Bryan’s Redemption


“Did you enjoy her, Peter?” Linda asked quietly as she traced a perfectly manicured finger over Edyn’s nipple.

The captain was unsure how to answer this question. Linda could be possessive and often flew into jealous rages. She was like the wicked witch in Snow White, her one desire to be more beautiful than all. Thousands of dollars spent on plastic surgery could not make this dream a reality and Linda was bitter. It was sad really for she had been quite attractive before allowing surgeon after surgeon to dissect her face. Now, her face was mask-like and distorted looking. Huge amounts of makeup helped to conceal the fakeness of her features yet nothing could make her look natural again.

Peter looked into her blue contacted eyes and caressed her cheek lovingly.

“She was a mere appetizer for the main course, M’Love.” He said hoping his voice sounded sincere and adoring. Linda was always more insecure after he had performed alone with a woman. She was like a wound spring just waiting to be sprung. The look in her eye was murderous as she eyed Edyn’s naked unconscious body. Peter knew that she hated pink nippled women the worst because hers were brown and she wanted pink. She was envious of any woman who had any shade from dusky pink to palest pink.

“It looked to me like you got quite your fill.” Barely disguised anger edged Linda’s voice, the only thing not fake about her.

Peter watched helplessly as she reached out and pinched Edyn’s nipple hard. Edyn mumbled and flopped an arm outward.

“Pink, eh?” she noted as she grilled Peter with her eyes. “Are you purposely trying to bait me, Peter?”

“And why would I do that?” He countered boldly.

“I think you like it when I hurt the girls.” Linda stated as she continued to undress herself before Peter.

Peter winced. That was a false statement. He’d always gone out of his way not to hurt the women. It was she who liked to be brutal. She had an insatiable lust for pushing limits. He eyed her warily. He knew her stress was high from constantly working. She was doing an excellent job of it. The business was absolutely thriving, with new auditions everyday. The stress got to her sometimes though and she had to work off steam. Her two favorite ways to accomplish this were pain and sex or any combination of the two. Linda had been Peter’s shadow since they’d first had sex a year ago. His huge cock had caused her enough pain to make her want him over and over. She’d offered him the captain’s position and soon after the relationship had gotten more colorful and a great deal more twisted. They’d been together a long time but sometimes she was still a stranger.

“Have you spoken to Bryan?” Peter asked to change the subject.

“I did more than that.” She said and licked one collagen injected lip.

“Ah, did he finally cave?” Peter inquired.

“Let’s just say, I made some real progress.” Linda bragged as she let her hands roam Edyn’s naked body from breasts to toes

“What do you want to do with her?” He asked surveying the scene before him with interest. It was erotic watching Linda massage Edyn’s limp body. He felt himself stiffen while he watched.

“Well, first I think she needs to be cleaned up.” Linda said rubbing her fingers up and down Edyn’s pussy slit. She reached inside her purse and got out a ponytail holder which she twisted her hair into. She slid up between Edyn’s legs on her belly and gave a tentative lick of her outer lips and then wiggled her tongue in deeper seeking the sweet concoction that sex leaves behind. She had never minded eating pussy and Peter had experienced many a deep throat ejaculation since they’d began fucking so he knew cum was pleasing to her palate. It must have seemed like a feast to a wench like Linda.

Peter’s cock swelled to it’s full length and girth as he urged Linda’s rounded hips in the air. She continued licking as he guided her, positioning her with knees apart and back curved to make her ass point upward seductively. He ran his finger down the entirely length of her inner buttocks starting at her tailbone and ending on her clit, tickling everything in between for a few moments. He slid a finger up inside her loose and dripping pussy. He felt her muscle grab it and try to draw it inward but he slid it out and placed it gently against her crinkle edged asshole. He gave a little push and felt her receive him easily. Her ass was used to the attention and craved invasion. He felt her clench his finger inside her as she slid backward onto i.

“oh yeah, both holes. Do it, baby!” She yelled.

