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Blackmail Works

Mom had been acting strange for the past week. Dad was going away on business like he did for ten days every month. He would fly out on Friday, spend the whole week in Houston, Texas, and then fly home the Monday after that. The company saved more money on his flights by booking it that way than it would cost them for his extra days in the hotel and his meals. For them it was a win situation.

This time however Mom set me up with a sleepover at my Aunt’s house with my two cousins. She just wanted to get me out of her hair for some reason. What reason?

Even though I really liked my Aunt June and my cousins Tina and Clare, I really wanted to know what Mom was up to.

Dad had bought a special video camera for deer hunting. He could attach it to a tree where he was planning to put his tree stand. It was motion sensitive and only recorded the deer and rabbits as they came by. It recorded the time and date too so that he could tell the best time to be there. Well he was so busy that he never did use it. It had set in his bedroom up high on a shelf for the last three years. I put fresh batteries in it, turned it on, and put it back where I had found it. It could record picture and sound for a total of six hours, without sound it could record ten hours of video. So anyway I set it up and then I left.

I was fourteen years old, Mom was thirty-three years old, and my Aunt June was her younger sister at thirty-one. My cousin Tina was thirteen and her sister Clare was twelve years old.

After I put my things in the guest bedroom and went down to the family room where they were I was very impressed. All three of them had changed since I had just seen them. Aunt June had changed into a yellow silk pajama outfit that looked simply amazing. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra or panties and her top was half unbuttoned and I could see her ample cleavage. Tine had on a light blue silk pajama outfit and Clare had on a white outfit. I was pretty sure that neither girl had on their underwear either. My cock was hard and I was uncomfortable.

They were constantly getting up, moving around in front of me, and sitting down again. I had many opportunities to see the material stretched tightly across their asses proving that none of them were wearing panties. I got several chances to look down their tops at their breasts. Aunt June had fantastic tits that hung down whenever she bent over, Tina had nice smaller Şişli Escort breasts, and Clare’s breasts were just sweet looking. I also had seen each of them stand right in front of me, raise their arms way up over their heads, pulling their bottoms right up into their pussies in extreme camel toes. Aunt June had her bottoms pushed way up inside but Clare had been sweating and her crotch was almost transparent.

At bedtime Aunt June asked me which of them that I wanted to sleep with. What! She was serious and asked me to pick one of them, two of them, or all three of them to sleep with.

I thought about it for a half a second and asked, “Is this so Mom can have more time with her lover?”

Aunt June’s mouth opened up and the girls started giggling.

Finally Tina said, “You know about him?”

I just nodded.

Clare said, “Your mother really likes him.”

Aunt June said, “You can’t tell your mother that you know about him. That’s her job. What we can offer you is all the sex that you want forever.”

I asked, “Why?”

Aunt June blushed and said, “Because she is blackmailing me into letting you fuck me and my daughters.”

I asked, “What did you do?”

Aunt June said, “Please don’t ask me that. Let’s just say that it was bad enough, for me to let you fuck my two virgin daughters.”

Well, well, well! I chose all three them. The girls certainly seemed to be going along with what their mother wanted so why not.

I asked them to get naked and they did. This was great! I asked them to let me look inside their pussies and they did. It just kept getting better and better. Then I told them to get on their hands and knees for me.

I got behind Clare, held my hard cock at the entrance to her love hole and pushed it in. I broke her cherry, Clare let out a yelp, and her mother told her to relax and that it would get better. I don’t know if I stayed in her long enough for it to get better. I pulled my cock out of Clare’s pussy and shoved it right into Tina’s pussy. She too cringed but held on for my next push into her. That was when I lost it and started cumming inside Tina. It was wonderful and she said so too.

Aunt June kissed both of her daughters and welcomed them to womanhood before she kissed me and welcomed me to manhood.

That night I slept in Aunt June’s bed between Clare and Tina. Aunt June did not sleep with us that night but she did serve the three of us breakfast in bed the next morning. She was nude and Escort Bayan she looked good.

