Behind Closed Doors Pt. 04


The next morning arrived before I knew it and I was awakened by the soft melodies of an alarm. At first, I was confused reaching for Daniel beside me, but then I remembered where I was. The shower started up automatically and leaving my robe I went over to get under it. I used the wall dispensers to wash my hair first then scrub my body just as I finished rinsing off before the warm water discontinued. I took the towel next to the shower and dried off then went and stood beside my open door naked arms at my side feet together. The other girls in my hall emerged and stood next to me. They were all quite beautiful. All of our stomachs were flat now but I could just imagine as we progressed our bellies swelling together. I felt myself getting wet at the very thought. We heard the doctors approaching it was Dr Hong followed by three other doctors I didn’t recognize and Emily.

Again all were female. Dr Hong, I decided took a certain amount of sadistic glee in employing only female staff to help torment her patients. As the pack of doctors moved down the row they stopped at each patient and one of the doctors would give her name and relevant information. The other doctors would briefly examine or rather molest her making comments that would go onto their clipboards. When they got to me it was Dr Hong who spoke I assume because I was her patient.

“Jane 19 years old B cup breast” she also noted my height and weight and the other dimensions of my body. The doctors all nodded as Dr Hong recited my statistics. Even as she was still talking the Doctor’s hands began to move over me feeling my skin lifting my breast. Two other doctors reached for my pussy.

“Oh she is quite wet.” said one of the doctors a young redhead who was stroking my clit

“Indeed” agreed another cute dark-haired one with freckles who slipped her ungloved finger into my pussy causing me to shudder. I tried to stand firmly at attention but it was hard with hands moving all over me touching poking pinching.

“Yes.” Dr Hong continued. “A submission rating of 8 and a sexual dynamic rating of 9 she is very much an ideal breeder.”

The doctors took a few more minutes to molest me before moving on to the next girl leaving me standing there trying to not let my knees buckle.

After the inspections finished the doctors left chatting among themselves and we were allowed to retrieve our robes and file into the cafeteria. The food was clearly designed to be nutritious but it was also tasty at least. Though our portions were strictly controlled. I guess they did not want us to find comfort in food and get too fat.

When there was another chime I followed the other girls to line up in front of the doors. I saw the schedules were staggered. 1-3 months were lined up in front of the medical wing 4-6 in front of the fitness doors and 7-9 in front of the spa. The doors all opened at once and we filed through as we did as a nurse scanned our ear tags. “Room 11,” she told me. The medical wing was a long hallway with numbered doors that said Exam Room 1 Exam Room 2 and so on. As I walked to Exam Room 11 I saw a large black pair of ominous double doors at the end of the hallway that said. Delivery. I realised this was where girls disappeared once they went into labour.

I walked into the exam room and felt my skin crawl as a shiver went down my spine. The room seemed designed to make the patient feel uncomfortable. It was all green tile with a sinister gyno chair at the very centre illuminated by three large surgical lights. The gyno chair was surrounded by metal trays draped with blue cloth covering instruments. Dr Hong was waiting along with Emily and my two regular nurses. They all wore scrubs white ones for the doctors, and pink ones for the nurses. All of them had surgical hair nets and white face masks. As I was walking in they were pulling on their exam gloves.

“Ah, Jane.” Dr Hong said “Disrobe please”

I was a good slave and a good girl. I did what was commanded of me without even thinking about it. I let my robe fall to the floor. I felt the medical team’s eyes on me and felt their wicked smiles behind their mask. The nurses came forward and led me to the doctors who were waiting. All four sets of gloved hands brushed over my body as I was led into the room. They recorded my height and weight first then the measuring tape came out. My breast, belly and thigh size had to be closely monitored it seemed. All four of the women remained very close to me as they checked me and at least two were touching me at once. It was very unnerving the smooth latex of the gloves and their piercing eyes behind those masks which made them seem so much more intimidating. I wanted to squirm. No, I wanted to run from the sterile frightening room screaming, but I endured it all. My body wasn’t mine. I belonged body and soul to the Dame and she had commanded Dr Hong to breed me so that is what was to be done.