Peter knelt behind her leaving his finger in her and slowly inserted another to keep it company. He felt her taut muscle grow tighter as she stretched to accommodate both of his fingers. She was so easy to finger anally now after months of careful work. Patience had paid off huge dividends. It was awesome to have a woman who could take your nearly eleven inch cock both ways. He wasn’t in the mood for anal right now. He just wanted a good wet pussy to fuck that he didn’t have to worry about hurting. Linda could take it all, he’d broken her in in every position. He especially liked the one he was assuming now. He loved to enter her pussy from behind with his fingers in her ass and then pound her hard. There was just something primal about the doggy style position that made him ache to watch her ass shake under his thrusts. He slid his cock into her pussy until he felt her clit on his balls. Her sheath felt succulent and moist as it swallowed his cock completely.

He rested there for a second, savoring her juicy depths and then he withdrew almost completely and plunged back in harder as he worked his fingers in her rectum. He could feel her legs shaking beneath him and hear her muffled moans as he shoved himself into her rhythmically. He leaned forward and saw that her face was buried in Edyn’s wet pussy. Linda’s head was moving as frantically as his hips. Edyn’s face began to change to a pinkish color and her head moved in small motions on the pillow. She would soon have an orgasm she would never remember having.

He thought of how Edyn had rode him earlier and the way her tight pussy had seemed to strangle his cock with each spasm during her orgasm. He groaned aloud with the memory of the way his cock had impaled her time and again. The little slut had liked it though, that much he Sex hikayeleri was sure of. He stopped fucking Linda for a moment and reached for the nine inch dildo on the bed.

“Fuck her with that, make her cum.” He commanded and then resumed his thrusting motion gliding easily in and out of Linda’s slippery tunnel. He watched as Linda obeyed and slid the black dildo inside of Edyn, little by little. He slowed down and tried to match her stroke for stroke. When the black dick slid all the way up into Edyn, he slid his white one all the way up into Linda. Linda caught on to his game and began to fuck Edyn using deliberate strokes that she wanted him to use on her. He had her going wild within minutes.

Edyn’s hips were bucking on the bed as Linda plowed the dildo into her rapidly. The defenseless woman was moaning softly in her sleep and arching her back. Her tits looked delectable as they bounced oh her chest. The sight was arousing. He was about to let go of his self control and fill Linda’s pussy with his cum. He felt her orgasm drench and hug his cock and then watched Edyn’s hips bounce off the bed as she came hard on the dildo.

Peter’s hips jerked wildly as the pleasure rushed through him and filled his cock to bursting. He gave a few deep thrusts and then called out “Edyn!” as he emptied himself into Linda.

He heard an outraged squeal from below him as Linda slid off his cock. She slithered out from between Edyn’s legs and from under him like a snake going after it’s prey. She stood on the floor facing him, her fake breasts heaving.

“You said HER name!” She shouted and threw the dildo at him. He ducked just in time and it hit the wall behind his head.

“It was an accident, Linda.” He tried to explain. He watched as she slapped Edyn hard across the face nearly rousing her from the deep sleep she was in. Linda said nothing as she stood on the bed over Edyn and urinated onto her face, hair and neck. Peter watched in fascination as the blonde headed woman emptied a waterfall of gold on the poor woman. When she was done and Edyn lay in a soggy puddle of pee, Linda jumped off the bed and laughed.

“Want her now?” She asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact. Your piss doesn’t change the fact that her pussy is like the finest satin and her lips like the smoothest silk.” His voice spoke pure defiance to her treatment of Edyn.

“Oh is it?” She asked doubtfully and reached between Edyn’s legs to slip a finger inside. “Just feels like a normal pussy to me.”

She separated Edyn’s labia with one hand and slid another finger in. The smile she gave Peter was as cold as the wind over the North Atlantic as slid a third finger into Edyn’s stretching pussy. “And when I am finished tonight, her pussy will make mine seem tight.”

Peter shook his head. “Just leave her be, Linda.” He ordered.

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do. I’m owner of this boat and I can do as I damn well please.” She slipped a fourth finger in with a bit of maneuvering, “And who’s gonna stop me?”

“I am,” said a voice from the doorway. Quick strides brought Bryan to the bedside. Linda’s surgically designed face and lips made a perfect O when her eyes fell upon the enraged young man who was looming over her.

“Get away from her Linda!” Bryan shouted and pointed his finger in her face. She hesitated briefly, apparently testing the water. “Now!” He demanded. He didn’t give her any more time to hesitate he grabbed her wrist, slid it downward to gently remove Linda’s fingers Edyn’s pussy and dragged her off the bed.

