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Big Tits

Jennifer knew she was fat. With a heavy sigh, she sat on the edge of the immaculate porcelain bath in her richly decorated master bathroom. Completely nude, she smeared herself with baby oil, her alabaster white, perfect skin taking on a shiny, mirror-like reflection. The fact she needed a bottle for her massive breasts alone made her smile, as she knew her size was an attraction. Jennifer liked her big tummy and huge round ass. Coupled with her tits, she knew she looked like a round ball. She smiled to herself as she touched herself all over, but this little round ball knows how to use her fat, she thought.

The oil was part of a unique weight loss theory. Spread enough oil and your body would eject the oils it had. So, naked, alone and in her rich bathroom, she liberally covered herself. Jennifer even slicked down her blonde pubic hair. She had coated her legs, stubby and short, but correct in proportion to the rest of her. Each fat roll was meticulously done, even her deep navel and between her toes with their manicured nails. Smiling Jennifer covered her puckered anal entrance with a teasing swirl of her finger. In response to the tingly feeling, manually stimulating her anus gave her, Jennifer farted. It was a loud, thunderous rip that made her snort and laugh. Achingly, she moved on to her now aroused and wet pussy.

In her vaginal and anal teasing, Jennifer had taken a wrong step, knocked several open oil bottles over, creating a pool of baby oil on the floor in front of her. Slick and mirror-like on the black tiles, she could see her voluptuous figure in the reflection it created. Jennifer looked from the floor to the wall mirror. Lifting her armful sized breasts up, their weight taxed her arms. She pouted and shifted her body to amplify her cleavage. Jennifer made her best “I’ll suck your cock face,” then laughed, letting her big tits free and squeezing the sensitive nipples. The oiling-up was making her more than normally horny.

The oil was warm when it flowed onto her toes, as the heat lamps she had on were warming the black tiles. Looking down, she swore to herself and looked around to find a path out. She sighed with a hint of exasperation. Three bottles had fallen over.

“Stuck. Why did I take all the towels out?”

Was it because her tiny, weedy husband was not in the house this month, thus allowing her to strut around nude and masturbate where she liked; well, at least until Junior came home.

The thought of being alone and masturbating in here and then scooting out of the room oil covered and on her knees did appeal, she was horny after all. But damaging the carpet was something she couldn’t bear. Jennifer thought, could I grab a towel from the linen press around the corner, could I use the curtain or could I use the shower to hose it all down the drain? All the ideas sounded like they would make a terrible mess. Jennifer then remembered that, at this time of day, she was not alone. She was not the rich, lonely, horny housewife. No, this time of day, Junior, her step-son, was home. Jennifer yelled out for him.

She’d flashed him before, revealing cleavage, bikini tops falling off in the pool, outright panty flashing. This would be her ultimate flash. Jennifer naked and shiny with oil. She wondered how hard this would make him. Then. Not that she knew of other times But she liked to imagine him going back to his room and wanking to the memory. Deciding to look her most slutty she hefted and cupped her massive breasts and made kissy faces in the mirror.

Ever since he was kicked out of college, he had been forced to look at less savoury income streams. As he had not wanted to follow his father into the police. However a cam whore for strange gay and bi guys had not been his first choice. His cock ached from the five cumshots he had forced out of it last night, and the memory of the ejaculations came with a haze of bad memories. Chatting with horny dudes desperate to see his cock was tiresome, and in some cases traumatising. There it was again, someone calling his name. It was female and distant. Maybe it was the fat-assed maid. No, there was no accent. That narrowed it down to one person.

Junior was half asleep. He sat amid total debauchery. The computer in front of him was playing a constant loop of anal pornography, both transgender and female, a vibrator buzzed next to him on his wide, easy chair. Lube, condoms (used and unopened) were scattered around him and he was wearing a pair of too-small speedos. Shaking his head, he swore he heard his name being called. Checking the chat program, he saw all of his fans had gone inactive, so it wasn’t them. Stretching, Junior yawned, it had been a late, but lucrative, night. Checking the time, he realised his target audience was now at work and he could get some sleep.

Jennifer, his father’s wife and the biggest BBW land whale he knew. Crass and uncouth, she had belched with nervousness when she married his father. At the time, he didn’t mind. He even thought it was funny. Jennifer was nişantaşı escort a person you got used to, then regretted the familiarity. She went to the toilet with the door open, belched and farted, told racist and off-colour jokes while laughing like an idiot. Jennifer was like the worst frat boy thrown into the body of a woman, a woman with big tits and an even bigger ass. In his mind she deserved a loveless marriage.

