But I’m Not Gay Sir!


My name is Tommy B. I had just turned 18 and I had a lot to be thankful for. I recently graduated from high school with excellent grades. My family was very supportive and accepted my decision to take a year off from beginning college. I secured a part time job working in a local trucking company processing bills from 6pm to 10pm. The pay was pretty good and I was free during the day and on weekends. And so you might ask why I was not completely happy. Well to be honest, I was unsure of my sexuality. I wasn’t gay. I liked girls but I was shy and I wasn’t exactly what you might call a stud. I was slight of build and quite literally bordered on being feminine, but I was not gay! I tried to date girls but they seemed to be interested in the jocks. But I am trying to make the best of the situation.

I began working at my part time job and was actually enjoying it. The day crew was leaving as I was beginning so basically I was alone except for the truckers who came to the receiving window to process their paperwork. For the most part the truckers were nice guys who just wanted to hand in their papers and leave. I got to know the regulars, those men who worked every day on local deliveries while the long distance drivers came in less regularly. I looked forward to greeting the men since it could be kind of lonely being the only person in the office in the evening. Periodically the dock supervisor came into the office for one thing or another but for the most part I was by myself.

One evening one of my favorite regulars, Joey, stopped by to chat. “Tommy, how’s it hangin buddy? I thought you might be interested in attending a party.” Since I was kind of lonely, I said maybe.

“Listen up little buddy, I think you may like my friends.” I was worried that since these friends were probably a lot older than me, I would not have anything in common with them. “I see the hesitation in your voice but you have to trust me on this one. Socializing with my friends would do you a world of good. So just say yes and I will pick you up on Saturday at your home, okay?” He was convincing and so I agreed to attend.

“How should I dress Joey?” He told me to dress casual like I was going to the beach. I thought that a bit odd but I said nothing. And so I looked at myself in the mirror just before Joey pick me up. I wore short shorts, a sleeveless tee shirt, and of course flip flops on my feet with no socks. I got to admit that I looked pretty good even though it did look a little feminine. I was ready to meet new friends and to hopefully have a good time.

“Little man, you look great!” Although I didn’t appreciate him calling me little man, I found myself looking at him closely. He stood about 6 feet 5 inches to gaziantep escort my 5 feet 6 inches so I guess for him I was a little man. I liked him a lot.

“Thanks Joey, I tried to dress as you told me but how about you?

“Before we head out to the party, I need to stop at my apartment to pick up a few things, okay?” What could I say but okay. And so we landed at his apartment, a nice enough apartment in a pretty good neighborhood. We entered and he offered me a drink which I accepted. He joined me on his couch and we made small talk. “Seriously little buddy, you really are a beautiful young boy.” I thought this comment was a bit inappropriate but I said nothing. He sat close to me and put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer. Now I felt excited and my cock seemed to grow. I was ashamed because as I said before, I did not consider myself gay and yet here I was with a hard on.

He reached over to kiss me and I let him embrace me. He moved my hand to his cock which was very hard. “I knew you were gay the first time I met you so don’t tell me otherwise. Now get up and strip. From now on don’t call me Joey. You call me sir or master and I will call you faggot now hurry up and get those clothes off.” I was in shock. I could have resisted and said no but I didn’t. I got up off the couch and stripped. In the meantime my master stood up and ordered me to take off his clothes and then get on my knees. It was like I was hypnotized. I began to take his clothes off. I unbuckled his belt and his pants dropped. Apparently I was not going fast enough. He proceeded to slap me a few times. I moved quickly and finished stripping off his clothes.

He was no longer my friend. “Now get on your knees and start sucking.” I went to my knees and opened my mouth to take in his hard cock. “Are you sure you never sucked a cock because your lips tell me otherwise.” I looked up at him and met his eyes. He pulled my lips off of his cock, pushed my head back and proceeded to slap me several times. “You are nothing but a cocksucker. Do you understand?” I nodded and told him that I wanted to suck his cock. “Before we head out to the party, I am going to breed you and make you my cum slut whore.” He lifted me up and guided me to his bedroom. He threw me on the bed and lifted my legs up over his shoulders. His cock slowly entered my asshole and began to make my ass into a man pussy.

“But I’m not gay sir!” This said as his cock stretched my ass. I felt pain and pleasure at the same time. I lifted myself up to accept his cock. My man pussy became wet as his cock corkscrewed into my ass. My ass became naturally lubricated by his beautiful cock.