“Bryan, what are you doing?” She barked at him furiously.

“This wasn’t in the fucking agreement, you lying bitch.” He stated coolly, calmer now that Linda’s hand was far from Edyn’s overworked cunt.

Linda looked at a loss for a moment as she reached for her clothes and slid into them hurriedly. “I didn’t think there was any harm to having some fun with her. She’s quite a cutie, Bryan.” She crooned and winked at him.

Bryan glared at Linda and demanded help getting Edyn dressed and the others obliged.
They dressed her in her uniform. Bryan was furious that she was covered in piss but he planned to take care of that when he got her hoHe carried her to his car and drove her to his apartment without incident. He was worried someone would notice him carrying her and draw attention but no one was around as he snuck her up the stairs.

He laid her gently on his bed and shook his head sadly. He had to make this up to her.


There was light now, I realized as I drifted back to consciousness. I was warm and relaxed. I felt like I was floating. The air was clean and fresh and smelled of lavender as it carried me gently from cloud to cloud. I felt water trickle on my face and run down my cheek. Ah, a warm spring rain. I wanted to see the cloudy sky so I struggled to open my eyes. I screamed when I saw Bryan and stood up on wobbly legs splashing water everywhere. I was astonished to see that I was in a warm bubble bath in a bathroom I had never seen.

His eyes met mine and held them. I could see no ill will when I looked into their depths but my mind was edging toward panic

“Edyn, It’s okay. You’re safe.” He said backing away from the tub a bit.

“I was drugged.” I mumbled and sat back down in the bubbles to cover my nakedness.

“Yes, you were.” He agreed and grabbed a towel from a rack behind the door.

“Calm down, Edyn.” he said soothingly but I wasn’t easily calmed.

“I want you to take me back to the coffee shop and then never speak to me again.” I was angry. I wished I’d never met him..

“I know you blame me…”

“I trusted you!” I shouted and grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me.

“Where am I and where are my clothes?” I said shortly.

“Your clothes are right here. Look I’m really sorry about last night.”

I snorted as I dried my skin vigorously and dressed with fumbling fingers. I refused to look at him though I could tell in my peripheral vision that he was wearing work trousers and a white shirt with sleeves rolled up above his elbows.

I strode into a hallway that was in worse repair than mine at home. The apartment was in terrible shape. The paint was Sikiş hikayeleri cracking and the carpet was stained and dingy.

“Geesh, Bryan, your place is a dump.” I said rudely. He ignored my comment.

“Please, just hear me out and this will all make sense to you. Will you?” He asked with such earnest hope in his eyes that I could not turn him down in spite of the anger I was feeling. I nodded stiffly one time and he immediately started to explain his side of the story. I was enthralled and disgusted as he told me everything he knew.

“Linda owns me, Edyn.” His voice was so sincere that I wanted to believe him. “I have a shady past. I was involved in a serious crime but I escaped prosecution. Linda knows the details and has threatened to expose me if I don’t work for her.”

“What did you do? Murder someone?” I asked sarcastically.

He didn’t smile as he slowly inclined his head.

I gasped and backed away.

“I was just a kid when it happened and it was in self defense.” Bryan tried to explain.

Likely story, I thought.

“Anyhow, Linda makes me dance on her strings. She runs a pornographic website and she told me she would finance a better apartment if I would have sex with a girl on camera. I really liked you a lot and I wanted to invite you over to my apartment sometime but not this dump. I wanted it to be nicer. I knew you were hot for me so I took advantage of the situation to get you on film. I care about you, Edyn, but I thought it was the best thing to do at the time.” He explained.

“Why didn’t you just ask me to do porn with you?” I asked.

“Because I wanted the real you in my bed, not someone performing for cameras,” he said stepping closer to me. He reached out and placed his fingers under my chin. A spark shot through me when his lips descended on mine and his tongue invaded my mouth. I responded to his kiss deep in my loins. I returned his kiss ardently after I realized it was futile to resist the power this man held over me. My head was spinning as he pulled me into his arms. I didn’t know what to think or how to feel but my senses were screaming for his hands on my body. I stepped away from him with a Herculean effort and eyed him warily.