“Probably drunk, and stuck on her back,” Junior said to himself with a smile.

The image of her near nude, in a bikini, flat on her back trying to get up assaulted his mind. “Probably ask if I want to shove meat in her ham wallet.” Her euphemisms were frat-boy level as well and had an acidic quality that etched their way into your brain. The expression, drop a load into the shit washing machine, a reference to ejaculating in her during anal sex, shocked even his porn-addled mind. Junior dealt with in-the-closet alpha wannabes, and even they would run screaming from Jennifer.

Still wearing speedos and rubbing his eyes, Junior made his way through the opulent house. His father’s job paid for everything. Though he wanted for nothing, the idea behind the cam whoring was to set up a site for amateur porn. The one thing he knew his father would not fund. For a rich guy with an over-sexed land whale, his father had some odd morals. Junior pondered this as he climbed the white, deep-pile carpeted stairs. These led to the garish, pink master bedroom. These two design decisions were an architectural example of Jennifer’s horrific jokes. Jennifer called it the cream-pie room: pink for the pleasure chamber, as she called it, and the white stairs for the spunk running out. His father, like always, had nodded and merely said,”yes, dear’.

Junior got a mild erection thinking about the fat-assed Latina maid cleaning these stairs with her tiny maid uniform jiggling as she went. He swore to himself as he felt the sensitive head of his penis swell. The last thing he needed was for him to greet Jennifer with a chubby. Last thing he wanted to hear after a night of cam whoring was a joke about his cock.

Ending his climb up the overly opulent stairs to the garish bedroom, and expecting to see his massive-mammaried and scantily-clad step-mother sitting on the bed watching her “stories”, instead Junior was greeted by an empty room and a lacy robe discarded on the floor and silence. Maybe there was a real problem here and not some twisted opportunity to flash her stepson. Maybe she was hurt, or sick, with no flash, no jokes and no innuendo. It was alien to think that and he genuinely hoped it was not the case.

“Jennifer?” Junior tentatively called out.

“In here,” was a muffled response.

Junior rolled his eyes. What now? A flash of tits in a bubble bath? The flashes had become tiresome. However, in that moment, an idea struck him. Some of the pictures he had been fed last night by his coterie of horny men desperate to watch his cut cock ejaculate, suggested that bbw women were a thing, a big thing. Maybe he could convince her to be a model and he may even get her on the cheap. He moved suddenly. He couldn’t do that if she was sick of hurt, and maybe, if he helped her, they would be nice to one another for once.

Opening the door Junior decided to make an entrance. It might remove any chance of her flashing him. He pushed open the bathroom door and strode in defiantly, hit the oil puddle and slipped. As he fell, his hand yanked on the ornate chrome handle, breaking it off and slamming the door shut.

Arms and legs flailing, his out-of-control body landed flat on his back with. arms outstretched above his head. Banging his head on the floor, his vision swam. The last thing he saw in focus was a very naked, oiled and rotund Jennifer. As he struggled to retain his consciousness, he thought, “she looks concerned”.

Junior, nude except for black undersized speedos, lay on the oily floor groaning. Although his fall had been dramatic, and she had wanted to laugh, she didn’t. Junior’s head had made a sickening “thwack” as it hit the floor.

“You OK, sweetheart?” Jennifer asked as she slid over to him on her knees.

Her fat rolls wobbled with every movement and her tits swung wildly as she leaned into the slide.

Junior appreciated the show on some primal level. Part of his brain was reeling from the blow it just took, the other was admiring his stepmother’s oiled figure and sending his brain all the wrong signals. How would she feel on his cock as he slid his cock around her opulent fat rolls and geographic-sized tits. Blood flooded into his penis and, like a well-oiled machine, it became erect. Junior felt Jennifer’s warm and oiled body slide up to his inert form and pick his head up.

“You ok?” Jennifer said with a concerned smile, her face framed by her huge, oiled tits. Her voice was a little more high-pitched and her worried tone disarmed Junior.

“What the fuck happened?” Junior was slowly gathering his thoughts.

“You şişli escort slipped. Then fell. I think you may have broken the bathroom door.” Jennifer said with a sigh as she patted Junior’s chest, and leaving it slightly oiled.

