Brother and Sister after the Party Pt. 02

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Two or three minutes passed, still I kept my finger inside my sister and still she held my cock, both were wet from our cumming but my dick had gone pretty soft.

“Wow, Jan. What a birthday present!”

“You cold?” she asked smiling.

“A little. Everywhere except my middle finger…”

She giggled, slapped my arm and pulled away. We got back into our clothes and went back into her house. It was warmer in there, no night chill, and I couldn’t help wonder what was next. My sister and I had teased each other, watched each other pissing, then got each other off. Hell, my jizz was still on her stomach. Was that it? Jan leaned back on the sink, hand behind her bum. She looked at me and I at her.

“Well little bro. You were always planning on staying here tonight, but you don’t have to sleep on the couch…”

“Shit Jan. Wanking each other was one thing, are you talking about, well, sex?”

“You too pissed?”

“Yes. No. I mean not too pissed to want to but too pissed to make an intelligent choice. You are my SISTER and I only just got used to the idea of seeing your pussy and touching it, let alone…well fuck Jan. I only did it once before and it was shit…”

Her eyes lit up, sensing a scandal: “Ooh, do tell! Who? When? What happened?”

The mood lightened and I smiled.

“Susan Simpson. On the very day of my eighteenth.”

“Susan!! I knew she was hot for you! What a minx! An older woman too mate – she’s 21 already. But why was it shit?”

“Because I had no clue. I couldn’t get it in, then I couldn’t keep it in and it kept flopping out…”

Jan was giggling, breaking into full laughter. “Brilliant! Tell me more. And ALL the details!”

I was buzzing enough to play along. So I told her.

“I never even saw anything. We were standing up, behind a concrete post in the carpark of the Royal Hotel and I was pretty pissed. She took her panties off, I fumbled out my cock and then it all went fucked up.”

Jan had started to lazily stroke her breast. “Did you come?”

“Yep. All over her thigh.” Jan laughed. I continued. “She was pissed off cos she said she couldn’t go back inside with THAT all over her leg. But she did anyway and we spent the rest of the night avoiding each other.”

“Oh poor Dave. Standing up to do it is hard enough, but when you’re drunk…”

“You ever do it standing up? I mean, you HAVE done it?”

“Twice, once standing up and once doggy. Both with Ronnie Swan, last year. In fact, both on the same day. It was OK. Just OK, not earth-moving.”

Now I was getting horny. I had it fixed in my brain, Ronnie behind her, thrusting…



“Let’s learn together?”

“Mmmm. OK. Starting now. Or, actually, starting after we shower. I’ve still got your junk on my belly.”

“Why not share the shower?”

“You wanna? OK. C’mon.”

She half skipped half swished past me and I followed her to the bathroom. My mind raced at what was about to happen. I was thinking that I was going to fuck my sister if she was going to let me. I was hard again before she opened the bathroom door and beckoned me in.

We stood face to face an arm’s length apart. She turned sideways to start the shower, tested the temperature, then looked at me. Without taking her eyes away from mine, she reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it up and off in one movement. She wore matching black low-cut bra and panties. Her breasts were full, rounded, and her cleavage ataköy escort peeked out over the vee of the bra. I looked down at her crotch, and back up to her face. She was smiling, her head crooked to one side, and then she beckoned to my shorts with her eyes.

My blood was raging now, and I made no ceremony of stripping fast and fully. Within seconds I was completely naked in front of my sister, dick sticking straight out, twitching with anticipation.

She smiled more broadly. “Wow. I did that to you?”

“Yep. Again.”

She pulled at her panties, let them drop and stepped towards me. She took my hand like before, placed in on her slick mound like before, and said: “And you did this to me. Again.”

I reached behind her to release her bra. I just HAD to see those tits. She understood, and probably also realised I had zero experience of unsnapping bras. She did it for me and I gasped at the wonder of them. As the bra fell away her boobs didn’t move. Firm, full, round, with hard pink nipples pointing straight forward. Straight at me.

“Lesson One, little brother.”

“What’s Lesson 2?”

