Bathroom Lovers


Some days I don’t know how I can go on living without her. Other days our arrangement, the secret rendezvous and the brief but passionate stolen moments we find to make love to one another … well, it certainly isn’t taking anything away from our ‘committed’ relationships. We both have wonderful and enjoyable relationships with our boyfriends, just, each other on the side as well. It helps to have something a little extra to fantasize about, and to tease them with, whether real or imagined. They don’t exactly know, but perhaps they suspect… as its no secret to our close friends that we are bi-sexual and the best of friends. But in so many ways men are terribly gullible. Don’t you think? And that’s part of what makes them loveable.

I have to admit that I am the dominant one, with Karen, at least. Sometimes I just wish I had a cock so I could take control, boss my partner around, make them crave my penetration and then fuck them senseless… that isn’t really EASY to do when you’ve only got a pussy. Believe me, I’ve tried and to no avail. Don’t get me wrong, I love being dominated as much as the next girl, but on occasion… Well, Karen is perfect for me in that way. She loves being told what to do, and when to shut up and just be fucked. And it’s all in good fun, really good fun when we use toys.

I had decided ahead of time that the occasion of our double-date to one of the cities fanciest restaurants, was the perfect opportunity for one of our stolen moments, and to be had almost directly under our boyfriend’s noses.

After a very appetizing entrée and main, upon being satisfied that my boyfriend Mike and Karen’s boyfriend Steve were involved enough in debating the pros and cons of the latest x-box game release to not really mind if we were gone for awhile, I grasped the opportunity to steal Karen away.

“Well boys, if I could be excused for a moment, I need to go… powder my nose.”

I flashed a charming smile at them both, and a little leg too as I rose from my seat, looking across at Karen expectantly.

“Oh! Yes, well, I’ll join you.” She was quick to rise from her seat, and I moved to her side.

Our men collectively chuckled, giving each other a look, you know that look… ‘Women!’ is what it infers. The weaker sex, with small bladders …

What men don’t realize or perhaps they affectionately chose to ignore, is that our group migrations to the bathroom are wonderful opportunities to vent about them and share the latest gossip, especially in a group setting. Complaints about your partner’s performance in the sack or his embarrassing habit of farting in bed (a libido killer, by the way), or how amused you were at catching your son/sibling/family friend masturbating in the shower, don’t always go over well in mixed company.

I don’t think they noticed our joining hands as we moved off to the ladies room, and if they did, it meant nothing out of the ordinary and raised no suspicion. Because, girls always hold hands – right?

I let my hand slip from Karen’s so that she would move ahead of me, taking the opportunity to give her a thorough look-over while I had the chance. I imagined we made quite an attractive looking pair. Karen wore a flatteringly clingy red dress that fell to just below her knees, with sleeves that hung loosely about the tops of her arms, occasionally letting slip the pale flesh of her shoulders. Her legs were bare and smooth shaven; her feet clad in stylish red high-heels that criss-crossed over her silver painted toes, wide ribbon entwining its way up her calves from the back of the heel, finally tied in a small bow.

I myself was wearing a sleeveless and shockingly short black dress with rather dangerously tall black high-heels, I was dressed to kill, or stun at the very least.

“Oh! It’s out of order…” Karen’s voice trailed off in dismay as she noticed a sign on the woman’s restroom Ataşehir Escort door.

What Karen didn’t know was that I’d already called ahead and bribed one of the restaurant staff.

I laughed, affectionately tweaking one of her plump butt-cheeks, “No, it isn’t really.”

Looking around, I made certain that no one was paying us undue attention before I opened the door and motioned Karen in front of me and into the room, quickly slipping in and closing the door promptly behind us.

She looked behind me to the door handle, her brows furrowing in concern. “Dea, there’s no lock…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, no one is going to come into an out of order public restroom.” I reasoned with her.

She gave me that look, a sexy pout, and lifted brow with a hint of… Please tell me you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking. “What are you up to?”

“Well, I thought I’d fuck you, here and now.”

I noticed her involuntary intake of breath, and the way she swayed slightly on her feet. I knew she was squeezing her thighs together to quell the sudden flutter of arousal I’d triggered within her.

“It doesn’t take that long to ‘powder’ one’s nose.” She argued weakly.

But I just wasn’t listening anymore. Her change in breathing, the moistening of her lips, and the widening of her eyes… all had me very enchanted. I just loved exciting this woman.

