Bob Said It Was the Sea Air

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Our family spent two weeks every summer at a seaside holiday camp. We had been going there for years and knew most of the families who also took their holiday over that same two week slot. There were heaps of kids and the adults all enjoyed socialising with each other.

At eighteen I was one of the older of the “children” in the group which was good in some ways but a bit of a drag in others. Being the oldest of four in my family generated one very substantial perk. We had an 18 foot power boat which we parked at the end of our motorhome. I was able to use it as my bedroom at night. This level of privacy was pretty rare in a camping environment and I used it to good effect, staying up late reading and listening to music.

The other families were a pretty typical middle class lot. There was one couple who were a little different however. Bob and Briar Waterman were the only couple without kids. He was in his mid forties and she must have been around ten or more years younger. They were opposites. Complete opposites. He was brash, arrogant and over bearing and she was quiet, warm and gentle. It really irked me to see him belittle her in public. Once, when she had done something to annoy him I remember him loudly calling her a “titless wonder”. While it was true that she was quite flat chested, to hear a husband pass that sort of comment out loud, in front of children no less, was shocking. I also remember him calling her a “barren bitch”. She was actually very attractive. Her short blonde hair framed the face of an angel and, apart from the lack of firepower up top; she had a very trim but curvy figure. She was only about 5 foot 2 inches tall. I made a point of snatching as many side glance looks at her as I could get away with.

One day I was playing chess with my brother and Briar wandered over to watch.

She sighed and explained that she had always wanted to learn to play but had never had the opportunity. Bob, who was drinking with some of the men at a nearby table, guffawed. “That game would be too difficult for you petal, why don’t you stick to checkers.” He thought this was hilarious but I could see that several people were uncomfortable with his belittling attitude.

“I could teach you”, I blurted. She looked at me closely and the look of discomfort on her face softened.

“Would you really?” she hesitantly questioned.

We arranged a time later in the day.

It was raining so we went into their motor home and we set up the chess set on a little foldout table. We had to sit side by side and our knees where constantly nudging each other.

Over the course of a couple of days, Briar steadily picked up the rudiments of the game and became a basic but proficient player. I think Bob was a bit miffed that she had been able to learn the game without any real difficulty but the icing was when he arrogantly challenged her to a game. She won!

After the game Briar gave me a hug and profusely thanked me for proving Bob wrong. I wanted the hug to linger but was afraid of making a fool of myself. She smelt divine. While still in the embrace she whispered in my ear. “I have a special present for you. But I want to give it to you in person later.” That sent my wheels spinning. What on earth did that mean?

It was after midnight and I was still reading in the boat. I had long given up anticipating any present from Briar that day. I heard a rustling as the boat cover was unclipped and pulled back and a form climbed in.

“Hi there” It was Briar. She was in a terry cloth robe and slippers. She came and knelt next to the bunk that I was lying on.

“Briar, you surprised me! I don’t get many visitors at this time of night.”

“I’m glad. We can have some private time together. Anyway, I wanted to give you your present.” She nişantaşı escort rose on her knees and then lowered her head over my face until we were only centimetres apart. Our lips touched and she insinuated her tongue into my mouth. It startled me but we both moaned and we were soon hungrily exploring each others mouth. When we came up for air I gasped, “Wow, that’s the best birthday present I have ever had.”

She grinned in funny sort of way and licked her lips. “That’s only the first instalment.”

Her hand stole under the unzipped sleeping bag I was using as bedding and ran slowly down my chest, over my belly and onto my shorts. Unsurprisingly, I was hard as a chess piece. Her hand brushed over my equipment and she let out a mewling sound not unlike a cat.

“And what do we have here?”

Her hand went under the waist band of my shorts and encircled my cock. This was virgin territory for me. I had kissed a few girls but apart from the odd squeeze of a breast, that was the limit of my sexual experience.

“I think he is glad to see me.” she breathed as she ran her hand up and down its length.

“I simply must get to know him better.”

It was a little weird to have my cock talked about like it was a third person in the room but I was too wound up to worry.

