Blackmail Has Consequences


It should go without saying that all characters are at least 18 years of age. In this fantasy world STDs don’t exist! The main character has a large cock so if you are threatened by that, go else where. If you don’t believe the acts described here can be done then either you have a problem or your partner does as they are incredible!

My name is Ron. I graduated high school early and had also taken several college courses while still in high school. My sister April is pissed that her little brother is going to enter college as a sophomore, same as she will be. My goal is to finish my bachelor’s degree one year before her and start on my masters in business, then work my way up to be the head of the biggest companies I can find.

My part time summer job allowed me to take more courses, no free time but I felt I didn’t have time for that. One morning I went in to work only to find that a collision had knocked out the power and I was sent home with pay. Walking towards my parents’ front door I decided today would be a great day to use the pool, first time all summer. I used my key and entered the house, went to my room and put on my suit, then went and got a Coke before stepping into our very private back yard.

I had taken about ten steps checking out the pool before my eyes registered movement and my ears heard passionate moans. I turned my face towards the pool pump enclosure and there stood a very tan and blond pool serviceman with his shorts around his ankles and his hands on my mom’s head. She was kneeling before him with his cock down her throat. Mom nearly jumped out of her skin when I yelled out “God damn it, Mom! How could you?!”

She pulled off of him so quickly that she ended up sprawled out on her ass on the grass. That’s when I noticed her bikini top was untied and hanging to the sides, her perfect 34D tits heaving proudly on her chest. Pool boy quickly pulled his shorts up and ran from the yard calling out “See you later, Jan, um, Mrs. Porter!” then he was gone.

I looked back to see my mom struggling to stand up – damn her tits looked nice bouncing like that – then she ran to the house crying out “Oh my god…damn…oh my god!” She disappeared into the house and I wondered what my dad would think about this. Knowing him and his temper, she would wish that he would just kill her.

All I knew for sure was I wasn’t in the mood to swim any more. Oh and I knew one more thing, pool boy’s cock never reached to my mom’s throat, pity for him and his future wife. Walking back into the house I tossed my towel on the counter and slumped onto the first chair I came to in the family room. Moments later my mom walked in and sat across from me, her bikini top was tied again. My knee was bouncing as I nervously bounced my foot rapidly; something she knew all too well was a bad sign.

“Ron, honey, I’m sorry that you saw that…” she began.

“Oh, that’s just fucking great!” I interrupted her. “Not sorry that you did it, just sorry that you got caught! Just sorry that your son just caught you sucking some tiny dicked pool boy!” My knee was bouncing faster than it ever had and I noticed mom’s eyes were locked on it as she bit her lower lip. “Just what do you think my dad is going to say when I tell him what I saw?”

Mom’s eyes snapped to mine, the fear etched into her normally beautiful face. “Oh no, don’t! Please don’t tell him! It’ll kill him and then he’ll kill me! Please, Ron, don’t tell him, please!” Her voice was shaky and I was amazed at the amount of terror that showed in her eyes.

“Why not! What’s in it for me to forget about telling dad that my mom likes to suck on little bitty cocks?”

“Ron, please stop calling his cock ‘little’, it’s a very nice 6 inches!” mom said trying to defend her taste in cocks.

I looked at her in disbelief. “Shit mom, who measured it? Him? Or did you just guess at it? It sure looked small to me.”

“This is ridiculous; he is just as big as your father. I don’t know why we are arguing about size when I know you are going to tell your father. Do you really have to tell?” As she asked this she slid off her chair and walked on her knees to my chair. “Please, Ron, don’t tell on me, I’ll be good from now on.”

“Shit, I all ready know that dad can’t trust you, and now you want me to trust you! Are you on dope or something?”

Tears were streaming down her cheeks now and she begged me again, “Ron, please don’t tell him. I’ll make it right with you, I promise, just don’t tell!”

I laughed at her saying “You’ll make it right with me! Like hell.” Her face pleaded with me and I blurted out “The only way to make it right is to give me what you were giving him!”

“You fucking little bastard!” she screamed as she slapped me.

“Now that wasn’t very nice, considering what you want me to forget seeing.” I said flatly. “I believe I’m giving you a great deal. Tell you what; I’ll give you till 5:00. Dad gets home at 5:30 or so and that would give you 30 minutes to take care of the first installment.”