I slowly moved towards her, swaying my hips seductively, my heels clicking loudly on the ceramic tiled floor with each purposeful step. My purse was held in front of me, kept close to my body.

She kept glancing between the playful look in my eyes and my oddly held purse, “Just what are you hiding?”

I shrugged, smirking faintly and still leading her on, “What makes you think I’m hiding anything?”

“You were been holding that thing the entire time we were at dinner; you didn’t even put it on the floor… And honestly,” She paused, trying not to offend me; “…it doesn’t really match your dress.”

As she spoke I carelessly tossed the purse to the side and quickly pressed my body close against hers, marveling at her curves and loving the way our breasts pressed against each others, fighting for predominance.

She gasped.

“You’ve got a cock!”

Karen took very little time in raising the hem of my rather short black dress up over the now obvious bulge of a rather substantial cock, laughing as she did so. “I can’t believe you, you’re wearing a strap-on to dinner… Mmm, Dea…!”

Her voice trailed off, faltering as desire and the excitement of the situation overcame her. She began rubbing her body against me, wrapping a small hand around the shaft of my flesh-colored and realistic looking but ultimately fake cock with her hand, guiding it to press against her arousal beneath her dress.

I wrapped my arms around her, my mockery of a cock pressing painfully hard against her as I lifted her off the floor and promptly placed her on the counter by the basins, her heels banging loudly against the washroom cabinets beneath her.

Trailing my hand up from her ribbon enwrapped calves, over her knees and to her bare thighs; I groaned and bit my lip as I felt the slick wetness of her juices leaking between her thighs. My gaze locked with hers, and we shared a warm smile as my hand moved onwards, soon resting against the swollen lips of her pussy. As I had expected, she wore no panties. I moved a knowing finger against the swollen button of her clit, and then dipped downwards into her sopping center.

Karen groaned, her movements encouraging one of her sleeves to slip off of her shoulder once again. It fell further than it had in the restaurant, elegantly revealing a full, bra-unencumbered breast. I feasted my eyes upon the sight as she lifted a hand, her body pressing back against the mirrored wall behind her as Ataşehir Escort Bayan she squeezed and toyed with the exposed breast. My fingers stilled within her as I became distracted by the breathtaking sight.

Once again, she had me distracted, regaining the upperhand. But I was, for once, truly capable of doing something about it. I withdrew my fingers, raising my hand to my mouth and eagerly tasting of her juices. She looked to me with a smile. Karen eased herself forward on the counter, linking her hands behind my neck and nuzzling my face affectionately, her tongue darting out of her mouth and into mine, tasting of her own juices. The lifting of her butt-cheeks as she leant towards me and the subsequent releasing of her dress from beneath her, was the very opportunity I needed.

Moving my own arms around her, I eased my strap-on cock up against her pussy, attempting to enter her. It instantly felt awkward, and we laughed easily about it, the way only lovers can. After a few seconds of unsuccessfully trying to make it work, Karen took over. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and looked down between us, mumbling, “Hang on a minute…”

I took the full brunt of her weight against my body, groaning at the twinge of pleasure that sent through me, and I watched as she spread herself open with her fingers, exposing her beautiful pink center to the head of my cock and slowly easing herself down onto it. It was a glorious sight, her head fell back, and her body arched into mine in the most intimate of movements, our breasts bounced, but my gaze was upon hers as I finally penetrated her.

Reaching down between our now joined bodies, I quickly set the vibration in motion, sending continuous waves of pleasure deep into her, and a small piece was pressed against my clit, vibrating and pleasuring me at the same time.

Karen cried out, her hand grasping for something and hitting the mirror, smearing its surface with streaks of her finger prints. “Oh fuck me with it, Dea, please!” Like I needed an invitation! Her other hand quickly started fingering her swollen pearl, we both knew our time was limited.

Gripping her outer thighs, I roughly pushed up her dress so I could watch the unfamiliar sight of a cock attached to my body, penetrating her. Using the counter to help balance some of her weight, I began the motion of raising up onto my toes then falling back on my heels, over and over again as I thrust into her. It certainly helped that I was wearing one of my highest pair of high heels.

The sound of her wetness squelching around my cock as I moved in and out of her pussy was exciting me to new heights. Before long our juices were mingling, my plastic cock dripping with thin strands of Karen’s wetness, my own thighs shining and slick. My pussy was aching for want of something hard and thick inside me, but the continuous rapid vibrations against my clit, and the thrill of being able to literally fuck my lover like a man, was more than enough for now.

