Broken In Ch. 03


I had two sexual experiences with my roommate and good friend, Darnell, and where as I had unbelievably powerful orgasms both times they were my first experiences with a man. ‘Big D’ had gotten rough with me both times. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, but I knew part of me wanted more.

Afterwards he suggested that we go the Club to check the local talent, and although I was exhausted and emotionally drained, I obediently got ready and he drove us over, with me feeling bashful and unsure of myself the whole way, a state of mind that I was not used to at all.

When we got there and walked in together I felt like we were a couple and that everyone could tell that we had been hooking up. Did they know that we just had sex? Did they know that I was full of his spunk? So many questions.

I felt the full squishy sensation of him in my anal canal, but as I settled in it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would and soon enough we had taken shots and had drinks. We soon hit the dance floor where both Darnell and I were approached consistently by females from all directions.

I knew then that there was nothing with wrong with me. Maybe I just wanted something different. I’ve always been highly sexual and never considered being submissive with a man, but as I looked back I realize that I was being coy and flirting with a fella that I knew was a dominant stud.

I laid myself out to him on a silver platter. I let him use me in the shower, and then later I cried to him and let him undress me, bend me over and lube me up, finger fuck me, then spike his joint up my ass and unload in me without saying boo. I even thanked him afterwards for helping me out. Darnell used my burgeoning sexuality and confusion to wrap me around his big brown cock.

Being social and dancing it out at the club helped. Throughout the next couple hours we danced, drank, and flirted, with Darnell buying me drinks and obviously trying to get me liquored up, maybe trying to apologize, maybe trying to get me to black out so could he take advantage of me again.

I was pretty loosened up, to pun a phrase, and had the night not turned out like it did I suspect I would’ve been ‘broken in’ hard, as Big D likes to say.

Normally when I’m hammered at the club I go for tarts and bimbos, whoever fits the superficial bill of what I thought I wanted, whomever I thought matched me physically, and it worked out fine for me, but that night I was distracted from my hook up with D and I guess I just wasn’t feeling the usual fare.

Right when I thought I’d actually end up going home alone for the first time in a long time a petite red head strolls up to me on the dance floor and starts moving in rhythm in front of me. She was pale-skinned and had that thing I loved on women, a large ass, and she shook it with largesse, to pun another phrase, letting everyone know she had the goods.

She had on a bowler hat, a tight white tank top with no bra, she looked to be about a B cup, wearing short shorts with suspenders covering where her nipples should be popping out, and those black rimmed nerd glasses with no lens. She looked hipster-ish and usually I don’t go for that but she caught me when I was weak.

Her ass was amazing, her name is Cassie, Cassandra, and her healthy cheeks with that porcelain skin flared out the bottom of her shorts. She has a slim upper body and a healthy thick lower portion. Her body type resembles a guitar, fat at the bottom and slim at the top, and we worked our way towards each other until my own muscled body was pressed against her sexy soft one.

“You and your roommate look amazing together,” she says, as the color drains from my face.

I thought maybe she was somehow reading it off of my attitude. Maybe I had that air of ‘just being used like a gay slut’ thing going on, but she continued and eased my mind, “when you two walked in it was like the place came to a standstill. I’m surprised the DJ didn’t stop the track to announce you guys.”

I smile, “Actually, we do know that guy,” and she laughs.

That wasn’t a lie. We do know the DJ, he goes to our gym. He’s ok, but a bit of a dufus and needs to put together a proper workout routine. I tried to get him on my program, but he’s too cheap to pay for CPT Sessions.

I try to turn her around to grind her ass, she shakes her finger at me coming in close, wrapping her arms around my neck. I get self conscious knowing my erection was pressing against her stomach and place my hands gently on her hips, my fingers reaching towards her tasty bottom.

“I’ve always wanted to see two men together. I’ve a serious weakness for black men too. You two are amazing,” she says this right into my ear, almost melting herself into me as my heavy cock jumps to full chub. I start to feel butterflies in my stomach and she pulls away from me and sees the nervous look I’m wearing.

She tilts her head and furrows her brows at me, then grabs me by the hands, “Let’s get out of here.”


She grabs my hand leading me off the dance floor escort kayaşehir and I leave without saying goodbye to Darnell. She takes me back to her place and we retire to her room where we make out on the bed. She slowly undress me, not letting me touch her or take her clothes off. She was teasing me hard.