Gloved hands pushed and led me to the gyno table and Bayan Eskort I climbed on feeling hands brush my back, ass and pussy as I did. As I lay down the nurses placed my legs in the stirrups and Emily began adjusting the lights. I was fully illuminated naked and exposed while the masked women loomed over me, their eyes promising torment. Something caused me to try to sit up but strong hands pushed me down.

“Just relax Jane,” Dr Hong said as she turned the crank pulling my legs open wider. I gave an intake of breath as gloved hands began to touch my labia pulling me open. Dr Hong began with a digital exam first one finger then two slowly feeling testing going higher.

I gritted my teeth “Dddoooccter” I said.

“Yes, Jane” Dr Hong replied.

“I need to cum.” I managed to stammer out.

“Hmmm good good we are looking for a heightened sexual response.” Emily began gently massaging my clit as Dr Hong spoke. Dr Hong also inserted a third finger into me. I couldn’t take it even more and shuddered as I came calling out in pleasure.

“However,” Dr Hong said as the orgasm washed over me. “Breeders need to be taken very firmly in hand, cuming without explicit permission during an exam is three demerits.” Dr Hong smiled as she inserted a fourth finger into me and began moving deeper into me, gradually pushing her fist to my cervix where I felt her finger brushing up to it. Emily began playing with my clit hard and the nurses were fondling my breast pinching my nipples running their gloved fingers along my shoulders and neck stroking my ears.

“Doctor?” I said.

“Hmmm, let’s see how disobedient Jane is.” Dr Hong said as she accelerated her fist movements flexing it and making me stretch. I tried to resist. I really did but I couldn’t I came again but they kept going and I came again. I was helpless, completely within their power. Sweat began to drip from me, my pussy clenched and Dr Hong’s other hand probed my ass gently.

“I can’t I can’t,” I said.

“You will,” Emily said, slapping my clit.

Pain and pleasure merged into one and I came for a fourth time before collapsing on the table like a rag doll. Dr Hong nodded, withdrawing her hands and the nurses helped me to my feet. Placing the robe back on my shoulders.

Dr Hong was writing in her chart her mask lowered so I could see her wicked grin.

“12 demerits on your first day my my you will be going straight to Dr Carter in the therapy room. She will love you.”

I nodded meekly as the nurses led me back to the common room. I saw other girls emerging from their exam rooms all sweaty and dishevelled like me. Several robes barely concealed red marks and bruises. The more heavily pregnant girls seemed to waddle more than walk. One girl’s swollen breast and stomach had clearly been whipped. We went back to the common room or our rooms and collapsed. I lay on a large central couch and snuggled with some of the other girls. We stroked and cooed to each other taking comfort in our shared torment. The girls also shared their demerits. None had less than 3 but at 12 I seemed to have the most. Several girls looked at me in sympathy but I was too scared to ask what lay in store for me.

The other girls from the more pregnant groups came out of their respective areas and joined us in relaxing on the common room furniture. The girls from the fitness area looked flushed and sweaty, and the girls from the spa relaxed and well-groomed. Lunch was served, it was lean and healthy and again there was another round of pills for us to swallow. After lunch, I followed the other girls from my group as they lined up in front of the doors marked fitness. When the bell chimed the three doors swung open and we all began walking in again. The girls heading to their exams looked particularly glum. I remembered we had another set later in the day and I cringed but wondered what lay in store for us in the fitness room. As we walked through the double doors I saw there were three other doorways marked 1 2 3. I followed the other girls in their first month through door 1 which took us to a long sloping hallway that went downward. The hallway emerged into what looked like a good size Yoga studio with mats, and exercise balls. Two women both athletic and fit waited for us wearing one-piece fitness leotards. They each carried a whistle and from their belts hung a small handled wooden paddle. Through the window beyond the studio, I was surprised to see a full-length pool. I followed the other girls there were about 6 or 7 of us all from my hallway as they hung their robes up on pegs and took their places on the mats laid out for us. I joined them but moving a bit slow one of the instructors gave my bottom a swat with her paddle. It stung but I hurried into place.

