Bella Takes It Ch. 01

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Bella was floating in a cloud of smoke. Her 23 year old naked 33D-26-40 curvaceous body exposed to a man.

Bella can’t tell if she knows him or not as the smoke is so dense that she can only make out his silhouette. The only thing she can see clearly is the mammoth mushroom headed monster pressing to her pussy lips.

It looked like it went on as far as her eyes could see as it vanished into the smoke even though the man’s body is on top of hers.

He pushes his helmet past her soaking we lips and his shaft journeys deep. It doesn’t seem to stop as Bella watches his never ending shaft filling her body.

Even though she can see her lover filling her with his infinity rod she couldn’t feel him. She was extremely horny, seeing but not feeling him was teasing Bella to the brink, not giving her the satisfaction she craved.

“Bella!” She hears her name as the world begins to shake and everything around her falls to darkness.

Wes woke up and came out to the living room to find his exposed sister passed out on the couch. She’s wearing a satin short robe that had fallen open while Bella was asleep to reveal her naked body. Lying on her back with both arms pulled up, crossing each other over her face. One leg was bent and leaning against up on the sofa and her other leg was off the couch spread open. An empty wine bottle at her feet.

Her hips are swaying as if calling to him and her pussy glistens from the light coming in through the open curtains

Wes was shocked! Being a virgin to all things female he never saw a woman naked in real life let alone moving her body the way he was seeing now.

Reality of the situation hit him, he was rock hard and his sister was the culprit for obvious reasons. He knew his sister was pretty but never before has he had this kind of reaction.

Knowing he had to do something Wes went to shake Bella’s arm and call out her name. When he did so his eyes watched in awe of his sisters tits jiggled.

When there was no real reaction is when Wes’s mischievous side sparked up.

Wes grabbed his camera and started to record his sister sleeping on the couch. At first he wasn’t thinking about doing anything until Bella moaned.

“No, please!” Not wanting her dream to end Bella calls out to her lover as she reaches out for him.

“I need it,” Bella cries as her head begins to pound with the fury of last night’s drinking but still horny as hell.

Feeling her lovers shirt Bella pulls him into her open legs. Trying to open her eyes but the bright morning sun attacked her head. Instead she closed her eyes and brought her lovers face to hers and began kissing him lustfully.

Wes couldn’t process what was happening as it was going to quick. Having his sister attacking him like this was shocking in more ways one.

He was turned on as Bella held him to her naked body. The fact he’s never been in a position like this before, not only that but from his sister and he was getting it all on camera also fed his lust.

While Wes is overthinking his kissing and if he was getting a good shot with his camera his sisters hands were running down his t-shirt clad flabby body towards his boxers.

Bella’s head was semi lost in ecstasy from her dream and a dizzying hangover. In the heat of the moment she’s not thinking about who it is she’s with.

All Bella cares about is the hunger of lust her dream left her in. Her hands sleepily work free the hardened rod hidden in her lovers boxer shorts that kept her from feeling him on her dripping wet lips.

When she feels the flesh of his manhood touch her glistening lips it sends shivers throughout her body. She still kisses his fumbling lips as her hands direct his helmet to her entrance.

When Wes feels her slit brushing against his bare mushroom tip he can’t believe it. Pulling up front his sisters mouth, breaking from her kiss and looking down to see his cock actually touching a pussy for the first time. Not only did this Çapa Escort blow his mind but his load too.

Wes was viewing it all through his camera as focusing on their sexes connecting. His shaft twitching it first shot directly into the folds of her pussy.

Bella felt the warmth coat the outside of her pussy with her lovers first shot. Her lust not fulfilled and acting on the need to satisfy her body she pushes her hips and pulls at his.

Bella feels the second shot stream all the way up to her chest. At this point she presses his shaft into her pussy lips while rocking her hips. His cock coating her from her stomach down to her camel toe with every burst of his seed as his cock slowly ceased firing.

Bella was disappointed, she wanted more as it seemed to subdue the hangover and the yearning she was left with. But she was regaining hope as she noticed his cock was still hard as he was now moving his hips against hers.

Wes got the entire shot of him blowing his load all over his sister. His head was overwhelmed and fueled with desire as he continued enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding along her lips.

Wes didn’t really care at this point that Bella was his sister. He was so turned on all he could think about were two things. Losing his virginity and capturing it all on camera.

Bella ran her hands under her lovers shirt to feel his soft flabby body while enjoying the feeling of his cock playing with her pussy. When suddenly she realised she wasn’t dreaming, she wasn’t dating anyone at this point and didn’t remember bringing anyone home last night.

