Batting for Mom

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‘I’m done, it’s over,’ I think to myself as I’m throwing clothes into my suitcase. Sure, I am being selfish but for the past few years, I’ve been everything but selfish. Let me explain.

My wife and I have been together for nearly 15 years and we’ve built quite a life for ourselves. We live in a nice, quiet, suburban home. We are far enough out of town so that we do have privacy and a sizable yard. However, we are not so far off the beaten path that we have to drive miles upon miles to reach any of the conveniences that town has to offer. My ‘commute,’ if you’d even call it that, is about 25 minutes.

Biologically, we do not have any children together. We each have children from previous marriages, however. I have a son and a daughter. They are both grown and moved on. My wife has three children, all beautiful girls. Two of the three have moved on. The eldest married and lives out of the area. Her middle daughter, Samantha (Sam for short), recently graduated from college and still lives in the area. Sam recently moved in with her boyfriend. Her youngest daughter, Alexandra or Lexi as we call her, is 19 and just finished her second year of college. Lexi comes home during break and in the summer.

My wife (Jen) went into a ‘funk’ of sorts when Lexi went away to college. Among other things, it has been a bit over two years since my wife and I last ‘made love,’ had sex, fucked, or whatever you want to call it. This is not for my lack of trying. I’ve taken the romantic route, I’ve taken the direct route, I’ve hinted, I’ve tried to set the mood.

From my standpoint, I don’t get it. Sex between us used to be good, if not great. We would make love three, sometimes five times a week. Then, right around the time Lexi left for school the brakes simply locked up. I’ve tried talking about the sex, and I’ve shared my frustrations and my concerns with her. I’ve found it difficult, if not impossible to break through the sheet of ice that has formed around her. If I am fair, she’s certainly suffering from an ’empty nest syndrome’ of sorts.

I’ve asked Jen to seek therapy and I’ve even arranged for a session on her behalf. She is not receptive to therapy at all and simply believes that I just need to “deal with it.”

When we talk, Jen quickly moves to drop the subject. I’ve told her on more than one occasion that this is something I could well leave over if we don’t address or at least discuss this. At best, when she senses I’m getting closer to leaving, she will throw me what I call a ‘sympathy hand job’ in the most unenthusiastic way possible.

At first, she’d kiss me and ‘allow’ me access to her while she would take care of me with her hand. The intimacy downshifted over time. Recently, when it would happen, there was no touching or kissing. She’d pretty much throw her hand over and say, “Here it is, have at it” while sliding the rest of her further towards the edge of her side of the bed.

This morning, I pushed the issue about the lack of sex and intimacy. Bluntly, Jen tells me that she simply has no physical desire to be with me. No urge whatsoever. She bangs on that it isn’t that she doesn’t love me (she does). It isn’t that she isn’t attracted to me (she is). It’s that she has no physical urge or desire to be intimate with me and that’s that. It “stresses her out” when I push the issue so I just need to “get over it” because she has absolutely no sex drive. Then without much further discussion, she went out to get on with her day.

My way of ‘getting over it’ is packing my shit and leaving, as it is my belief that I deserve better.

As I’m throwing my suitcase together, I think to myself that I’ve provided everything for this family. I had a great job and the family wanted for nothing. As I’m mumbling and throwing my suitcase together, my youngest stepdaughter, Lexi peaks into the room. Apparently, Lexi just got home from work.

“Hi Dad. Where ya going?” Lexi asks as she peaks into the room.

“Hi Lexi, I’m leaving” I tell her.

“Duh,” she responds. “Where are you going — like you know… What trip are you going on?”

“I’m moving out,” I tell her as Lexi’s mood goes from playful and inquisitive to one of concern. Her face tightens up and a look of pain comes over her. As if just punched in the stomach, Lexi stumbles towards the bed and plops down between my suitcase and I.

“Why are you moving out,” she asks as a tear begins to form in her eye.

“Lex, I’ve not been happy for a while. I’m not happy, your mom can’t possibly be happy, and it’s just time that I go,” I tell her. “I’m not sure where I’m going yet but here seems to be a place I should not be.”

The tear begins making its way from the corner of Lexi’s brown, catlike eye onto her cheek.

Lexi was four when her mom and I got together. While I’ve treated all Jen’s daughters as if they were biologically my own, Lexi and I have always been the closest. Lexi has been the only one of the three girls to call me Dad rather than Shayne. She was the only one of the three girls who was openly gorukle escort bayan affectionate with both their mother and I. She always made sure to give hugs and kisses goodbye or good night without prompting. She valued family.