The fitness regime began immediately. With the woman at the front leading us and her helper circling the room correcting our technique with a swat of her paddle to our plump asses. We looked Anadolu Yakası Escort at quite the sight of seven naked women doing a series of Yoga stretches, our tits all giggling and our ass wiggling. I thought how strange this would look when our bellies started to swell. The fitness class was intense. I had always been athletic but I had a hard time keeping up with the various poses. The paddle found my bottom over and over again until it was cherry pink. Finally, the instructor blew her whistle and the girls relaxed, but then she went and opened the door to the pool.

“Five laps bitches down and back.” She blew her whistle and the girls all sprinted to the pool I followed but was last to jump in one of the free lanes. I knew how to swim. All slaves are taught, as it does not do to lose valuable property to drowning, but I couldn’t keep up with the other girls. I struggled to pull myself through the full-length pool, the cold water freezing my pussy and nipples even as my muscles burned from the yoga. At last, I pulled myself from the water well behind the other girls who were sitting shivering on a bench along the side as I lay there on my hands and knees panting as the fitness instructor stood over me grinning.

“You’re with me then cunt. The rest of you bitches aerobics with instructor Kim”

The dripping girls filed back into the fitness room but I was led to another room on the side. The instructor opened the door and turned on the lights. I saw in the middle of the room a fitness bike with two dildos on its seat and an array of wires and an oxygen mask.

“We need to get your stamina up bitch.” the instructor said, patting my wet ass lightly as she led me into the room. She made me climb onto the bike helping the dildos slide into my pussy and ass. It hurt but nothing I couldn’t endure. Then she strapped my feet into the pedals and put the mask over my face, at last sticking probes to my naked breast and stomach.

“Peddle,” she said.

I began to peddle and as I did I felt the seat begin to move fucking me as I tried to peddle it was awful as I slowed the fucking became faster but as I sped up the fucking eased. I was compelled to go faster and faster. My lungs and legs burning the mask helped but my heart rate was through the roof. Finally after what seemed like an eternity but was probably no more than a half hour the instructor signalled me to stop. I was allowed to dismount and was led back to the other room where I joined the other flushed sweaty girls as they pulled on their robes. The instructors fondled and molested us as we dressed telling us what good girls we were. Having my body available for any member of the staff was not something I was getting used to.

We were hurried out of the fitness room and the nurses directed us directly to the spa. As we entered I saw that the spa was a large semi-open courtyard. In the middle was an open-air swimming pool. The sun shone down on the soft grassy lawn around it. On the covered patio around the courtyard were 12 massage tables each one seemed to also be surrounded by various cabinets and grooming instruments. Nurses all very young all in peach-coloured scrubs waited for us. I learned later these were the trainee nurses. If they did well at the spa they would be promoted to full nursing duties. Those who didn’t do well sometimes became patients, I was told. Again we hung up our robes on pegs and the nurse separated us more or less at random. Half the girls were directed to the pool area. The other half me included were led to the waiting treatment tables. I climbed onto the table as did the other girls and the two nurses began to oil my body and massage me. After the intense workout I had been subjected to it felt good. The nurses used techniques for pregnancy massage, having me lay on my side rather than my back.

They worked my body hard, loosening my stiff muscles. I could see around the courtyard they were doing the same to the other girls while the girls sent to the shallow pool swam, splashed or sunned themselves. The massage was the first pleasant thing I had experienced at the centre but I suppose I knew it wouldn’t last. After the nurses finished needing my muscles they told me to roll to my hands and knees and raise my ass in the air. I did as was commanded, seeing the other girls doing the same. One nurse squeezed lube onto my ass while the other prepped a plastic tube she drew out from under the table. I closed my eyes as I felt the tube slide into me. I winced as the water started to fill me. They pumped me full of water till I was groaning and whimpering in pain. Then the tube was slid out but a butt plug was slid in holding the warm water in. They had me turn over and had me slide to the end of the table. I placed my feet in the small foot stirrups they produced. Looking around I could see the other women on the tables getting the same treatment. The girls in the pool were looking anywhere but at us, no Pendik Escort doubt anticipating this would be their fate next. The nurses douched and washed my vagina. Before pulling out the but plug with a pop and letting the liquid drain into a bed pan one of them held. The other ran her hand over my pubis and legs and frowned.

