking tired of this electro shit,” Porter said loudly from the back. He took a swig from his beer bottle and shook his head. “Who the fuck listens to Skrillex anymore?”

“Come on, man, it’s a classic,” Sean said, turning up the music. As he smiled, his bleached teeth were showcased from the rearview mirror.

“Deadmau5 is way better, just sayin’,” Christopher said.

“I have to disagree with you there,” said Sean.

“Yeah, me too, they both suck,” Jeremy said.

“Fuck you!” Sean yelled. “What else are we going to listen to? Fucking Lady Gaga?”

“I heard she’s got a dick,” Porter said absentmindedly.

“With all that tight shit she wears? No way,” Addison said.

“Well, what’ll it be, then, gentlemen?” Christopher asked, hooking his phone up to the console. “Rock? Rap?”

“What about something with a banjo? We’re in the goddamn mountains, for Christ sakes,” Danny laughed.

“If you put on anything with a fucking banjo, I’ll kill you,” Addison said.

“Forget you,” Christopher said, shaking his head. “Guys, you’ve got to give me something,”


“Lil Wayne,”

“Randy Travis,”

“Skrillex, I’m the one fucking driving,”



“Oh, oh, Cinderella,”


“Judas Priest,”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Christopher yelled, laughing. “This isn’t a fucking guessing game. Forget it, we’ll just sit and enjoy the silence.”

Christopher turned off the radio and unplugged his phone. “Hand me another beer, Jeremy.”

Jeremy reached into the cooler beside him and handed Christopher a cold bottle. “So now I have to listen to you pussies talk the whole way there?”

“We don’t have to,” Sean said. He had one of his stupid side-smiles plastered on his face. “I have something to watch if you guys want,”

“What the fuck’s so funny?” Danny asked.

“Porter, reach in the back and look in my bag’s side pocket. There should be a DVD in there.”

“Oh, I forgot about the TV screens,” Addison said as Porter reached behind him.

“How could you? They’re fucking everywhere in here,” Jeremy said, taking a drink.

“Hopefully it isn’t some Disney shit,” Danny said.

“Hey-oh!” Porter exclaimed after a few moments of scrounging around. He held up a DVD case with several naked women on it.

“Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” Addison said, passing the case forward. “Put that shit on,”

“Seriously?” Jeremy asked, handing the case off to Christopher. “A porno? I’m going to watch a porno with you guys?”

“What’s the matter, never done it before?” Sean said.

“With a group? Never,”

“Well, today’s your lucky day,” Christopher said, putting the disc in. “Just don’t say anything to anyone and no one will know the wiser.”

“What, you won’t admit you jerked off with other guys before?”

“Who said anything about that? It’s just naked chicks getting boned. Nobody’s jerking off,” Christopher retorted.

“Honestly, if I feel like jacking it, none of you fags are going to stop me,” Addison said.

“How could we? I’m not putting your dick back in your pants,” Porter said.

“Just shut up, it’s starting,” Christopher said. All the monitors in the SUV turned on. Two women in bikinis were walking on the beach as Caribbean music played in the background.

“And you just keep your eyes on the road, Sean! I don’t need a concussion before midterms start,” Danny said, adjusting himself in his seat.

“Don’t worry. I’ve seen it like three times already,” Sean said. “God, my fucking back is killing me.”

“It’s all those rows you’ve been doing,” Addison said, watching the screen nearest him. “It’s paying off though. You look good, man.”

“All I know is that my dad’s Jacuzzi is going to hit the spot tonight,” Sean said, rubbing his back.

The passengers watched as the two women on the beach met a suave Spanish man, then went back to a hotel to start a three-way. Balls were escort bayan bursa slapping against pussies and throats were groaning through the sound system the rest of the way to the cabin. The Escalade pulled into the driveway just around five in the afternoon.

Christopher cut off the movie and glanced back. “I don’t know about you guys, but I have a hard-on the size of my leg right now.”

“You’re telling me,” Addison said, rubbing his crotch in exaggeration.

“Well forget about rubbing one out, we’ve got dinner to make,” Sean said.

“But it was your fucking idea to watch the video!” Porter said.

“I didn’t say it came with a jerk off. Help me unpack,” Sean said as he got out of the vehicle.

