Becky Ch. 03


Dumbfounded, William had turned without saying a further word, heading out of the house and back to his office. The entire way, all William could think about was walking in on his daughter, sitting there at his desk, naked…and by the looks of it, ‘camming’ with someone, though he had no idea who. But the image of his daughter’s large breasts was forever burned into his mind as well. Far larger than Carla’s had been, especially her dark full areolas that nearly covered the entire front portion of her tits. He hadn’t seen much else, and was almost grateful for that, sitting as she had been. But what she’d been doing had been obvious, and it had taken him off guard, and by surprise.

Though so had her turning the tables on him as well. Spinning the monitor around, showing him what she’d found and discovered, the porn site’s he’d gone too, looked at, and had jerked off to that very morning. How could he even begin to explain that to her? William knew that eventually he’d have to. Talk to her at least. There was so much going on that he obviously wasn’t aware of, couldn’t understand with regards to his daughter and this sudden change in her that was taking place. He had no idea how much, or how little, Carla had told her daughter about with regards to sex. Obviously she knew something, though he was pretty sure what little she did know about, she’d discovered on her own. Carla would have preferred keeping Becky in the dark as opposed to peaking her curiosity. Obviously, that was already happening. And it meant, that like it or not, William was eventually going to have to sit down and discuss it with her. But not until he was ready to no doubt answer a few questions she’d have for him too.


Though she’d never admit it, Becky was as embarrassed as her father had been upon walking in and seeing her sitting there like that. Her only defense, was turning the tables on him, confronting him with what she’d discovered. The look on his face saying it all. His mouth opening, though no words came out, the flush in his face as he turned and simply walked out of the house. She knew that eventually they would talk. When he had time to think, to reason…perhaps to make some attempt at justifying himself. It would be an awkward discussion for them both when it came, as it would come. But for now at least, she’d managed to defuse what would have previously turned into a huge blowup. Especially had it been her mother finding her sitting there like that. It was almost comical. She had learned a lot this morning about her father, as well as herself. Not only had she browsed several web-sites depicting all kinds of pornographic material, but she had also discovered another web-site where people met on-line, went off to private chat-rooms, and as she eventually discovered, would turn on their cameras, sitting there watching one another masturbate. She had found it…exciting, and even dangerous in a way. And totally anonymous, which she’d enjoyed. She had not shown her face, or given out her name or where she lived. It had been easy setting up a screen name to use as she finally logged on, almost immediately being hit upon, although using a name like “Big-Boobs” had invited it. Within moments, she was flooded with invitations from men (and even one woman) to turn her cam on…and allow them to see her, as she accepted their invitations to watch them. Once she had managed to figure it all out, she had sat back, watching three different men, all jerking themselves off for her, while she in turn played with her own pussy and tits, for them. It had indeed been exciting, especially watching all three men (and almost a fourth) actually squirt. She’d found it fascinating, exciting…the subtle differences of all three when they did. Not only the volume of their eruptions, but the different ways that all three seemed to squirt…to “cum” when they finally got off for her. Why it aroused her, fascinated her…even amused her, she didn’t quite know. But it did. And now, more than ever, Becky was bound and determined to see more men doing that, which would no doubt begin with Peter on her upcoming date Friday night. She wondered briefly if her father might try and ground her, or something like that, once again amused as she reconsidered that possibility. He couldn’t, not now anyway. It gave her a sense of power, knowing her father was pretty helpless when it came to any form of punishment or retribution now that she was of legal age. He might not like it, he might even try and make things difficult for her because of it. But the beauty of all that was, she could now make things difficult for him too, if he actually tried.

Still horny, even after the awkward situation just a short time ago, Becky returned to the web-site she’d been visiting, refreshed her screen name, and then typed: “Big Boobs is back…now, who’d like to play with me?”