“Installment! Başakşehir Escort It’s not going to happen once, not to mention installments.” Mom was shaking in either disbelief that I had suggested that, or fear at what would happen if she didn’t agree to my demand. “God I can’t believe you said this.”

I got up quickly, my knee bumping into her shoulder and knocking her down. It was then I noticed I was hard, my 9 inch cock tenting in my trunks. I heard her gasp as I stepped past her so I guessed that she saw it too. As I left the room I said simply “Five o’clock”.

Two hours later I went down and made a sandwich for lunch and ate it at the table. No sign of my mom, so I looked out and her car was parked by the garage. Well, at least she didn’t leave. I grabbed a can of Coke and wandered back to my room, then grabbed some clean shorts and took a shower, finally getting out of my never wet swim suit.

After my shower I must have fallen asleep as I woke up to my mom opening my door and walking half way to my bed. My wall clock showed almost 4:00. Mom was very fidgety before finally saying, “Ron, honey, please don’t ask this of me. I’m your mother for Christ’s sake!”

My eyes went to the clock again then back to hers. All I said was “Tick Tock.” Her face went white and she ran from the room sobbing.

I got up and turned on my computer and started surfing the web. Seemed like I was checking the clock every ten minutes and that maybe I had pressed my luck a bit too far. Maybe she had decided to tell my dad that I had tried to get her to go down on me and when she refused had tried to come up with a tale to use to coerce her into it. If she had thought to do that, I was the one that would be dead meat. If I lived I would be tossed out on my ass! Oh shit!

My body jerked when I heard my door open just before 5:00. Quickly turning I saw my mother walking towards me, her head down, her lips quivering as if she was very cold. She walked right up in front of me, her head down, and softly said, “I can’t believe you are making me do this. This is worse than what you caught me doing.” Then she dropped to her knees and roughly undid my belt, snap and then unzipped me. Even more roughly she pulled my shorts down, truly surprised to see I was going commando. Her biggest surprise however was when my barely semi hard cock flopped out in front of her face.

Mom quickly switched her eyes from my cock to my eyes and back, each time seeing my cock get larger. It was an amazing sight to behold as mom’s look turned from one of mixed repulsion and hatred, into one of unmitigated lust. Her hands grasped my shaft and gave me firm strokes making me rapidly reach full mast. She then grabbed my shaft with her left hand at my base, then grasped me again with her right hand directly above her left. She barely had two-thirds of my length covered and she gasped out, “Oh my god, Ron, I…I’ve never seen anything like this. Oh my god.” Her tongue flicked out and licked my tip, then swirled around the ridge making me groan with pleasure.

Mom looked deep into my eyes as her lips slipped down and over my cock head. She sucked hard onto me and my dick was pulled into her oral cavity. The suction surprisingly increased and her tongue began stroking my shaft’s underside making me groan as my head fell back. I couldn’t believe that she was actually doing it, my MOM was before me on her knees sucking my hard cock for all she was worth. Her little hands were stroking my shaft where she couldn’t get it in her mouth.

“My god, your cock is so huge! I can’t believe it! Yum.” Mom said before swallowing my cock till it pressed hard against the opening to her throat. She worked my cock expertly with her sexy mouth for over ten minutes but I wasn’t even close to cumming. Glancing at the clock she said, “You haven’t cum yet, how?”

Smiling at her I said, “Easy, I jerked off in the shower. Twice!”

“You little shit!” Mom screamed at me, before giving my shaft 4 solid sucks as she took me as far into her mouth as she could. Pulling off of me she said, “You do know that is not fair!”

Her mouth again clamped down onto my cock as she bobbed, sucked, and jerked on me while her tongue licked, swirled, and flicked all over my cock. Damn she can really suck cock! If I have my way, there is going to be one very unhappy pool boy. She amazed me at the way she attacked me, working feverishly trying to make me cum. Her mouth pulled off of me as she took a break to rest her jaws and she looked at the clock. Shocked, she learned she had been sucking on me for over 25 minutes and she had probably 5 minutes until my dad got home. If he found her like this, well, let’s just say that all hell breaking loose would be just a warm up to how my dad would react.

“Oh my god, Ron, please cum for me! You have to CUM!” she growled to me before inhaling my shaft again. Her head was a blur as she bobbed up and down on my pillar, all the while sucking forcefully and working my meat with her talented tongue. I started Başakşehir Escort Bayan counting down the minutes till dad would get home; he is nothing if not punctual.