“In the shower. Right. Move over. OK. Lesson 2: Washing each other’s bodies. With soap. Like this…”

Jan soaped my dick with a delicate touch and I groaned immediately. I steadied myself with one hand, with the other I soaped a breast, then her stomach, then I pulled her to me and stroked her bum.

My dick was again trapped between us like it had been in the garden with her hand on the shaft. I was impatient.

“Jan. I can’t do foreplay right now. I’m gonna go off like a rocket any second.”

“Oh, little brother. It’s OK. We’ve got ages, no work tomorrow.” She whispered; “Cum if you want to.”

I closed my eyes and revelled in the feeling. My sister’s hands soaping my cock, cupping my balls, and when I opened my eyes again there was the delight of seeing my sister naked with me. As my legs began to tremble slightly, Jan knelt and jerked with more intensity. Looking down I could see her perfect tits right in front of my cock, and that was it. I spurted all over her left breast as she cradled my cock to it, milking my every pulse until I was spent. She lovingly rubbed my cockhead over her nipple, spreading my jizz with it as she did so. She looked up at me, still smiling.

I helped her up. We washed ourselves off, colliding occasionally in the cramped space, then she stepped out to dry off. I marvelled at her body. I had not seen many in real life, but I rated hers as a nine. Then she bent to dry her lower legs, and I could see the perfect pussy under the perfect ass and I changed it to a ten.

She threw me the towel, saying: “Bed. Now. I’m cold.”

I dried and walked briskly to her bedroom. She had left the lights on, I noticed with glee. We were both still naked, she was climbing under the covers and held up one edge to invite me in. I lay beside her, and propped on our elbows we gazed into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. She snuggled toward me and rolled onto her back, pulling me part on top of her. There was no doubt in my mind now. My sister wanted to fuck me and I wanted to fuck her.

I completed the move as she spread her legs. I was now on top of her, between her thighs, and she was ready.

But I wasn’t. I’d come twice already and the last time was just minutes ago. Jan looked down at my limp dick but instead of being disappointed she smiled, and said: “You need some help, bro?”

“Yeah. avcılar escort Might need a bit of a rest.”

“Rest my arse. Lay on your back.”

I climbed off her and lay back. Jan scooted down the bed and told me “New Lesson. For both of us. Tell me how I’m doing.”

Then she took my dick in her mouth. It was still limp, so she could get it all the way in. It was hot and wet in there, and the erotic shock of it jerked me into life. My cock swelled a little, and Jan began to bob her head slowly. My sister was giving me head. When I told myself that, my last inhibitions evaporated and I was engulfed in the raw taboo sexiness of it.

It took Jan only about two minutes to get me hard with her mouth.

Teasingly, she said “Right. Now where were we? Oh yes. I remember. You were supposed to FUCK ME.”

The bed covers were thrown aside. Jan lay back, spread her legs wide, and my dick went from 90 to 100%. I positioned my body above hers, she reached between us and guided my cockhead to her moist opening. With one last look into my sister’s eyes, I pushed into her. Her cunt opened up to let me in and I went right up to my balls.

Her eyes widened, and she gasped. “Oh yes Dave! Oh my fucking god. Can you believe it? I’m fucking my brother. I’m ffucckking my brrrother…”

I pushed into her hard and fast. Jan was indulging her love for dirty talk, and I was inspiring her. I leaned forward to whisper in her ear, “Feel my cock in you. Push back. Fuck me back.”

And she did. She bucked her hips back against me and for a few minutes she closed her eyes and just fucked.

I was not going to come any time soon so I was able to wallow in the eroticism of it. I watched her face melt and her brow knot. I lifted my chest off hers with my arms outstretched and looked down at her tits jiggling with my thrusts. And I looked down further still and watched my dick disappear inside my horny sister’s cunt.

When she opened her eyes again she saw where I was looking and did the same.

“Oh yes. Watch it go in my pussy. Make me cum little bro. Make me cum.”

I settled into a slower, steady rhythm, still pushing all the way in. At the end of each poke when our bellies slapped together Jan let out a little moan. Then it became a gasp. I was still propped up, watching myself fuck her, and she took the opportunity to reach between us and diddle her clit. I could feel the knuckle of her middle finger on my pubic bone as she frantically frigged herself.