“So I can tell from the way you reacted that you’re bisexual and that you’ve been with him, haven’t you?”

“Why would say that? You think I’m gay? Do I give off a gay vibe? I thought I was always very masculine,” I respond suddenly stammering on.

Somehow she stripped me naked and was still fully dressed. Usually I’m the one that takes control, but she led me through the hook up. I was already feeling insecure, and her questions kind of set me off.

“Jarred, you’re not gay. It’s obvious from the way you were at the club. I saw all the girls freak out over you. I felt your boner as we danced. I think you’re bisexual. I also think you’ve probably hooked up with … Darnell is his name?”

“Big D.”

“Oh my god! Really?,” she giggles at the irony and presses for more intel as she strokes my cock. I resist her inquiries and try to strip her down, but she keeps saying no and we kiss as she voir dires me.

She had my gears turning. I notice how different she smells from Darnell, as if he’s the bar for attractive natural scent. She’s so soft, smart, and open-minded. Her demeanor is different from most of the girls I go for, and I start to feel as if maybe it’s ok to open up to her. She’s a breath of fresh air.

“So are you bisexual, Jarred?” Cassie asks.

“Yes,” I admit to her and myself, looking away from her in shame, “I never told anyone before. I didn’t know until today,” I say, looking away from her as I examine the intricacies of her uninteresting ceiling.

She takes me by the chin and slowly turns my head back towards her. She smiles and leans her head down onto my chest stroking my cock at a snail’s pace.

“Have you been with… Big D?”

“I have,” I say, “it was rough… and amazing. It was like… like I was happy just to be a part of it and yet still scared. He’s an animal.”

“Wow, I’ve been there before. Being with a Dominant black guy can be amazing,” she cuddles up closer to me bringing her hand down to her mound and stroking her clit through her clothes as she jerks me as slowly as possible, keeping me on edge, “So when did this happen? Have you guys been together for a while?”

When she asks me if I’ve been together with Darnell, like we’re gay partners, I think about the idea for a moment and realize how much I need to talk to someone. I look over at her with concern; I must’ve looked like some scared kid.

“Hey, it’s ok. You seem pent up, but I want you to know you can talk to me. I’m not gonna judge you. I’m bisexual too. I’ve been owned by hung black men. I have a girlfriend I’m seeing right now. If you don’t want to talk we can just screw and do whatever, you’re gorgeous, but I think you need someone to talk to someone and I’d like for it to be me.”

“We hooked up for the first time today, this morning in the shower, and then again after I got back from a modeling audition,” I continue to spill my guts to her as she strokes us both at an agonizing a pace.

“He’s carved in stone and just… big all over. He’s got this massive cock and these unreal…” I stop and close my eyes picturing it, “these giant balls. I can’t believe I’m telling you this… it started this morning when I was in the shower…”

I try to be as detailed as possible. When I’m vague she stops me and asks me for details like what his penis smelled like, makes me describe the taste of his cum, what it felt like to have him accidentally shoot up into me and man handle me, she makes me describe over and over what it was like when he pushed his cock up my ass, how it felt shooting inside of me, and I try to tell the truth and not embellish, although it’s tough.

She keeps the hand job slow and steady, but as the story continues she starts to finger her clit faster and harder, she bites her bottom lip listening to me relay the tale, making a face that looks like she’s almost in pain. She’s love this, finally someone who understands.

By the time I’ve finished my sordid, yet brief, interracial gay history we’re both flushed and edged, having dragged out the moment. By now with anyone else I would’ve normally have made out, eaten her out, and then fucked her, maybe twice, but with Cassie we just hold each other and she strokes us both slow.

“Jarred, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard, especially considering that it was you and him. You guys are two of the hottest men I’ve ever seen. Are you ok?”

“Yes, I think so, just … nervous, unsure.”

“That’s normal, but it sounds like you’re not just bisexual, but that you might be submissive? The way he handled you, the way you reacted. Uhhh… fuck baby, mmm… what I meant when I said are you ok… mmmm… is that when he had you bent over and pinned you down… ahhh… he escort anadolu yakası forced you, he…”

“No, don’t say it. Please, I wanted it. I did… I let him do it. I don’t think I realized how much I wanted it until now, but I thought he was gonna fuck me the minute he asked me to see my ass and … oh my God,” Cassie strokes me harder as she ravages herself, my hands stroke her rib cage though her top, she has goose bumps, “and I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to…”

“You wanted to be taken hard and fast, didn’t you? You wanted your best friend to ra… to fuck you up your cute butt.”

