Bottom Training School


“I see your hard on Sam, you better go ask your Father’s permission before you start jerking off, if you don’t I’ll tell him myself.”

“Mario can’t you just shut up and clean the house like you’re paid to”

Sam was really quite stunning to look at. 18 years old with golden blonde hair and a flawless, slim yet built physic, long limbs and a sassy teen attitude to match.

“ I’m just trying to help Sam. You know how determined your Father is about you and those erections you get.”

“I’m not going Mario, I just won’t jerk off that’s all. It doesn’t matter if I have a hard on, I’m just not supposed to cum with out asking dad’s permission.”

“I think you better go tell your Father anyway Sam, you’ve got a precum spot the size off a bread plate on the front of your shorts and I know you have been holding off all weekend. If you come even without jerking off I know your Father would go through the roof.”

Mario smiled at Sam and giggled a little when Sam’s stiff cock would twitch noticeably inside his tight shorts.

“Oh shit Mario… I can’t leave the house with an erection like this and it just won’t go down!”

Sam hung his head and let Mario lead him to the study where his father, Dick was looking over some papers. The young man folded his hands behind his back exposing the incredible stiffy that he had had since three days before. A large wet stain on the front of his shorts brought further attention to the size and tension of Sam’s embarrassing predicament.

“Ahhh, my son! You haven’t been jerking off haven’t you my boy?”

Sam’s Father studied the boy’s body and let his eyes rest on the bulge in his son’s pants. His own prick began to stir at the sight and he adjusted his trousers to make room.

“He’s been rubbing at it through his shorts all afternoon when he thinks no one is looking, Sir.”

Sam wailed in disbelief at the lie Mario had told purposefully to bring on what ever was going to be Sam’s perverse and impending punishment.

“No way dad, I didn’t stroke my self I swear! I’ve been trying so hard all weekend dad and my hard on just wont go down but I’ve been a good sissy son dad, I promise!”

“Mario,” Sam’s father said shifting his gaze to the housekeeper. “It seems my punishments aren’t working with the lad. I think that I may have to send him away to the school for good. Maybe with harder training he’ll learn to control his bottoms!” Sam shrieked then grew calm and tried to reason and then took to shrieking again. His case was lost when he blew his load during the vigorous punishment administered to his rear with the ping pong paddle his dad used in cases like this one.

The tall stone school was a specialties service to moneyed Aksaray Escort perverts the world over. Sam had been there twice before. The last time was for the full summer vacation from Sam’s regular prep school, before that, he had spent 6 consecutive weekends there over the school year. This time Sam was to learn upon admittance that he was to be spending the next full year at;

THE BOTTOM TRAINING SCHOOL FOR BOYS Mario grinned like a fiend out of the window as the car taxied down the oak lined drive and out of sight on a seldom used country road. Sam’s rear end had been spanked that morning and his anus was on fire due to the large butt plug that had been placed there by his father’s athletic trainer that morning and was a requirement for admittance at the Boy’s Training School. He hadn’t had a chance to enjoy the penetration as he usually did due to the unceremonious entry and the ruff texture of the plug. It was Master Kendle who greeted the boy and Sam’s heart raced as Master kendle eyed his lean boyish body without hiding the contempt mixed with the lust and loathing he had for the boy. Master Kendle assigned him to a 30 something Italian named Gio that had paid an extravagant price to be a guest of the school and had visited as a guest on many occasions to fulfill every of his most base desires to his supreme satisfaction.

“Has he been trained here before, Dan?” The Italian asked Master Kendle.

“He has been trained, but not to his father’s satisfaction, have you, my boy?”

“No Sir, I need more…” Sam choked, “…training.”

Sam knew not to speak to Dan Kendle out of turn and to keep his head lowered and his hands loosely at his sides. Sam was made to show the Italian his body and when the Italian approved was lead away by another master named Teddy.

“Have you had your spanking today Sam?”

“Yes, once this morning Sir.”

“Only one?” Teddy raised an eyebrow. “You know you are to have 200 smacks a day, Sam. The last time you were here you developed quite a raw backside toward the end. I think this time you will have a chance to choose how many whacks you get daily. I know your father is a fan of spanking, Sam but one full year is an extremely long time to receive daily punishment”

Sam’s cheeks flushed bright red at the prospect. Remembering the summer he had spent at the school not more then a year ago, when he was humiliated daily. Teddy led Sam into a classroom where a roomful of fresh looking young men were at study.

“Class this is Sam, he has been sent here by his father for a full years worth of training and discipline. Sam…” Teddy turned to Sam. “Is you ass fulfilling its duty?”


“Have you a plug up your rear?”

