Bobbie Ch. 04


This story is fiction. It includes interracial, group, rough, lesbian sex. The main character is sexually used and abused much to her own enjoyment. If you don’t like this kind of story, you may want to consider reading a romance novel.


Bobbie rested up the next day after her ordeal with Marwynn and her big dyke friends from the night before. She had a few bruises from the rough treatment he received from the big women. The day after that she found herself getting horny. She knew if she went back to the same bar, either Leon or Marwynn would further abuse her body and she wasn’t sure she was up to that yet. Then she remembered the phone numbers that Mr. Taylor had given her.

She debated with herself on whether to call one of the older men from their week in the woods or to call his nephew Chaz. She decided to go for the 19 year old and grabbed her phone.


“Chaz, is that you?”

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“This is Bobbie.”



“I don’t know anyone named Bobbie.”

She sighed and said, “I’m the white slut that you and your friends fucked the other night.”

“Oh yeah, now I remember. Your name is Bobbie? I didn’t know that. I’ll just call you slut, OK?”

“Yes. You can call me slut. I was just calling to . . . “

“You want me to fuck you again, right?”

“Well, yes, I guess I do, Chaz.”

“Listen slut, I don’t want you calling me Chaz. Only my friends and people I consider my equals can call me Chaz. I don’t consider you anything more than a white trash fuck hole slut. You’re not my equal or my friend so you call me Mr. Johnson. Understand, bitch?”

Bobbie knew this young black boy was right. She wasn’t his friend or his equal. She was just a lowly fuck hole like he said. “Yes, sir Mr. Johnson.”

“OK, now tell me what you want, slut.”

“Mr. Johnson, this white slut would like for you to fuck her and use her in any way you like. Please, Mr. Johnson.”

He laughed. “I like that, slut. Sure, I’ll lend you my cock for an hour or so. Meet me at Maurice’s Bar on Seventh around 8:00. And wear something sexy. No underwear. Got it?”

“Yes sir. I’ll be there.”

When she hung up the phone, she put her head on her hands and thought how her life had spiraled down into the gutter. She was the most popular and sought after girl in school. She married a handsome and popular guy and her life was almost perfect. But in her sub consciousness, something must have been missing. And she didn’t even realize it until old Mr. Taylor had her on her knees with his big black cock in her mouth in less than five minutes after they met. And since then, her body has been abused in ways that most people wouldn’t believe. And she has completely given her body to people that she hated and looked down on in high school. And now, this 19 year old homely looking black kid was making her call him Mr. because she didn’t deserve to be treated as his equal. At some point she knew that she would have to have a long talk with herself as to whether she needed to try to stop this spiral or just ride it for a while longer. But right now, she had to get ready for Chaz. Er, uh Mr. Johnson.

After her bath, she put on a halter top and mini skirt and headed to Maurice’s Bar. When she entered the bar, every man in the place turned to stare at her scantily clad hot body. She saw Chaz standing at the bar with a couple of his friends that she had never seen before. Both of them appeared to be fat. As she got closer, she noticed that one of them was missing half his teeth and the other was one of the homeliest men she had ever seen.

“Hey slut,” Chaz said.

“Hi Mr. Johnson. Thank you for seeing me tonight.” She noticed his friends looking up and down her body like they were carnivores and she was raw meat.

“Don’t you mean ‘thank you for fucking you tonight?’

“Yes sir. That’s what I meant.”

“I told my boys here that they could come along and fuck you too, if they didn’t think you were too nasty for them. Do you have a problem with that, slut?”

“No sir. I hope I am good enough for them sir.”

“Sheee-it! You ain’t good enough for nothing, bitch. You just a skanky whore, and we’re taking pity on you tonight.” He looked at his friends and said to them, “What do you think? Are you interested using this skank or are you going to just hang out here until something better comes along?”

His two friends were still staring at the hot older blond, and both of them knew that there was no way that anything hotter than her was going to be coming along tonight. Neither of them had ever fucked anything this hot before. As a matter of fact, neither of them had ever fucked a white woman before. But Chaz had warned them earlier not to be too anxious, so the ugliest one said, “I don’t know Chaz. Maybe if she asked us to let her suck our cocks and fuck her, we might be interested.”