“I was easy for you once. I’ll not make that mistake again.” I said as I looked around the messy apartment for a phone. “I don’t care about your past. I care about mine and what you did to me after I passed out last night. Did you make a real show for the camera as you fucked my unconscious body?” The venom dripped from my voice as I stared daggers into his eyes. “Now where’s the god damn phone?”

“Wait just a damned minute. I didn’t touch you after you fell asleep. I wanted to, but I didn’t. I asked Captain Blaine to see you to work and then I went home. ” The desperate tone in his voice was almost convincing. I considered the equation carefully. There was a way to find out if what he was saying was true. The video that was probably still on the boat.

“I found a video of you and I…” I blushed and looked away. I shook my head to clear it and then began again. “There’s a video on the boat that is marked with a red E. I figured you were the one who had labeled it.”

“I wasn’t. It had to be Linda or the Captain.” Bryan interjected.

“The Captain? What does he have to do with it?” I asked feeling icy dread creep into my soul.

“He’s the main star of almost all of the films Linda makes.” Bryan explained not knowing that his words were sucking the air from my chest, the strength from my body. Suddenly my legs were unable to support me and I sagged to the ground, savoring the feel of the floor on my bottom. It was imperative to feel something solid under me because it was as if my entire world was an illusion.

“I don’t feel very well.” I managed to mumble.
“When was the last time you ate?” Bryan asked with true concern lining his face.

“Lunch yesterday. I had a turkey sandwich, I think.” I answered feeling starved like never before.

“No wonder you’re weak.” He mused aloud. He helped me up and to his tiny dinette table that had a worn chair on either side. I was surprised by his efficiency in the kitchen as he made me a cheese omelet with buttered toast. The meal was tasty though I felt awkward with him staring at me while I ate.

“Quit staring.” I grouched at him.

“Your mouth is beautiful. I am trying to decide what color your lips are.” His voice sounded dreamy as he studied my mouth.

“You could be a model, Edyn.” Bryan said wistfully.” And I could be your agent and we’d be filthy rich and…”

“I could never trust you so it wouldn’t work.” I said flatly. It was as if I’d poured cold water on Bryan. He jumped up from his seat opposite me and stalked off down the hall. I casually finished eating while considering what was up with him.

I couldn’t understand what he expected. I had thought last night was about two people spending time together and enjoying intense physical intimacy. I didn’t realize that he was “doing me” in order to better himself, and the bullshit about how he cared about me so much that he wanted to bring me to a better place to be with me, just didn’t cut it. If he’d had the slightest bit of fondness for me, he wouldn’t have exposed me to hidden cameras in such an explicit way. A gentleman would have wanted the encounter to be a private union not an internet freak show. A gentleman would retrieve the video for me in order to prove his loyalty…

I stood up and went down the hall and into the open door of his bedroom. He was sitting on the edge of the unmade bed. The room had a bed, a dresser, a closet and a bedside table which had a shadeless lamp on it. The light bulb burned brightly in the windowless room. I noticed a butte filled ashtray on the table and the room had a pervasive musky odor. I wrinkled my nose at the smell as I took a seat beside him.

“I didn’t know you smoke.” I commented, trying to ease a bit of tension.

“I smoke when I drink sometimes.” He said and then shrugged. “ Most of my partners smoke.”

I peered at him closely. That had been a very odd thing to say. Most of his partners smoke. What partners? It dawned on me then and I reached over and hugged him to me. He was stiff and unyielding in my arms. I wept on his shoulder. I cried for the young man who danced like a puppet on an evil Erotik hikaye woman’s strings. I cried for the images of the countless women that must lurk in his mind, reminding him of what the price of freedom was. I buried my face in his neck as I realized that he was basically a sex slave and that he saw me as a chance to escape and I had thwarted his plans with a lead foot.

“Bryan …” I tried to speak. I wanted to say something profound, something to tell him exactly how sad I felt about his life but there were no words to show the emotion I was feeling. I had to show him that he was more than just a piece of meat to someone. I wanted him to feel cherished and wanted, instead of cornered and exploited. My body took over where my mind left off and I began placing the softest of kisses along his neck. I moved with painstaking slowness even though my heart was racing and my body ached to be pressed up against his. I felt him relax a little as I trailed fleeting kisses along his neck and up under his stubbly chin and to his mouth. I traced his lips with the tip of my tongue in an ancient request for permission to enter and he granted it promptly by opening his mouth and sucking my tongue inside. I took control of my roving hands and slid them upward over his ribcage and around to his shoulder blades and up his back to his neck where I locked my fingers and concentrated on kissing him. My tongue slipped around his freely, tasting and feeling.