Jeremy followed suit, stepping out into the chilly mountain air. The cabin was a lot nicer than he had thought. It wasn’t some old four-walled log house: it was modern in style, like something Frank Lloyd Wright would design. It looked spacious as well.

“Aw, sweet!” Porter said as he climbed out. He brushed his long hair behind him. “Pretty fucking upscale, huh?”

“Yeah. Guess Sean’s dad is loaded,” Jeremy replied.

“You don’t go through med training for ten years and live in a shack, fellas,” Sean said from the rear of the SUV.

Porter glanced down. “Hey Jeremy, I didn’t know you liked the mountains this much.”

“Huh? Oh,” Jeremy said, noticing his erection through his jeans. “Well, these are where you’ll find the biggest tits in the world.”

Porter chuckled, rubbing his own member. “God, I could cum right now if I had like a minute.”

“Guys, come on!” Sean yelled.

They all crowded around the rear hatch and each gathered their fair share, then made their way to the cabin. The interior of the house framed the same design as the exterior. There were many acute angles to the ceiling, off-white paint on the walls, and large windows. The living room had a large U-shaped couch facing a fireplace, which was below a huge 90″ TV.

“Welcome home,” Sean said as he entered the open kitchen behind the living room. “Somebody get the chicken out, we’ve got a lot of cooking to do.”

“And drinking,” Addison said, dropping the cooler down by the refrigerator.

For the next hour and a half, they prepared their meal for the evening. Jeremy himself had gone through seven beers by the time they sat down and actually ate. To go with the chicken, Sean popped open a bottle of his father’s ten year-old port, with which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

When dinner was winding down, it was right around nine o’clock. Sean went to make sure the Jacuzzi was heating up as the rest of the guys found their rooms. They all met back in the basement, where there was a poker table set up. As they all sat down to a few rounds, Christopher pulled out a slender bottle of Johnnie Walker. “Alright, assholes, I want this all gone by tonight!” he laughed. Sean busted out the glasses so they could drink while they played.

By this point, Jeremy was definitely feeling the alcohol. He could tell Porter was, too. They always seemed to be the lightweights when it came to drinking. But they didn’t let it stop them tasting Gold Label for the first time. The bottle went empty right around eleven-thirty, and the last round finished around twelve in the morning. Jeremy could then tell that everyone at the table was enjoying themselves. Sean was the first to stand up.

“Whoa, a little too fast there,” he said, grabbing the table for support.

“Pussy can’t even hold his liquor,” Danny laughed.

“Shut up. Who’s up for the Jacuzzi? It should be like a hundred degrees in there by now.”

“I could go for a nice dip,” Christopher said, gathering the cards.

“Well, get your trunks and let’s go!” Sean yelled. He led the way as they all swerved and swayed back to their rooms to change.

Jeremy ripped off his long-sleeved shirt when he reached his room. As he began to take off his pants, he noticed himself in the mirror above the nightstand. Jeremy immediately stood up and flexed. He absolutely loved the way he looked since he’d packed on so much muscle. There was a light dusting of hair over his chest and abs, but that didn’t get in the way of showing off how cut he was. His biceps were at the point where the practically jumped whenever he moved.

Smiling, he ripped off his underwear. His dick was standing at full attention. He playfully slapped it against his lower abs a couple of times. Jeremy had trimmed up his bush and shaved his balls the day before. His nuts felt so smooth as he passed his hand under them.

Jeremy rifled through his bag and took out his trunks. He pulled them on, tucking the tip of his dick into the lower half of the waistband so his hard-on wouldn’t show. He went to meet the others on the back deck.

Danny was in the living room tying his trunks when Jeremy came through. He whistled. “Check out this heartbreaker,” he laughed.

“You’re ripped yourself, big fella,” Jeremy said, slapping Danny’s ass.

“Don’t be a tease,” he bursa sinirsiz eskort smirked.

“Fuck you. Come on,” Jeremy said, opening the sliding door to the deck. “Holy shit, it’s freezing out here!” he yelled as a frigid wind met him.

“Hey-oh! Look at this stud!” Addison said from the Jacuzzi. “I swear I see those nips tightening up right now.”

Jeremy didn’t respond, but quickly hopped into the Jacuzzi with Addison and Christopher. Danny was right behind him.

“God, this feels good,” Danny said as he submerged himself into the warm waters. Steam was rolling out of the tub like water boiling.

“You’re not kidding,” Christopher said, lolling his head.