“Holy shit!” Bella shrieked, opening her eyes to see her 18 year old fat little brother between her legs. His rigid cock at her entrance and a camera in his hands filming it all.

“Wes,” Bella shockingly questioned, realizing mistakes have been made, “what the fuck are you doing?”

“What do you mean?” Wes didn’t understand what she was getting at. He was still rubbing against her pussy lips..

“Get the fuck off of me you fucking rapist!” Bella yelled and pushed him back away from her.

“You molested me you bitch!” Wes countered, “and I have proof right here.” Pointing out the camera he had focused on her.

“Bullshit,” Bella said unsure of what he said was true or not as she sat up and wrapped her body with her robe. Noticing more than ever the cum all over her body.

Wes stopped recording and played the clip from the beginning, holding it out for Bella to see.

“Delete it!” Bella was embarrassed by what she saw.

“You know what,” Wes said mischievously, “I think I’ll send it out to all your friends. Maybe mom would like to see what you let happen.”

Bella knew mom thought she partied too much and this would not sit well. Sure they both would get heat for what happened but it was obvious her drinking was the reason it happened at all.

“No,” Bella pleaded, “please, Wesley don’t show that to anybody, please!” The worry was ever present in her voice.

Wes liked seeing her like this. Bella was usually too cool to be nice to her brother. Sure she had her moments but they were few and far between all the bullying she’s done.

“Blow me,” Wes said as an order more than an insult. His hard on still hanging out over the waistband of his boxers.

“What?” Bella questioned, taken back at his demands. Looking at her younger brother in shock. Here he was. His 5’7″ 200 pound frame standing in front of her with a confidence she’s never experienced.

“Suck my dick!” Wes said louder as if she were hard of hearing. He closed the gap between them, turning the camera back on and capturing her seated with his cock at her face. “Well?”

“Put the camera away,” Bella demanded but Wes wasn’t going to do that.

“Ok,” was all Wes said as he turned his back to Bella and started walking to his room. “I’ve got some emails to send.”

“WAIT!” She called out to Wes, “stop.”

Wes turned around again Çapa Escort Bayan focusing the camera on her sitting on the sofa. He waited for her to say or do something as she sat there holding her robe closed over her body.

Bella resigned herself to her fate and patting the empty seat next to her on the sofa.

“Alright!” Wes celebrated out loud, taking the his seat and leaned back waiting for his blow job.

Bella reluctantly got down on the floor. On her knees between Wes’s legs and leaned over his cock.

The smell wasn’t pleasant, his musk was strong especially with her scent on his rod as well. He wasn’t big but did have decent length and his cock did have some girth to it. She took his cock into her hand and lowered her head down.

Wes couldn’t believe his luck as he saw his head disappear between Bella’s amazing lips. The warmth of her mouth engulfing his member as she began servicing him was like nothing he could’ve imagined.

Bella on the other hand was feeling ill with her hangover and the fact she was giving her little brother a blow job. She stayed focused though and worked her mouth as best she could. She wanted it over as soon as possible.

She kept her eyes shut because of how bright it felt in the room from the morning sun. Also because she didn’t want to see the camera or her brother. His rod within her mouth was all she wanted to concentrate on.

“Oh, yeah!” Wes let out as the sensation of his first blow job was surreal on every level. His sister was masterfully working his manhood more so than he could’ve ever conceived.

Hearing her brothers voice was disturbing as she had him inside of her mouth. She was sliding her lips along his rod when she felt his free hand find the back of her head.

Wes could feel it building and he pressed his sisters head down onto his pulsing cock. When he felt himself fully inserted he shot of into her throat, “I’m cumming!”

Bella felt the explosion and instinctively tried swallowing it. She was amazed at how much he was depositing inside of her mouth after he already came all over her body. Some spilled from her lips, down his shaft. She felt it collecting on her lips as she took him fully into her mouth one last time.

Bella licked her lips clean after pulling off of Wes’s cock. She was happy it was over.

“Holy shit Bella,” Wes said leaning forward, reaching out with his free hand and pulled her head back down to his semi hard penis. “I think I’ve got one more go in me, yet.”

“Are you serious?” Bella let out in disbelief, “I’m your fucking sister.”

“Yeah, FUCKING sister!” Wes proclaimed, “I don’t think it’ll take much more to get me hard again.”

“Stop,” Bella said putting her hands on his waist to stop her further embarrassment. Her lips just inches from his young cock.