Becky had watched another half-dozen men jerking themselves off, as well as a couple who she had thoroughly enjoyed watching. Finally achieving İstanbul Escort a small, but pleasurable orgasm herself, even though it wasn’t nearly as mind-blowing as the one she had given herself with the pulsating shower-massage, Becky had still enjoyed it. She’d actually enjoyed watching the men’s spurting cocks almost as much. Her fascination for having watched them simply increasing her desire to see it for real, her expectations now for Friday, and for her date with Peter, taking on even more importance for her. She remembered the conversations in chat, so many men repeating how they wished they could dump their loads, squirt their cocks all over her breasts. She was surprised and amazed at that, everyone of them with the exception of one who wanted to squirt in her face instead, had shared with her their fantasy to do so. She’d never thought of her tits as being pretty, or something for men to drool over and fantasize about. But now she’d have to rethink that, reconsider.

“Would Peter?” She asked herself. “Would he enjoy cumming all over my tits? Would he enjoy it if I were to titty-fuck him like so many men she had watched, who had wished that?” She remembered the feel of Bobby’s slippery hot semen as it dribbled down over her hand. Admittedly, she now found the thought of that, feeling it…spurting against her breasts, exciting. She wondered what that would feel like, how it would look, her tits covered in cum, dripping and running down her chest and belly. The thought of that again arousing her as she finally turned off her father’s computer, making her way back upstairs where she pleasured herself for the next solid hour, once again using the shower massage.

It was the second best orgasm she’d ever experienced.


William was glad that Mellissa was away from his desk when he returned, immediately going inside his office, closing the door. He stood in the window looking down at the city, though he wasn’t looking at the people or cars down below. In his mind, he was staring at his daughter as she sat behind his desk, naked…playing with herself, her large breasts, those incredibly large dark areolas of hers with nipples fat and thick as she’d sat there pulling on one as he came in. So involved in his thoughts and the image, he hadn’t heard the courtesy knock on his door.

“William? Everything all right?” He spun on his heels now facing Mellissa, and just managed to climb back into his chair, not daring to look, hoping that it wasn’t too late already. Only then feeling and realizing the erection he now had. He could only hope she hadn’t noticed.

“Yeah, yeah…ok,” he said wearily. “Just my…daughter,” he sighed shaking his head.

“Would you like to talk about it?” Mellissa asked, closing the door behind her, sitting down in one of the chairs in front of his desk without being invited to. William could feel the heat spread across his face again, no way in hell could he tell her what he saw of course.

“No it’s ah, it’s ok. Just not quite sure how to deal with it you know? Not used to being a parent I guess,” he added sheepishly.

“I don’t think anyone really is,” she laughed trying to lighten the mood just a bit. “Sometime’s raising a kid is about the hardest thing anyone could ever do, especially when you run up against a situation that you haven’t had to deal with before.”

“God, you can say that again!” William joined her laughing back, feeling a bit better, and then asking. “Listen, you’ve got daughter yourself don’t you?”

Although he didn’t know a lot about Mellissa, he did know she was divorced and had been for a couple of years now. She had a teenage daughter, though he wasn’t sure of her age.

Mellissa again laughed, relaxing somewhat, seeing William finally relax. “More like a teenage vampire that I can’t control if that’s what you mean. Ever since her father and I divorced, she’s made a game out of playing us off against the other. Is that…sort of what you’re dealing with here? I mean I know your wife died, but is she using that against you in some way?”

“I don’t know…maybe. It’s just that, well…I went home and ah…well, I ahh…sheeze,” he said feeling exasperated.

“Go on William, tell me. Don’t be embarrassed, I want you to feel like you can tell me anything, share anything, especially if it might help. Raising a teenage girl isn’t easy, especially for a man trying to raise one all by himself, so I’m sure there are even more problems associated with trying to do that.” He sighed again, feeling exasperated.

“It’s just that its sort of…embarrassing,” he explained seeing a bemused smile suddenly cross Mellissa’s lips.

“You’re telling me you walked in on her? With another boy?” She asked.

“I walked in on her yes…but not with anyone,” he stated, “she was ah…you know,”

“Masturbating!” Mellissa finished for him, now laughing openly. “Oh William!” She again chuckled, blushing a little herself now too. “I can only imagine Bayan Escort how awkward that must have been,” she again laughed trying not to, but relieving the sudden tension somewhat too, though William was thinking even then.