“No body hair?” She asked

“I was given a full depilation when I reached by my mistress,” I said as the nurse nodded and helped her colleague begin to clean me. I had never been so grateful for the Dames’s decision to have me undergo that painful laser treatment as other girls around me began having wax applied to their skin. I heard the cries of pain as it was ruthlessly ripped away. I also saw at least two girls being held down by one nurse while their partner donned surgical glasses and carefully and painfully pulled the few remaining hairs from their vagina and ass with a tweezer. I was not totally spared though the nurses plucked my eyebrows, and cut and polished my nails. It was uncomfortable and humiliating but the least bad thing today. After they had finished my toes. One of the nurses pulled a vibrating dildo from under the table. Setting it down she pulled on a pair of long rubber gloves looking at me with boredom.

“Okay slave time for your daily orgasm. You may cum.” she said. One nurse came to stand by my head pulling my legs apart while the other took the dildo and began working on my clit. It was a very industrial way to be fucked.

Neither nurse seemed very enthusiastic just going through the motions. I also felt completely exposed as the other girls in the pool were glancing over and the ones on the table were receiving the same treatment I was. Nevertheless, my pussy didn’t fail to respond and after about ten minutes I let out a cry.

“Ahhh ahhhhh AHHHH.”

The nurse with the vibrator set it down and felt my pussy roughly with her fingers bringing it away.

“Wet,” she said.

I was allowed to get up and go to the pool. One of the girls in the pool rose and took my place. I walked into the warm mineral water up to my neck trying to hide myself and my shame.

The rest of the girls rotated except for one who was about 3 months. After 20 minutes the nurse put the dildo down and said “Frigid 10 demerits.” The girl came and joined us in the water. She was crying. I was beginning to realise the system here we would all be punished regardless of what we did. It was designed for failure. I tried not to focus on what came next. I knew another exam but we were drawing closer to the time on the schedule marked discipline. Dr Hong had said I had incurred enough demerits for a trip to the treatment centre to meet Dr Carter. I unconsciously placed my hands on my belly wanting to protect the baby in there trying to think of anything else but what was to come.

The spa was lovely. We relaxed in the warm waters of the pool or sunned ourselves on the soft lawn. The day was warm and clear, almost perfect. The only thing that spoiled it were the soft whimpers and cries of pain from the girls now being worked on on the tables around up. One girl began to cry out particularly loudly as one nurse held her down while another dug at her toenail with a metal instrument. A girl next to me quietly whispered.

“Be careful when they cut your nails. Sometimes they cut them so they will grow crooked and they need to extract the results painfully.” It seemed even here there was no respite. When the nurses had finished with the girls on the table. We all collected our robes and trooped out of the spa area. We were ushered into the cafeteria for dinner. I have to say the food was filling and good if a bit lean and bland. The light above the medical exam wing was already dinging by the time we finished. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry as the nurse scanned my ear tag.

She smiled and then said “13”

Several other girls looked at me in pity. I immediately figured out that Exam Room 13 was one of the “treatment rooms”. I braced myself as I entered Exam Room 13 promising I wasn’t going to cry this time. At least not easily the room was somewhat larger than the other exam room I had been in and even more sterile. It looked more like a surgical theatre than an exam room. I saw Dr Hong waiting for me next to the table once again illuminated by bright surgical lights. This time though there were at least 10 other people in the room. Nurses laying out various instruments and four or five doctors. Everyone was dressed in full surgical gear, the nurses once more wearing pink and the doctors white. “Disrobe Jane” Dr Hong ordered. I hesitated for a split second but that was all it took.

Four nurses grabbed me stripping my robe off my shoulders and throwing it to the floor as they did so they pulled my hands behind my back pushing my chest forward. Something within me began to rise up in panic. I felt their gloved hands and the coolness of the room. The lights burned my eyes and I felt so exposed completely and totally naked not just physically but to my very soul. Somehow I started to struggle but the strong hands pushed me onto the table. They strapped me down and a gag was forced into my mouth. I started to scream not in pain but in panic.

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