Mom’s eyes showed her distress when I called out “Two,” and she looked like she might start crying again if I didn’t cum soon. My hips started lifting up to meet her bobbing head and I could feel my balls churning as they prepared to answer my mom’s pleas. “One,” I called out and her eyes bulged out. Moments later we both heard the squeak of dad’s car as he pulled into the driveway and mom doubled her efforts. I heard the engine die as he parked the car, then he opened the door to get out.

Then I groaned “Oh fuck mom!” and my cum rocketed out the end of my cock, slamming into the back of her mouth. Mom was groaning more than I was as she savagely worked at my cock trying to milk me dry. My hips were pounding into her as I literally fucked her face and mom acted like she wanted more. Somehow her lips remained locked around my shaft and she swallowed every bit of my cum, and I pumped her full with what seemed like gallons of spunk. I stopped spurting and she was greedily trying to pull each and every drop from me.

“Honey, I’m home!” my dad called as he entered the house. “Honey? Ron? Anybody home?” my dad called out again.

“Just finishing my homework, dad!” I called back to him. He mumbled something then I heard the refrigerator door open and close, so I guessed he had grabbed a beer and was going to watch the evening news on TV.

Mom was definitely making sure she got every last drop of cum as she was still working my cock wantonly. Finally I grabbed her head and said, “Mom, I really think I came a few minutes ago!” She looked as though I was taking away her favorite toy. Her head stopped bobbing on me and her suction ended, but her tongue kept slowly swirling around my crown.

Finally she pulled off of me and asked, “How was that honey, did I do a good job?”

“Gosh mom, that was the best blow job I’ve ever gotten. WOW!”

“I’m glad you liked it, Ron, you’ve got the nicest cock.”

Putting my hand over her mouth I said, “Shit mom, keep it down. Do you want dad to hear you!” I asked her. She apologized then moved away from me and got up, her eyes watching as my nearly rock hard shaft bounced to my heart beat. She told me to hurry and she would see me downstairs. Then she went downstairs and I heard her greet my dad.


The evening went fairly smoothly, mom seemed unfazed by our – her – close call. Guess that comes from messing around behind dad’s back for some time. It took me a while to get used to it but by bedtime every thing felt normal around him. I gave my dad a hug goodnight, then went and kissed my mom goodnight. My intent was to be quick with the kiss but mom grabbed my head and we frenched for several long seconds. As she let me go her hand dropped to my crotch and she stroked my cock as she said, “Good night, Ron, honey, sleep well!”

This surprised me as she had been so against sucking me off. Now she was acting like she was ready to jump my bones. I had a raging boner by the time I got to my room, so I took another shower and jerked off as I relived my mom’s fantastic blowjob. Then I dried off, slipped on my boxers and went to bed.

Shit I was having the most erotic dream ever! Slowly I awoke to realize that I was no longer dreaming, yet the dream continued. I looked down my body and the moonlight streaming in the window illuminated my mom as she worked her fantastic mouth on my prick. “Mom! What the fuck…” I started to ask, but she silenced me with a finger on my lips.

Her lips slipped from my cock head, then she softly smacked her lips before saying, “Hi honey, is there a problem?” As she waited for my reply she quickly engulfed me again and gave me 4 or 5 deep sucks. She pulled off of me again and said, “I didn’t think you would have a problem with this.” I started to stammer out ‘why’ but she interrupted me with “This afternoon was nice, but I hate to be rushed. So I thought I would do this again when we had plenty of time!”

I lifted up on my elbows and looked at her saying “What about dad? He might hear us, or just get up to pee.”

Again mom pulled off of me with a loud smack and grinned, “He’s out for hours. I fucked the shit out of him, then we cleaned up and he took a piss, so we have nothing to worry about. Now I’m going to take care of you without the pressure of this afternoon.”

Her mouth inhaled me again making my body shiver with pleasure. “H…How long have you been doing this to me?” I asked her.

“Oh, not long, ten or maybe fifteen minutes,” mom answered me. She took my tip back into her mouth before speaking around it, “You have a nice cock. A VERY nice cock!” Then she took me deep into her mouth and gently sucked my length as her tongue slithered all over the shaft in her mouth. Meanwhile her hands were pumping the length of my shaft that she couldn’t get into her oral cavity. We both Escort Başakşehir groaned as we enjoyed what she was doing to my shaft.