“You have no idea.”

“So what happened?” She asked settling back in her chair even more. “I don’t mind telling you, I have done something similar myself with my daughter. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think it is,” she tried calming him. “I mean after all William, we all do it.”

Her comment caught him entirely off guard, though she then realized what she’d just confessed too, now blushing herself. “So tell me, what exactly happened?”

William was surprised at how easy it was talking to her after that. And though he’d left out a few small details for obvious reasons, it was primarily about the somewhat estranged relationship he had with Becky in the first place, and then on top of all that…walking in on her while she sat at his computer, obviously watching someone else doing the same thing, while she did. He had no idea of course that it had been more than one person she had watched, but even one had been unsettling enough. Mellissa listened intently, oft times trying to hide the smile on her face again as he struggled through it, but at the end, she was sympathetic with him, and offered a little advise.

“Like I said earlier William, we all do it. It’s perfectly natural, and normal, especially for a young teenage woman, like your daughter, and mine. What I will say is this, she’s old enough to make up her own mind about what she’s curious about, and if browsing the internet and playing that way…safely, is what she’s currently interested in doing, you might want to think about getting her, her own computer now. Especially since your wife no longer has any say in the matter. It might save you both from any future embarrassment.”

She was right of course, and it sounded like a pretty good idea.

“And speaking of embarrassment,” she added now blushing just a little again. He looked at her inquisitively. “You’ve got that meeting in just a little over an hour from now yes?”

“Yes, why?” He asked.

“Well,” she blushed. “I don’t know if you’ve got any spare clothes here you can change into. But I happened to notice, when I first came in…you ah…well let’s just say, you had a spot there on the front of your slacks. And even if it dries out in time for the meeting, I’m not sure that the stain will have gone completely away.” William looked down then, realizing she had noticed. And worse, just as she’d indicated, though the spot was indeed nearly dry now, it hadn’t been when she’d first walked into his office. He was wearing beige slacks, and a very large, very noticeable wet spot had obviously greeted her the moment she had walked in on him. She again tried making light of it too. “We all get those too,” she announced…even women. “And were it not for the fact that I’m wearing a dark skirt instead of slacks, chances are, I’d be in the same predicament you are. So now…do you have a change of clothing, or can I run out real quick and pick up something for you?”

Mellissa had left soon after that, with his credit card and size. It had been an interesting afternoon to say the least, and then just before leaving, she had mentioned to him about perhaps getting together after work one evening soon for a drink. And hopefully another chat where she could perhaps offer up some additional advise to any “girl-raising” questions he might have. He was already looking forward to that.


Luckily for her, and grateful for it, Becky’s father had either made up some excuse about his work and having to come home later than usual for the next two days. And whether or not that was actually true really didn’t matter. At least whatever confrontation or discussion they’d eventually have, was put off for the moment anyway. Her father had in fact come home fairly late twice now in a row, and she had once run into him when he had. He’s simply told her good-night, heading off towards his bedroom, but the faint smell of alcohol on him told her that wherever he’d been, it hadn’t been all about work. She had wondered about that, but then let it go. In a way, maybe her father was trying to find out who he really was too. The things she had found on his computer told her that much. As strict as her mother had been with her, hinted at the very real possibility, that her father hadn’t exactly had it easy with her either. There was obviously a lot more to the man than even she realized or understood, and that perhaps in time…when he was ready, when they both were, they might actually be able to sit down and discuss it.

But that was for another place and time. At the moment, she was sitting patiently, anxiously…waiting for Peter to pick her up for their date.


She had no clue what he’d even planned, but the moment he took the turn off heading up towards the lake, she knew she didn’t have Eskort to worry about even suggesting it. She thought briefly about mentioning the old picnic area, but Peter seemed to have another place already in mind. He turned just before reaching the place she knew about.