“What,” Wes asked? His tone was that of impatience. He was also taking notice of her robe hanging loose. He could she her skin between the hanging fabric.

Wes let his hand move from the back of Bella’s neck. She straightened her posture while her hands where still on his hips.

“Is that really all you want from me,” Bella asked?

Wes moved his hand to the center of her chest and slid his hand under the fabric to Bella’s tit. His cock was waking up as well. He could feel the blood returning as he massaged her amazingly firm breast.

“No,” his eyes wondered down to Bella’s legs and how they were closed, preventing him the pleasure of seeing her pussy.

“Wesley,” Bella called to her brother. She was also amazed at Wes’s stamina. She’s been with a few guys and never have they emptied so much cum but never have any of them been ready so fast for a third go.

Wes move his hand up her breast and over her shoulder. Removing the robe from obstructing his access.

“You promise not to show or tell anyone anything?” Bella was worried about her friends finding out or what the neighbors would say if they knew.

“You’re Escort Çapa my secret fucking sister,” he said returning his hand to her exposed tit. He looked in awe at how his hand looked squeezing her juicy flesh.

“Really,” Bella couldn’t believe she was going to go through with this. She stood up and removed her robe. It fell to the floor leaving her standing in front of her little brother absolutely naked.

“Fuck yeah!” The excitement in Wes’s voice was like a kid at the candy store. His hand rose up to her tits again. Moving from one another, too fast for it to be pleasurable for Bella but pure bliss for Wes.

Bella climbed onto Wes’s lap and let him feast on her titties. His mouth sucked her nipple hard while his free hand roamed down and took hold of her big beautiful ass.

Bella reached down, taking hold of his rod, guided him towards her still wet pussy. She didn’t like that her body was turned on even though her mind was not.

Wes was overjoyed. It was a glorious day and it was only starting. He was practically masturbated by a female, recieved his first blow job and was about to lose his virginity and all within an hour!

“This is fucking amazing sis,” Wes exclaimed! Goosebumps formed all over his body as he felt his head break the threshold of her lips.

“Shhh, don’t speak,” Bella shushed. She didn’t want to hear his voice. Again she closed her eyes as she slowly eased down on her brothers cock. She didn’t want to see or hear him while all of this was happening.

“But you’re so fucking amazing!” Wes complimented her naked body and her fucking him more so than anything else.

“Please, quiet,” Bella huffed as she started grinding her hips slowly, rhythmically on her brother’s cock.

“I never imagined it like this,” Wes breathlessly announced. Enjoying the way his sister was making him feel as her body moved on top of his.

“What,” Bella asked? For the first time looking to her brother’s face. She didn’t stop fucking him while taking in everything. His face was painted in absolute delight. “Are you a virgin?”

“Not anymore,” he happily replied! Putting the camera down on the end table but still pointed at them. Then taking Bella by the hips and with all his inexperience tried to meet her thrusts.

Bella liked it better when he wasn’t trying to actively participate. She felt better when he was just motionless letting her make the moves.

“Please, just shut up!” Bella was fed up. She didn’t like that she was being used. She didn’t like what she saw when her eyes were open and she didn’t like hearing Wes’s voice while she was fucking him.

Bella was determined to get him off as fast as possible. She pulled his mouth to her chest to shut him up. Took his hands and guided them to her ass. Wrapped hers around his neck to keep him occupied on her tits and really started to buck on his cock.

Wes was taken back. He never imagined anything like this happening before but now he knew he never wanted it to stop.

He loved the way Bella felt as her tight wet pussy gripped his dick. He cherished the way her beautiful D-cup titties felt and jiggles. Wes never imagined he’d have his hands full of his sister’s ass while she rode him like a wild horse.

Bella could feel his cock along her walls. Her thrust were driven by determination. Determined to make her little brother cum as fast as possible. Which considering he already came twice could take a few minutes.

Wes grunted with every thrust as Bella slammed her body to his. He thought she was mad with lust just as he was but couldn’t have been more wrong. But that thought was what Bella needed right now.

Wes pulled her ass into him hard. He wanted to cum as deep as possible into his sister’s tight love canal.

Bella felt the now all too familiar twitch of Wes’s cock inside of her body. Then the warmth of his seed being deposited deep inside of her pussy.

Wes’s climax was intense. He huffed and grunted as he shot load after load into Bella. It wasn’t as much as the previous two times but it was still a good amount being deposited into Bella’s body.

“Oh fuck,” Wes grunted out the last of his seed. “That was amazing sis!”

*to be continued*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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