Back to School


I walked towards the Social Sciences building on the University campus, head hanging slightly. The weather was cool and the air crisp – reminders that summer was rapidly coming to an end. I was feeling somewhat discouraged. The harsh removal of freedom and the installment of regimen back into my life after a carefree summer certainly did not create the most welcoming of feelings. I could see it now: another year of boring material and stressful exams in classes I didn’t even know why I was taking. I was not one of those people who were in university with a career in mind. Rather I had gone through two years of ‘higher education’ taking a mix of classes with no apparent rhyme or reason to my selections. I had taken everything from Biology and Chemistry to Art and the occasional English class.

I glanced down at the folded up schedule I carried in my hand as I entered the building. The words ‘Anthropology 101′ ran across the 8:00 AM time slot. Why the hell am I taking a first year Anthropology class I wondered to myself. I shook my head as I made my way through the throng of bodies crowding the halls. I considered not going. Is this class gonna’ be a waste of time? Probably. There must be something better to take? I could think of nothing. And so I entered the lecture hall. The room was massive and probably seated close to 300 people. I took a seat in the back of the hall thinking this class might be good for some extra sleep.

I looked around the room, which was beginning to fill up. I noticed a lot of cute looking young women and preppy looking guys – mainly first year students – crowding into the seats up front. This was likely their first university class ever. I could tell because they were still brimming with excitement. This was the big leagues! They were adults, here to be educated so that they would become something and conquer the world. Little did they realize that one third of them would probably drop out before year’s end. I marveled for a moment at how cynical I had become, but I had been here for two years already and I knew how things went. That bubbly exuberance would wear off before long. Probably after the midterm. Maybe sooner.

I yawned with the prospect of what was to come, that being the inevitable run through of course outlines and administrative garbage that no one really cared about. That was when the professor walked into the room. She was female and looked to be about 30 years of age. I perked up considerably as my eyes ran over her curvaceous figure. It would have been easy to mistake her for a ‘mature’ student. But she wasn’t. She was here to teach this class. Could this be? Professors were not supposed to be attractive young women. Never had I even considered such a possibility. I leaned forward slightly, now almost regretting sitting so far away. Her light brown hair hung to her shoulders in subtle waves, framing an attractive, albeit serious face. Even from where I sat I could see her eyes were brown as well — a very deep brown. The dress she wore hinted that the body beneath it was firm and well shaped.

I was still giving my full attention to her body when she spoke. “This is Anthropology 101. Anyone not interested in Anthropology may leave now.” I was taken aback as I realized, from the sharp edge to her voice in those first words she spoke, that she didn’t really want to be here any more than I had five minutes earlier.

I was chuckling softly to myself at the irony of it all when she wrote her name and email address on the board and introduced herself to the class as Dr. Hottly. Dr. Hottly? That’s her name? No Bloody way! I didn’t think this could get any better! The remainder of the lecture was spent going over required textbooks and the like. I left the room having decided I would remain in this class. Definitely.

Over the course of the next several weeks I did not miss a single Anthropology class. I sat closer to the front of the room so that I would be able to admire this gem of a professor. It was a little weird at first – I mean, she was a Prof and I was a measly little undergraduate student. But I couldn’t help myself when it came to fantasizing about this woman. As her outfits changed from day to day my original conclusion that she had a great body was affirmed. She had nice round breasts and a shapely ass as well as a set of legs to die for. Long, curvy, and strong — they were amazing.

The only problem was her attitude. She had the most grating Trabzon Escort of personalities and was incredibly sarcastic at times. At first it bothered me. It diminished her apparent physical perfection. But slowly I learned to ignore it and focus on the ‘good stuff’. So she had a bitchy attitude. Who cares? I could still spend Anthro class staring at her sexy body.

This routine worked for a while, but soon the thrill of just looking began to wear off. I found myself wanting to talk to her. I wanted to get closer to her. Just being able to get myself into the same room as her without three hundred other people would definitely be a challenge considering how she seemed to feel about this class. Nevertheless, I decided I would try. I walked towards her office later that afternoon, determined to get myself in there somehow. I reached out to knock on the door just as it opened and she stepped out. She carried a stack of papers and had spun around so quickly to pull the door closed that she didn’t even notice me standing there. She backed into me, her ass bumping me ever so briefly. A little shiver of excitement moved through me. She turned to see who was there.

“Dr. Hottly, I am in your……”

“I’m sorry, but it will have to wait. I’m busy right now,” she interrupted me.

And with that she was off down the hall, her legs carrying her quickly away. The fast pace at which she walked made her ass and legs look so good. Damn, she was hot!

I made two more attempts to talk to Dr. Hottly over the next couple of weeks, both to no avail. She refused to talk to me each time. I was getting a bit frustrated. In the back of my mind I knew the whole thing was ludicrous. What would happen if she actually talked to me? What would I do? When I thought about it this all seemed beyond reason.