She’s also been the one to be more appreciative of things. The others always expected and while they were surely thankful, they did not always show their appreciation. Lexi always made sure to say please, thank you, and never really expected things to be ‘handed to her.’ She was also the only one who would take care of chores without needing to ask or beg. If she saw something needed done, she simply did it. She was a doer and a fixer. If someone had an issue in the house, Lexi was the first to get involved. While she was the youngest of the girls, she carried herself as if she was among the older. Her maturity and the way she stepped up to handle shit was not typical of a youngest child.

When it came to college, she did not automatically assume that we were paying for it. She planned to work her way through school and when we began talking college, she laid out her plan. When we explained we were paying for her schooling, she was quite happy. However, she continued to work, as it was important to her that she pulled weight in the equation. With this being week two of her summer break, Lexi is working 5 days a week for the summer so that she can ease off for her final two years of schooling.

“But” she begins as the tears leak out of her eye onto her cheek. I cut her off before she can speak any further.

“Lexi, this is what is best for me. You have nothing to worry about. I’ll still send money so you can finish school,” I tell her as the formed tears multiply and soak her face.

“You can’t go,” she begs me as she goes into full sob mode. I take my stepdaughter in my arms and she cries into my chest.

“It’s not fair,” she says as we’re both crying.

“We’re a family and I love us all being together. What is so bad that you need to leave?

“Do you not love us anymore?” Lexi asks as she looks up at me with a face full of tears.

“Lex,” I say as I gently wipe her cheek before wiping my own.

“It’s not that. I love you both very much. I love our family. It’s… It’s complicated.”

She cuts me off, “Is it the sex thing?”

I let go of Lexi and take a step back somewhat embarrassed and very shocked that my stepdaughter knows about this and even more so that she is asking.

“Dad, if it is the sex thing. I can help” Lexi tells me as her tear filled eyes find mine.

“Huh? Wait, you’ll what?” I ask as I stumble back towards the dresser.

“Dad, I know that you two don’t have sex and I know it is a problem. I hear you two argue about it. Plus, Mom talks to me. She’s told me some things. I told her she should do it for you but she says she can’t.”

“Lexi,” I interrupt. “What are you trying to say? I’m confused. How exactly can you help?”

“Well, I was thinking. I don’t want you to leave. Mom needs you and I need you. If you’ll stay and she won’t do you, I will.”

Good thing I was leaning against the dresser because I think I just heard my stepdaughter offer to stand in for her mother and ‘do me’. Had I not been properly supported, I may well have fallen over.

“Alexandra!” I exclaim, unsure how to take what I just heard.

“No seriously, I will” she pops back quickly as I lean on the dresser, mouth wide open in shock over what I’m hearing.

“What, am I not doable?” she asks, growing in confidence as she renders a smart, seductive smile and puffs her chest out. She KNOWS she is a beautiful girl.

She is a younger, dare I say hotter version of her mother. At 5’2″ & 115 pounds, beautiful brown eyes, long flowing auburn hair, a tiny little waist, and a curvy ass to die for. Lexi’s white, button up work shirt is open revealing her white tank top. The tank top sits overtop her bra, which is home to a set of firm, beautiful b or c-cups. Historically, those breasts on her small frame command the attention of the room. That little girl clearly knows she is very hot and quite fuckable.

“Lex, you’re my daughter”

“Step!” she sternly interjects as she climbs off the bed.

“I am going to go upstairs and get cleaned up. Do you want me to help you unpack?” she asks as she bends over so slightly, giving me a view of that perfect ass of hers that fills out her work pants quite nicely.

“I got this Lex.”

“Good, so we have a deal!” Lexi says as she walks towards the bedroom door. As she just clears the doorway, she turns and says, “Can you pick out a movie for us to watch? I don’t feel like going out tonight so I was thinking we could stay in and have some special Daddy-Daughter time.”

Lexi lingers in the doorway until we make eye and flashes a sexy smile as if to let me know she knows she just got her way in making me stay. She heads upstairs to get a shower and I pretty much walk in circles still in shock over the conversation that nilüfer escort bayan just took place.

With today being Saturday, my wife typically does not get home until late. Her Saturday routine consists of going to lunch with her middle daughter Sam, followed by shopping, then dinner, then more shopping, and then who knows what. Well, that is what it seems like she does at least. My point is she and Sam spends mother-daughter time together on Saturdays.

