Best Friend, Bully, Alpha


Here’s a story i’ve been working on, with multiple parts. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Should I finish this story? (Sex stuff after asterisks)


My whole life I had always been confident, for the most part. I was fit, smart, charming, I had a pretty big cock, and a girlfriend with a nice fat white ass to slam it against. My life was perfect. Of course that all changed on the night of February, 12, 2014, the night I pushed my girlfriend into the arms of another man.

Eileen was the perfect girlfriend. We had met in high school and ever since then we hadn’t been able to keep our hands off of each other. Her beautiful green eyes were contrasted by her dark brown hair. She had the perfect hourglass figure, with just enough fat to give your hands something to grab onto. Her 28DD tits would often be the focus of every man in the room, that is until she left, then all anyone could focus on was the tight fabric draped across her ass, clearly showing the black thong underneath her white dress . Most of all she was one of the sweetest girls on this planet. I swear to god, Eileen has cried at the end of ever Disney movie ever made. And she had the cutest laugh ever, anything I heard her laugh I couldn’t help but smile. I had won the jackpot, and I was thankful for every day I had with her.

It was my birthday and I wanted to invite one of my friends over. While this normally wouldn’t be an issue, Eileen had a particular distaste for my best friend Daniel. My friendship with Daniel was well… toxic to say the least. Remember how I said I had been confident for the most part, well that’s where Daniel came in. He would often make fun of me in High School. Daniel was a real smart funny guy, and he used his natural gifts to make fun and belittle others. If Daniel was making fun of you, you can bet he had everyone in the class joining along. He had this cult like magnetism that made people want to be his friend, everyone but Eileen, who saw through his bullshit. It had always bothered her that Daniel would make fun of people based on their looks, when he was a 300 pound obese jerk who wore the same Halo shirt to school every day. Yet somehow me and him remained friends years after high school. While I was a confident guy, he was the only person who would make me doubt myself, and for some reason that made me unable to kick him out of my life, no matter how many times Eileen begged me to do so.

“Please I swear he won’t bother you,” I said trying to maintain eye contact , and not to look at her body. Since today was a special day, she decided to wear one of my favorite outfits. A purple flannel skirt that clung to her body, so tightly that she decided against wearing any panties as, “they would feel too constricting “. She’d only wear that skirt if she knew she wouldn’t have to bend over, as anyone standing behind her would see her fat white ass and soft wet pussy were begging to be fucked. That was one of the things I loved about her, she was always ready to fuck. As for her the rest of her outfit, she was wearing one of those black tanktops, that showed off her big juicy tits, squeezing into each other, begging to be let go and get sucked on.

“No. I told you I didn’t want to see him around here ever again. He’s always making fun of you, and you just sit there and take it. Like he should be saying anything,” Eileen had her hands crossed, despite being 5’5 she could still make me feel small. Before I could say anything the doorbell rang. Daniel was here, and Eileen was pissed.

“Sorry it’s my birthday,” I said walking backwards towards the door. Looking back it kind of hurts to think about how hard I fought to have him over at my house.


The night had gone on for quite a while. Eileen, Daniel, and me had drank quite a few shots at this point. While I had seen Eileen drunk before I had never seen her this drunk. She had a completely different personality, Daniel’s cruel jokes were actually starting to make her laugh.

It seemed as the night went on she wasn’t as nervous about bending over in her tiny little skirt. I could see Daniel focus on her body every time she bent over the coffee table for another shot glass of vodka. Having Marmaris Escort another man stare at her like that was making me harder than I’d ever been before.

“Dam it’s a shame a girl like you is with such a little bitch like him,” Daniel said as he took another shot of Vodka, slapping Eileen’s ass harder than it’d ever been slapped before. I felt bad for my poor baby. She wasn’t used to this kind of treatment. We never fucked the whole time we were together, no … what we did was always much more pure than that, it was a soft sensual loving experience. As she fixed her skirt I could tell her ass was red from the impact, and I could tell Daniel noticed too because he couldn’t stop smiling. Eileen then gave Daniel a look, a look which at first I thought was anger, but on reflection it’s clear what happened, Eileen had recognized who the alpha in the room was. Daniel then pulled his arm so far back, that it was clear to me and Eileen what was about to happen, but I couldn’t move. My heart raced like it had been replaced with a hummingbird I was frozen in my own body. Daniel’s slap was loud, it was so loud I could feel the heat coming off of his hand. Eileen legs were trembling struggling to stay up. I could see the wetness around her pussy run down the inside of her thigh. All I could do was just look at Daniel while he rubbed my girlfriend’s ass. He couldn’t help but stare at his handiwork. Another man’s girlfriend was now his to touch however he pleased. Eileen’s perfect fat white ass was now red and pink, as her skirt bunched up against her waist.

“You gonna do something bitch boy?” Daniel said as he began to laugh.