Karen whimpered in her need, her eyes squeezed shut in extreme pleasure, continuing to finger herself expertly and quickly. I knew it was unlikely that over the hum of conversation in the restaurant, anyone would hear us, but it was still risky, which added to the excitement. I moved one of my hands from Karen’s thigh, pressing it firmly over her mouth to keep her quiet. Her eyes flew open then visibly rolled back in her head, her nostrils flaring as her lungs strained for air, our bodies helplessly thrusting back and forth, working towards almost attained mutual pleasure.

I fucked her harder and faster, and for a moment it almost seemed as if the long realistic looking cock that was attached to my body actually was my own flesh. As I built towards orgasm I closed my eyes, imagining a steady stream of creamy cum bursting forth from the head of my cock Escort Ataşehir and flooding Karen’s’ quivering and beckoning pink insides. I was straining to reach deeper inside her than I ever had before, at the same time crushing the vibrating butterfly against my clit.

Karen’s mouth moved helplessly against my hand, making ragged gasps and the suppressed moans of words that no one would ever hear, and I overflowed with the womanly cum I could never shoot into her, my wetness dripping down my thighs. I bit down hard on my bottom lip, my head falling backwards as I held the strap-on cock deep within her, shuddering and shaking through climax.

Karen drew me close to her, holding my head against her breasts as I recovered my breath. Finally a wave of exhaustion passed through my body, and I felt I understood the effort it takes for a man to so often be the one on top. I gently caressed my fingers over her one exposed and still heaving breast, as she finally drew in much needed deep breaths, then tilted my head to smile up at her.

“I fucked you good.”

“Oooh did you fuck me good.” She gasped and laughed at the same time, pressing a kiss to my beckoning lips.

“Oh god, the boys… we really need to get back out there. They’ll want to order dessert.”

I nodded in agreement, and then winked at her. “But I’ve already had dessert.”

“Oh you…”

She moaned softly and squirmed as I finally, carefully, withdrew from her. I stepped back from the counter, wriggling the strap-on down from my hips, being careful not to trip over the harness in my heels.

“What are you going to do with that now?”

“Oh… leave it here for someone else to put to good use.”

“No!” She gasped in surprise.

I grinned and shook my head, moving to the basin beside her and turning on the hot water tap.

“I’ll just rinse it off and put it in my purse… I didn’t bring such a large one with me for no good reason, you know.”

She playfully slipped off the counter, straightening her dress, and then moved into one of the toilet stalls, fetching a few tissues and cleaning herself up. I shook the strap-on dry then stiffened as I felt her hands on the back of my thighs, my legs parting willing at her touch. The tip of her tongue ran over my closed pussy lips, gently working its way between them, eagerly lapping up the juices that spilled from me at their parting. She groaned as if she enjoyed it, slowly withdrawing with a lingering teasing lap of her tongue. I felt the rough paper tissue rubbing over my thighs as she wiped up the moistness from my thighs.

Karen stood up, one hand still under my dress, cupping my mound and fingering my clit, her hand between my legs as she pressed against me from behind. We stood there for a moment, enjoying each other’s embrace, before I gently shrugged my way out of her arms. “We have to get back.” I took up the strap-on again, bending over to pick up my purse, then slipping it inside and zipping it up, safe and secure and secret.

Opening the restroom door, I took a quick peek outside to see if anyone was looking in our direction. They weren’t, so Karen and I slipped out of the room, smiling to each other and once again checking to see that our clothing was in its proper place. With that established we strode with renewed confidence through the restaurant and back to our table. Our men were deeply engaged in a heated argument about politics, but managed to put that to a stop as we returned.

Mike wrapped an arm around me as I sat down, leaning in to nibble at my neck. “Mmn, you smell good.”

I blushed, looking across at Karen and her boyfriend as I tilted my head to the side to allow Mike better nibbling access to my slender neck. “Oh?”

“Yes indeed, what did you get up to, taking so long to powder your nose.”

I grinned, resting a hand on his upper thigh, my fingers teasing across his fly, hidden beneath the table.

“Oh, you know, just masturbating with my girlfriend.” I gave his semi-hard cock a squeeze through his jeans.

“Oh really?” His voice lowered, and I felt his cock jerk beneath my hand in response.

“Mmm, you wish.” I whispered back as I nipped at his ear.

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