Becca, the Beach, and Me Ch. 01


When I was 19, I worked at a small store by the beach. A lot of my customers were local people buying beer, cigarettes, and snacks to take to the beach. Young and old, and lots of girls in bikinis. Most of them had t-shirts on over their bikinis but I always got plenty of looks at the young toned and tanned legs frequenting the store. I can remember the smell of sun tan lotion and salt water. Wet, wind-blown hair, and little to no make-up was the norm. I remember concentrating to make eye contact so I didn’t get transfixed on some of the customer’s camel toes.

One of the locals was a girl named Becca, short for Rebecca. She was one of the prettiest girls I had ever laid eyes on. She was 5’6″, probably weighed about 125, with nice full breasts and a firm ass. I would guess she was about 35-24-36. Her completion was golden brown from the sun worshipping. Her face was that of a model, deep brown eyes, high cheek bones, full luscious lips, and had the cutest dimples when she smiled. Her dark brown hair was slightly wavy and was trimmed about 6 inches past her shoulders, all one length. Not only was she stunning to look at, but she was always real nice as well. Often, she would hang out to talk in the evenings when the store was not as busy. She was a big flirt with the guys she knew. I always enjoyed her company.

Becca’s boyfriend worked off shore on oil rigs and was gone two weeks out of four. I knew when he was home because she would not hang out with me then.

I was the newest employee and between college semesters so I worked the night shift. It was not as busy but I always feared we would be robbed. One evening, she suggested we go to the beach the next day and I gladly accepted. I did not want to make a move but I was not going to turn it down either. She was so sexy, it’s all I could think of all night.

When my graveyard shift ended the next day, she was nowhere to be found. I waited another half hour, then went home, disappointed. I lived about 10 miles away from the beach so I went home, took a shower, and went to bed. Within a few minutes, the doorbell rang. I looked out my window and saw Becca’s boyfriend’s car in the driveway. I put some clothes on and rushed to the door.

Becca apologized, claiming she over slept and I invited her in. I introduced her to my mom and my brother. We went back to my bedroom to talk but my mom had a rule that the doors had to stay open if we had girls over. We just sat on my bed talking.

I don’t know how we got started, but we got into a tickling match. She had on a one piece under her shirt and shorts and I could feel how firm her sides were when I tickled her. Our bodies were pushing into each other’s as we giggled like children. She smelled so good, and felt so good, her on top straddling me, my erection pressed against her mound, her long brown hair on my face. I was really inexperienced with girls at this point. I had kissed a lot of girls but only had sex with one the summer before.

As we tickled and giggled, my erection grew, pressing harder against her. We rolled over until I was on top, between her legs, my cock pressed into her mound. I tried to hold her down to tickle her more as she wrapped her legs around me tightly, pulling me against her body. She got one of her hands loose and reached down to tickle my belly. As I reacted and rose up off of her, she reached further down to tickle my leg but her hand was halted by my erection. She pulled her hand away quickly and said lowly, “You’re hard.”

I looked at her as if I was ashamed and replied, “I’m sorry.”

She said to me, “It’s okay, really, but maybe we should stop for now.”

I thought the “for now” was a little confusing. We were going to pick this up sometime later, more private perhaps? That was wishful thinking. I replied, “We don’t have to stop. I am having fun.”

She asked, “What if your mom walks in?”

I beşiktaş escort said, “It’s not like we are naked. I have shorts and underwear on.”

I had moved down her body until I was on all fours with my head positioned above her pussy while we were talking in an attempt to hide my erection poking under my shorts. I stared down at her spread legs and mound. I could make out the shape of it under the shorts and bikini. I thought how I was only two thin pieces of clothing away from her pussy. I wondered if she enjoyed it when I pushed my erection against her body down there. I was so turned on and there was nothing I could do about it.

I lowered myself back down to her, again pressing my cock against the top of her mound. I reached for her side again and she giggled and returned the gesture. We tickled each other for a bit more and finally she looked up through her now bed and asked very softly, almost seductively, “Are we going to the beach?”

I replied, “Sure. Let me get my bathing suit on.”

With that, she left so I could get changed. I took my shorts and underwear off and noticed a wet spot in my underwear. The head of my still hard cock was leaking some precum as it slowly went down. I wanted to jerk it off right there but I just waited it out until it was soft enough to shove down into my swim trunks.