“Please dude, just stop this isn’t funny,” I said trying not to look him in the eyes. I felt like crying but I knew it would just make me look like the little bitch he thought I was.

Eileen just looked at me for a second, then back at Daniel, “You’re right he is a bitch,” and started laughing. That laugh that once brought me happiness brought me nothing but shame at this moment. Daniel then joined her in her laughter. I was so confused, Eileen had never acted like this before.

“I’m only kidding dude, Relax. Eileen why don’t you sit down next to me,” Daniel said. As soon as she sat down next to Daniel, I heard a squeak of pain, as Eileen adjusted herself on the couch. Moving her hips trying to get as low as possible, closing her eyes in pleasure.

“What was that,” I asked Eileen. Eileen then giggled and looked at Daniel.

“His finger is in my ass baby,” Eileen said as she closed her eyes, trying to stop a moan from leaving her body. Eileen had been curious about anal before but I had never wanted to try it. I didn’t think she’d be able to handle it and I would never want to hurt my baby, but Daniel had no such worries. She wasn’t his girlfriend, he didn’t care what happened to her, or her delicate little body.

“Oh god baby, his fingers are so fucking big. I can feel him splitting my ass apart,” Eileen said she as rubbed her ass against Daniel’s big fat fingers, pushing him deeper inside her with every second that passed by. Moving not too fast or not too slow, as taking his fingers in all the way would rip her body up from the inside. Daniel then started whispering in her ear, for what felt like an eternity. When Daniel whispered into Eileen’s ear I caught a glimpse of what was going on. Her ass was turned towards me slightly, as she was leaning into Daniel, while gripping onto him as tightly as possible. I could see his fingers inside her, stretching her asshole, pushing his fingers against her insides. Eileen then got off Daniel’s fingers, slowly inch by inch, as to not put her body in shock, taking her skirt off in the process.

“You better not forget to fucking clean up your mess, you fucking dirty cunt,” Daniel said. Eileen then got on her knees and started slowly licking the edges of Daniel’s fingers. Teasing his fingers, like she had teased my cock with her mouth so many times before this, swirling her tongue on his fingers making sure to lick every inch of her juices off his fat fingers. Daniel was obviously annoyed with her teasing, and started shoving her head down his big fingers, Marmaris Escort Bayan gagging her as she deepthroated his hand. He finally stopped, as it was obvious she was really close to puking. As she lifted her head from Daniel’s fingers, it was obvious Eileen was catching her breath. Her face was covered in saliva, covering her beauty in a thin thick layer of glaze, making it hard to breathe.

“Daniel wants to see how long it’ll take you to act like a man,” said Eileen through the layer of spit and saliva dripping off her face. She then bent over the coffee table, spreading her ass open with both hands in the process. Her asshole was gaping, and red from Daniel’s abuse. Throbbing, reminding me that I was unable to protect that delicate little angel.

‘He says if you fuck me right now, he’ll take back what he said about you being a little bitch,” Eileen said, pussy dripping, and asshole pulsating.

“I don’t have to do anything,” I told them in defiance.

“You should,” Daniel said.

“Yeah you should,” said Eileen as she was bent over, displaying her nice fat white ass to the 300 pound monster in the room, Daniel.

“Or what? You gonna eat me” I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I resorted to a fat joke. A joke which I would regret.

“Or else this,” said Eileen. Eileen then got on her knee’s presenting her doll like face on Daniel’s lap. Staring into his face with those loving emerald green eyes. She was the definition of beauty and sweetness. Daniel then slapped her as hard as he could, and all she could say in return was “Thank you Daniel.” Daniel then made her turn around, and started shoving his big fat fingers into her tight little asshole. You could tell Eileen was having trouble taking them all in despite already having him in her once, as it was clear his fingers were slipping out, but he would just shove them in even harder again to make them stay.

“So you gonna fuck her or what bitch,” Daniel said as Eileen’s pussy dripped all over his hand. I could tell she was excited her pussy and asshole were both clenching, hoping to take anything resembling a cock.

“Please Daniel fuck me, fuck me or he will and I will never let you fuck me again,” Eileen said as she came for the first time that night. She started shaking uncontrollably as Daniel held her up with only his hand, by shoving his fingers even deeper into her asshole. All EIleen could do was drool, and grip onto the coffee table as she moaned louder than I ever thought possible. Her face looked flustered, as the tears streamed down her face, looking like she just finished another Disney movie. She needed a man, a real man bad.

Her body was just slumped over the coffee table, barely able to stand, as her pretty little white pussy, now red, pulsated in hopes of getting some real cock deep inside her, and I was hoping to be that cock. I got up, and as soon as I did Daniel felt the need to comment.