She pulled back the sleeping bag and then gently but insistently pulled my shorts down. I help by raising my bum and in a moment I was completely naked.

“Oh he’s gorgeous” she husked, continuing with her gentle stroking of my member.

“I simply must taste him.” Without any further warning, she lowered her head and engulfed me. It was almost like I had been given an electric shock. My eyeballs rolled back in their sockets and my back arched involuntarily.

“Briar, that is, that is… wonderful.” I stroked her white locks away from her face and was entranced by the sight of her slurping up and down on my shaft. She looked up at me and smiled; well as much as you can smile with an engorged cock in your mouth. After only a couple of minutes I could tell that something explosive was on its way.

I was unsure of the etiquette in this situation but it felt right to tell her that a package was imminent.

“Ah Briar, things are going to get ah messy. Ah real soon, if you ah don’t stop.

She stopped and looked up at me with a furrow in her brow. She looked sort of determined.

“Good” she said firmly and redoubled her efforts. Well that did it. My vision went sort of grey and I started pulsing into her mouth. She started making squeaking sounds but didn’t remove her mouth as I thought she would. I slowly went soft and I slipped from her mouth. It was evident from the shape of her mouth and cheeks that she was holding my come in her mouth. She looked me in the eye, swirled her tongue around her mouth and very deliberately swallowed. She looked down and shook her head like a wet dog does and then looked up at me with a big smile on her face.

“I have never let anyone come in my mouth before. I was always afraid of the taste. But yours was good” She moved up onto the bunk with me and snuggled into my side. I pulled the sleeping bag over us and wondered what to do next.

I timidly raised my hand to her chest and began to tentatively stroke her breasts through the cotton. I was unsure as to whether this advance would be welcomed but when she started to unbutton the front of her nightdress I knew I was on friendly ground. As I brushed over her petite breast my fingers were surprised by her nipples. There were as hard as the rubber on the end of a pencil! I gave them an experimental tweak and was rewarded by a deep moan. Her head was snuggled into my neck and she raised it up to my ear and whispered. “I know my bust is small. I am sorry they aren’t bigger şişli escort for you but where you are touching me now is verrry sensitive.”

Taking this as approval, I continued to tease and caress her, playing special attention to my little erasers. She had by now lifted one leg up and over my thigh and was slowly grinding against me. She still had her panties on but this did not seem to make any difference. I started sucking her ear lobe which one thing that I knew girls liked. I was winging it but my instincts seemed good so far. After another deep kiss I decided on a new course of advance. I raised myself up on an elbow and lowered my mouth to a nipple. I started a firm steady sucking which was interspersed with long licks. I alternated between her nipples. I was very happy in my work. Her writhing against me redoubled. One of her arms was trapped against me but the free one had been roaming over my chest. It stated an inexorable journey lower until she found a very much rejuvenated erection.

“My goodness. I didn’t know a man could get hard again so soon.”

I was delirious with pride. She had called me a man!”

I put my hand to her face, laying it gently on her check and then kissed her deeply as if in gratitude. I continued to administer to her breasts and was rewarded with a firmer grip on my now aching erection. Her hand began jerking up and down on my cock quite vigorously now and she was rubbing her crotch against my thigh in an equally determined fashion.

She began a sort of chant, “oh God, oh God, oh God… It’s going to happen… It’s going to happen… Here it comes… comes…”

She convulsed against me and nearly strangled my cock. Wow. The female orgasm. I knew the theory behind it but always had the impression that is was more of a subtle, gentle experience. How naïve was I! She was still gasping but looked up at me with a look that could be described as fatigue mixed with serenity.

She was panting, “Well… I… certainly… wasn’t expecting… that… I never… intended that… we go… this far.”

She was still holding my cock and began a gentler stroking.

“But now that we have come this far, we may as well go the whole hog. I simply can’t stand the thought of leaving you like this.”

I hoped this was heading where I thought it was.

“Have you ever, ah… slept with a woman, you know, had sex?””

