Breakfast Time with Mom


It’s been almost two years since my last story. I apologize for all the bad grammar. I hope you all still enjoyed it. It was a true story. Of course some things were changed so I would be able to post it. But let me get on with it.

This story is about me and my lovely, beautiful, sexy mother, again. We have had a pretty good ongoing sexual relationship since my last story. I’ll try to write about all of them as quickly as I can. So without further adieu.

It was the day before my birthday. Not too long after Christmas. Snow still falling. Roads closed, schools shut down. The whole town closed because of the winter weather. So naturally, I’m stuck at home. My mom there too, her work being closed as well. My brother had moved out in the last year so it was just me and her. Which worked in my favor very well.

I awoke that morning to the smell of food cooking. Bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy. I loved my moms breakfasts. I rubbed my eyes, stretching as I rolled out of bed. Zombie walk to the toilet with morningwood, the urge to piss badly. We both walked around nude now, no worries. Just the strong bond we had for each other now. No worries anymore. We did what we wanted to do around each other.

As I tried to piss with a rock solid boner, I just jumped in the shower, pissing all over the place. Trying to get it out as the blood left my cock slowly. Finally getting my bladder emptied, I washed off, cleaned the shower as I cleaned myself. I’m not a total slob.

As I finished showering off. I opened the curtain and reached for a towel. To my surprise, there stood my lovely mom. In a black silk robe, opened fully. Her magnificent breasts displayed in all their glory. Her nicely trimmed ornate bush pointing to her lovely pussy.

“Good morning sweety”, she said softly as she handed me a towel.

“Morning beautiful”, I replied.

I stepped out as I dried off. Laying my towel on the floor to Gaziantep Escort dry up any mess. She reached out and wrapped her arms around my waist, pulled me into her breasts, pushing them into me. I loved the way her soft, big boobs felt against me.

I started to kiss her neck, softly caressing her neck, down her shoulders, leaning down and kissing her soft breasts. She tilted her head back as I licked around her hard nipples. Moaning and quivering. She slid her hand down and firmly gripped my cock, already throbbing and rock solid.

“Fuck me please honey, I’m so horny, please, fuck me now!”

I had no problems with that request.

I grabbed my towel, folded it and laid it on the toilet lid. I told her to get on her knees on the toweled seat and bend over. She didn’t argue. She climbed on, stuck her ass out, and arched her back. I buried my tongue into her slit, she was already pouring with juices. I flicked my tongue on her clit. Her body shaking as I licked faster, and faster.

“Oh my god, eat my pussy, I’m gonna cum, keep licking my pussy please!” she screamed.

I was licking furiously. I pulled my mouth away for a moment and started fingering her. I spit on her asshole, slowly sliding a finger into her ass. Her body jerked, she let out a long low moan. She wasn’t hating it.

“Fuck my ass please baby, I want your big dick in my right ass now!” She demanded.

I stood up. My cock was bouncing with my heart rate. Throbbing. Turning purple. I was dripping precum everywhere. I grasped my cock, put the swollen head against her asshole. Pushing slowly forward, her ass started opening up as my cock head started to slide in.

“It’s so tight mom, I don’t know if it will go in” I said.

“You fuck my ass now, fuck my ass hard and I don’t care, just fuck me!”

I didn’t argue. Sliding into her tight ass, she started rubbing her pussy, slowly my cock was Gaziantep Escort Bayan a third of the way in, I kept pushing, she was moaning with every inch that disappeared inside her.

I started thrusting, slowly out, then back in. Picking up speed slowly. Her body shaking as I grabbed her hips. Pushing my cock deep into her ass. Burying my cock to the balls.

“Fuck me hard now please!” She demanded.

So I backed out and thrusted into her, she screamed “oh my god yes!”. I could feel her ass tighten as I fucked her, while she rubbed her clit.

She was gonna cum soon. So I didn’t hold back. I thrusted in and out, as hard and as fast as I could. Holding onto her curvy hips, pulling her ass to me as I buried my cock all the way in. My balls slapping her pussy as I fucked her furiously. Her screams getting louder and louder. Her body jerking violently.

“Oh my god! I’m cumming!” She yelled.

I pumped harder and faster. My balls tightened.

“I’m gonna cum mom, oh god!” I yelled back.

“Cum inside my ass, cum in me!” She demanded as I pulled her hair.

Her body started jerking around, her toes curled up. I felt my cock swell as I started to shoot hot jets of cum into her ass as she groaned and screamed “oh my fucking god, fill me with cum!”

She rubbed her pussy faster and faster as I pumped and thrusted my cock deep in her ass as I filled her full of hot jizz.

“I’m cumming!” She yelled. Jerking and twitching all over the seat of the toilet.

Her leg jerking and shaking as she planted a foot on the floor, pushing her ass into my pelvis. Burying my dick deep in her as my cock throbbed, emptying my balls inside her as her pussy dripped all over the towel.

She finally stopped twitching. Breathing heavily. Trying to catch her breath. As she tried to compose herself, I slowly slid my cock out of her ass. Inch by inch, pulling out. Escort Gaziantep As the head emerged, all the trapped air released, her asshole making gurgling sounds as my cum bubbled out of her. She laughed.

“Oh my god that was great honey” she said as I grabbed a wash cloth and started to wet it with hot water.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Cleaning my cock off, why?”

“No, that’s my job”. She leaned forward, sitting on the toilet seat. Wrapping her soft lips around my cum glazed cock. Straight out of her ass. She deepthroated my cock, not using any hands. Slurping and choking as she took my half hard cock down her throat.

“It’s my cum, and I’m gonna clean it off”, she exclaimed.

My cock started to grow. She started sucking my cock, licking all around the head. Up and down the shaft. Cleaning every drop of cum off my dick.

“You gonna cum for me again babe?” She asked in a seductive tone.

“Oh yeah, keep sucking the head mom, I’m gonna cum again!”

As she sucked harder and harder on my cock head, swirling her tongue around as she bobbed on my cock. I could feel it swelling up again.

“Oh my god mom, here it cums!” I yelled as she grabbed the base with one hand and stroked the head of my chick with the other.

“Cum baby, cum for mommy!” My cum started shouting out, she positioned herself perfectly under my streams of cum. Every drop landing on her face. She moaned as the hot ropes covered her. Glazing her cheeks and gluing her eyes shut.

She licked the cum off the head of my cock. Using her fingers to gather the cum off her face and eat every last drop off her fingers. Cleaning herself as best she could.

“Well, I need a shower myself, I better get cleaned up.”

“Ok mom” I replied.

“Why don’t you go eat some breakfast now, I kept the heat on it so it would stay warm.”

“Thanks mom” I replied.

“I love you honey” she said as she smiled and climbed into the shower. The curtain closed as she climbed in. I splashed some water on my face and proceeded to the kitchen to replenish my starving body.

I thought to myself, as I walked into the kitchen, “I sure can’t wait to see what’s for lunch.” I laughed out loud.

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