Bad Julie Ch. 03


Kurt slid in and out for a bit, then almost came, something he flat didn’t want to do yet; it was just too good. He decided to make it last longer than a three-minute quickie, and buried his cock into her and rested, pressed against Julie’s ass. She didn’t like that. She shoved back against him, trying to get purchase with her knees, but he had her down and secured. She couldn’t do anything but squirm.

She rammed her face into the bed and whimpered, “Fuck!” She started to really shove back against him, trying to bump him backward, but she didn’t have any leverage: her hands clawed at the bedclothes with no purchase, and all that happened was she ripped the covers all apart.

Kurt waited, watching and holding her body down while she started breathing heavily and writhing, tangling up the sheets. He kept pressure on her ass, thrusting slightly with his cock in her tight, oh-so-tight pussy, enjoying the situation quite a bit. He bent over her body, near her head, and whispered a vile word in her ear.

Julie made a wordless exclamation and flipped her head back, turning her head around, trying to see him.

Kurt waited for just a very brief tick, then pulled back and almost all the way out. She tried to move her body back, and almost lifted off the bed, and he paused for just a second, then pounded into her as hard as he could, moving the bed at least six inches. Julie made a high-pitched shrieking outburst, then swore. He did it several more times, Van Escort fucking into her pussy as hard as he could as she gasped and cried.

She was soaking wet, he could feel it and see it, but she was fighting anyway.

She shouted “Bastard!” and got a foot squarely on the floor and managed to shove one side up while he was inside her.

He let her heave and struggle for a minute, then suddenly yanked out, grabbed her legs and physically picked her lower body up, then flipped her over to face him. She kicked out and he had to wrestle her legs down, then spread them apart, exposing her pussy. He yanked her whole body against him again, rubbing his cock against her pussy lips. She swore and fought, cursing him out and whimpering. She arched her back, thrusting tight little breasts and hard little nipples.

Kurt took the chance and let go of her legs, moved his hands to her tits, and roughly cupped, squeezed, and flicked her breasts. She groaned loudly and covered his hands with hers, rubbing against his cock and trying to position for him to get inside her again.

He bent back and went for it, slipping easily inside and shoving roughly. She slammed her head back and clasped her legs around his ass, kicking his body into hers. He got almost light-headed from the feeling, and decided to try something, a little … dialogue?

He leaned down over her and quietly snarled, “You cheap little fucking bitch.”

Her eyes snapped open, Van Escort Bayan fully, in a blast of anger and hate; he fucked into her and did it again: “Little whore!”

She clawed at his chest and slammed her pelvis against him, exhaling loudly. Then he called her a ‘cunt’ and she got really mad, tried to slap him, and he had to pin her arm and head down while they fucked. She got her other hand free and dug sharp fingernails into his chest, and that hurt like hell; he did the only thing he could do and slammed into her as hard as he could, fucking her roughly, brutally, slamming her slight body and spreading her thighs apart each time he pounded inside her.

She squealed and fought and moaned and then came.

She came hard, her eyes rolling around in her head and her legs jerking violently. Kurt tried to extract her hand from his chest and couldn’t, so he slapped at her hand. It had no effect, so he figured in his head, “Why not?”

He fucked into Julie a few more times, forcing sexual sounds from her, then, finally and excruciatingly felt his cock spasm. He slipped out of her when it was unstoppable no matter what, rubbed the base against her slick lips, and came on her body.

He ejaculated hard, the feeling on the brink of pain it was so muscular, and the come flipped up her belly in a long ribbon, a small collection of droplets making it all the way to her face.

She finally let go of his chest, her fingernails stained Escort Van with blood, and grabbed his cock, stroking, milking out the last of him and rubbing the semen into her hand, muttering under her breath and swearing.

He bent over her, and noted a small puddle of come in the cleft of her breasts. Finally, he let go of her arm and head, and she laid back, tired out from the efforts. Julie snapped out “Fuck,” and then relaxed. After a minute or so she said, “Get out.”

Kurt pulled his pants up, turned, and walked out. He didn’t look back. He got in the truck and pulled away, feeling worn out and dazed; his chest was bleeding pretty badly from where she’d dug her sharp little nails into him.

“Crazy little bitch,” he thought to himself, rotating his arm and feeling the pain in the chest muscle. She’d gotten him good. When he was halfway to the supplier he didn’t need to go to, which he’d headed for without really thinking, his phone buzzed, and he flipped it open; it was a text from an unknown number with an attachment. When he opened it he almost drove off the road: it was Julie.

“How did she get my number?” he thought, then remembered her snatching his phone and fooling with her own device. She must have entered his number in her phone, the little shit! And to top that, she’d sent him a picture. It was a phone capture of herself, set to crop her face, and it was unmistakably her naked body, legs spread, one hand over her pussy, the other rubbing his come on her belly and breasts.

He pulled over and stared at the image in shock. The text said, “U WANT SUM MOR?” He slammed his back into the truck seat and laughed out loud at himself when he realized that, well, yeah, he kinda did.

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