I always believed Lexi to be a beautiful and attractive young woman. However, while I’ve appreciated and admired her beauty, I’ve never thought of her in a sexual way until just a few minutes ago. As I unpack, various scenarios play through my mind. I quickly envision myself sharing an intimate kiss with Lexi. I imagine carrying her off to her room and making love to her. I also imagine a naughtier scene where she climbs into bed, laying between her mother and me. With each flash of thought, my dick grows impossibly hard. After fumbling around for a good while with my clothes and my thoughts, I finally get my suitcase unpacked.

I take my suitcase back out to the shed. When I open the door to come back in, I find Lexi standing there with a panicked look on her face. I walk through the door and barely get it closed before she damn near tackles me.

“I’m glad you didn’t leave,” Lexi tells me as she wraps her arms around me and gives me a big, tight hug as if she hasn’t seen me for years. I squeeze her back while pulling my hips away so she is not alarmed by my raging hard-on. I explain I was just returning the suitcase to the shed.

“Well, I didn’t see the suitcase and I didn’t see you so I was beginning to think that you left.”

“Lexi, I said I’d stay.”

“Actually, you didn’t exactly say you’d stay. But, after my offer, I was really hoping you would.” Lexi removes her head from my chest, gets up on her tippy toes, planting a quick, teasing peck of a kiss on my lips.

“Come on, let’s go pick out a movie,” she says as she releases me, grabs my hand and leads me into the family room. I adjust my basketball shorts so that my dick is not sticking out while she leads me to the living room.

I didn’t get to the ‘picking the movie part’ and frankly, I’m glad I didn’t. I’m still actually in shock over the proposition my stepdaughter has made and I’m uncertain as to how exactly or if this will play out. Quite satisfied in letting her take the lead, Lexi grabs the remote and searches for a movie. I plop down in my chair watching as Lexi stands in front of the TV trying to get the blood flowing back into the rest of my body.

“Let me know when you see something good,” Lexi says as she continues flipping through the guide standing right in front of me. My eyes are fixated on her perfectly rounded ass peeking out of her shorts. Her lounging shorts, as she calls them, are cute, short little black shorts that reveal the slightest bit of cheek. She likes them because they make her legs look muscular in the front and has commented on more than one occasion that showing a little cheek is a small price to pay for her legs to look that good. She sure the hell wasn’t kidding about that.

“There’s nothing on, Lexi complains as she puts on a baseball game and sits down on the couch. “Come lay with me, Daddy,” Lex says in a playful voice. I gulp. Lexi stands up, grabs me by the hand and pulls me up, and drags me over to the couch.

“Here, lie down and slide over,” she orders as she lies down on the couch beside me. She wiggles around, grabs my arm, and wraps it around her so that it comes to rest around her midriff. My shorts continue to stir as I can feel the heat of that luscious ass of hers just inches from my penis. Out of the blue, Lex lets out a giggle. “Look, I’m up to bat.”

“Huh, I ask?”

“The designated hitter… I’m up to bat. Mom is the pitcher but she does not bat, so I am batting for her. Duh,” she says as she wiggles her ass back into my cock sending a jolt of electricity through my body.

“Lexi,” I gasp as my dick hardens to the point I think it may well explode. Instinctively, I slap her ass playfully. “You’re bad.” Lexi giggles and shakes her ass once again. My mouth waters at the sight of her giggling ass cheeks.

“Well, it’s true. Or at least, it is going to be true,” Lexi says as she pushes and grinds her ass further into me. She grabs at my arm as if commanding me to tighten my grip on her. As she slides back into me, I catch a hint of her floral-scented lotion. I take a deep breath in as I hold my daughter around the waist while she pushes her ass into me.

The DH strikes out. I laugh as I point that out.

“Guess that’s not me after all, Dad. I don’t strike out,” she says confidently as she looks back turning a somewhat seductive smile. “Dad, just relax and let me,” pushing her ass so that my rock hard cock is now caught between the cheeks of her ass. Knowing she has me right where she wants me, Lex tightens and releases her ass muscles. bursa otele gelen escort bayan Without thinking, I push my hips back into her while taking a deep breath in.

“Lexi, do you know what you’re doing to me right now,” I ask.