Her moans became louder, and her thighs began to shake. I kept up my pace but still wasn’t going to cum. I wanted her to orgasm and thanks to my own two I was able to keep going for her.

It built gradually. I could feel her grasping at my cock shaft with her cunt muscles. Our thighs and lower bellies were now slick with our sweat and she began to jerk and buck some more. A low, guttural moan started up, and then she gasped: “Fuck yeah. I’m cumming. Just…Ungh..Oooh…”

As her orgasm approached, she stopped frigging her clit and put her arms around my back to pull me down on top of her. Her hard nipples scratched at my chest as she bucked. She hugged me harder, then she clenched her thighs around mine and froze for a second. My sister was cumming on my dick. She let out a sharp cry, clenched her thighs again, and I pushed up inside her and held my cock there. She stifled a scream with her hand as she pushed her hips back at me, then gently bit my shoulder as beylikdüzü escort her orgasm peaked. She squealed through her teeth into my shoulder, bucked her hips up at me hard before she held herself there for a few seconds, then began to loosen up as her orgasm faded.

I stayed buried inside her, not moving, while she gently fucked up at me in the afterglow of her orgasm. I was still rock hard.

A minute passed like that, then we lay still. Jan began to gently stroke my back and I could feel the wetness from her pussy dripping past my cock and down onto my balls. As our senses slowly returned, I lifted up slightly to look at my lovely sister. She smiled, then laughed. As she did her pussy wiggled at my cock and she realised I was still hard.

“Ooh, Dave! I got a use for that!”

She scurried out from under me, pushing me to roll over. I did, and she straddled me. Watching me intently, she guided me to her dripping box and lowered herself down onto it. Jan threw her head back and laughed. “Ooh that’s good. It’s like you’re splitting me in half. Mmm. Nice.”

She looked back down at me and must have seen the tension in my face. Her pussy impaled on me felt so good. Her look became more intense.

In a low, sexy voice: “Good for you too, Dave?”

“Mmm. Really good sis.”

“Then just enjoy…”

She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest to steady her as she began gently rocking back and forth riding me. Her being on top of me made sure I went as far inside her as I could go, and the slow caress of her cunt on my shaft made me shiver with excitement. We locked eyes as my sister fucked me.

At each backward rock her clit got crushed against my pubic bone, and her breathing quickened once more. I reached up and cupped her tits. Her hardened nipples were like pebbles in the palms of my hands. As I pinched and tweaked them I learned that made her crazy. I pulled, twisted, rolled them around and Jan’s thighs bucked and jerked but she never altered the slow riding of my cock and always returned her eyes to mine.

Reality interrupted my lust. “Oh Jan. Um. I’m close and…”

“Relax Dave. I’m on the pill.”

So we settled back to our rutting. Jan learned to flex her hips so that we got maximum friction between the walls of her cunt and my shaft through each stroke.

I looked again down between us. The sight of her hairless pussy lips stretched around my dick sent my senses reeling. My dick was so hard it almost hurt. I wanted release, and my sister was taking me there.

“Cum little brother. Cum in me. I want you to.”

And I was going to do just that. My hands fell to Jan’s hips and I began to push up into her. I found that if I lifted my hips hard, she got clit contact and I got max penetration so for a few strokes we both got dizzy in the sexual heat of it.

My balls began to tighten as my incestuous sperm began to rise. She watched my face as I came and laughed with joy. And I came hard. I pushed up and exploded inside my sister’s cunt, gob after gob, until my balls were empty and we collapsed in a heap of spent flesh.

Jan lay on top of me panting with her exertions as I hugged her. My rod twitched a few more times and she tweaked it with her inner muscles as if we were sending morse code to each other.

After a minute or so my dick had softened enough to plop out of her. It brought with it a gob of my cum mixed with her plentiful pussy juice and my thigh got soaked with the incest mess.

I broke the trance: “Ugh. We need another shower.”

“Yeah. You first this time.”

When I got back Jan was asleep. I gazed lovingly at her breasts rising and falling with her steady breathing. Then I pulled the covers over us both, held her in my arms, and joined her in dreamland.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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