“Alright, bitches, next round!” Sean yelled from the door. He held up a bottle of vodka. Porter was behind him with glasses. Both of their bodies were completely shaved.

“Bring it on,” Addison said lazily. The last two hopped into the Jacuzzi, dispersing the glasses and vodka equally. All of them started to drink again.

After they all quieted down a bit, Porter commented, “It really is nice out here. You can’t see shit in the dark, but it’s nice and secluded, you know?”

“It’s just us, boys,” Sean said.

“Yep. No cramped apartments, no confined spaces, none of that shit,”

“Speaking of confined spaces,” Danny said, twisting his side, “these trunks are giving me a major wedgie.”

“So pull ’em out of your crack,” Porter said, taking another sip.

“Nah, that won’t work. This pair always does this.”

“You know what I’ve always hated about trunks? They blow up with air like this,” Addison said, pointing at his ballooning shorts.

“I fucking hate that shit,” Christopher said, shaking his head.

“Me, too,” Jeremy said. He noticed his own trunks were beginning to fill up.

“Guess it’s the jets that accelerate the process,” Sean said.

They all went quiet again, drinking sip after sip of vodka. After a few more moments, Danny stood up out of the water. “You know what? Fuck these shorts,” he said. Without an ounce of inhibition, he peeled off his trunks and stepped out of them. He was standing in the cold air completely naked. His trimmed pubic hair was shaped in a fanning pattern around his low-hanging dick.

“Well, just make yourself comfortable, why don’t you?” Sean said sarcastically.

Jeremy thought it was insane to be watching this, but he wasn’t really opposed. Normally he would turn and leave, but for some reason he thought it made perfect sense to strip down to nothing. Danny looked perfect as he stood naked, with nothing but his hard, shredded body against the backdrop of pines swaying in the night. He was a man in the ruggedness of nature.

Danny sat down in the water again, tossing his trunks over by the grill. “That’s so much better, I can’t even explain,” he said, smiling slyly. He took another drink.

“Well, I can’t let you be alone in this, big fella. I’m your spotter, after all,” Addison said. He too stood up and ripped off his shorts, revealing his dick at half-mast.

“Whoa! Getting a little excited there, huh?” Danny laughed. “Do I turn you on?”

“You know it, baby,” he said, throwing his trunks on top of Danny’s. Addison sat down again. “Melissa would kill me if she knew what I was up to right now.”

“Fuck her,” Christopher said.

“But I already do,”

“Not tonight, you aren’t,” Porter said. He stood up and began to take off his shorts as well. Another dick was exposed as semi-erect.

“Guess there’s no shame in feeling a little frisky, then, huh, guys?” Danny asked. He bucked his hips up so that his swelling penis rose above the water.

“None at all. We’re drunk and alone. We can do whatever the fuck we want,” Porter said, tossing his shorts over by the pile. He put a hand on his hip and looked at his still-clothed friends. “Well, come and join the party! There’s nothing we haven’t seen before.”

“Alright,” Jeremy said, feeling his heart begin to pick up its pace. He stood up and followed suit, along with Sean and Christopher. Once all three were naked (and obviously excited), they submerged themselves again.

Jeremy noticed the jets were much more satisfactory without anything on. He also felt freer, as if taking off his clothes brought down any barriers of inhibition surrounding his conscience. His friends seem to think so, too, as everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves much more thoroughly now.

“These jets feel great against your balls,” Addison said, taking another drink.

“Agreed,” Porter said, raising his glass.

“That’s nothing. Aim it right against your asshole. It almost feels like a chick’s rimming you,” Sean said.

Jeremy, curious, moved his ass up a little before he felt the pressure thrashing against his tightened hole. “Holy shit, that feels good!”

“I can’t believe you talked a girl into rimming you,” Danny said, enjoying the pleasure his jet provided.

“She was reluctant, but caved eventually,” Sean smirked.

“Never escort bayan had it happen, myself,” Danny said.

“Me, neither,” Christopher added.

“It’ll happen eventually. Don’t get knocked up about it,” Sean said casually.

They continued to joke and drink until the vodka was gone. They moved slower on account of wanting to pace themselves. Eventually Porter craned his head to look into the kitchen and check the clock. “Four in the morning, guys,” he said, shaking his head. “Sad thing is I don’t feel a bit tired.”