“Yes, Aksaray Escort Bayan Sir” The class stirred and Sam looked strait at the floor, his cheeks scarlet, his anus burning. “Good boy Sam.” Said master Teddy. “Your anus will be disciplined for pleasure…at all times. Class, I have decided to ease up on Sam’s daily spankings as he allows for himself by choice. If you want Sam you may have your spankings lessoned one whack for each marble you inserts into your ass, for every marble, one less whack.”

“Oh! Thank you Master Teddy, I don’t think my behind can take all the spankings a year can give. I’ll try to take it well Master Teddy”

“Don’t thank me too soon, my boy a sphincter can only take so much…am I right Jason?” Teddy motioned to a sweaty looking young man in the front row, looking as though in the throughs of fatigue.

“I think so, Master Teddy only so much.” He answered limply.

“Oh Jason…that reminds me,” Teddy sighed. “Go to the closet Jason and get another marker. No, not the little ones, you know very well the thicker one is better.” Jason did as he was told while holding his belly as if in discomfort. Slowly he walked to the front of the room and handed the marker to Master Teddy. Then he began to pull down his trousers and place his hands on his knees so that Master Teddy could work the marker into his already packed asshole. It took quite a while for Teddy and Jason to make room and while this was going on several boys in the class shifted in their chairs with all eyes peeled to the sight of Jason’s strained and yielding asshole. Jason let out a loud sigh when Master Teddy found a spot and eased the new marker into position. Jason walked back to his seat awkwardly and in obvious discomfort. Master Teddy’s attention returned to Sam and noticed Sam’s large and already wet hard on. Sam had not been allowed to come since the spanking he received the past weekend. “Class we will continue with today’s lesson, Sam you can stay in front of the class.” Sam was made to remove his pants after answering questions about the plug that had been placed in his rear earlier that morning. “Describe for the class Sam what kind of objects have been used in your little bum.” Sam naked from the waist down, hot with embarrassment began an account. “ I am use to smaller plug, about the size of an egg. Mario, our housekeeper has convinced Father that I need a bigger, wider one since my cock has been getting stiff almost all the time.” “Willy, Sam, willy, from now on you are not to call what you have anything other than willy.” “Yes Master Teddy.” “Now sit down Sam and if Jason will come back to the front of the room we will continue todays lesson.”

After class Escort Aksaray Sam waited for Jason in the hall and asked him with keen interest how it felt to have all that stuff up his butt.

“ Its amazing really and quite uncomfortable. I have been generous will my ass ever since Uncle Brad gave my parents the inheritance. He’s not my Uncle really, but my parents are really rich now and I have to stay here to…get better at taking bigger cocks then what my Uncle Brad’s got.”

“Your Uncle Brad, does he give it to you a lot? I mean what do you have to do? All I have to do is get spankings and sit on Daddy’s lap and get punishment for jerking off”

“Yeah Uncle Bard does that stuff too. He and his friends fuck my mouth and asshole whenever they want. I’m here to learn asshole training so that I can make Uncle Willy and his friends come without their having to move in and out at all. Master Teddy has these exercises I do daily. So far I learned how to suck in and rotate an egg, but I can’t leave here until I learn how to juggle three different colored eggs with my sphincter muscles. Then I’ll be set to go back to Uncle Brad, and sit on his lap and massage his cock when he wishes.

That night Sam was fitted with a rubber chastity belt that he was to ware for the rest of his yearlong stay at the Boy’s Training School. Sam was fondled and fucked without ceremony that night for many hours and many nights to come. In the months that fallowed Sam was transformed into the ideal submissive and learned to receive humiliation with pleasure and never questioned his roll as a fuck toy.

At the end of the year his Father sent for him and he was informed that his wedding had been planned, the date set for the very afternoon he was leaving the school, and that he was to arrive at the estate and prepare immediately. Of course it was Mario who bestowed this revelation to Sam while accompanying him in the back seat of the Rolls-Royces just as the car pulled away from the school’s driveway. Mario couldn’t help but notice the change in the young man, who had filled out into a rather handsome man now 19 years of age. Sam blinked at the news and said.

“ If that is what father wishes I shall do what ever makes him happiest.”

Mario grinned from ear to ear and removed a giant cock from within his pants.

“Do you want to suck my big dick, Sam?”

“YYYes Mario, you know I do” Sam’s eyes lowered in humiliation. “You won’t tell Father if I suck it for you.”

“I won’t tell… not on your wedding day.”

Sam swallowed Mario’s 11 inches all that way down his throat, kneeling in between Mario’s legs. Mario slid down the seat so that Sam could also suck his balls and anus. Mario closed his eyes as Sam probed deep into his ass with the length of his tongue, moving his head back and forth and massaging the sphincter with his lips.

“Slow it down Sam, don’t make me come to quick, the ride’s a couple hours and I want to make this last.”

Stay tuned for part two.

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