Birthday Quickies: Father/Son


Andrew wanted to have sex with his father, and now that he was 18 years old, he had decided to do it.

Andrew had just woken up in his bed with the most massive hardon. He had once again had a dream about his tall muscular father pulling his hard cock out in front of him and starting to stroke it. Andrew always wanted to suck his father’s cock so badly in the dream, but when he got down on his knees to do it he always woke up before he could feel his dad’s warm hard dick in his mouth. But today was Andrew’s birthday, and he was eighteen, a man, and he couldn’t think about anything else but feeling his dad’s hard penis slide down his throat.

Andrew went down to breakfast to find his father making pancakes. His father was wearing only his pajamas, and from behind Andrew could see he wasn’t wearing anything underneath them. Andrew started salivating at the thought of how accessible his father’s genitals were to him. He felt an animalistic need to lick and sniff his father’s balls and dick.

“Happy Birthday Son!” his father said, flipping a pancake over in the pan.

“Thanks Dad, are these mine?” Andrew asked, pointing to the pancakes already on a plate on the table. Andrew’s cock throbbed in his pants, tucked up and held against his stomach by his waistband.

“Of course” his dad replied without looking, otherwise he probably would have noticed Andrew’s giant boner.

Andrew’s father finished the last pancake and turned off the stove. Andrew looked at his pancakes and decided to go for what he wanted. He put down his plate and walked over to his father. He pushed him a bit until he was cornered next to the bursa suriyeli escort escort stove. Andrew hugged his father, and his father hugged him back.

“Happy Birthday” his dad said. Andrew just ground his hardon into his father’s stomach while pulling him tight. His father flinched, and exhaled strongly through his nose.

“Andrew…” he said tentatively.

Andrew dropped to his knees and pulled his father’s drawstring pajamas down over his package, revealing a soft dick on top of a large furry set of testicles. His father cried out.

“What are you doing Andrew!?”

“This is what I want for my birthday dad, I want to suck your cock.”

His father gasped and before he could do anything Andrew put the head of his father’s dick into his mouth. His father’s eyes widened in shock, as he instantly realized they’d crossed a line they could never uncross. His son’s mouth was on his cock, and even worse, he felt the blood rushing rapidly into his dick as Andrew sucked harder. He realized he was going to do it. He was going to cum down his son’s throat. Andrew sucked his dad’s whole dick into his mouth. He felt waves of pleasure over his whole body as he finally passed that point of awakening. He was not dreaming, his father’s rapidly hardening dick was filling his mouth, and soon he would taste his dad’s cum. His father’s smooth cock swiftly hardened as he sucked on it until it was fully erect. He looked up with his dad’s dick in his mouth and saw his father’s eyes were closed. He couldn’t believe he finally had his father’s hard throbbing cock in bursa ucuz escort his mouth. Andrew forced the last two inches of daddy dick down his throat, and rapidly thrust his father’s dick into his mouth over and over. He wanted to feel his father penetrating his face with his lustful cock. He wanted to feel the throbbing orgasm as his creator squirted his seed into him over and over in his moment of pure ecstasy.

His father grabbed both sides of his head and started fucking his mouth, overcome with lust. Andrew heard his dad grunting as his cock slammed in and out of his mouth. Andrew started to moan in pleasure feeling his father embrace their fucking, and putting his dick inside him over and over again. Andrew felt his father speed up and knew he was close. Here he was going to cum in his mouth. He was going to feel his father’s cock orgasm against his tongue.

But that was not to be. Andrew’s father’s thoughts had turned from his son’s warm mouth. He wanted to dominate and penetrate his son more deeply. He wanted to fuck his son’s ass and own his boy, so Andrew could feel his daddy’s love deep inside of him. He wanted his mouth on his son’s when his cock exploded deep inside him. Andrew’s father pulled his dick out of his mouth and turned him around. He grabbed the cooking oil and poured it into his hand, lubricating his dick. He stuck an oily finger into Andrew’s ass and Andrew moaned, not believing his luck.

Quickly his father slid his cock into his son. His hot manhood pushed into his son, and he started speaking.

“You dirty boy. You want daddy’s cock for bursa üniversiteli escort your birthday? You want to feel your father cum inside of you now that you’re a man? Daddy loves you boy. Daddy wants to pump his cum into you Andrew. I’m gonna cum inside you, we’re going to cum together. We’re going to hold each other and feel our cocks pump in unison and we’ll be closer than any other father and son could be.”

Andrew was speechless. He couldn’t believe his father would talk this way. He jerked his own cock furiously in anticipation of his father shooting his load inside of him. He leaned back into his powerful father and felt his arms wrap around him as he reached the climax of this incestuous fuck. His father had chosen his hole. His father was going to share his most intimate moment, his humbling and soul baring moment of orgasm, and he had invited Andrew to cum himself at the same time. They would be experiencing the world’s ultimate pleasure together, as father and son.

“Nnnng Daddy fuck me” Andrew gasped, and he sent his father over the edge. His dad cried out and felt himself pumping shot after shot of cum into his son, holding tight as he heard his son moan and shoot his own cum all over the kitchen floor. They clung to each other as their orgasms continued, feeling their throbbing cocks straining together to empty their balls. They kissed, their tongues mingling as their fluid pumped out together into and onto each other. Andrew’s father continued to fuck him, feeling a second orgasm building. He wanted his son so much, and could feel his cock straining in Andrew’s tight ass to reach that second point of release. He crested the hill and felt his dick begin to throb again, cumming against the inside of his own son, spurting what seed he had left into his progeny. Andrew grasped his father harder as their orgasm subsided, and they continued kissing. Finally, breathless, they broke away.

“Happy Birthday Son” Andrew’s father said, his cock still buried deep in his son’s ass.

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