Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


Warning: This story involves incest between a father and his triplet daughters. All characters are above eighteen.


All three girls looked similar with their long black hair and green eyes but the Landry triplets were as different as could possibly be. Maddie was serious, Macy was.. easily impressed, and Margaret was generally negative. However, all three shared a love of baking. So when Maddie graduated with a business degree, she decided to bring her sisters along as she started a bakery.

There was only one downside. None of them had credit. Or money. Maddie was a broke college student regardless of her beige and gray pencil skirts that perfectly matched her blazers. Margaret made her money as a waitress in the city so she could change in her car and go to a lesbian bar at night. All her wadded up dollar bills went to salt-rimmed drinks and tipping girl’s named Kat with box-dyed hair and too much eyeliner. Macy happily lived at home.

So all three set down with their father to work out a plan. He’d co-sign their loan and even help them make their payments until they turned a profit on the bakery. If and only if; one sister came to fuck him in the morning, another in the afternoon, and one at night. Every single day they were open. Monday through Friday.




By the time most people wake up, I’m on my back taking my dad’s cock.

This is nothing more than a business transaction to me. The bank receives a monthly check to cover our rent. He wears a rubber. I take my pill. Every morning at 4:30 I’m on my back, legs spread.

After our little meeting this morning, I’ll meet with a dairy supplier, and go check on my sister, Margaret, who is busy at work rolling out piecrust and baking loaf after loaf of bread. It’s all the same. Business.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it. Dad’s got a nice cock. Veiny and curves just right to hit a couple of really good spots. His thickness spreads you good and open so you’re reminded you’ve been fucked for a few hours. I enjoy myself. Moaning and pushing back against him. I’ve never faked an orgasm in my life. He has to work for it just like everyone else.

I used to lift my skirt up, restricting the amount of skin he could see to the necessary parts but my skirts wrinkle easily. So my modesty went out the door. Nowadays, I simply strip naked and walk to the bed. Fully aware he’s watching my ass jiggle. Whatever. He paid for it. Might as well let him enjoy the show.

I wait on the small, plant overloaded front porch. Dad doesn’t live anywhere too fancy. A shotgun house, single story, with three bedrooms. This is where he raised us.

“Morning,” dad grunts, unlocking the screen door for me. “You want some breakfast? Macy’s around here somewhere. She was talking about making blueberry pancakes or something.”

The floors are new, wooden. He installed them last year. They shine. The old couch and lazy boy sit in front of a massive big screen TV. A Beauty and the Beast throw blanket lay crumpled on the couch with an abandoned book. My sister must be in her room hiding. Still mad at me for yelling at her last week.

“If she has an itch to bake she could always crawl out from your ass and go to the bakery she owns a third of.”

Dad stopped, disapproval flashing on his face. “Maddie,” he warned.

“Don’t, dad. I know. I’ve heard it before. Let’s get this going, I’m not hungry.” I pushed past him and made my way to his bedroom. The sheets and duvet were a mess of wrinkles. Both my dad and Macy think we don’t know what’s going on between them. More than our little business deal. Growing up, dad’s bed was always prim and proper. Macy’s, however, was always in the same chaotic disarray.

I didn’t care about their little secret. If Macy wanted to be dad’s fleshlight, let her.

I quickly unbuttoned my top and slid out of my skirt, folding them neatly over the back of the wooden chair that sits in the corner of his room. “On my back or knees or what?”

Dad closed the door, scratching the back of his neck. He was more of a lover than I have ever been. It made him a little uncomfortable how formal I was. “On your back, sweetie.” He always preferred me on my back. Not sure why.

I roll onto his messy bed in my panties, rising up so he can pull them off of me. The bedroom is pretty plain. Nothing to look at on the walls while he pushes my knees further apart. He looks at my pussy like he’s never seen it before, licking his lips and pushing his boxers down.

I let my arms slip around his neck as he lies against me. He is leaning to one side to fist his cock against my bare cunt. “You have such a sweet little pussy,” he whispers, the head touching my clit and making me whimper just a little.

And then he’s in me and there’s no denying I enjoy it. Our sounds quickly fill the air as he slaps against me. It’s part of my day now. It helps with the stress of running a new business.

Dad’s a good twenty-minute pumper. Pushing all the way in until I feel Fulya Escort his curly pubic hair against my bare skin. Then he draws out slow, working in and out in a torturing rhythm until I start to fuck him back. He loves making me fuck him back. When I can’t hold back the little moans and whimpers anymore, he buries his face in my neck, kissing and licking.