“Good boy, now shut up and take my cock.” I was a beaten man as he pushed his cock in and out. I felt him speed up his thrusts as he exploded his cum into my body. “Now you belong to me cocksucker.” From that moment, I knew that I was his cock slave. He pulled out and told me to clean up his cum from his cock. I used my tongue to scoop up any leftover cum.

“Now jump in the shower and then wear the clothes I laid out for you faggot. Hurry since we need to go the party in your honor.” He said this with a smirk. I did as I was told. I did it out of a little fear but a lot of excitement. What was happening to me? All I knew was that I was becoming a slave to cock. The clothes he left me were those of a slut. The clothes consisted of a pink thong, short shorts, a pink sleeveless tee shirt, high heeled strap on shoes and no socks. I dressed myself and looked into a full body mirror. As strange as it seemed, I liked what I saw. The shorts were tight and the tee was see through. Walking in these shoes could present a problem but I noticed that I would have to walk more like a woman carefully swaying my hips.

“Let’s go bitch. Time’s a wasting.” I entered the room and could tell that sir was happy. “Bitch, you are just beautiful.” We left his apartment and headed to the party. I didn’t know what to expect but at least I would be welcomed for who I was. What was I saying? Am I admitting to being gay?

About a block before our destination, sir stopped the car and clearly told me the truth. “Now listen up little boy, you belong to me. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I am your pimp. The men who requested your services are customers. They expect a willing and pliable young twink. If you don’t show enthusiasm, you will be punished. You work for me now.” I tried to hold back my tears but I fell apart. He held my chin, pushed my head back, and slapped me multiple times. “Straighten out cocksucker because you have a lot of work in front of you but I know that you will enjoy every minute. Now let’s go. Your customers are waiting so big smile and swish that ass.” I had to get through this because I did not want to be punished.

“Well boys here he is delivered to you as promised.'” I stood quietly as all eyes were on me. My master offered me to the group. Men began to circle me and then one of the men held my hand and guided me to a bedroom where I was unceremoniously thrown onto the bed.

“Bitch, you are going to service all of us, but me first.” He ripped off my clothes and proceeded to remove his clothes. I assumed the position of offering my ass to this stud. “First you need to suck my cock and then, if you behave, I’ll fuck you.”

“Yes sir, my ass is yours. Please fuck me hard sir.” I sucked him first and just to be on the safe side, I tongued his balls and used my tongue on his ass. He then used my mouth and my ass. I had become a cum slut whore. After he fucked me, he left and for the next few hours I was fucked by each man. I became the receptacle for their cum. It seemed to alternate between pain and pleasure and at some point during this marathon fuck session, I realized that I was meant to be a cum slut prostitute. My life would change from that night. Sir was my pimp and he would fuck me whenever he wanted to. I was to continue to work at my part time job for the present until otherwise told.

There was one change in my work schedule. After the end of the shift, I sucked all the dock workers. They used my mouth and my ass. One time sir pimped me out to a few extra horny dock workers. We moved to an empty truck where they had placed a dirty mattress. I was ordered to my knees and they fucked me in the ass and the mouth at the same time, a classic threesome. I was exhausted and sore but before leaving the truck, they pissed on me. “You are a worthless piece of shit only good for fucking and sucking cocks.”

I told my master what they had did to me. He seemed to be upset but as I later found out he was upset because they should have paid him more to piss on me. He took me back to his apartment and fucked me using all my holes. After fucking me several times, I couldn’t help myself. I moved to the floor and proceeded to worship his body. I began by licking his feet and slowly moving up. “You faggot, can’t get enough of my cock. You are going to make me plenty of money so be good and work that tongue. Eat my ass and gather my balls in your mouth. Be gentle or you know what will happen.” My body tingled with pleasure as I contemplated the pain and pleasure of being a cum slut whore. I wanted to make my master happy and so I worked overtime to lick every inch of his body. When I got to his cock, I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly sucked every inch of his cock. My left hand fingered his ass while my right hand played with his ball sack. I looked up to see his happy face as I moved up. I licked his nipples and pits. There was nothing I wouldn’t do to satisfy my master. He was so satisfied that he threw me on the bed again and fucked me. I was born to be dominated by a strong man. He could be rough but he could also be gentle.

I have evolved from being an innocent eighteen year old to being a shameless whore for cock. It may sound terrible but it really isn’t. Before, I was indecisive about my sexual orientation but now I just love being a pig bottom. Having a daddy is great because he guides me and steers me to my customers. I am still shy but now all decisions are left to my master. I am proud to earn money for him. What can I say but I am no longer an innocent boy. I leave this story with one thought. I love cock!

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