I next attempted to visit this stunning professor one particular morning before class. I figured this would be my last try. If it didn’t happen this time, I’d just forget it. I decided it was probably a stupid idea anyway. I walked up to her office door and knocked upon it, already expecting the usual rejection or empty room. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door and told me to come in. It was so unexpected that I was momentarily at a loss for words.

“Can I help you?” she asked, eyebrows raised slightly.

“Yeah….I’m in your 101 class……,”


“And, uh, I was wondering……,” I was stammering pitifully was what I was doing.

“You’ve been coming up here for weeks now. Surely there is something you wanted to ask me?” she reminded me.

She had a bit of a crooked smile on her face. In my mind I thought it was ever so suggestive of…..what? I wasn’t sure, but damn it I was hot for her! For the love of hell, I wished I could think of something to say!

“You know, I have to get ready for class so perhaps you best get going unless there was something else?” she continued.

So that was it, I thought. My chance was blown because of my ineptitude. I got up to leave, feeling downright embarrassed. As I was going out the door she spoke.

“Why don’t you come back at five this afternoon and we can…talk…then.”

The pause in her sentence was evident. Was she mocking my apparent inability to speak coherently? I turned to her and she was smiling alluringly at me. Was I imagining things? Was I crazy? Or was she suggesting what I dearly hoped she was suggesting?

“Uh….o.k.,” I stammered yet again.

Cringing at myself for my continued lack of control of my supposed native language I opened her office door to leave. As I was pulling the door closed, I stole one more glance back at Dr. Hottly. She winked at me. At least I think she did. This was insane! My mind was working overtime for the rest of the day. Over and over again I replayed the conversation in my mind and each time I reached the same conclusion. She knew I was hot for her. I wondered if she was toying with me by asking me to come back. What was going on in her mind? Did I dare to even dream about what might be?

The clock seemed to move at half speed as I waited for 5 PM to roll around. I had no focus in my other classes. I just wanted to get back to that office. She dominated my thoughts now. My imagination ran wild as I imagined what it would be like to be with her.

At last it was 4:50 PM and I was headed towards that office. I was nervous with Trabzon Escort Bayan anticipation and my hand shook as I reached out to knock on her door. I waited for a few moments, but there was no response. My heart sank as I figured she must have forgotten or maybe purposely left to send me a clear message. I was about to leave when the door opened.

“You made it,” stated Dr. Hottly, “come in.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

Back in her office again I noticed some things I hadn’t paid attention to earlier. It was a good sized room with a large desk, her chair behind it and two more in front of it. There was some artwork — mainly consisting of stunning and picturesque nature scenes. Perhaps these were locations she had visited on Anthropological expeditions. Off to the side against the wall was a comfortable looking couch with a lamp and table beside it. I noticed several academic and educational type magazines on the table. She must have spent a lot of time here.

I turned my attention back to her and found she was standing right behind me. I was incredibly nervous and was sure she could sense it. I looked into her eyes, my uneasiness surely shining through. She gazed back at me, but, in contrast, she seemed totally confident and sure of herself. She placed her hand against my chest and moved me a few steps towards the couch against the wall. As we got closer her hand began to trail lower towards my waist. It slid underneath my shirt and as she touched the bare skin of my tummy an electrifying sensation ran through me. She had both hands on me now and they moved up towards my chest again, taking my shirt up with them. A moment later the piece of clothing was on the floor and her hands were gliding smoothly over my bare upper body.

I could scarcely believe this was happening. I wanted to put my hands on that body, but I was afraid. She pushed me back softly so that I would sit down on the couch. As she did so I finally put my inhibitions aside and reached out, grabbing her around the waist with both hands. I pulled her down onto the couch with me. We ended up with me sitting and her on her knees straddling my thighs.

My right hand moved up her back and then came around underneath her arm, slowly, to cup her breast through the dress she was wearing. Several buttons ran up the front of her garment and I slowly began to undo them. I slid both hands inside her clothes and up onto her well formed shoulders. I ran my fingers through her hair behind her neck and this caused her to lean her head back. Her back arched slightly and her chest moved closer to my face. Her smell enveloped me, filled me. I breathed it in deeply. I ran my hands to the side, over her shoulders and down her arms causing her dress to fall from her upper body and down to her waist. Her skin was so soft. The black bra she wore was low cut and strapless making her tits look spectacular. I touched them, running my hands across them and putting my fingers in her tight cleavage. The bra unclipped in the front and I wasted no more time in undoing it. As it fell to the floor I was faced with her stunning naked breasts. I took one in each hand, softly trailing my fingers over the sensitive nipple area and then pressing firmly. I leaned forward and took one nipple in my mouth, licking and then biting softly. This elicited a quick gasp and a soft moan.