Without hesitation, Bobbie turned to them and pleaded, “Please. Please let this slut suck your beautiful black cocks. urfa escort Please have mercy and fuck me. I know I am just a lowly whore, but I’m begging you to fuck me. Please.”

Chaz’s friends were too stunned to speak. This beautiful older white woman just threw herself at their feet and begged them to use her body. While his friends were still standing there dumbfounded, Chaz reached over and untied her halter top and pulled it off. He laughed and said, “If you need further encouragement, maybe her nasty tits will help convince you.” Chaz’s friends didn’t need any more encouragement and they certainly didn’t think Bobbie’s tits were nasty. They were perky and her nipples were hard. They were the most perfect tits that either of them had ever seen.

Finally, one of them squeaked out, “Y-yes s-s-slut. We-We’ll fuck you.”

Instead of putting her top back on, one of the young men stood on each side of her and put their arms around her neck and rested their hands on her tits. They took their prize across the street to a rundown old motel and made her pay for a room. Once inside, they were on her in a flash. For the next three hours they used all of her holes over and over. They took a lot of pictures so Chaz’s two friends could prove they had actually fucked a white woman this hot. When they were finally all out of cum, Bobbie told them she had to leave them, but wanted to give them something to remember her by. She had them all lean over the bend while she rimmed each of their ass holes and shoved her tongue deep into their asses.

She dressed and left the motel. She drove home and slept like a baby. Even though the boys hadn’t been rough on her, she rested around her pool the next day. The following night, her husband was off and they went out to dinner and to a bar afterwards. He wasn’t sure what to make of it as he noticed his wife speaking and laughing and being friendly with everyone. When they ran in to people who had graduated with them, but had been considered beneath them, Bobbie made it a point to go over and ask how they’ve been and to be interested in what they said. Her husband was shocked. What had come over his wife, he asked himself. He wasn’t really sure he liked his wife socializing with those on a lower social level.

A couple days later, Bobbie called one of John’s friends from their week at the cabin in the woods. She asked if he could round up a couple friends and spend the night with her, since she knew her husband was working a double shift again. He had her meet them at his auto repair shop after it closed.

When she arrived, they all had a drink and then the men stripped and handcuffed their slut and suspended her from the small ceiling crane used to lift engines from cars. They spent a few minutes raising her to the ceiling and then back to the floor.

As she was screaming for them to stop, they merely laughed at her and continued. At one point they lowered her pussy onto the upright handle of a sledgehammer, which slid into her without any effort at all. They told her to try to lift the hammer with her pussy when the crane lifted her up, but she was only successful in getting it a few inches off the floor before it fell.

Eventually they lowered her back down so her feet touched the floor and then tied her legs apart. Bobbie had no idea what to expect, but she knew she was completely at their mercy. Being in an auto repair shop, the men found all sorts of tools to use on their slut. As one of them was whipping her tits and pussy with his belt, another one found a large hammer and used the handle to fuck her to her first orgasm.

She was screaming and urging them on, “Aaaargggh! Yessss! Come on you fuckers! Hurt your whore. Aarrggh! Aaaah!”

The men found two small C clamps and attached them to her hard nipples, which made her scream in pain. As she got used to them, she eventually began moaning and moving her chest and telling them to use their slut. The men shoved the handle of a rubber mallet into her cunt, and followed it in with the handle of another large handle. They worked on her pussy making her cum several more times. Bobbie was covered in sweat and they removed the handles from her.

They lowered her to her knees while keeping her hands attached to the chain over her head. The men then beat her face with their cocks and then had her suck them all until they were erect. One of them said, “You fucking whore. You’re nothing but a white trash cunt.”

They tied her legs apart and hooked them to a pulley on the ceiling and lifted her feet up so she was suspended horizontally about three feet from the ground. One of the men easily slid his cock into her gaping pussy and another pulled her head back and shoved his cock into her mouth. As she hung in midair, she was being pounded from both ends, and the men were slapping her tits. She was coming over and over.

After all three men had cum into her body, she cleaned their cocks and then they lowered her feet to the floor. The men then used ropes balıkesir escort and belts to whip her ass, pussy and tits making her scream and spin in the air. After a short time, they gave her water and asked how she was doing.

“I’m great. I’m your slut and I want you to abuse me. Please.”

