Babysitting my little cousin.

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The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

Babysitting my little cousin.

My name is Todd. I am 19, six foot one and weigh 160. I’m told that I am attractive. I don’t want to sound conceded but I have to agree and that makes it pretty easy for me to get dates. I don’t have or want a steady girlfriend. Playing the field is much more fun. I have dated and fucked girls and women from younger than me up to a woman I was with last week who was 40.

After I did some yard work for her, she invited me in for my pay and a cold drink. I wound up staying till almost midnight. Man could she fuck and suck. I guess that practice makes perfect. It was the first time I had ever done anal but she asked for it and she loved it. She begged me to pound my seven inches deep up her butt till I spattered her shit tube with a big load of my cum. She shook and cried in pleasure then sucked me clean. Then she told me that she would need more ‘yard work’ next week.

Yesterday my father told me that he needed a big favor. He and Mom were going to some meeting with Mom’s brother and his wife. They had tried but did not having any luck finding a babysitter. Dad asked me if I would please babysit for Shana. I did not have a date lined up for the night so I reluctantly said OK.

We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle’s house at eight and went into the living room. Uncle Dave and Aunt Tanya greeted us and we talked for a few minutes. Even though they did not live very far away, I had not seen them for over a year. Uncle Dave had married a black woman and it took a while for the family to come to terms with it but when they got to know her everything was OK. They told me that Shana was in her room doing her homework and that I might not even see her before they got home. They said that they probably would not be back till eleven or midnight and then left.

As soon as they left I turned on the TV and started watching a sit com. A couple minutes later, Shana came into the room. Like her mom, Shana was definitely black. She had mahogany brown skin. The last time I saw Shana she was just a cute little girl who spent most of her time playing with her dolls. She was wearing a long tee shirt that came down about half way between her hips and knees. From the little bumps in the front I could tell that her (16 year old) body was starting to become that of a woman.

With a big smile, Shana said, “Hi Todd. Thanks for coming over so Mom and Dad could go etiler escort out.” She put her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. Her feet came off the ground. I felt her budding boobs press tightly against me and her tee shirt rise up higher but I did not look down. Shana was less than five feet tall and weighed well under 100 pounds. I knew that from when she was tiny, she had a crush on me but I had never thought of her other than a child.

“Can I watch TV with you?” I sat on the couch and she sat next to me. After a couple minutes, she put her legs up on the couch and her head in my lap. Even though she was just a little girl and my cousin, my prick realized that she was female and started to react. Shana looked up at me, “You’re lumpy.” She laid her head back down. This time she had her hand between her head and my manhood. She promptly fell asleep.

When the show ended, I wanted to change the channel but had to reach over on the coffee table to get the remote. When I did, Shana woke. She sat up, “Do you want a pop and some chips or pretzels? I love salty snacks.” She ran off to the kitchen and came back with potato chips and Pepsi. I still had an erection from her having her head and hand in on my crotch earlier. Shana looked at the bulge in my shorts but did not say a thing. After we finished our snack, she got back into the position that had gotten me hard to start with. Her shirt had pulled up and I could see the round bottom edges of her brown butt cheeks below the hem.

I started thinking thoughts about my little girl cousin that I should not have had and my cock got even harder. Eventually I put one hand on her hip and soon let it slide down onto one of her tight little butt cheeks. She did not move or say a thing. I had to act. “Do you really like salty things?” “Yeah, a lot. They are my favorite treats. I like them better than sweet things.” A plan went thru my mind and I gave her ass a little squeeze. She wiggled.

“Boys can make a salty treat that girls like. Did you know that?” Shana sat up, “No, what do you mean?” I asked, “Do you know about sex yet?” Shana said, “Not much. That’s how babies are made.” That bump in my pants is my penis and it fits in the hole between your legs. That is how people have sex but another fun thing is for a girl to put a man’s penis in her mouth and suck on it while moving her head up and down on it till it makes a salty treat in her mouth. Did you know about that?” “No but one time I looked into Mom and Dad’s bedroom and she had his thing in her mouth. çapa escort Is that what they were doing?” “Yes, would you like to try it?” “OK.”

