Bacchanal Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Aftercare…?

Once we’d all caught our breath and toweled off, we trudged back upstairs. I insisted on carrying Cerise, who was exhausted from the pleasure we’d inflicted on her. We took her into one of the second-floor guest rooms, where Dev loosened the knots of her halter, freeing her body from the silken ropes. (I would eventually learn that this was known as shibari, and that she had a friend who was a rope master create the beautiful knotwork for her.) Following their suggestions, I gently laid her onto the soft sheets and slid in beside her, cuddling her and telling her how well she’d done.

She would need a shower at some point soon, and we’d have to make sure the rest of the honey was cleaned out of her. For the moment, however, I was content to merely hold her, stroking her back and arms, kissing the small indentations left by the ropes, while she gradually came back to herself. She squirmed pleasurably when I scraped my nails down her back, and began twisting herself around so that I could reach all of the spots she wanted scratched.

When she landed on her back and I had made her giggle by lightly scratching her stomach and thighs, I saw that her nipples had hardened. Unable to stop myself, I dropped a gentle kiss onto one dusky peak, then the other. Encouraged by her hands on the back of my head, holding me in place, I sucked them into my mouth, running my tongue around them and razing them between my teeth.

I was surprised at her responsiveness, and pulled away to look up at her. “Cerise, are you sure you want…?”

Her eyes, which had closed with pleasure, opened and she smiled. “Oh, yes,” she whispered.

“Insatiable little cunt,” I laughed arap escort as I began kissing my way down her exquisitely silky skin. “Haven’t you cum enough tonight?”

“Never…ungh…” she moaned as I let my breath ghost across her mound. I opened her legs further and paused to admire the sight before me. Her skin, already a deep, rich brown, gleamed almost black against the crisp white sheets; her nipples stood out stiffly from her small, high breasts, and her long, muscled dancer’s legs splayed out almost impossibly wide, framing her delectably glistening pussy.

Goddamn, she looked good enough to eat. I was pretty sure I was done for the night, but if it was what she needed and wanted, I was more than happy to pleasure her as often and in any way I could. Delicately I lapped at her wet pussy lips, not wanting to aggravate the flesh I’d so cavalierly slapped and whipped just a short time ago.

Her moans and the undulation of her hips spurred me on, and I hungrily sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking the tip with my tongue while I held it between my teeth. Cerise shot up from the bed with a gasped “Fuck!” when I slid two fingers into her wetness and began rubbing and stroking her center.

“Yes,” I murmured between licks. “That’s it, let yourself cum, baby…so fucking juicy, so delicious…cum all over my fingers, Cerise…” I kept at her, stroking and sucking and tapping at both her hot spots, until I felt the familiar contractions that signaled her release. I licked my fingers clean, enjoying the taste of the honey that was left inside her. Drawing her against me, I kissed her soft, full lips, letting her taste herself on my tongue.

When she was ready, we escort bayan istanbul hopped into the large, ridiculously well-appointed marble shower, where I helped her wash away any leftover semen from her skin and hair, and then, while she faced the wall, gently slid the attached wand between her spread legs to clean out the rest of Svetsi’s honey.

The sensation of the warm water flowing into her turned her on again, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this time, I was able to accommodate her pleas to fuck her with my reenergized cock. She’d seemed to enjoy having the water in her cunt, so after I adjusted us, placing her right leg on one of the built-in marble benches, I pressed the detachable shower head against her clit, letting the spray stimulate her into yet another orgasm as I drove into her from behind.

“Jesus, Cerise,” I said as we tumbled back into the bed, still slightly damp and thoroughly sated, “I could watch you cum all night and not get tired of it.”

She gave me a smile that was both sweet and a little bit sad. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that sometime.” She giggled. “I’ll have to be sure to rest up, won’t I?”

I ran my fingers lightly down her arm. “Mmm…I’m sorry if this is a weird question, but…what do we do now? If you’re…recovered? Is that the right word? Do we get dressed? Go down to meet with the others?”

She yawned and burrowed herself into my arms. “Oh, no, they’re probably asleep by now. Sometimes there’s a fair amount of drinking, so usually we just stay overnight.” She gazed up into my eyes, and I saw that hers were brown, with flecks of warm amber—just as lovely as the rest of her. “Unless…did you want to leave?”

I chuckled. zenci escort “Are you kidding? I have a beautiful girl in my arms, in the most comfortable bed I’ve ever been in…I’m not going anywhere,” I said. “Besides, I think my clothes are still down in the basement.” She gave me a half-hearted punch in the arm and just giggled.

Although we were both physically spent neither of us was quite ready to sleep, so we just talked for a while. I told her about my boring upbringing in the Midwest and how I couldn’t wait to escape from the small town where I was raised; she told me a little bit about her upper-middle-class childhood and the shock of discovering her sexual preferences while in college.

“I mean, the first time I went to dance class with a plug in my butt—oh my Gawd,” she laughed, covering her face with her hands. “Just—dripping everywhere. My leotard, my tights—I swear, you could smell me a mile away!”

“Mmm, sounds horrible,” I agreed, running a fingertip idly over one of her nipples.

“So embarrassing,” she nodded. “Fortunately my roomies knew how to take care of me—bent me over a chair, gave me a good cropping, and shoved a vibrator into me. For like an hour.” She smiled dreamily. “It was wonderful.” She yawned and kissed my chest. “Not as wonderful as tonight, though…I really loved it when you shoved your dick straight up my ass.”

“It didn’t hurt?” I asked.

“Well, sure it did—but it hurt just right! I mean, I wore a pretty good sized plug most of the day to get ready, but when you got in there, grinding up into me, stretching me out all at once—ooh…” She wriggled against me sensuously at the memory. “It was really hard to not just cum all over the place right then and there.”

“Hmm,” I murmured. “I will have to file that away for your next birthday. Riding crops. Brutal assfucking. Anything else?”

“So much more,” she said, yawning again. “But you’ll have to find out later…” Between one moment and the next, we were both asleep.

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