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I wait patiently against the wall of the theater. People passing by looking me over as I stand there waiting. A couple guys stop and start talking to me, asking me to join them in a booth. I tell them I’m waiting for someone, and they move along. My wife told me you wanted me to wait here and that I’d know when you got there and that it would be you. I hoped you were right. I see you walk in through the turn-styles and into the arcade area. You have a black jacket on over a white button down shirt tucked into your jeans, and cowboy boots. You stand 6’2″ easily, skin as dark as the night, built very nicely. I hoped this was you. You looked just as you described yourself. As you walked towards me I felt that I would soon find out. “Follow me, bitch!” was all you said and I knew it was you.

I followed you around the several small booths until you got to one of the bigger booths and went inside. I followed in behind you and closed the door and locked it. When I turned around you were there in front of me pushing me back against the door. You look me over as your hands are pressed against my shoulders keeping me against the door. You look me in the eyes and smile only saying, “Strip.”

You release me and take off your jacket and sit down on the bench in the booth, as I start to take of my clothes. I feel your eyes watching me as I strip for you. You begin to tell me how my wife has told you how much I love to suck her pussy when she gets home from you fucking her. How much you loved the idea of me cleaning her after her gang bang with you and your five friends. How she cried when you pierced her cunt, worried that her husband wouldn’t understand. How much she wanted more piercings after I approved of the first ones.

When I pull off my pants I am totally naked in front of you. I wore exactly what you told my wife to have me wear. A shirt, pants, socks, and shoes, nothing else. After I place my pants down on the bench, I turn towards you and begin to kneel. “No, wait,” you say as you hold up a hand and begin to stand, “I want a good look at what I have to work with.” I feel your hands roam my body. You begin squeezing my ass cheeks, pinching my nipples, and gripping my cock and balls all in one hand pulling down and looking directly at me, saying “We are going to have some fun, boy.” You turn and pick up a bag, tossing it at me, hitting me in the chest. “Put that on,” you tell me. I open the bag and pull out the garment inside. A black pair of thong panties, black nylons, and a garter belt, I lay them out on the bench as I remove them from the bag. I begin by putting on one of the nylons on my left leg. “Good you Ümraniye Escort do have some experience dressing,” you say, as I continue with the other nylon. I put the garter belt on and fasten the nylons to it. Then I step into the panties one leg at a time and slide them up my legs until they are on and the fabric of the thong slides between my ass cheeks. I turn towards you again and kneel on the cold concrete from of the video booth, bowing my head.

“Look up at me, boy,” you say. I raise my head and look at you, when you speak. “If you want out, this is your chance, stand up get dressed and walk out, if you don’t leave then you’re going to be used by me however I like. Do you understand?” I nod my head saying “yes Sir, I want this.” “Good slut spread your knees apart as far as you can,” you order me. When I have my knee apart you reach down and pull the panties down where my cock and balls are exposed. You attach a ball spreader with a cock ring attachment on me and pull my panties back up over my cock. “Put the tokens in and select a video,” you order me. I put in the $10.00 worth of tokens, which you ordered me to get when I arrived at the theater. After the last one I began flipping through channels of the straight, lesbian, leather, bondage, and gay flicks until I came upon one that had a cross dresser with two large black guys standing over him. As I turned back around the flash caught me by surprise, and blinded me a bit. Rubbing my eyes trying to get my site back, when I opened them again there I was looking at your cock. Lying limp in front of you, a good seven inches, as big as mine had ever been when fully erect.

“Well, what are you waiting for, get to sucking,” you say snapping me out of my awe. I reach up with my hand grasping the cock before me and guide it to my mouth were I wrap my lips around it and begin to suck it into my mouth. I get about three-quarters of it into my mouth as I start to feel it get hard in my mouth. It has a familiar taste as I suck on it and wonder if you had come from fucking my wife. I will not be able to take it all after it is hard, so I force more into my mouth until I gag on it and pull back. “You’ll learn, soon it’ll be second nature taking it down your throat,” you tell me as I begin bobbing my head up and down on your cock. After a few minutes I have a 12 inch hard cock in front of me that is sliding in and out of my mouth. It is almost as thick as my cock is, but much longer, by far the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. You place a hand on my head and begin to thrust into my mouth as I suck you in. With each thrust I gag on your long hard cock. Anadolu yakası Escort “We’ll keep this up until you learn to take a cock without gagging, my cock loves virgin throats, the gagging keeps it hard, just ask your wife” you say, as I continue to gag on your cock.

