Brotherly Bathhouse


This is posted in the gay male category because it obviously involves gay male sex. It does include incest in parts so if this offends you please don’t read. Hope you enjoy.


As I walked to the train station from my apartment I was getting a little nervous. I was not sure why but I always did when I headed into the city to visit my favourite bathhouse. When I say favourite I don’t have much to compare with, I have only been to one other before.

I sat on the train for the 2 hour trip into Sydney and began to think about what I would do when I got there. Let me tell you about myself. My name in Chris and I am bisexual. Nobody in my life knows of my gay side and I have kept it a secret since I started having sex with men at the age of 21, 9 years ago.

On the rare occasions I do have gay sex, I prefer to be the bottom, the one receiving anal sex and giving blowjobs. I planned to spend most of my time today in the bottom tier of the suckatorium, the glory hole booth. At this venue they have 2 layered tiers, the top where a guy would place his cock through the hole while standing up and watching porn on the TVs above. The bottom tier is where the sucker would walk in and see the cock at face level and suck while standing.

The last time I was here I spent 2 hours in the same booth sucking cocks and swallowing each load as they were presented. I swallowed 5 loads that day and was hoping I could improve on that this time.

Even though this place was quite far from home I was still nervous about being recognised entering the building. As a result of this I was wearing a cap and dark sunglasses believing if I did see someone I knew they would struggle to recognise me straightaway.

I paid my money at the front door, was handed my towel and locker key and walked around the corner to the locker rooms when I got the shock of my life. There in front of me removing his underwear was my little 23 year old brother Owen. I looked at his cock hanging in front of him and realised it looked a lot like mine, only slightly larger. I quickly turned away so he wouldn’t see my face as he wrapped the towel around himself and walked past.

Now I should have left then and there but I was intrigued by what he was doing here. I had never had the impression that he was into men, always having a girlfriend or random woman at his side.

Lucky for me the place is kept very dark so I was hoping to follow him without him seeing me. I quickly undressed, wrapped my towel around myself and walked off quickly to catch up.

The Sakarya Escort first playing area you come to is the wet area with showers, spa, sauna and steam room. I turned the corner just as I saw him enter the sauna. I didn’t follow and instead hung my towel up for a shower. I ended my shower and headed for the spa, sitting in the spa gave me a great view of the sauna door and I’d see Owen as he came out.

There was plenty of eye candy around but I was too preoccupied to perve. This particular sauna is located in Chinatown and there is always a high number of Asians in the place also a lot of older men, retired age men. I have no preference when it comes to men, a cock is a cock and older men have a bit more experience and I find it often feels a lot better when an older man fucks your ass.

I had been in there for about 10 minutes when I saw Owen come out of the sauna and walk into the one of the private showers. I quickly got out of the spa and had a quick shower in the communal shower and was drying myself as I saw him walk up the stairs towards the second floor.

The second floor is my favourite. It has a bunch of private rooms, a porn lounge with two big screens and my favourite, the suckatorium. I left some space between us but followed my brother as he entered the porn lounge. I saw that he went right as he entered so I went left. On the screen was a man a little like myself, he was servicing 2 cocks. He was alternating between sucking the two large objects in front of him. Watching the action got me quite turned on and I was already playing with my hardening cock under my towel.

I forgot about my brother for a moment and got into the action on the screen. Now the same guy was sucking one cock while taking the other up his tight ass. I was wishing that was me when I felt someone sit directly behind me placing his legs on either side of my shoulders. His cock would have been directly behind my head.

I turned around and saw an average sized hard cock directly in front of my face. It belonged to an older gentleman I’d guess to be in his 60s with quite a large stomach covered in white hair. He had a white beard and I remember thinking I was about to suck off Santa Claus.

I took the cock into my mouth and began to suck, I licked around the head of his cock, tasting his precum. I bobbed my head up and down feeling the cock hit the back of my throat causing me to gag slightly. I could hear him moaning as I picked up speed. He continued to leak precum into my mouth and I savoured Adapazarı Escort the taste. I occasionally took a break from his cock and sucked each of his hairy balls into my mouth.