The kiss wove a spell around us and the bleary room seemed to fade away leaving only swirls of colors in my memory as desire overcame me. I felt his hands find my breasts and I loved the feel of them caressing me. I watched as he squeezed them gently through my clothes and thought about how his hands would feel were they actually on my skin.

His hands were all over me, seemingly everywhere at once. I shivered as he slid them up my shirt and under the elastic of my bra. I felt like I would shatter into a thousand pieces were he to stop touching me.

He did pull away though and I whimpered and reached for him.

“You’re already late for work, Edyn.” He said with reluctance.

“I know, but I was thinking maybe I should find a new job,” I said and met his eyes with a playful smile.

The smile that spread across his face was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He reached out to me and his lips captured mine easily and I surrendered to his kiss and touch. I let him own my body with his hands the way he already owned a piece of my heart. The sensations he awakened made my stomach flutter and I wanted him more than I ever thought possible.

We undressed slowly between tender kisses. He unbuttoned my blouse, kissing each expanse of newly exposed skin. I gasped when he finally exposed my taut nipples to his seeking mouth and teeth. His nibbles sent chills up my spine and a surge of heat in my core. The icy hot feelings meshing together to set my nerves on edge. I could not hold myself back. The physical need for him that filled every fiber of my being took over. The pace at which we were undressing was not good enough. I needed more and it couldn’t be denied. I knew one sure way to bend him to my will.

I unfastened his slacks, khaki’s today, and reached inside his underwear. His cock was hard and bent at what looked to be an uncomfortable angle in the confines of his tight briefs. Surely it wanted to be free to expand to it’s full glory. I know I wanted it to be free but only for long enough for my mouth to reach it. My mouth captured it like the prisoner it was. My body would be it’s guard and there would be no early parole. I sucked him hard. I was afraid I would hurt him in my passion but he took it in stride and even moaned a time or two while I worked my womanly magic.

“Jesus, woman.” He gasped as I played the wanton slut for him. It wasn’t an act though. I really was a wanton slut at this moment.

I was glad to see my little plan worked for as my mouth relented, his desire took over. I suddenly found myself on my back with my pants being tugged downward. I couldn’t stifle the giggle as he wrestled with sliding them past my hips.

“Giggle while you can,” he said with a grunt as he finally untangled them from my feet along with the panties that were twisted with them. He slid up into position and looked me in the eyes. “those giggles are gonna become moans in a second.”

True to his word he began rubbing his cock on my clit until I gave in and vocalized my pleasure. I came once before he even entered me.

The heat of the moment caused the sex to be rough and almost painful as he slid into me. I didn’t complain because having him in me was such a feeling of completion. The earlier confusion and mental anguish was replaced with thoughts of being wanted. Bryan wanted me when he had dozens of other women to fuck.

I tightened myself around him, encircling him with my arms and legs, locking him to me as our pelvises bumped time after time. My tongue found his ear and traced the inner cup of it. I felt a flood of happiness as he responded to my actions with a groan and an increase in the already bed-rocking pace. I could feel the tension build in his body and my body responded likewise. Our inner beings were so in tune that the pleasure seemed to flow from one of us into the other – back and forth, in and out until there was no other place for it to go and we exploded with simultaneous orgasms.

Neither of us could move as we drifted back into our entwined bodies from the outer reaches of space. I opened my eyes to see him looking at me with tear filled eyes and I reached up and caught a tear just as it started to fall, surprised at it’s very existence.

“I think…” he began.

“Don’t say it.” I said.

“You don’t know what I was gonna say, Edyn.”

“I can tell by the look in your eyes.” I responded.

He smiled at me and kissed my lips gently.

“Then why can’t I say it?” He asked.

“Because I want to say it first.” I replied.

“Well, let’s just say it at the same time.” He suggested.

We smiled at each other with an intimacy only true lovers know.

“I love you.” We said together and his tears mingled with mine as he kissed me.


We laid in bed most of the afternoon just cuddling and talking and making plans. Most were probably only dreams but the only thing that mattered was we had found each other and nothing could tear us apart.

And then the phone rang …

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