As I continued to play with her chest using my mouth my hand dropped lower to feel the smooth skin of her stomach. I ran my fingers just underneath the waistband of her panties while continuing to run my tongue over her tits. This got an even better reaction!

I could tell she was getting seriously aroused as I continued to kiss and lick her body and she made quiet moaning sounds. She pushed herself against me and, as she did so, I slid my hand inside her panties to take hold of her glorious ass. As she pressed against my crotch I pulled harder. She gasped. I got really fucking hard.

I got to my feet, literally picking her up with me, carried her a few steps, and laid her down on her large desk. She had her arms wrapped around my neck and as I gently lowered her down she pulled me towards her, refusing to relinquish her grasp on me. She lifted her head and our mouths came together. I wrapped my lips around her tongue and sucked before releasing it and kissing her some more.

Again I started to trail my mouth lower, first to her neck and then to Escort Trabzon her chest. She was only too happy to let me return my attention to her breasts. I could tell she loved me biting gently, and once in a while a little harder, on her nipples. I did not maintain my focus here long though. I ran my tongue down her stomach, pausing to lick her belly button before continuing lower. I came to the dress that still covered the lower half of her awesome body.

She lifted her hips slightly and I pulled the dress and her panties off at the same time. I stopped briefly to admire her fully naked body. As I looked over her I slid my hands down her bare thighs and then back up the insides of her toned legs. I reached underneath her knee and lifted her leg up and to the side. This exposed her pussy to my eyes. I could see it was wet. She had a perfect little strip of hair just above the full lips that I wanted to taste. I pressed my mouth against the inside of her thigh just above her bent knee and inhaled deeply through my nose. Kissing the skin softly I ran my tongue up the inside of her leg. I kissed the skin in the crease of her leg just beside her pussy. She twitched slightly. A small movement of my head and my tongue was on the slit between her legs. She moaned and arched her back as I kissed her mound. I pressed my tongue in ever so slightly. Her pussy was like a second mouth as I kissed and sucked on her lower lips and pushed my tongue further inside her. I licked up the full length of her slit several times in quick succession. Each time my tongue hit her clit she jolted. I spread her lips apart with my fingers, exposing her most sensitive spot. I put my lips around it. With her clit inside my mouth I pressed my tongue in, rolling around it and across it while give gentle sucking pressure. She was writhing. She grabbed hold of my head and pulled my mouth more firmly against her womanhood. Rhythmically, my tongue glided back and forth over this super-sensitive part of her body. Her mouth opened wide in a silent scream of satisfaction.

Suddenly, frantically, she pushed me up. She tore at my belt and pants to get them undone and off of me. The smell of sex hung in the air as she licked my mouth that had just been all over her pussy. I kicked off my pants, which she had pushed down and we clung to each other, neither of us willing to relinquish the touch of the other. We sank to the floor as hands, mouths, feet and legs were used in the caressing and touching of each other’s bodies.

I came to a position on top of her and my thundering erection found the warm spot between her legs. I pressed softly, the penetration ever so slight. Pausing, I looked into her eyes and smiled — this time confidently. She returned the gesture as her hands took hold of my butt and pulled me fully inside her. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head as every nerve fired with the sensation of feeling the warmth and wetness of her cavity sliding along my shaft. I continued to thrust, every penetration being accentuated by the lifting and pressing of her hips against me. The pace quickened. Faster and faster we moved against each other. Our mutual enjoyment was evident as her gasping and moaning mixed with my deeper, more masculine vocalizations. While one of my hands supported my weight the other was on her tits, on her belly, on her face, and all the while my cock moved in and out, in and out. The torrent of sensation hit its peak. Like stars bursting in the night sky our worlds were filled with an explosion of passion and I emptied myself deep inside her. As my final thrust pressed deep within her glorious body she somehow pulled me even further inside her. She ground against me and I could tell she too was cumming hard. The ecstasy she felt seemed to be so intense she could do nothing more than simply keep me pressed firmly and solidly against her.

As the intensity of what we had just experienced slowly began to subside, we lay naked together. I was still inside her. We simply enjoyed the closeness of our bodies being intertwined.

I had no comprehension of what time it was or how many hours or minutes had passed. Neither do I know how I managed to separate myself from this woman and leave her office. Would this ever happen again? Could it? These were the thoughts making their way through my mind as I walked down the quiet hall. Just before I rounded the corner, I permitted myself to glance back towards her office. She was standing in her doorway, watching me leave, just as I had done to her on that day so long before. I wondered if she was also thinking that my ass looked good. I felt my heart rate quicken a bit and I smiled at her. She smiled right back at me. Yes, we would definitely see each other again.

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