Bar Story


We’re both sitting in a bar. You see me and walk over to me. You don’t say hi and neither do I. We just look at each other and we both know. You move closer to me so that were nearly touching and you lean forward and gently brush your lips against mine. I respond with a slight move forward and we kiss ever so gently with slightly parted lips all the while are eyes are closed lost in the moment of a first kiss.

You pull back and smile and I do the same. We place our drinks at the bar all other people and issues forgotten. We want more of the same as that first kiss. We move to a secluded area and sit close to each other still not saying anything. All we want is to feel each other’s presence and THAT kiss.

Now were sitting close moving in to each other. I can sense your passion and you can sense mine. Our lips touch again – just gently, then more purposefully.

My hand goes up to your shoulder pulling you in to me. Your hand gently caresses the side of my face.

Our mouths explore each other as we become more passionate… our tongues entwine and explore each other’s mouth… our breathing becomes heavier.

We both pull back at the same time looking in each other’s eyes. We both know what we want.

I grab your hand and place it on my breast and I pull you towards me again. I know you want me.

My breast feels so soft to you through my clothing.

I arch my back and push myself towards you.

Your other hand goes down to my thigh and you trace a line down to the hem of my skirt and slowly bring my skirt up so you can touch my bare thigh. Your hand moves up my thigh.

I part my legs for you so you can touch me. Your fingers find my panties and start to rub my pussy through them. You can feel how wet I am. I moan quietly as you find my clit and start rubbing it.

I start to nibble your neck and you grup escort can feel my warm breath. I slide my hands down your sides and find the bottom of your shirt. I slide them up under your shirt and over your chest. My thumbs rub over your nipples, making them hard. You let a small sigh escape.

Your fingers pull my panties to the side and you feel how hot and wet I am. Your fingers find my clit again and rub it, gently and slowly at first. Then you push a finger in me.

My hands travel downward, caressing your chest and stomach. I reach your jeans and trace my fingers along the edge. I slide my hands farther down, and caress your cock thru the fabric and I can feel how hard you are. I give your cock a gentle squeeze.

You grab my hand and take me to your place. As soon as we’re in the door, you pull me to you; your lips seek out mine and kiss me again. Our hands resume their explorations of each other’s bodies. We start undressing each other, desperate to see each other naked.

You unbutton my blouse, your lips never leaving mine, except when I pull your shirt over your head. You push my top off my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor. My hands go back to your shoulders and pull you closer to me. You reach around behind me and unhook my bra, freeing my breasts.

You stop kissing me once my breasts are free. Your hands grab a hold of them and start massaging them. I let out a sigh and close my eyes… lost in the sensations. Your thumbs and fingers find my nipples and start rubbing them and I gasp. Realizing I like what you’re doing, your rub my nipples harder and I start softly moaning.

You grab my hand again and lead me to your bedroom where you push me down onto the bed. You kiss me softly on the lips again before you start kissing your way down to my breasts. You start licking eskort bayan istanbul one nipple getting it nice and wet before sucking on it and you repeat the same on my other breast. You can hear me moaning quietly as you suck on my nipples. My hands are resting on your head and I am arching my back to feed you more of my breasts.

Your hands were busy removing my skirt and panties so I am naked before you. You start kissing your way down to my pussy.

I stop you before you can start because I want to please you as you please me. I kiss you as I undo your jeans. Then I push them down until they’re on the floor and you step out of them. I push you back on the bed and climb on top of you, settling on your pelvic bone, just above your cock. I kiss you again on the lips. Then I kiss your chin, your neck, your chest… I lick your nipples and suck on them until they are hard like my own. Then I get off you, turn around and place my pussy in front of your face.

I lean over your cock and start licking your balls first, swirling my tongue around until they are covered with my saliva. Then I take one in my mouth, gently sucking on it… then I do the same with the other… before taking both in my mouth.

You start licking my pussy, sliding your tongue up and down my slit, lapping up my juices. You find my clit and suck on it. I start to push back on you and you place your hands on my hips, pulling me closer to you so you can fuck me with your tongue.

I start licking your cock, from the base to tip. Once I have it nice and wet, I take you in my mouth and start sucking on you. I can taste your pre-cum and I am getting more excited. I wrap one hand around your shaft and start sliding my mouth up and down your hard cock, trying to keep time with the thrusts of your tongue.

As we both lick and suck each other, we’re oral escort both moaning and getting more excited. I feel the familiar beginnings of an orgasm and start sucking faster and harder on your cock because I want you to cum with me. I drop my hand to your hip and grab both sides so I can take you deeper in my mouth.

I feel your hands tighten on my hips, as you get closer to orgasm as well. Your balls tighten and as your cum hits the back of my throat, my orgasm crashes through my body and we cum together. I swallow your cum and make sure I get every last drop before I let your cock slide out of my mouth.

I turn around to face you again and then kiss you, tasting my cum on your face. I look down and see that you are still hard and I smile. I kiss you again while my hand idly plays with your cock.

I sit up and straddle your waist. I have one hand wrapped around your cock as I slowly slide my pussy over it. I watch you the whole time and see your eyes drift close as you feel your cock sink into my hot, wet hole.

I place my hands on your chest and slowly move up and down your cock. I lean forward and dangle my breasts in front of your face. You reach up with your mouth and start sucking on my nipples.

You place your hands on my hips and together we find a rhythm we both like. We start slowly and as I feel your cock move in me, I moan, softly at first but I get louder with each stroke. I start talking, telling you how good you feel in me, how much I am enjoying being fucked by you. I ask you to fuck me harder.

You hold my hips tighter and start fucking me harder.

You stop fucking me and push me off you and onto the bed. I am lying on my back and you get between my legs. I wrap my long legs around your waist and pull you in to me so you are as deep as you can go. You lie on top of me and start fucking me hard again. Our hands lock together and we kiss each other hard, with mouths open and our tongues colliding. We are both moaning in each other’s mouth. It isn’t long before we’re both cumming again.

We doze off for a while in each other’s arms, completely sated for the time being.

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