“Yeah, when I realized it I arched my back and stuck my ass out at him… and my ass cheeks opened up and it felt so good to let go of the stigma of homosexuality and just allow myself to bend over for him and be used by him.”

“Oh my god, Jarred, I’m cumming, pinch my nipples, caress my tits!!” She humps the air as she gently ride the wave and falls over her cliff.

She’s catching her breath, her eyes glazed over as she looks deep into me, smiling, and then something pops into her mind. I can almost see a light bulb going off and breaking over her head, “Jarred!! He’s still inside of you, you’re still bruised back there? Get on your hands and knees.”

I oblige her. I’m on my hands and knees between her legs with my large upper body and head just over her stomach and tits. I’m dwarfing this small woman as I submit to someone, again, and then I just nod dumbly at her.

“Stay on your hands and knees,” she pushes herself up from under me and unmounts the mattress, slowly walking around behind me, sucking in a deep breath of air as I feel her eyes roam over me.

“It’s not red, but there’s bruising, like two big hand prints, wow” she climbs up behind me as I turn my head to look back at her, “Eyes forward Mister!!”

I obey her every command as she starts trace her fingers over the purple bruising, running her fingers up the crack and tickling my rosebud, “Can I have some?” she lowers her face and kisses my bruised flesh, now I’m the one with goose bumps.

“I’m not sure if you want to…”

“Don’t be selfish. You feel it just behind here, right?” she presses her tiny digit against my hole and I respond with a strained yes.

She presses her face in my crack, licking it up and down, bending her head down to the mattress to lap at my testicles and snakes her tongue back up the deep valley to my hole, “Give it to me, just let it ease out.”

She’s performing analigus like a pro as I get used to her face back there. This is another first for me. She’s drooling like a fiend and we moan together. I can feel the vibrations against my skin as she hums out an unrecognizable tune.

My cock is painfully hard as I start to slowly try to loosen my sphincter to let Big D’s juice drool out of my anus, feeding this hungry nymphet as she starts sucking hard at my entrance. We’re like a two person human centipede.

Her face is latched on to me to feed from my hole. My butthole opens slightly as a trickle of sperm get’s suctioned into her. She ingesting Darnell’s deposit directly from me, instantly gabbing my steel sausage and pumping her hand on it as she slurps on my ass like a cum vampire in a feeding frenzy. It’s a sloppy rimjob with a rusty trombone and a creampie filling.

This girl is super nasty.

“It’s taste so strong, so bitter,” she says, pushing my head down and splaying me out further. It’s exactly what I didn’t know I needed. It feels great and gives me that awesome submissive feeling of offering my butt to someone again. The pressure of being so full starts to decrease on my back door.

“Is there a lot left?” she speaks into my anus, muffled slightly and in a huff, one hand on my left cheek, one hand on my cock.

“I think you might’ve sucked out almost half of it?”

I’m on edge and as I get closer to shooting she mouths my ring tight, suctioning out juice as I start moaning, then screaming, then shooting all over her bed sheets as I collapse onto my chest with my ass still up.

She’s gnawing on my hole, grabbing it with her teeth, no longer drinking from me, “I’ve leaving you a little bit of Big D’s semen, baby,” she purrs, her hands and mouth excite my tingling rear in the afterglow, “to sooth your hurt tushy.”

I can hear her saying this with a big smile, as she pushes at my right hip to get me to fall on my side, and I roll over onto my back, panting and staring back up at the uninteresting ceiling again in a calm shock, feeling rebirth and acceptance for first time since this whole sordid affair with my friend began.

We cuddle together and make pillow talk as we both drift off to sleep. It’s the first time I go home with someone and don’t fuck her, and it’s also one of the rare occasions when I sleep over at a woman’s place.

She makes me breakfast in the morning and we chat nonchalantly about what we’ll do today and then exchange numbers ceremoniously, “I’m not going to ask you to call me, or be escort avrupa yakası that girl. I don’t need a boyfriend, I have a girl already, and it sounds like you might have a guy? But I like you, and you’re beautiful Jarred, and I want to see you again.”