“First take all of your clothes off and I will too.” Shana jumped up and pulled the tee shirt over her head, standing there naked. Her boobs had just started to grow. They were probably A-cups but her nipples were big. If she grew up like her mother, she was going to get a big pair of jugs. Her waist was tiny and her hips not much bigger. She only had a few pubic hairs. I had on shorts, under pants and a tee shirt but I stripped almost as fast as she did and stood there with my erection pointing at her.

“That’s big. It is as big as my daddy’s, the time I saw him giving his treat to Mom. Can I touch it?” I put my hands on her shoulders, “Get down on your knees and reach out and put your hand around it.” She quickly dropped to her knees. Shana couldn’t reach all the way around my shaft. I put my hand on hers and started moving it up and down on my pole.

I could see a drop of pre-cum form on the tip of my prick. “Kiss the end of it.” Shana leaned forward and kissed it. She smiled up at me, “Hey, it does taste salty.” I pulled away and lay down on the floor. “Get on top of me with your legs spread wide on either side of my head and lean down with your face at my cock and take hold of it again.” Shana did as I said. I looked up at her almost bald little pussy, took my tongue and slid it between her outer lips. When my tongue touched her clit, she jumped. Then she giggled, “That felt funny but it felt good. Do it again.” I took a big lick across her clit and to her fuck hole. Shana moaned and pushed her cunt to my face. “I like that. Do it more.”

“OK but lick the end of my cock while I do, and move your hand up and down.” After a minute I told her to put the end of my cock in her mouth. She opened her lips and pushed forward. “It’s so big. I have to open real wide to get it in.” “Put more of it in your mouth and move your head up and down on it, just like you saw your mother doing to your father.” Shana got about two inches in her tightly stretched mouth and started bobbing up and down. I pushed my head forward and started giving Shana her first pussy eating. She quickly got wet. She wiggled and moaned but didn’t stop sucking on my cock.

I thought about getting my cock in her tight pussy. I pulled back and asked, “Have you ever had anything in your hole?” When she said no, I decided not to be the one to take her virginity and went back to eating her. After merter escort a few minutes, Shana had her first orgasm. She pulled off my cock and shook and screamed. “Oh, what happened? I never felt anything like that.” I told her what had happened and told her to go back to sucking my cock so I could give her my treat. I kept licking her wet cunt and probing my tongue into her fuck hole while she was now taking about three inches into her mouth. She was moving her hips against my face in a natural fucking motion.

I felt myself about ready to explode. I pulled my face away and told her that I was going to give her my salty treat now and that she was to hold it in her mouth, swirl her tongue around in it and then swallow it. I came hard, shooting three big ropes of cum into Shana’s virgin mouth. Some leaked out the corners of her mouth by she kept most of it in. She stirred it with her tongue like I said and then swallowed.

I lifted her off of me and we sat there on the floor and talked. “Did you like it? Was it a good salty treat like I said?” She said that it was very salty and thick and slippery but yes she did like it. She also said that it felt really good when I licked her bottom and she asked if we could do it again. “Yes but not right away.” There was a big glob on her chin so I scooped it up and had her suck it off my finger. She did so eagerly.

I decided that I wanted her to watch a porn video with me and I knew just which one. I had one in my bedroom that was just what I wanted her to watch. We got dressed and I drove us to my house. I parked on the street and we went in the front door. Shana sat on the couch while I went to my room. As I went down the hall I could see a light and hear sounds coming from the master bedroom. I got to the open door and looked in.

Aunt Tanya was on her back on the bed with her head hanging off one side. My dad was standing next to the bed, holding her head and deepthroat fucking her face. My mother was on her hands and knees between Tanya’s legs giving her a good cunt eating while Mom’s brother Dave was behind Mom, holding her hips and fucking his older sister as hard as he could. I couldn’t see which hole he is pounding into. Tanya’s big black tits swayed back and forth on her chest as the group fucking proceeded.

Everything stopped when they spotted me standing there. “Hi there. That’s some meeting you guys had to go to. Maybe I should go get Shana and we can make this into a fun six-some. We can play rock – paper – scissors to see who gets to pop her cherry. They looked at each other and then Dave said, “Go get her.” I smiled. I was about to be in my first orgy and the women were going to be my mother, my black aunt and my kid cousin. I hurried to the living room to get Shana.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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