Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Birds, Bees, and a Serpent in the Garden

Mr. Smith and Friday returned from breakfast full. He removed his jacket and without a word climbed the stairs into the bedroom. Friday sat on the couch and opened the newspaper they picked up at breakfast. “Please come up, Friday,” Smith called after a few minutes.

“Yes, Mr. Smith?” Friday asked as she entered the bedroom. Smith had changed into comfortable clothes and was going through his closet. “Please put this on,” he instructed as he tossed a dress shirt at her. Then come down stairs. I plan to relax this afternoon and would like you nearby in case I need anything,” he informed her and left her to change.

Friday slipped out of her clothes and her bra and slipped on the shirt, catching a scent of his aftershave. “Very nice,” she muttered to herself. Friday rolled up the sleeves and buttoned the shirt most of the way up. She left enough buttons undone to show she was a woman and slipped downstairs in only the shirt and her panties.

“Please make us a pot of coffee,” Smith instructed as she entered the living room.

“Certainly, Mr. Smith. How do you like your coffee?” She asked.

“Half a teaspoon of sugar and a very small amount of cream,” he replied and picked up the Arts section of the paper.

“I would certainly have made a wager that you would have gone for the business sections first,” Friday said as she set Smith’s coffee on the table next to him. Looking up from the paper, he viewed right into the shirt he had “loaned” her.

“I do read the business section, but last. Weekends are more review and commentary. I prefer to relax with the other sections and skim through the business sections. Please, have a seat on the couch and relax. If I need anything, I will let you know.

“Thank you Mr. Smith,” she said and sat on the couch next to Smith. Her legs were pulled up beside her. Resting on the arm of the couch, quite a bit of leg as well as a little peak of her lace covered bottom was viewable from Smith’s position and he took advantage of it.

Smith commented, “I did not peg you as a sports page reader,” as he admired her legs and firm rear.

“I am a baseball fanatic; a veritable Annie Savoy. I read the box scores every day, follow and friend my teams, and am pretty much useless in October and November. Winter is long and cold but when Spring Training starts, I come back alive,” Friday explained animatedly, much to the delight of Mr. Smith.

“Interesting,” Smith responded and gathered up the opinion page.

“Mr. Smith, would you mind if I pulled this blanket over me?” Friday inquired. “I am a bit chilled.”

“Not a problem,” Smith answered.

“Thank you,” Friday said. Covering her legs with a throw blanket, Friday returned to the sports page.

“Girl Friday! Wake up,” Friday commanded.

“What? Mercy me, how long have I been asleep. I am sorry Mr. Smith,” Friday apologized. “I guess I was too comfortable under the blanket. What can I do for you?”

“Please get dressed. I would like you to accompany me on a walk around the grounds,” xnxx Smith informed Friday. He was standing in front of her holding the riding crop. “The day had warmed very well and it is a beautiful spring day. Perfect baseball weather if you will. Wear walking shoes. The paths are well kept but not made for heals.”

“Yes, Mr. Smith. Right away,” Friday said and sped upstairs as Smith placed a not so gentle swat on her satin covered ass.

In no time, she returned downstairs. She needed to do something dramatic to recover from falling asleep so she slipped on a lacy bra. She found a flowing skirt that ended just above her knees and a pair of white keds. Friday put Smith’s shirt back on and buttoned it up appropriately. As a token of her position, she wrapped the chain leash she wore the previous night around her waist as a belt. The handle dangled in front. She finished by pulling her hair into a ponytail and held it in place with a single wrist cuff from Ricardo’s present. After quick inspection, she hurried downstairs.

“Impressive,” Smith commented as he met her at the door. He opened it and they ventured out into the warm spring day.

The sun was warm and the humidity very low. The dogwoods and redbuds were in full bloom and provided a pink and white canopy as Smith and Friday strolled through the grounds. Virginia bluebells, daisies, and other wildflowers lined the paths.

As Smith mentioned, the paths were well kept — and empty. Most of the guests were attending a Saturday bluegrass concert at the main hotel. Friday could hear the music as she and Smith climbed a winding trail.

They walked along the trail with Smith setting a brisk pace. Passing through a large expanse of wildflowers, a large bumblebee started to buzz around Friday’s head. No matter what she or Smith did, the bee would not go away and continued to buzz around Friday’s head. Friday, concerned more about getting away from the bee, was not watching where she was going. She tripped over an exposed root and fell onto a patch of grass. As a result, her skirt flew up and offered Smith a good view of her satin-covered bottom.

“Are you hurt, Friday?” Smith asked offering his hand to her.

“No, nothing but my pride,” she said taking his hand. “Thank you. It seems that that wretched bee decided to go pester someone else. I am sorry for being such a klutz.”

“No problem. Shall we venture on?” Smith asked. Not waiting for an answer, he started up the trail, continuing his vigorous pace.

The trail took the pair through a patch of dense woods. Squirrels scampered around and from tree to tree. As they raced along the path, a family of quail bolted from of the bushes and crossed across the trail. The panicked birds startled Friday, who let out a sharp cry and grabbed Smith’s arm.

“Excuse me. The birds startled me,” Friday apologized. Smith said nothing and walked on. Friday had to hustle to catch-up. “Where are we going Mr. Smith?” Friday asked.