I head home afterwards, Darnell has already left for work and I look into his room, picturing him nude on his bed watching TV with his always semi-hard fat meat hanging. I strip down and imagine being taken by him. I want to be ‘broken in’ hard, but on my terms. I clean myself in the shower, trying to smell my hunky black friend’s strong scent and failing.

We have an air freshener in there. I keep the whole apartment very clean, for the first time I start to slightly regret that, so I make my way back over to his room and look in his laundry hamper. I know it’s a cliché, the creepy pervert looking for a pair of dirty draws to sniff, but when I found his grimy boxer briefs, still wet from his long day of work yesterday, I stole them away for a while so I could jerk off with them and bathe my senses in his musk.

I suit up in my gym clothes and check my calendar, I have a few appointments and manage to keep my day full, keeping focus on my tasks and thinking about Darnell on and off. Cassie pops into my head too. I want to see her again, another first.

‘I’m a bisexual man,’ I tell myself,’ and I want her bad.’ She’s a little freaky minx. She’s what I want.

After I work with my clients I hit the gym with a fury I haven’t felt in a while. I’m burning with lust and I channel that energy in the Iron Temple, feeling my pump, imagine having long hot sex with Darnell and Cassie, separately and together.

When I’m done I shower up, no sauna today, I sweat enough yesterday. I put on a simple jeans and a t-shirt, but I feel refreshed and clean. I know it might be too soon but I need to know if last night was a one off, so I text Cassandra and she responds right away.

Cassie: I was thinking of you all day. Last night was the hottest sex I ever had with a man, and we didn’t even fuck.

Jarred: We can remedy that, I know it’s really soon, but I’m hot for you now. I want to see you.

Cassie: Most definitely, can you pick me up and take me to your place? I wanna meet him.

I pause for a long second, realizing the implications of what she just texted me and start running over the myriad scenarios that might occur upon their introduction. My nerves hit me again, and as I go to respond to her my phone beeps again.

Cassie: I’ll see you in fifteen minutes. 😛

I scoop her up and we speed home, chatting about how work went and I go a little over board in details about my work out and how good it felt to explode out with such power, feeling like I’m rejuvenated, and she’s feels my arms and chest as I drive, grinning like a cat that got the cream, and trying to look like she’s listening intently.

As we approach the stairs to the second floor of the house I warn her that sometimes we walk around naked so be prepared to get an eyeful, “We’re not shy around here, Cas.”

“Duly noted, one can only hope and, Jarred, just so YOU know I tend to get submissive and slutty around black men, but no matter what happens, know that I want you.”

“Are you talking about fucking him?” I ask.

“If the man I saw at the club is in there naked then I might lose control, yes, but I know you understand. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I might need your help to not… embarrass myself.”

“Maybe we should just go.”

“It’s up to you, but this is part of who we are,” she says cool and calm, “and if you’re can be handle it, then it won’t matter who fucks who in what way. I’ll be yours if you claim me.”

“Fuck it, sounds hot either way,” I can definitely handle it. I head up the stairs to see what happens. This isn’t the first time D and I have been in a situation where a girl likes us and wants to fuck us both.

We get to the door and listen for activity inside. The TV is on and there’s sound coming from the kitchen area, and I smile at Cassie and wink, “You ready? He’s in there and he’s probably naked,” she starts licking her lips and at that I open the door and we shuffle inside.

Darnell is in the kitchen preparing his dinner. He’s naked as the day he was born. His body is fresh from a shower and his muscles are pumped and flexing with every slight action as he slyly glances over at me, and then looks up completely when he realizes that I’m not alone.

“Hey man, this is my… um… new friend, Cassie. Cassandra, met her last night,” I nod over to Cassie and she curtsies.

She’s wearing her trade mark thick black frame nerd glasses, no bowler hat today, a short plaid skirt compliments her fat ass which pokes out the bottom, she must be wearing a thong because I can’t see any panties, just ass hanging out, with a short-sleeved tight white blouse, her hair is in a pony tail and she looks really young, a bit like a school girl. I think that was intentional, but maybe I’m wrong. She’s still very sexy. It looks natural on her and she wears it well.

She boldly walks up into the kitchen area right up to the naked African giant, looks him up and down and offers her hand, stopping to take a long and very obvious look at his penis, and says, “Wow, ummm… it’s very nice to meet you, Sir.”

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