After I finished eating I stuck my cock in my Aunt’s pussy and filled her with cum. I had sex with each of them two or three times a day. I even kept a score card so that no one got cheated. At the end of our ten nights and eleven days together I was an experienced cocksman. I had sex with all three girls in each of their three holes multiple times throughout that time. Clare and Tina loved it just as much as their mother and I did.

I got home before Mom returned from picking up Dad at the airport so I had plenty of time to get the disc out of the hidden camera and safely into my bedroom. Mom and I acted as we always did around Dad. That night I heard them having sex and Mom was pretty loud too. I knew she was trying to convince Dad that she had missed him. While I listened to them moaning and groaning I transferred the video images to my computer and plugged in my headphones so that I could listen to it in private.

The video showed Mom getting dressed, getting undressed, and getting dressed again. Then Mom came running into the room giggling and being chased by a man. I knew him but I could not place where I knew him from. Anyway Mom sucked his cock, spread her legs, and let him fuck her. According to the time stamp on the video they had sex everyday about six o’clock at night, nine o’clock at night, and once again around midnight. Most of the time it was pretty simple with Mom on her back with her legs spread and him thrusting it into her willing pussy. Then things started to pick up a little. Mom was giving him blowjobs. A couple of days later Mom was taking it up the ass. She screamed out for him to stop but he didn’t. She cried for a while after he left. The next day she sucked his cock, then he fucked her in her pussy, and then he finished her off by fucking her up the ass and leaving her crying. That was the way it stayed to the end of the recordings. Mom must have gotten used to the anal sex because she stopped crying afterwards. The very last thing to get recorded was when he rolled Mom onto her stomach, spanked her ass, and told her that he would be back when he sent her husband went out of town again.

That was where I knew him from…he was Dad’s boss Mr. Johnson.

I wondered what Mom had done for him to be blackmailing her like that.

I was going to ask Mom what she had done then thought to myself that this blackmail thing was really working out istanbul Escort well and mostly to my advantage. So I decided to check that man out. I rode my bicycle to his house and rang the doorbell. When a woman answered it I told her that I was trying to earn money for new school clothes when it started back up in a few weeks and if she had any chores that needed to be done.

Mrs. Johnson smiled and started to tell me all about her husband and how he was never home to do anything that she wanted him to do. First off she asked me to mow the lawn. It took a couple of hours but when I was finished and had put everything away, I went to her backdoor and knocked.

Mrs. Johnson answered the door in just a big bath towel. She said that I had caught her at a bad time and that she was just about to get in the shower. She looked me over and saw that I was hot and sweaty and asked me if I wanted to join her. Sure!

I followed her up to her bedroom and watched as she dropped the towel and headed for her private bathroom. I stripped and followed her in.

Mrs. Johnson handed me a bar of soap and just pointed at her pussy. As I washed that hole for almost ten minutes I got her off twice and she told me that her husband was too busy fucking his secretary to fuck her anymore. I knew that my mother was not his secretary.

Soon I dragged her out of the shower and threw her on her bed still soaking wet. Her hair was dripping all over her pillow and I had my face in her crotch. She tasted pretty good for a fifty-year-old woman. Then I shoved my cock into her and listened to her moan and groan through two more orgasms before I unloaded in her.

Before I left she had given me two hundred dollars, promised that my father would not be going out of town again, and that her husband would leave my mother alone. The company belonged to her father and she had inherited it, her husband only ran it for her. I told her that my father could do a better job of running her company for her.

A week later Dad was promoted to Company President, Mom became his secretary so that she could keep an eye on him, and Mr. Johnson was sent out of town quite often. I was invited over frequently.

When school started in September I was very good at pleasing a woman sexually. After all I had Aunt June, Tina, Clare, and Mrs. Johnson to practice on quite often. I thought about fucking Mom but decided that she and Dad needed to work things out between them.

However, I did start spending some time with my math teacher and her daughter the head cheerleader. They were lovers but they liked threesomes too.

I became very popular that year.

The End
Blackmail Works

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