Junior’s eyes swept the air in front of him, not really seeing, but an automatic response, as his brain tried to process the sudden physical and mental stimuli. Junior rolled his head towards Jennifer’s voluptuous frame. His mind focused on her slicked and trimmed pubic hairs. Another part of his brain, the one that didn’t want blood filling his cock, saw this and finally woke. Junior sat up.

It appeared to Jennifer that he had decided to get up and run. She often had this effect on men and it never failed to make her smile. Some men just could not handle the curves, she thought.

Junior, in his haste to get up, forgot about the oil, slid, fell, righted himself then fell again, like some bizarre dance. When he fell the final time, he experienced his own hoisted-on-his-own-petard moment as his speedos caught on the remaining ornate bathroom doorknob. The fabric slowed his fall with an epic and almost cinematic tearing sound, followed by the clatter of another broken doorknob.

“Fuck,” Junior said.

“If you wanted to get undressed you could have without all the strange sliding around.” Jennifer said, lowering her eyes to look at his engorged and purple-headed cock.

Junior attempted to cover his dick, but gave up. Touching it made the situation worse.

“What the fuck is on the floor?” Junior said as he slid backwards to the door to try and open it.

“Oil,” Jennifer said matter of factly.

“Ok, I think I could guess it was oil,” he paused, then looked at the floor, then incredulously at Jennifer. “Why the fuck is there oil all over the floor of the master bathroom?” Junior felt a mania sweep him. “Elaborate trap for home invasion?” Jennifer snorted at this last comment, it; only fuelled him. “What was the plan…to rape them or keep them as perverted sex slaves.”

“Well, I caught you,” Jennifer said, emphasising the word well.

She moved to sit on her bottom to get off her knees which hated the hard floor. “I mean does that mean I rape you now,” she said with a squeak as she slipped onto her back, her legs spread wide in desperation to gain some control. It made her look like a frog rolling in mud with her tits, ass, legs and arms flailing everywhere.

“Fuck,” she bellowed with laughter.

Junior didn’t mind too much. He got quite an eyeful of her hot, wet, and oiled cunt. This only fed the horny side of his brain, and he felt his cock get harder. People would pay good money to watch things slide in and out of that wet “ham wallet”. Even his business thoughts betrayed him, his cock got even harder.

“So we are stuck,” Junior said flatly, watching Jennifer roll around like, well, like a landlocked whale now trying to get on all fours, breathlessly she affirmed the situation.

Slipping, she went face first, her tits preventing her face from making contact with the floor. With a breathy “oof” from Jennifer, Junior got a full view of her ass clapping, and, to use Jennifer’s terminology, her “chocolate cabinet.”

With a sigh and a jiggle Jennifer ceased moving. Legs spread, her ham wallet aroused and separating, exposing her clit. Jenniver sat with one leg out straight, the other bent, one of her tits resting on her thick leg. Jennifer caught her breath and, unable to leave the moment silent, spoke.

“Well manicured,” she said, with a nod to Juniors shaved balls and cock.

“Well oiled,” Junior responded in kind with a nod to Jennifer’s glistening snatch.

“Who are you keeping things neat and tidy for?” Jennifer asked, ignoring his reference to her oozing axe wound.

“My fans,” Junior said, wanting to test his crass oversexed step-mother.

“Your fans,” she said with a smirk. “How do you have fans?”

“I stroke to porn for other people online,” Junior paused and grinned. “I guess they are all men, but they pay, and pay well to see this baby blow junk.”

Jennifer was for the first time in a long time in shocked into silence. Then her brain shifted she farted and it made an odd squeak in its desperate escape from her bowels and oil-slick asscheeks. Junior shook his head.

“Turn your hobby into a job,” Jennifer added with a raucous laugh. Then she thought.

“Wait, you’re a cam whore?” Jennifer lunged towards Junior with more nimbleness than he ever considered her to have and swam over to him like a seal on ice. Suddenly he was swept up in belly, breasts, arms, and legs. He was being surrounded by a hot, oily, frog-like milf. “You are a black sheep like me.”

“I’am not a cam whore,” Junior stated, warming to his crass step-mothers nude closeness. “I am a performer, Jennifer,” he said, hoping to get a response out of the naked and meaty woman next to him.

“It is a nice cock,” Jennifer said with a giggle. “I mean it’s not ridiculously mecidiyeköy escort huge, it’s just shaped perfectly and almost no bend. Oh, and it’s cut, so it looks huge,” Jennifer said as she professionally assessed Junior’s cock.