I returned to sucking his cock and was really getting into it when I felt someone remove my towel and begin playing with my ass. I quickly looked behind me and saw another silver haired man smiling at me. I returned to sucking Santa’s cock as the other began to lick my tight asshole. I love having my hole licked. It felt so good that I moaned into the cock in my mouth causing it to harden even more.

Santa suddenly grabbed my head and held it still as he started to cum. Just as he did the other man pushed his lubed finger into my ass. He began to finger me as the cock pumped cum into my mouth. I collected it all on my tongue as the cock was removed from my mouth. I closed my mouth, swirled the cum around my mouth for a bit tasting it before I swallowed.

“Yum. Thanks.”

He didn’t say anything back as he collected his towel and walked away. The other man was still fingering my ass as I bent over further presenting myself to him. I felt him push a second finger in and my hole started to throb and burn slightly.

I began to moan as he finger fucked me faster. Suddenly he removed both fingers and I felt a sense of emptiness. This lasted only a few seconds before he rammed his cock up my ass. As I didn’t expect it, I yelped in slight pain. His cock was thicker than 2 of his fingers and it took some getting used to.

The silver haired man continued to fuck me hard and deep as I became accustomed to his size. Every time he pushed his cock into me he slammed me into the cushioned step above. I noticed that there was quite a few people watching me take a cock in my ass. I loved being watched, it wasn’t often that people fuck in the porn lounge, they usually take it to the private rooms.

“Fuck, so tight, I’m gonna cum.” That was the first thing I heard him say since we started.

He pounded away at my hole for another minute or two before I began to feel him cumming inside my ass. It was then I realised he didn’t wear a condom but it felt so good I didn’t care. He stayed inside me until he had emptied his balls then pulled out, taking some of his cum with him but leaving most behind.

Some of the other guys were stroking their hard cocks as they watched. The older man walked away without another word and I quickly grabbed my towel and headed towards the shower, I didn’t feel like being there Serdivan Escort for another hour as each of the men watching had their turn. As I walked I could feel cum leaking out of my abused hole and down my legs.

After a shower and with a new towel I headed back upstairs in search of my brother. I realised that he must have seen me getting fucked, nobody would have left the porn lounge without a look.

I wandered the dark halls of the second floor peering into rooms with doors open. Most were occupied by a single man lying face down, ass raised inviting someone to come and fuck them.

I turned the corner and saw Owen walking up the stairs to the top section of the suckatorium. He opened the first door and walked inside locking it behind him. I had no idea why but I rushed to the bottom section and into the matching booth. There in front of me already through the hole was the erect cock of my little brother.

I was amazed at how much it did look like mine as I took it in my hand. There was already precum leaking out the top and I knew I was crossing a line but I licked it off. From the moment I tasted it, I was hooked and I knew I wasn’t going to stop until I swallowed his entire load.

I sucked his hard entire length into my mouth until I started to gag. I began to play with his balls as I continued to suck and he began to leak more and more precum as I sucked. I heard moaning coming from my brother through the wall. I was glad he was getting into this and wondered if he’d be into it if he realised it was me giving him the blowjob.

I continued to use my mouth on his cock, my left hand on his balls and started playing with my own cock with the other. I could tell from his thrusts into my mouth that he was getting close. I paid attention to the head of his cock, licking around the top and on his piss slit.

Letting go of my own cock before it exploded, I sucked wildly on his cock until it started shooting cum. I loved the taste and texture of my brothers cum as it filled my mouth. I stood still as he unknowingly emptied his balls into his willing brother’s mouth.

Once Owen was finished he pulled his cock back through the hole and quickly disappeared. I held his cum in my mouth relishing the taste before swallowing. It felt so good going down the back of my throat, I wished I had more.

The rest of my time there was a bit of a blur. I didn’t see Owen again so assumed he left after I sucked him off. I sucked another 2 cocks, neither as good as my brothers, before I left.

I was on the train home when I received a text message from my brother. “You sure know how to suck dick big bro. Best blowjob ever. When you’re back get your ass over here.”

I did go to his house when I got back and what happened was even better than at the bathhouse. But that’s another story.

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