I shook my head. She pondered this and then quietly whispered, “Would you like me to be your first?” I simply nodded. She scooted around until she was on her back. She raised her hips as I had done and I took that as an invitation to remove her panties. I was startled by how damp they were. Not damp, wet! Again, I was nailed by my naivety. I was on a steep learning curve and relishing the climb! We were both fully naked now and I was kneeling between her splayed legs. She had a delicate little thatch of light brown hair at the juncture of her shapely legs that simply transfixed me. She looked up me with a beatific smile and held out her arms to draw me down. My cock seemed to have an intelligence of its own as it nestled immediately into the right position. I had never thought about how perfectly the male and female form fit together in this position but given that I had never experienced it, that was hardly surprising. It was certainly a delightful realization however. With a little target assistance from Briar I was soon locked on. Bliss! Rapture! Here I was actually doing something that I had fantasized about for years. I was really doing it!

I found that, although incredibly arousing, the fact that I had come about ten minutes ago meant that I was in no immediate danger of popping off again. This allowed us to explore a range of tempos and techniques. I found that we had to stop every few minutes mecidiyeköy escort because I kept shunting her up the bunk until her head hit the end. We were both sweating profusely as the energy levels went up.

The boat was now moving on its trailer. It was only 18 feet long and we were getting quite vigorous. I wondered if I might be hurting her but my enthusiasm was only met by rather profuse verbal encouragement. I had not thought that Briar would or could ever be so explicit. Given that my parents were asleep only 20 or so feet away I was acutely aware of the chance of discovery. Briar did not seem to be caring about anything other than the sort of primeval sensations she was experiencing. Several times I slowed my motion and raised my fingers to her lips in an effort to lower the volume of her vocalisation. She understood and quietened down but then 30 seconds later she was exhorting me in a loud voice to “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Linguistic music to my ears but I was still cognisant of the chance of discovery. I was also actually a little shocked by how she changed. There was something raw and wild about her behaviour that was at complete odds to her normal demeanour. Our rather vigorous movement was starting to make the boat trailer produce squeaking sounds which was also quite disconcerting. (The next day I got a pat on the head from my father for meticulously lubricating every moveable part of the trailer. Such a practical and sensible son.)

Crescendo time was at hand. I swear I could hear a roaring in my ears as I gushed into her. We lay slumped together and I could feel my cock shrivel and slimily slip out of her. As our breathing returned to normal she suddenly stiffened and sat up, almost throwing me off the bunk. “My God. I didn’t think. I’m ovulating about now and I am not using any protection. You could have made me pregnant” That really caused me to take notice! Having sex for the first time was one thing but parenthood as a result was beyond comprehension.

“But what about Bob? Aren’t you on the pill or something?” I pleaded.

“I have never had to use protection with Bob. Although he doesn’t know it, his sperm count is so low that I have given up any hope of having children.” I momentarily wondered about the logistics of her knowing that and him not.

She sighed, “Well, we can’t do anything about it now” and snuggled back up to me.

After half and hour of kissing cuddling and whispered conversation, she reluctantly slipped from my bed. We agreed to meet at the same time tomorrow night.

When I woke in the morning, it was as though last night was a dream. The damp and pungent panties I found under my pillow emphatically belied that thought however.

As so it began. Early each morning she would join me and we would make love for hours. She never mentioned contraception again so I assumed she had taken precautions of some type. We were both tired the next day and after a week it was becoming unmanageable but we both knew that they would be leaving soon so we toiled on enthusiastically.

Once that week, Bob had to go back to work. He was an air con engineer and something had broken. That night we were almost like a normal couple. I snuck into their motorhome and we had a late supper which she had made a special effort to prepare. Although we were naked and it was 2am it was a special moment to do something so “ordinary” together. We also enjoyed the extra room and we found ourselves somewhat adventurous with our lovemaking positions.

A few months later my family got the news that Briar was pregnant and then later had given birth to a baby girl. When we next saw them at the start of the holiday a year later, Bob was strutting his stuff as the successful sire. Briar came to me and handed me her 3 month old child. She had a coy smile on her face. “I have always wanted a big family” she said demurely.

Bob and Briar went on to have four children, all born 9 months after their annual summer holiday.

Bob said it was the sea air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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