Lexi nods as she continues contracting and releasing her ass muscles around my dick. I move my left arm from her waist to her long auburn hair. My finger gently brushes her neck as I move her hair and she shivers slightly with goose bumps forming on her neck as she grinds and contracts into me. I return my arm back to her waist and she squeezes my hand. Her hand begins moving up my arm while she rocks back into me lying side-to-side and front to back on the brown leather couch. Her hand reaches my elbow and slides down to my hip. I gasp for air into her delicious looking neck and without much thought; I gently kiss my beautiful stepdaughter on the neck while exhaling.

Her hand makes its way from my hip to the waistband of my shorts. She uses her fingers to trace her way down towards my lower abs.

“Do you like this, Dad?”

“Oh Lexi,” I whisper while gently nibbling away on her tiny earlobe. My hand finds its way underneath her white, somewhat loose fitting t-shirt as I make circles upon her tight, tummy. Lex begins mimicking my motions with her own hand on my not so tight tummy with each circle getting slightly bigger until she finally nudges the tip of my dick with the top of her hand. The initial nudge seemed accidental. Upon realization of what she did, Lexi turns her hand and grabs the head of my dick through my shorts with her thumb and forefinger.

With a tight grip, she begins stroking the tip of my dick up and down through my mesh basketball shorts while the rest of my shaft caught between her ass cheeks. I feel the precum escaping my dick as she strokes and grinds away. Pushing my hips back into her, I raise my head from the crook of her neck to take a deep breath. Lexi looks back at me with her catlike eyes. Her pumping pauses for a second. Lexi uses her fingernail, gently rubbing it over the tip of my dick over my precum soaked shorts. “We need to get you out of these,” she says.

Lex releases her grip on my cock, sliding her hand back onto my stomach, and then down into the waistband of my basketball shorts. Palm down, the back of my daughter’s hand grazes my dick as she slides her hand all the way down. The base of my dick splits her index and middle fingers. I grab my daughter’s full, muscular, tanned thigh and hold my breath while taking in the first feeling of skin on skin contact between daughter and step daddy’s cock.

I pull my hips back as Lexi slides her hand to the side. She pushes out on my shorts and wiggles them down around my thighs. She runs her nails back up my thigh and this time palm down she makes contact with my cock. While keeping hold of her thigh, I watch as my baby girl takes her step daddy’s dick in her hand, pulling at it in a slow and deliberate manner. My hand moves to her inner thigh, making its way up towards the hidden treasure contained beneath her shorts. Lexi releases my cock and grabs my wrist, cutting me off at the pass.

“Not yet,” my beautiful daughter instructs.

“Just relax and enjoy this,” she tells me as she smiles as she returns my hand back to her tummy.

Lexi slides her ass back into me, using her hand to adjust my cock so that it makes contact with her slightly exposed ass cheek. Lexi grabs her stepdaddy’s cock down low and resumes pumping it while rubbing her exposed ass along the top and tip of my dick. I watch as she manipulates my member onto that beautiful ass of her. The sight of my dick touching that luscious ass could damn well make me explode right then and there, I think to myself.

“Come back down here,” Lexi instructs. I comply and lay my head back on the pillow, just behind my daughter and breathing heavily at every stroke.

Lexi adjusts herself and pushes her stepdaddy’s cock up into her shorts, once again trapping my dick in between the cheeks of her ass. This time, it is skin on skin. Once she is confident everything is in place, she releases my cock from her hand and squeezes her ass cheeks together. I drive my hips forward and bury my head in her neck as she squeezes, releases, and grinds my dick with that talented, amazing ass of hers. I bite down on her neck, causing her to squeak.

Catching onto her rhythm, I begin moving my hips to compliment her movements as I nuzzle away at my baby girl’s neck. Our breathing picks up. As I kiss and lick away at her neck, I begin to notice her chest rise and fall. Lexi’s big, erect nipples push away at the sheer fabric of her loose fitting white t-shirt as she breathes in and out. I watch as my daughter slides her left hand over her body, onto her flat, tanned tummy, and into her panties. Her right hand, which is underneath her, reaches up, grabs my left thumb, and guides my hand to her tummy, just above her pierced bellybutton.

I begin gently rubbing my fingers around her pierced naval as I kiss, nibble, and lick away at my daughter’s neck. Lexi’s hand quickens in her shorts as she continues jilling away at herself and grinding her ass on my cock. I move my hand from her tummy and place it underneath her head, turning her beautiful face so that she faces me. “Lexi,” I whisper as she works away at pleasuring the both of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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