As I opened my bedroom door, I kept thinking that she has a boyfriend, and not to get attached.

We left my house and headed back to the beach. I was so tired. I had not been to bed yet, getting off of the graveyard shift, and I had to work the next night as well. We lathered up and laid there silent, enjoying the sun’s warm on our bodies, hearing the waves crash and the Seagulls chirp. The beach was not overly crowded but it was far from private. At one point, I reached over and tried to hold her hand. She pulled her hand away and asked, “What are you doing that for?”

I did not have a reply. She rolled over onto her belly and looked at me. She said, “You know I have a boyfriend.”

I replied, “Yes, I know. Sorry”

After a few more minutes of sun, she said, “I should probably get you home so you can get some rest since you have to work tonight.”

I just agreed. She said, “Let’s go by my house first, if you don’t mind. I need to do something real quick.”

I replied, “Okay.”

When we got to her house, as she was pulling into the driveway, she said, “Mom’s not home. Oh, I forgot, she had to work today. I was going to introduce you. Come on inside for a minute.”

I followed her inside, feeling a little awkward after all that had gone down. Once we got in the door, she started explaining, “I know a lot of people here, and I hang out with guys, my boyfriend is okay with it all, but you can’t hold my hand in public or anything like that because word could get around fast.”

I apologized and figured our heated wrestling match earlier was all that would happen between me and Becca. To my surprise, she added, “So when is our rematch? And who won the first one?”

I smiled and replied, “I won, and we can rematch anytime!”

She said, “How about now?”

I said, “You’re on!”

I reached over and grabbed her side and tickled her. She ran away making her way through the living room and down the hallway to a bedroom, me chasing her the whole way.

Once she got in her room, she turned and reached out to tickle me. I tickled her as well. We erupted in laughter as we squirmed and gyrated. She pulled me onto her bed, her legs open with my in between them. This time, she was only in her bikini and a t-shirt. I could make out the contours of her pussy even better.

I was on my knees as I tickled her ribs and sides. She was reaching up, tickling me where ever she could get a hand. She grabbed one of my arms and pulled me down onto the bed beside her, then straddled me again, her şişli escort pussy pressed against my already hard cock.

She looked down and then moved her face about an inch away from mine. Her hair fell all around, making a fort of our faces. I was tickling her on her ribs but I stopped when she did so my hands were just resting on her sides. She sighed as her eyes moved back and forth looking at mine. She leaned down further and kissed me on the lips. At first, because of the mixed signals she had given me, I just kissed her with my lips, but she parted her lips and our tongues began to dance with each other’s. I pushed my erection hard against her body and she ground her hips onto me in return. I reached up to squeeze her left breast. It was soft but firm. I gently squeezed and cupped it as she let out a moan of pleasure. After a minute of kissing, she stopped, backed away, and moved her hair to the one side as she stared down at me. She then asked, “Do you have a condom?”

A million thoughts went through my mind at this point. I was nervous with my inexperience and did not want to disappoint her. I did not think this would happen. I replied, “Sorry, not with me.”

She said, “Can you pull out in time? I am not on the pill.”

I said, “Yes, I can do that.”

She confessed, “I have never done this before, but I need it so bad.”

I replied, “I do, too.”

She leaned back down and we began kissing again. She was propping her body up with one arm while her other hand reached into my shorts and pulled my cock free. She began stroking it slowly.

My left hand was cupping and squeezing her right breast and I sent my other hand down into the side of her bikini. The back of my fingers brushed against her bush as she raised her lower body up to give me access. I pushed my hand down a little further and felt her very wet pussy lips. She moaned again. I ran my hand up and down her bush, brushing her wet lips over and over. I pushed her bikini to the side and ran my fingers up and down her entrance 4 or 5 times with the last time sticking my middle finger into her. I felt so hot!

She stopped kissing me, made her way down to my feet, and pulled my shorts off. I sat up and reached to her, grabbed the shoulder straps of her bikini and began pushing them down her arms and body. Her body was perfect. She stood up on the bed, lifted one leg as I pushed the bikini down, then the other to get her other leg out. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it off of me. I was on level with her pussy. Her bikini had matted her bush down. I could see her lips through the hair. I had never seen a pussy that close except in magazines. I could smell the musky, fishy odor mixed with the sunscreen lotion we were wearing. I wanted to sit there and just stare. She sat back down by my feet. Here we were, two naked teenagers, looking at each other. She was so beautiful.