“That’s it baby, fuck, fuck, fuck. Take daddy’s cock.” His breath is hot on my neck. “Oh, God.”

He pushes my knees up as he pushes as deep and as hard as he can into me. My toes are curling and that pressure inside me tilts until it spills over and I’m coming on his cock.

I feel a bit of the warmth as he fills the condom and wonders what it would feel like inside me. He slumps against me, pulling me with him as he rolls onto his back. Wet, sticky forehead kisses are a touch too much for me. “I love you, pumpkin.”

But I’m already pulling away, checking the time. Dad rolls off the bed to fetch me a warm washcloth as I fish my phone out of my purse, “Add note. Remind Margaret to take it easy on the Allspice.”

The cold morning air feels good against my bare cunt as I climb back into my car and head to my next meeting.




I wasn’t happy when daddy made the deal for the bakery. I was used to him fucking me several times a day. My sisters moved away to college and I moved into daddy’s room though we didn’t tell anybody.

A few nights at first. Snuggling. Negotiating how far we would let things go until one night we were panting and begging. The next morning, I left my pillow in his room. He complained about how messy I left his bed but it was always with a grin, pulling me in for a hug and spanking my ass as he whispered how much he loved me into my ear.

Now, I have to wait in my old room while daddy fucks Maddie each morning. Listening to the bed thump against the wall and all their grunts and groans. Despite my sister’s stuffy nature, she gets moaning pretty good at the end when she’s close. This morning I was getting cereal when I saw her flushed face, she was patting down her pencil skirt. Pretending to be unbothered. Like she hadn’t just been fucked well.

Waiting till noon is torture for me. On weekends, I get him all to myself and I wake him up by taking him in my mouth.

After Maddie left, I busied myself making breakfast. Mixing a bowl full of flour, egg, milk, and berries. Daddy wrapped his arms around me as I worked quietly. He said nothing, only kissing my shoulder and humming a bit. Comforting me. He knew I wasn’t happy with this little deal of his.

“Baby,” he finally spoke. “I’m going to take care of you at noon. You know that.”

“Wouldn’t want you to lower your standards back down to me, daddy,” I said, nudging him away from me as I cut a slab of butter and let it fall to the hot skillet.

He groaned. “You know that isn’t true.”

“Then why did you need more than me? I was already fucking you three times a day.”

“Language,” he warned. I didn’t turn my head to look at him; he tightened his arms around my waist. I poured little silver dollar pancakes out, watching the fat berries discolor the dough with reds and purples. “I was only trying to help your sister’s out. They wanted this bakery so badly and I thought it might be good for you too.”

This time I did look at him, warning him. “What I do with my own time is my business,” I snapped. “You sound just like Madeline.”

“Maddie has nothing to do with this, sweetheart. But yes, we’re both afraid you don’t get out enough.”

I flipped the pancakes. “I prefer to stay in the house. Why is that such a crime? There are plenty of men in this world who would gladly take me in and let me cook for them night and day, clean their homes, fuck them senseless.”

Daddy’s eyebrows rose. “Language.”

“Fine.” I spatula’d the remaining pancakes out of the pan and onto a plate. Buttering them as fast as I could manage.


Noon rolled around quick. Daddy went out for a few quick jobs. He’s an electrician and I’ve always hated when we’d fight. What if something bad happened while he was at work and my last words to him were snapped over something as stupid as sharing his affection? I’m a triplet, I’ve been sharing affection my whole life. But for the last four years, while my sisters had been away… It had just been us.

I snuggled up on the couch and read while it lightly rained outside. I was due at work at five, just before Margaret would arrive here for her fucking. I’d called out a few nights and Maddie had my head for it. Telling me she’d gladly buy my shares of the bakery and I could sit in this house and rot with dad.

But was it such a bad thing to want to stay at home? To fill my time reading? Cooking? I wasn’t the best at cleaning but the floors did shine, the bathroom sparkled, and the dish drainer was always full of freshly washed dishes. I didn’t think so. It was my happy place.

I never asked to be part of the bakery. Fulya Escort Bayan Maddie is too much of a control freak and she hates when I take liberties with the recipes so she put Margaret in charge of baking a few weeks ago. We’d been bickering ever since.