My hand reached down and grabbed a tit and she moaned as I squeezed it. Holy shit, I’m fondling my own mom’s boobs! I felt her nipple harden under my touch and she moaned again as I pinched the nipple. My hands tried to get my mom to pivot her hips around to me but she shook her head no, saying “I want to do this to you, maybe next time you can do that.” Next time! Did she really say that! Holy shit, next time! My head spun just thinking about mom saying ‘next time’ as though it was as normal as stroking my arm or patting my head.

Mom had gone back to sucking my cock. I just flopped back onto the bed and enjoyed the sensations as I played with her tit. Several times I looked down my torso to enjoy the view of mom going at my shaft. I couldn’t hold it for long as my neck would begin hurting. Her blow job was, simply put, incredible. My cock was in heaven as unbelievable sensations flowed around and through it.

I tried to watch for awhile again and just as I slumped back down my eyes glanced at my alarm clock. Blinking, I looked again. Mom had been sucking my cock for nearly an hour! What the fuck?! I watched her in amazement and then I realized that she wasn’t trying to make me cum as she had this afternoon. Then her only goal was a mouth full of cum. But now, she would take my load eventually. As I continued watching her I noticed that every time I started getting close she eased up on her efforts. She didn’t stop, but the intensity diminished allowing the impending urge to pass.

I had been moaning and groaning my enjoyment and these sounds seemed to encourage her. My entire being joined my cock in pleasure heaven as she continued driving me insane with pleasure. My brain realized that my mom was not just giving me another ‘installment’, she was making love to my cock! Her entire focus was to give me the most pleasure for the longest time possible. My mother was in love with me and my cock! Holy shit!

Again my eyes glanced at the alarm clock and I nearly shit; where had another half hour gone? “Oh my god, mom, I can’t believe how good this feels! You’re giving me the best blowjob ever!”

With my cock still in her mouth she said something that I took to be “that’s the idea.” The vibrations of her talking around my cock head was all it took, I knew I was going to cum. I thrust my hips up at her mouth and her hand clamped down on the base of my shaft, totally cutting off the flow of my cum. Oh shit! My balls tried to pump my cum into her mouth but her hand said no! It felt exquisite but her hand won the battle. “Not yet, honey, not yet!” mom said. She smiled as she licked up the small dribble that leaked out of my slit, then went back to gently loving my cock.

Mom did this to me three more times, taking me right over the edge, my cock throbbing in orgasm, but clamping her hand on my shaft, preventing my cum from escaping my balls. Each time I cried out in near anguish, the pleasure was that intense. Finally my balls said NOW as my hips pumped up into her mouth and even with her hand tighter than before my cock rocketed its load into her mouth. Mom moaned as she released her grip while gulping down every bit of my cum.

As my cock finally shot forth its nectar I cried out “Yeeeiiiiiiiiaaaaaaiaiaiiaiiahhhhhiiiiiiiiii” in the pleasure/pain of over due release, quickly following it with “OHFUCKINGHELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!” Mom just sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed…until I thought I might die. Each time she sucked hard I softly cried out, “Oh my god mom!” or “Fuck mom, that feels so damned good!” Mostly my eyes were closed as my head rocked from side to side.

I was groaning in pleasure as I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was light streaming under my door, and a shadow pass across that opening. Oh shit, we’re busted! But then I realized the shadow left in the direction of my sister April’s bedroom. Not great but a hell of a lot better than towards mom and dad’s bedroom!

Incredibly, mom was still sucking my shaft as she once again was working hard to get every last drop of my juice. I slowly lifted back up onto my elbows and said, “Holy fucking shit, mom, that was so totally incredible! How could you do that for so long?”

“Oh honey, I just love to have a marathon suck! Trouble is I haven’t had one in over fifteen years! Your father has been good to me and provides really well, but he has turned into a dud in the bedroom a long time ago. Yes I know I fucked him earlier but that was all my doings, if I hadn’t gotten him all worked up and then climbed aboard, it never would have happened. As for me, I’ve gotten hornier than hell over the years and he hasn’t helped cool my fires. But now I think I’ve found the hydrant with all the quenching liquid I need.

“I know that earlier I told you ‘one time only’ but after seeing your glorious cock and tasting your fantastic elixir, I just have to have more, lots more! And your youth coupled with my horniness is a match made in, um, heaven. I’m going to enjoy riding your massive cock for hours on end! Now, Ron honey, go to sleep and sleep well.” With that said she kissed the tip of my softening, but very happy, cock, then slid up and kissed me passionately.

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