She slowly moved onto the bed beside me and I began kissing her breasts softly. I had one nipple in my mouth, licking circles and sucking gently as one of my hands squeezed the other one. She reached down and continued to stroke my cock with her hand. I took my hand off of her breast and ran it down between her spread legs. I again ran my middle finger up and down the wet entrance feeling her lips part a little more each time.

With my lack of experience, I was going to try to find the clit. I had read about it but never really had this kind of opportunity. I felt around and found a swollen lump above her pussy lips that felt like it had a thick fold of skin above it. I began rubbing circles around it and that sent her into another world. She moaned and her body bucked and she let go of my cock. Her legs swung, rotating at the hips. I must have been giving her an orgasm! I kept rubbing that way, feeding off of her reactions to where and how I was rubbing. After she settled, she said, merter escort “That felt so good.”

I kept rubbing her and she began stroking my cock again. I reached down into her pussy to keep my finger wet as I continued to rub her clit. Within a few minutes, she said, “Yes! Keep doing that! Oh my God!”

Her body started bucking again as she put her head on my shoulder. After she stopped moving she whispered in my ear, “I want you inside of me.”

I did not say anything but instead rolled over and climbed between her legs into position as she rolled onto her back. I took my cock into my hand and placed it at her entrance. I pushed slightly and felt myself enter her body slowly. Her pussy squeezing and contouring to my head and shaft as I pushed past her lips. I was so close to coming already, I knew it was going to be a disappointment for her. I put in another inch, then backed out with just the tip in. She said, “Oh my God, it feels so good!”

I pushed again and gave her about half of it, then pulled out leaving just the tip in again. Next time I pushed into her almost all of it. She took a deep breath and reached up to my sides, slowly guiding my pace into and out of her wet, tight pussy. I could feel the heat on every inch of my cock as I pushed the swollen head deep into her. Within a couple of minutes of slow, sensual, deep fucking, the friction between us was so overwhelming, I began to feel like I was going to cum. I said, “I’m going to cum!”

I started to pull out as we had agreed but she grabbed my body and said, “It’s okay, cum in me! It’s feels so good! Fuck my pussy!”

Her body tensed up and she began to scream, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my God!”

I pumped faster, giving her my entire length. I was pushing so deep, my body slammed against hers making a slapping noise each time she took all of my cock into her. I could not stop the feeling and my cock began squirting my load deep into her slippery depths. Her pussy clamped onto my shaft so hard. I had never felt an orgasm like that. My head felt like it was nearly spinning as I felt spurt after spurt shoot into her beautiful body until I felt spent, with nothing left to give her. I slowed after my last spurt shot into her and my orgasm faded, disappointed in how long I was able to fuck this beautiful woman. Even after my load was gone, the throbs were intense. Her eyes remained closed for a minute, then she looked at me and said, “You’re so big. It felt so good. This has to be between me and you, okay?”

I replied, “Yes, no problem, and sorry I was so fast.”

She replied, “No, really, it was fine. If we had more time, I’d say we could start over. I have never cum like that.”

I then said, “I haven’t either. Are you going to be okay? You don’t think you’re going to get pregnant, do you?”

She replied, “I should be okay right now. I know my body pretty well. If it was a week from now, maybe not.”

My cock slowly softened inside of her. I could feel her wetness around my balls. When I pulled out a little, I could feel the cool air in contrast to her hot pussy. She asked me, “Will you stay here and hold me for a minute? Then I’ll take you home so you can get some sleep.”

I said, “Sure.”

I laid between her legs with my head resting on the pillow to the left of hers, my breath on her neck. I could smell the tanning lotion and salt in her hair and feel our naked bodies against each other. We both fell asleep like that. We slept for about 20 minutes and finally I woke when my cock finally slipped all of the way out of her. She woke up too, kissed me on the lips and asked, “Want me to take you home now?”

I smiled and replied, “I probably need some sleep. You get to sleep tonight. I get to work.”

She returned a smile and replied, “I might just come hang out for a bit.”

We got dressed and she drove me home. I slept the afternoon away and went back to work that evening. I was not sure where this was going to go. I was not sure at that point if she just used me or if she was developing feelings for me. A lot of things were going through my head at that point, pros and cons of this relationship.

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