My evening flew by as I read pages and pages of The Night Bus, occasionally stopping to glance up at the storm. Worried daddy was working outside in this.

Around eleven thirty, the screen door creaked and the keys jingled in the door. Daddy brought sandwiches home for lunch from my favorite place, Submarine. Bright yellow sacks clutched in his well-worked hands with thick veins wrapping up his arms. I hugged him, tightly around the middle. “I’m glad you’re home.”

He squeezed me back. “Me too, baby.”

“I’m sorry I was angry earlier.”

He squeezed me again and sat the bags on the table. “I love you. I love your sisters too. And eventually, this loan is going to be paid back. Maddie is going to either run the world or enslave it,” he kissed my forehead as I laughed. “And Margaret is going to find some old lesbian to show her the ropes, and settle down with her.”

“And me?” I asked.

“And you are going to do whatever it is you want to do. If that’s staying here in this house and cooking and fucking your old man, that’s fine by me. But this is the only time I’ll ever get to bond like this with your sisters. They aren’t as easy as you.” Daddy dodged my arm punch.


“Was only a joke, baby.” He said, pulling me back into a hug, his hand slipping along my ass. The silk of my skirt swishing as he grabbed my ass cheek and squeezed. Our lips touched and he tasted sweet like the tea he’d bought for us at Submarine to go with our lunch. His hand sank between my legs and he jostled the lightweight material until his hand ran along my panties. I was wet. Both of us could feel it. His fingers making it worse. “Maybe it wasn’t a joke.”

I buried my red face into his chest. “Maddie doesn’t play too hard to get. She’s started to beg you to go harder.”

“You were listening again,” he laughed, kissing my cheeks.

“Yes, sir.” I don’t bother denying it. The door is sometimes left cracked open and I’ll watch them go at it. Watching his thick cock sink into my sister’s cunt over and over is addictive.

Daddy was grinning ear to ear as if he could read my mind. “I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson about eavesdropping.” He walked me backward toward the bedroom, as I laughed and clung to him.

He threw me back on the bed I had just made. A pillow fell onto the floor. We paid it no mind. I sat up on my elbows, watching as daddy pealed his long-sleeve shirt off and threw it to the floor. He began yanking at the red cotton shirt, pulling at the material from his shoulders and it was off in one swift motion. I had no idea why that turned me on. His body was strong, solid.

He gestured for me to “come here” with that quick folding of his hand that made me wetter than I already was. I didn’t come fast enough. Grabbing my ankles, he yanked me to the edge of the bed, quickly kissed my lips, and flipped me over. He pushed my skirt up and..

Smack! I squirmed as his hand landed flat on my ass. He rubbed, soothing the area just in time for him to spank me a few more times. The cotton a thin barrier between me and his rough hand. Daddy yanked my panties down to my knees and ordered me to get still.

I jumped and wiggled as more and more spanks landed until my ass was hot and I was whimpering.

Daddy fucks the other two for twenty minutes each. The most they’ll allow. But he and I will roll around in our bed for hours. Him eating my cunt, me giggling and kissing at his flaccid cock as he curses me. Until he’s hard and pinning me on my back. What we have is more special than what they have.

The sound of his zipper is enough to make my toes curl against the floor. My legs are spread wide. My ass and cunt are on full display for him. His hands are rough as he grabs my ass cheeks and spread them wide so he can see my tight little asshole, my puffy lips already wet for him. “Jesus,” he mutters.

My face is on fire. “It’s all yours, daddy.”

Daddy’s fingers run along my slit, feeling my swollen lips and slowly he pushes them apart. His cock head bumps against me and then there’s that sweet fullness. I love the feeling of him inside of me. Of us being linked together in a physical way and I focus on squeezing around him. My eyes shut tight as my ass jiggles from the rhythm that is slowly speeding up.

“I love your tight little pussy, princess. God damn it, it’s so fucking good.” He slows, leaning over my back and wrapping his arms around me and slows down. Humping against me gently. “Tell me you like daddy’s cock sinking into you.”

“I love your cock, daddy. You’re so thick.”

“You’d let me have this cunt any time of day, wouldn’t you?” He laughs, a sharp spank coming down on my left ass cheek. He holds himself deep inside my cunt as I grip around Escort Fulya him, my hands grabbing at the blanket as I push back against him begging him to fuck me.

“Yes, daddy!”