“Don’t be nervous,” he assured her. “I’ve been up here plenty of times. As long as you have a decent four-wheel drive, it’s no big deal. But that’s why we come up here, because very few others do, or even know about it.” Sitting in his Jeep, Peter took what appeared to be nothing more than an old deer trail, which climbed quickly, and a little steep. But in no time at all, they had reached the top of the hill, and then Becky could see why he’d come up here. It was beautiful as they reached a fairly flat plateau overlooking the valley beyond with the lights from the small town they lived in shimmering below them. “You like?” He asked pulling the Jeep around, cutting off the headlights as they now sat staring out into the beyond.

“Very nice,” Becky said jumping out of the Jeep. She was feeling wicked, wanting to make it obvious what she was there for as she walked around in front of the Jeep, turning only once she’d undone the blouse she had on, showing Peter her breasts, even though she still had her bra on. He climbed out himself, walking around facing her and then helping her to remove her blouse, clumsily helping her to remove her bra as well seconds later.

“Frankly, I’m surprised you agreed to even go out with me,” he said openly fondling her breasts now, enjoying the feel of them as he lifted, hefting them in his hands, enjoying their weight as he literally juggled them a bit.

“Oh? And why’s that?”

“Well after Bobby obviously blabbed things to my brother, and then to me…and god knows who else he told, I figured there was no way in hell you’d actually agree to go out with me. Especially since…”

“It was your hope all along, you’d get to see and play with my tits, and perhaps a bit more?” Becky finished for him.

“Yeah that,” he grinned. “And maybe even…”

“A hand job? Or blow job?” She finished again. “I don’t fuck. And won’t. Not yet anyway, not that I don’t eventually want to try that, because I do. But for now, let’s just say it’s not on the menu, ok?”

“No worries. I’m good with either one of those two,” he grinned almost evilly. “But I do have to ask, how come the sudden change of mind, you know…about going out with me, knowing all this? I mean after the way you dumped Bobby and all.”

She thought about that briefly, even then deciding that maybe she shouldn’t have been as harsh with him as she had been, though on the other hand, she was here now which she wouldn’t have been either if she hadn’t done that.

“Let’s just say, I have this sudden curiosity about things. In particular, about men’s cocks. I’m no slut, so don’t think that I am. I’m obviously still a virgin, and plan on remaining that way for a while. But I do have a sudden interest, and have most recently found it arousing and exciting in watching a guys cock spurt. Which is why we’re obviously here now isn’t it? You brought me up here in the hopes of not only getting to see my tits, which you’re now fondling. But also maybe…being treated either to a hand job or blow job? Right?”

Peter leered at her. “Right!”

“Good, and just so you know, so we’re both on the same page here then. I’m here to do just that, for no other reason that I want to see it, enjoy it. So unlike Bobby, feel free to tell whoever you trust, who might be interested in me doing the same for them.” Peter looked at her for a moment like she was some kind of alien who’d just transported down from the planet Venus on a mission to steal men’s sperm as a means of repopulating the planet.

“Seriously? You don’t mind if I tell anyone else about this?”

“Seriously…no. I don’t.”

“Hell’s bells! I can have half a dozen guys here in less than an hour if you’re serious,” he joked to some degree.

“Yeah? No shit. Really?”

“Yeah, really…if you’re really serious,” he asked.

“I am. Just one thing. Whoever you invite, tell them it’s hand jobs only, nothing else. But tell them they can cum on my tits if they want to, either by me jerking them off, or while they do. But only there, and nothing else. Except for you,” she added then. “I’ll give you a blow job, but only if you promise to tell me before you cum, and then you can cum on me where ever you’d like. Just not in me. And I’ll even lick you off after you do to. But the whole point is, I want to watch your dick squirt. Agreed?”

“No problem,” he smiled back, already holding his phone. “And I really am serious, if you are. I can have a few guys here within the hour.”

“Then do it!” She told him, already reaching for the buckle on his belt as she began undoing that, and then unzipping his jeans.

“I don’t know if they’ll actually believe me or not,” he said leaning against the Jeep as Becky knelt below him, now sucking and licking his hard cock. “But I told them they had to be here within the hour, or forget it.”

“Well, while we’re waiting for them, you want to titty-fuck me for a bit? Or would you rather I continue blowing you?”

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