“Jackson’s Table; it is a special place I like to visit and escape from the world,” Smith answered. “There’s brazzers a local legend that Jeremiah Jackson, the first white man in these parts, lived in a huge oak tree at the top of this hill. He married a local Indian woman and raised his family of 10 children in the tree. One day the tree blew over in a storm with him, his wife and all the kids still in it. With no place to live, he packed up his family and moved on. The only thing left of their homestead is a large flat rock that they used as a table.”

“Neat! I love stories like that,” Friday exclaimed.

Smith continued his quick pace and because the path steepened, Friday struggled to keep up. She was not having the relaxing afternoon she had hoped. Still upset that she fell asleep and frustrated with the bee, her fall, the quail, and Smith’s pace, Friday was just about ready to call it quits and return to the guesthouse. Smith was not helping her mood with his disregard for her companionship on the trail. By the time the pair arrived at Jackson’s Table, Friday was in a sour mood.

Jackson’s Table was located in a small clearing where a low large flat rock sat in the middle. There was a good size mound at one end of the cleaning and a stone path winding across the clearing to the mound and historical marker. Friday needed to get away from Smith for a few minutes to compose herself and started across the clearing to read the historical marker.

“Susan! Stop!” Rob called ending their game. “Back up slowly.”

“I have had …” Susan started to say but halted as she saw the snake lying across the path. She froze in fear no more than two feet from the serpent.

Rob quickly and smoothly moved between his wife and the snake. Using a long stick, he “encouraged” the snake to look for sun elsewhere. The snake apparently did not want to make a scene and nonchalantly slithered into the woods.

“OK it’s gone,” Rob said turning to Susan. He saw her shaking and caught her just before her legs gave way. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in to a comforting embrace. Released from the serpent-fear, Susan burst into tears.

Rob helped his wife walk to the table and sat down beside her. He enveloped her in his arms as she continued to cry. Rob felt her shoulders shake as Susan release her frustration and fear. For several minutes, Susan sobbed into Rob’s chest.

Feeling Susan relax, Rob released his wife. She raised her face and it was a beautiful mess. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were streaked with tears. Susan raised her hands to his face and pulled it close to hers. She kissed him gently on his lips; then again a little harder and finally in a full-blown, toe-curling kiss with their tongues dancing and pirouetting together.

Still kissing passionately, Susan pulled Rob onto the table. With one hand, she reached down and began to caress his cock through his pants. Rob moved her hand away then slid between her legs. He quickly removed her panties and dove into her neatly trimmed and very wet pussy. Spreading her lips, he ran his tongue up and down her wet opening. sikiş izle Finding Susan’s “rose bud”, he made quick circles over it, causing her to shudder in pleasure.

Rob ran his tongue up and down, savoring the many aromas. He spread her lips and lapped at her sweetness. Susan grunted with delight. The adrenaline from her fright and the sexual energy from Rob’s attention filled her with animal lust. Rob sucked on her clit and Susan expelled a loud groan. She lifted her legs to give Rob as much access as possible and he took advantage of her openness.

Rob fucked Susan with his tongue; driving it as deep into her as he could. The faster he fucked her, the louder Susan moaned. He pushed his tongue as far as he could reach, then withdrew. He pushed his tongue again and again into her wetness. Susan was beside herself with excitement.

Rob drove his tongue into Susan again and withdrew it very slowly until the tip was barely touching her warm and engorged skin. He then slowly ran the tip up to her clit. He flicked the little button rapidly causing Susan to take in a sharp breath. He then sucked on the sweet spot forcing louder groan, moans, and several grunts from deep within his wife.

Susan’s orgasm came on quickly and was short but very intense. She released her legs and grabbed Rob head, pushing it closer to her pussy as she came. After a quick respite, Susan sat up and encouraged Rob to stand. She unbuckled his pants and pulled them and his underwear to his ankles in one quick move. She took hold of his erect cock and stroked it a couple of times to make sure it was ready. She then stood, turned and bent over.

Rob’s initial thrust was hard and complete. He quickly pulled back and once again rammed his member deep. He knew what she wanted. Susan wanted fucked and fucked hard. Rob grabbed her hips and drove his cock once again fully into Susan pussy. He pulled her to him as he rapidly drove deep into her. Susan held on to the rock and cried out in ecstasy. Robs hips were like a piston of a human-powered engine, propelling his shaft in and out of her pussy.

Susan erupted again, causing her to contract around tightly around Rob’s cock as it continued to be pushed deep in her. A few minutes later, she came again, screaming loudly as Rob continued to drive his cock hard and fast into her soaking pussy. Finally, as Susan experienced yet another orgasm, Rob erupted deep in her. Shaking, Susan felt each throb and each gush. She stood there with her husband deep in her for a few seconds then fell forward onto Jackson’s Table. She laid there, bare bottomed, and panting for several minutes as Rob composed himself.

Susan rolled onto her back. “Oh my fucking goodness!” she exclaimed. She was a mess. Her shirt stuck to her from sweat and it was caked with dirt. Her hair was wild with several strands coming loose from the cuff. She still shook with exhaustion and exhilaration. Furthermore, they could not find her panties.

“Let’s get you back to the room and cleaned up. We will pick up our game after we have showered,” Rob said.

“That works for me,” Susan replied. They walked back to their guesthouse, hand-in-hand, passing several other guests. They giggled, wondering if anyone will find Susan’s panties and knowing that Jackson’s Table had yet one more secret to keep.

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