Daddy’s fingers sink into my hips, holding me steady as he rocks back and forth inside of me. Picking up the pace until the slapping of his balls against me is louder than my own thoughts. And I think of my sister being laid out on her back, being pounded just the same as daddy used her for her cunt and I dig my fingers into the bed.

My orgasm comes quickly, rushing over me and curling my toes. I groan and moan for him as he continues to slam in and out of me. My cunt drooling over his cock and the noises are downright animal. “You came all over daddy’s cock,” he growled. “Good girl.” It wouldn’t be long for him.

I remember him cuddling me one night and telling me why he laid Maddie out on her back every morning. The two of us could switch positions two or three times but he always wanted Maddie on her back. It’s the only time she’s submissive to anyone. Especially me and I’m her father.

Daddy kissed the back of my neck before he raises up, pushing down on my shoulders. He rutted at me hard until I was letting out yelps and wiggling beneath him and finally I felt him swell and the warm jets of cum flooding my cunt. I never made daddy wear a rubber. I wanted to feel daddy’s warm cum inside of me. Wanted it to slip out of me, mixed with my own and down my leg.

Daddy rolled off and pulled me to his chest, his hand grasping my ass and his fingers playing in the wetness as it poured out of me. “Did you learn your lesson?” He huffed in my ear, nibbling the lobe.

I shook my head and enjoyed his arms tight around me. His dick going soft but still inside of me. “Nope.”

He smiles. “Give me a minute and I’ll try again.”




I hate fucking the old pervert. Every day I try to make him cum with a blowjob.

How many times do you have to come out to somebody as gay before they believe you? My dad would smile and nod and tell me, “that’s nice, dear.” And yet here we are.

All the cakes were tucked away inside the fridge. All sorts of dough sat in wooden bowls, rising underneath checkered kitchen towels. Old aprons we found at an estate sale, pigs and sunflowers embroidered on them, hung on an old order-spike. It was a beautiful place. I loved nothing more than flouring the cabinets and working away at doughnuts or piecrusts. Being head baker wasn’t apart of the plan but it was currently my job title.

On Maddie’s orders, I couldn’t leave the shop until Macy got there. Add babysitting to my list of things to do. Macy showed up looking like she just woke up from a nap, which she probably did.

A better baker than I’d ever been but Macy’s flightiness, agoraphobia, and inability to take orders from my sister left her on cleanup duty. She was washing dishes, scrubbing machines, disinfecting countertops. If I were her, I’d call in sick every day to curl up on the couch and eat homemade cookie dough.

“Hey,” I said, as she walked through the door. Nothing. No response, a half-hearted wave.

Macy yawned. She’d shown up in a black tank top and jeans, her black hair in a messy bun. She moseyed on around to the dishes and began organizing them on the counter so she could fill the sink with hot soapy water.

“You know,” I piped up, my hand on the door. So close to leaving. Letting this little fight work itself out between those two for once. Not being the middleman. No refereeing. But, I couldn’t stand it. They were driving me crazy with this avoidant bullshit. “I didn’t get around to icing a few of the cakes. The orders are in the file. I was going to come back tonight and do it but..”

Macy’s eyes lit up. “I’ll do it!”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“No!” Macy had already ditched the soapy water and sprinted for the filing cabinet where we kept orders.

“Cake forty-seven, sixty-two, and seventy. All of them need to be iced and put in the fridge.”

“They’ll be perfect, I swear.”

“I know they will.” And I knew they would be. Macy was a fantastic baker.

I couldn’t help it; I had a soft spot for my sister. She was sweet and naive and tough as nails deep down. The last to admit it, I watched daddy fuck her once. When I was home for Christmas break sophomore year of college. I watched her take a pounding reserved for the most hardened of porn stars.

With a sigh, I left the store and drove the seven minutes to dad’s house. Stopping briefly to pet the old Doberman next door, Chauncy, who loved me and hated my sisters. I teased them about it being a lesbian thing. Men love us. I stood up straight and stepped onto the path leading up to my old house.

Dad was standing in the doorway with his arms folded, watching me with a smile. “Visiting Chauncy?”

“Yep.” We did this every damn day. Motherfucker.

I hated that shit eating grin on his face as he nodded toward the front room. “Come inside, sweetie.”

Slinking up the steps, I pushed past him and into the old, cozy familiar space. The new floors were laughable to me. Too young and new for a place with crown molding and curtains for the cabinet doors. A house with a mid-life crisis.

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