“Relax your throat, bitch,” you command as you grab my head with both hands and ease your cock into my mouth. As I gag on the tip you thrust your hips forward forcing your cock deeper into my mouth and down my throat. I start to panic as I’m choking on your cock as you ease more and more into me and put my hands up on your thighs. “Don’t fight me boy, relax and swallow my cock,” you say. When your balls are slapping my chin, you pull back until your cock is completely out of my mouth. I fall down to the floor and begin to cough and sputter from being choked by your cock. “I’ll train that mouth and throat of yours, you’ll be taking to deep throating cocks bigger than mine in no time.

Since your down on all fours, get that ass up in the air, bitch,” you command. I turn my body, still coughing, until my ass is pointed towards you, and then I raise it as high as I can from my knees. As soon as I have it pointed at you, your hand comes down on it hard with a smack that surprises me and echoes through the arcade. You look at me and say, “That won’t be the last time your ass gets whipped, just the first.” You reach over and take something from your coat, and then pressing it against my ass, I feel a cool liquid spread across my hole. As you push the applicator inside me I breathe in quickly from the sudden insertion. You laugh, “Boy, you enjoyed that; you’re going to love what’s coming next.” I feel the coolness of the liquid you’re squirting inside my hole spreading deep inside me. I’m enjoying the cool feeling so much that I don’t feel you pull the applicator out of my ass. Until I feel the head of your cock pressing against my hole do I realize what has started.

You get the head of your cock past my ass ring, and then ease a few more inches in. I feel my ass open up and take your cock in. You pull out to the head and then thrust forward again, getting a little more of your cock inside my ass. You continue this pattern, pulling out to the head and pushing more and more in with each thrust forward. I feel so full, with each thrust, and so empty and wanting each time you pull out. My eyes are closed enjoying the feeling of my first fuck, then I realize you have stopped. I look back at you and ask, “Sir?” “Your stuffed white boy, full of black cock, how do you feel?” he asks. “I feel wonderful, Sir, why did you stop?” I İstanbul Escort reply. You say nothing but reach around my head and force a ball gag into my mouth and fasten it around the back of my head.

Then with your cock still buried deep in my ass, you grab me by the hair and pull me up until you are sitting on the bench with me straddling your thighs, my weight forcing the rest of your cock in me until our balls are touching. “Fuck yourself, bitch, and make it good, I want to shoot my load in your ass like this. You’re no longer being fucked, you got your white bitch ass fucking my cock because you want to, just like your wife does,” you say to me. I then begin to raise my ass off your cock and start slowly fucking your cock, speeding up the pace slowly. I’m lubed up well enough that soon I’m grunting with the force of slamming my ass down on your cock. I then realize why you gagged me when I feel the burning on my ass, as I scream into the gag. I look back and you have lit a cigarette and are holding it down at my ass cheek. “Hold still!” you tell me, as you then press the lit cigarette again on my ass, next to the one previously to form an eight in my skin. “Now back to business,” you say. Then you push me off your cock and shove me down on my back on the bench. You lift my legs, pushing them towards my ears. Guiding your cock to my ass you press the head against my hole, and are quickly balls deep inside me again. Then you turn up the pace and are soon hammering my ass with your cock, until soon your grunting and I feel the warmth of your cum shooting in my ass. One last thrust deep inside me and you finish cumming completely inside me. You lay there on top of me for a few seconds and then raise up begin slowly pulling your cock out of me, “clamp down on my cock bitch,” you tell me, and I grip your cock with my ass.

When your cock pops out of my ass you quickly then shove a butt plug inside me replacing your cock and holding you’re cum in me. “Back on your knees slut,” you command, and I slide down off the bench and back on my knees. “You take it in the ass better than your wife, now straighten your outfit, you want to look good for the guys,” you say as I look up at you. “You’re going to suck any cock or ass that comes in here until I come back to get you. Just about every guy here is here because I told them to be here. Some are here looking for someone to suck their cock, you’ll get them too. Afterwards, we are going to your house and me and some friends are going to gang bang your wife and film it, you’ll be fluffing every guy there. So just be a good cock hound and suck whatever comes in,” and saying that you walk out the door. A couple of seconds pass and the first guy came in with a smile on his face, rubbing his cock through his pants. I was there in the booth on my knees and licking my lips, ready as you commanded, beginning my service to you as I wrap my lips around his hardening cock.

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