It made him excited, like his first few cam shows, Jennifer was eyeing his cock, and enjoying it. His cock also enjoyed it and he noticed a small ribbon of pre-cum

“How long?” Junior said snuggling into Jennifer’s massive tits, with a smile on his face.

“It’s your cock. Perhaps you should measure it.”

She paused, and before Junior could say something else, reached her hand forward and wrapped it around the shaft. Jennifer gave it a stroke.

Junior tensed his buttocks, and held his breath.

“Oh, I don’t know. Its above average. Maybe.” Jennifer stated, and then let go of his cock. Junior breathed out a huge, long sigh.

“No, how long until someone comes.” Junior let his hand drop onto Jennifer’s huge ass.

“Oh,” Jennifer said with a snort and a laugh. “I thought you meant your cock.” She laughed again and threw her leg over Junior.

Junior took the hint, then rolled over and faced Jennifer. His cock, oozing pre-cum, sliding down oiled thighs before bumping head first into her pubes and then stopping at her rotund abdomen close to her belly button.

“Ages,” she said as he stopped moving.

Jennifer felt warm drool flow from Junior’s cock onto her tummy rolls. His cock was hot and throbbing, his face was level with her tits, which she now cupped and presented to him.

“Junior, tell me why you stroke and let other men watch.” The leg draped over Junior pulled them both together, squishing his painfully erect cock into her fat rolls. The idea that her stepson did something so depraved and debauched and she had no idea, made her cunt just burn up and spew lady juices. Slowly, they slid apart, his cock achingly sliding between her greased tummy rolls.

“Money,” Junior said, poking the huge nipples with his nose. He reached out, cupping her mountain-like asscheeks. “Well, initially, it was cam wanking, to feed.”

“I have no idea what that means,” Jennifer said, as her hand slowly grasped Junior’s cock.

“Um,” his voice trembled at her touch to his manhood. “So, I like porn, and to get some porn that other guys think is hot, I get them to send me porn to look at while I stroke, they get to watch me.” Junior finished, his voice getting higher as Jennifer slowly stroked his throbbing cock.

“Do they want to see your cock?”

“I guess,” he said, wiggling into her cleavage like a spelunker.

“How do you get them to pay money and why?”

“That’s harder to answer,” he paused.

Jennifer gave him a smile and he nuzzled into her tits again.

” I want to make porn.”

“Technically, you already do,” Jennifer said with a laugh. “I mean I’d pay to see this sucker blow chunks,”

Jennifer slid her index finger over the head swiping through the sensitive eye of his penis. Junior gasped in pleasure.

“But I need a female,” Junior said, catching his breath, happily noticing the drip of pre-cum had turned into a river.

“Oh… to fuck,” Jennifer said, using his cock to drag him closer and then holding him there with her meaty legs.

“Not only fuck, you can get that from any porn.” He paused and nibbled on a huge, fat, pink nipple, eliciting a gasp and groan from Jennifer. “No, they want to see you molested and do kinky shit.”

Jennifer thought for a moment while rubbing Junior’s hard, swollen cock on her fat rolls.

“Do you have decent cameras,” Jennifer asked.

“No, not really.” Junior said sadly and resumed nibbling.

“Buy them. Use the money you already have!” Jennifer said animatedly.

“But, I won’t have money for a model,” Junior said, his free hand groping her boob.

“Use me,” Jennifer said with glee.

Junior stopped, in his lust he had allowed his crass rude and fat stepmother to coat him in oil, stroke his cock, wrap her legs around him and get him to suck on her big,fat, tits. If someone had asked him this morning if he would have thought that his frat-house-like step mother and him would be making porn, he would have called them delusional. Now, as he lay in Jennifer’s shiny, alluring, fat rolls, huge, round, ass and sloppy, fuckable tits, he could see some amazing porn being made.

“One thing, Jen,” Junior said. Jennifer responded with a uhuh as her head was back and she was visibly enjoying the attention Junior was paying to her tits. “Can you do kink.”

“Kink, as in butt stuff,” Jennifer said lowering her head and looking at Junior, a twinkle in her eye.

“Well, that and more,” Junior said.

“More!” Jennifer said with a laugh. “Letting me go like that, may be a bad idea. I don’t know where I would stop.”

“Really,” Junior said in a non-convinced way.

“Really,” Jennifer responded. “I can do kinky.”

“I believe you,” Junior said with a shit-eating grin, happy to now know a way under her skin. “I mean I actually believe you,” he said hurriedly, as a dark cloud of emotion crossed her face.

“Here, let me show you,” Jennifer said with a determined look on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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