The men whipped and fucked and further abused her white body for several more hours until she passed out. They took her down from the crane and strapped her over a workbench and began abusing her ass. First came the mallet handle followed by a second handle. While two of the men were using the handles on her ass, the owner of the repair shop was putting the finishing touches on a small battery operated wand that he made. He saw similar items on porn sites and was able to build one himself. It basically delivered a shock to whatever the tip of it touched.

After the men had abused Bobbie’s ass until she had a few more orgasms, they noticed that her voice was beginning to get hoarse from all the screaming and begging. The men hooked her arms back up over her head. She had no idea what the stick-like thing was that one of the men was waving back and forth in front of her face. The men gave her a drink of water and then stood back and watched.

When the man touched the tip of the wand to her left tit, they noticed a small spark and Bobbie screamed and jumped back which started her body spinning from the ceiling. As she spun, he touched her ass with the wand creating another spark and scream. The men were all laughing at their slut. He was waiting as she continued to spin and touched her pussy lips. Another spark and scream. They continued laughing at her. Another touch to her ass, then to her nipple, then her pussy, then her ass and then back to her pussy. As the men were howling in laughter, Bobbie was jerking around on the chain as she was continuously shocked. Finally they stopped and looked at their exhausted whore. Her head hung down and she was covered in sweat.

The men released her and let her fall to the concrete floor. She lay on the floor for a few minutes and then slowly got to her feet. As she looked at her tormentors, she said, “Whew! That was one awesome workout! You guys really know how to treat a whore, don’t you?”

The men laughed and one of them said, “Did we cure your itch today, slut?”

“Yes sir. You most certainly did. Thank you all.” She put on her clothes and left.

Although her stamina at getting used was increasing, she still spent the next day resting. As the evening approached, she found herself putting on a short dress and heading back to the bar. She looked around and didn’t recognize anyone so she ordered a drink and sat on a bar stool exposing her legs almost to her pussy. Several of the men tried to hit on her, and even though she let them cop feels of her breasts and legs, she rejected them.

After about 15 minutes, Leon came into the bar and walked over to her. “Are you waiting for me, slut?” She nodded her head. He grinned an evil grin and said, “You must want more abuse from my cock, huh?” She nodded again.

She didn’t notice the person who moved beside her. Leon smiled and said, “Do you mind if I bring a friend?” She shook her head no.

“Then I need you to ask me to fuck you and to bring anyone else I want to use your body.”

She nodded her head. Never in a million years would she have thought she would be begging this hated piece of shit to fuck her and use her body. She couldn’t think of anything that could be worse. She said, “Please Leon, fuck me and use my body for your pleasure. Bring whoever you like with you to use and abuse my body. My body is for your pleasure and that of your friends.”

Leon smiled an ear to ear smile and said, “Are you serious?”

Bobbie nodded and said, “Yes. I want you and your friends to use my body for your pleasure.” As Leon smiled, she heard a bark-like laugh next to her and slowly turned to see Jazmine. Bobbie’s face immediately showed fear. She remembered Jazmine working her pussy over with a baseball bat a couple of weeks ago.

Jazmine gave her a Cheshire grin and said, “I’m so glad you don’t mind him bringing me along. And I’m glad you understand that it’s all for our pleasure and not yours.”

The three of them left the bar and Leon guided them down the alley to the same picnic table where Bobbie was used a week before. Bobbie’s fear increased as Leon was telling Jazmine to let him fuck all her holes before she rammed that bat into her again. Jazmine grabbed the front of her dress and ripped all the buttons down the front. The dress was pulled from her and tossed to the ground. Bobbie noticed that several people from the bar had drifted outside and down the alley to watch the abuse of this white slut.

Bobbie was bent over the table and Leon rammed his cock into her gaping cunt making her scream and cum immediately. He pumped her pussy for a few minutes and then pulled out and rammed his cock into her ass.

Jazmine trabzon escort climbed onto the table, took off her underwear and laid on her stomach and instructed Bobbie to eat her ass. Bobbie shoved her tongue as deep as she could into Jazmines, smelly black ass and began thrusting in and out. “Mmmmmph. Awmph!” Bobbie moaned while tonguing Jazmine’s ass.