“Oh wow look who’s gonna be a man,” Daniel then pulled his finger’s out of Eileen’s ass. It was clear Eileen didn’t want his fingers to leave her ass, because she clenched with all her strength. I could tell because she had this stupid cock hungry whore expression on her face. An expression I thought I had seen before, but now it was clear I hadn’t. At this point I was in a rush. I needed to prove I was a man as fast as possible. I needed Eileen to believe that I could be her man, not some little bitch like Daniel said. I then grabbed Eileen by her hair, and forced her to face Daniel. So he could see what real pleasure was when I fucked her from behind. I knew I could be the man Eileen needed me to be, that is until one second later when my mind started to fill with doubt. Then something happened something that had never happened to me before. As soon as I took my pants off my raging hard dick had turned to a soft noodle. I was thankful Daniel and Eileen couldn’t see the sorry state of my cock right now. At this point I still felt I could muster something up. After all Daniel can’t see what’s happening. At this point I knew that if I had just a couple of seconds to calm myself down, i’d be able to get hard again and fuck my girlfriend. Escort Marmaris I just kept rubbing my mushy noodle against her pussy in hopes that the heat, and friction would cause something to happen in my dick. Some sort of jolt or tingle. Finally after two minutes of rubbing my soft dick against Eileen’s eager wet pussy my dick was starting to finally work again. I was relieved, for one second I thought i’d be humiliated in front of Eileen. Then Daniel spoke a sentence which sent a shock through my spine.

“What’s up? How’s that dick feel baby? You not making any noise? Is he really that small?” Daniel said as he held gripped onto my girlfriend’s soft face with his big fat meaty fingers. Eileen then started giggling, which killed any chance I had of getting hard. All I could focus on was the humiliation I was about to endure.

“He’s soft. He’s just been rubbing his limp cock on my pussy for like two minutes,” said Eileen using her pouty voice. Daniel began laughing so hard, that the room echoed his laughter.

“Oh my god that’s amazing. Well don’t worry bitch, because a real man is here, here come sit down next to me,” Daniel was speaking to Eileen, but since he had been calling me bitch I thought he was talking to me. So as I began to walk to the couch he laughed and responded, “No not you bitch boy. I was talking about the cum rag, Eileen.” Eileen then walked up and took a seat next to Daniel, not staring at me once.

I stood there exposed, as my dick shrank more than I ever thought possible. I wanted to lay down and cry right there, but I didn’t. I was in too much shock to do anything other than stand there. Waiting for Daniel to give me my next order.

“Look at that little fucking dick, can’t even get hard to prove he’s a real man. Come closer,” I did as Daniel said and walked up right to the couch they were sitting on.

‘Slap his balls cum rag,” Daniel said as he rubbed Eileen’s big fat tits.

“Ok Daniel,” Eileen said. She then slapped my balls so hard I could feel it in my stomach. I could only hunch over and catch my breathe.

“From now on call me Daddy, both of you,” Daniel said as I heaved and coughed on the floor.

“Yes, daddy” said Eileen. I stayed silent. I refused to call him Daddy, so Daniel just looked at me then back at Eileen.

“Don’t worry by the end of tonight he’ll be calling me Daddy… well as long as he can talk with a mouthful.” Daniel then unzipped his pants, and his hard cock sprang out, covered in thick veins, pulsating and throbbing, as his cock head oozed precum. What bothered me most though was his cock. His cock was three times smaller than my cock, but his cock worked, and the only thing Eileen wanted was to feel a man inside her pussy. I wish I could be that man. I would have given everything to be Eileen’s man that night, but you can’t be something you’re not. Even though I had the bigger cock, that did not make me the man. The man was sitting right in front of me, making my high school sweetheart, his bitch.

Eileen then started rubbing his cock, eagerly looking at it, as Daniel’s thick precum covered her hand. I could tell that she didn’t remember a time at which she hated Daniel. This was about something more real, than any past bullying or dislike. This was what mattered most in life, hard dick. She had gone primal. Her pussy was wet and ready, and since my dick couldn’t make a deposit she’d have to find a male who was able to fuck her properly.

“Wow Daddy, I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get to see any real cock tonight. Luckily you’re a real man” Daniel just laughed.

“Bitch boy, come suck on Daddy’s balls,” said Daniel. I started feeling nauseas at the thought of having to suck his balls. As I stared at him from the floor all I could see was his fat gut drenched in sweat, hanging over his 4’0 dick. His balls were unkempt, covered in pubic hair, just dangling over my couch. I could smell the precum and ball stench from here, it made me sick to my stomach.

“Time to pray, bitch,” Daniel then put his hand on the back of my head. I instinctively tried to pull away, but that just made him grab my head even harder, reminding me who was in control. I closed my eyes trying desperately to imagine being anywhere else as he pulled my head closer to his balls. I still refused to open my mouth and acknowledge his dominance, which pissed him off. He then began wildly rubbing my face in his balls, getting his sweat and scent all over my face, leaving me sticky and warm.

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