“Well, I need to take a piss, regardless,” Jeremy said, standing up. His erection was gone, as the excitement had kind of worn off after the first couple of hours.

“Yeah, me, too,”

“Me, three,”

All of the men stood and quickly stumbled into the house on account of the cold. They left their trunks outside. As they stood dripping wet in the side entrance of the living room, Sean swore.

“Fuck, I forgot towels.”

“Don’t worry about it. The water will have dried by the time morning comes around,” Addison said, proceeding towards his room.

“Hey, there’s only five bathrooms!” Sean yelled. “Somebody’s going have to share!”

“No way,” Danny said, breaking into a run.

Soon it was a drunken rush to get a bathroom. Jeremy pushed past Porter and managed to get into the one beside his bedroom. He locked the door laughing as Porter cussed him out from the other side. “Fuck you, Jeremy!”

“Can’t fuck me if you’re locked out, can you?” Jeremy laughed. He traipsed over to the toilet, on the way noticing his body in the mirror. Again he stopped and flexed. “God damn, you look hot,” he said to himself, massaging his deltoids.

He heard more laughing and running from outside the bathroom. Not wanting to miss anything, he quickly peed into the toilet. As he stood waiting for the stream to end, his head began to spin. Jeremy shook it off. When he had finished, he flushed and unlocked the bathroom door.

Jeremy began to feel dizzy again, so he turned and went straight into his bedroom. He crashed naked and wet onto his bed. The room was still spinning, and he quickly blacked out.

Jeremy snapped up all of a sudden. He was still wet and buzzed. Looking at the nightstand clock, it read four-thirty in the morning. He propped himself up and sat still for a minute. He couldn’t hear any movement in the house.

He got up and walked as best he could into the hallway. It was there that he heard a sound, almost like a moan. Jeremy proceeded down the hallway towards the other bedrooms. The moaning became louder and more distinct. Eventually Jeremy found its source behind one of the bedroom doors.

Instinct told him not to open it, but he was more curious than anything. He cracked open the door to peep inside. Jeremy then saw something he’d never witnessed before.

Porter was on his knees sucking Addison off. Addison, who was the one moaning, was sitting on the bed. He was massaging Porter’s back with one hand while propping himself up with the other.

Porter went down farther, resulting in a gasp from Addison. Addison quickly put both hands behind Porter’s head and pushed his friend deeper into his crotch. Jeremy heard Porter choke and release. A thick stream of pre-cum connected his lips to Addison’s cock. He then went back to work.

Jeremy shut the door, stunned. He could still hear the moans. Were they gay? It never showed, he thought. Jeremy then noticed his throbbing erection. He gawked at it: he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so hard. It began to leak from the tip.

Confused, he returned to the living room. He was dealt another blow of astonishment as he found the same porno they had watched on the way up now on the 90-inch television. Danny, Sean, and Christopher’s heads were all visible on the U-shaped couch. The volume was muted, but there was a different sound pervading the warmed air. Squelching, slapping sounds were coming from the couch.

Before he stopped himself, perhaps due to his drunken stupor, he came around the side of the couch to see all three of his friends jacking themselves off.

“Hey, buddy,” Sean said, smiling. “Join us?”

“Whoa—sorry, I’m just, just,”

“Aw, forget it and just go with the flow,” Christopher said. “We all got over it like ten minutes ago.”

“What? Why?” Jeremy asked, perplexed.

Danny shrugged sloppily. “We’re horny and need some relief. No point in doing it on our own.”

“And you could definitely use some relief,” Sean said, nodding at Jeremy’s veined cock.

“But—but we’re not…”

“Not what?”

“Does this make us gay?”

“Whoa!” Christopher yelled, never missing a stroke. “This is just some fun. Shut up and sit down.”

Jeremy looked over at the television again. “Why is the sound off?”

“Danny likes the sound his cock makes when he’s jerking it,” Sean said. “Besides, we don’t want to disturb our lover-boys in the back.”

“You know about that, too?” Jeremy said, sitting down.

“They’re just having some fun,” Christopher said. “Leave them be.”

Jeremy looked around the couch. “No lube?”

“Use your spit. It’s more natural,” Sean said.

Jeremy shrugged and watched the movie. He summoned up a good pool of saliva in his mouth, spat into his hand, and started stroking his member. Sean watched him.

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