“Shut the fuck up bitch and eat my ass,” Jazmine screamed at her.

Leon blew his load into her ass and told Jazmine to get up. When Jazmine moved, Leon shoved his cock into Bobbie’s mouth to clean. When she was finished, Jazmine slapped her face and spit on her and said, “Tell me what you are bitch.”

“I’m your slut Ma’am. I’m here for your pleasure. Please use this white trash whore.” Jazmine made Bobbie open her mouth, and both she and Leon spit into it and made her swallow.

“Bend over the table, slut.” Bobbie saw that Jazmine had picked up a baseball bat. After Bobbie was bent over the table, she felt the bat enter her lubricated ass hole. Jazmine worked the bat as deeply as she could while Bobbie screamed like a banshee. After working on her ass for 10 minutes, she pulled it out and made Bobbie clean it off with her mouth and then rammed it into her pussy. Bobbie came quickly when the bat went into her ass. Jazmine roughly abused the poor slut’s pussy while she wailed and cried and came over and over. Eventually, Bobbie passed out.

Jazmine and Leon both spit on her again and then turned to walk away. Jazmine looked at the small crowd and said, “If you want the slut, have fun with her.”

As Bobbie regained consciousness, there was a cock in her ass pounding away. Several other men also stepped forward and fucked the weakened slut. After the last fuck of the night, one of the women, who knew Bobbie in high school stepped forward and scooped the large amount of cum from her pussy and ass and fed it to the well used white slut. By the end of the night, both of her holes were just gaping messes.

She found her stained and torn dress on the ground, put it on and then limped back to her car. When she got home, she took a long bath and went to bed.

As she was sitting at her pool the next day, she hoped that Mr. Taylor would hurry home soon. She knew that she was out of control as she continued to spiral down into depravity quickly. She was aware that he and his friends used and abused her body like everyone else, but he was always able to be in control. She felt safe with him. When she was on her own, she let people like Leon and Jazmine be in control, and that could be dangerous for her. He was due to return in a few days, and she made up her mind that she shouldn’t go out again until he got back.

That night, however, she found herself dressed in short shorts and another tank top and driving around, and when she saw what she was looking for, she parked and went into the bar. Once again, she was the only white person in the room.

She walked up behind her and said, “Marwynn, I’m yours and I want you to use me hard tonight.” The big woman turned and looked down at the little slut.

She grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forward and covered her lips with her own shoving her tongue into the small white slut’s mouth. Bobbie’s head was spinning and she put her arms around the big woman’s neck as Marwynn put one hand on her throat and slid the other hand down the front of Bobbie’s shorts and slid a finger into her soaked pussy and lifted her off the floor. “Ooooh Marwynn. Yessssss! Aaaaah. M-make me your bitch.”

Marwynn smiled at her and said, “You’re already are my bitch, aren’t you?” Bobbie nodded her head. Marwynn really wasn’t in a good mood tonight so she thought she would give her little white slut a chance to get out while she could.

She didn’t like Bobbie, but she didn’t know that Bobbie would want to be around her tonight. “OK bitch. I’m not sure you want to be with me tonight. I could be harder on you than before. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to the bathroom to give you two minutes to get the fuck out of here. If you choose not to leave, then I’m going to make you lick my piss off the tile floor in the bathroom to start the night off. Do you understand me, cunt?” Bobby nodded and Marwynn got up and walked to the bathroom.

All eyes at the bar were on the small white woman. Everyone knew what they would do if Marwynn had given them that same choice. They would have raced for the exit. But Bobbie appeared to be thinking about it. The bar had gotten quiet and the big black woman next to Bobbie whispered to her, “You better take your opportunity and go. Right now bitch.”

Bobbie remembered her abuse at Marynn’s hands the previous week, and a shiver went down her spine. Then she thought about the kiss that the big woman had given her a couple of minutes ago that made her head spin. Then she thought of the big woman’s warning for her to leave. And if the big woman next to her was afraid of Marwynn, Bobbie should be terrified. She slowly got off her stool and started for the exit. When she was halfway there, a few people returned to their conversations and most turned away from her. When she reached the door, she stopped. She stood there for a few seconds and then turned and walked towards the bathroom. A hush fell over the bar as they all watched the small woman open the door and enter.

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