Baby Girl Ch. 04


When I woke up the house was empty, or it seemed empty. When I went downstairs my older brother Bobby was on the couch watching TV and drinking coffee. He took one look at me and said, “You’re a mess.” I didn’t say anything, of course if you have sex the night before you’re going to wake up a little messy.

“Go upstairs and brush your hair,” Bobby said.

“I’m not a little kid anymore, you can’t order me around,” I said.

“Can’t I?” Bobby said, raising an eyebrow.

I didn’t argue any further, he was taller than me by a head and a half and almost nothing but pure muscle, so I went back upstairs and sat on my bed to brush my hair. I’d gotten the left side done when Bobby appeared in the doorway, shirtless, with a large bulge in his pants.

“No Bobby, I had a bad night last night,” I said.

“So? You don’t want me to tell Dad you were a bad girl do you?” Bobby said.

I hated his grin.

“I didn’t think so,” Bobby said.

He sat down on my bed and put his hand on my thigh and kissed my cheek. He slipped his hands under my shirt and fondled my breasts, pinching and squeezing my nipples.

“Don’t!” I said, pushing his hands away.

He pushed me on my hands and knees and unbuckled his belt.

“Please Bobby, don’t,” I pleaded.

He pushed up my shirt and draped it over my head, he took hold of my wrists and slid his cock in my pussy. He thrust hard into me, his balls slapping masaj porno my clit and splitting my lips. He held both my wrists in one hand and withdrew from me briefly to slap my ass with his cock, two smacks to each cheek, then pushed his cock back in my pussy.

“No one’s going to want you if you cry every time a man sticks his cock in you,” he said, and withdrew from me again.

I expected another slap but instead he entered my ass.

“Ow Bobby that hurts!” I cried to him.

He just pushed harder into me, pulling his cock out every few thrusts to smack me with his cock. He let go of my wrists and pulled me up by my hair and held me against him. He had one arm round my neck while his free hand fondled my breasts and his hips slapped hard against my ass.

“Is this how you like it? From behind, like Mom?” Bobby asked.

“Yes Bobby,” I moaned.

“You want it harder?” he asked, pounding harder into me.

“No Bobby!” I cried.

He came with a loud groan, withdrawing from me and spraying his load on my back. He then told me to lay down on my back and knelt over me, stroking his hard cock and smacking my face with the tip. He reached forward and fondled my breasts, he pinched and twisted my nipples and smacked me again with his cock. His hand pumped harder up and down his shaft. He came with a loud grunt and sprayed his cum all over my breasts and belly, then öğretmen porno spread my legs and buried his face in my pussy.

He kissed up and down my thighs and squeezed my ass cheeks, spreading and kneeding them. He licked from my clit to my ass and slipped a finger in my ass, fingering me and sucking my clit. He fingered me a little gentler than he did when his cock was splitting my ass and pussy.

I moaned softly and opened my legs a little wider for him and stroked his cock and balls.

“What is going on in here?!” a voice shouted.

I snapped back to reality and looked up, it was Momma.

Bobby and I both froze, expecting Momma to berate us or call Daddy, but Momma just smiled.

“You know you’re not supposed to be here Bobby… I should call your father,” Momma said sweetly.

She unbuttoned her shirt and unzipped her pants, and we watched as her clothes fell to the floor leaving her in just her bra and panties.

“What are you going to do to keep me quiet?” she asked.

She crawled onto the bed with Bobby and me. She smiled at Bobby, then smiled at me and kissed me.

I unsnapped her bra and cupped her breasts. I kissed her neck and massaged her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples, and she moaned into my shoulder. Behind her Bobby put his hands on Momma’s hips and rubbed his cock back and forth over her pussy. He slid Momma’s panties oral porno down to her knees and spread her ass cheeks, then pulled off her panties. He licked up from her pussy to her ass, circling and penetrating her hole with his tongue. I lay on my back beneath Momma and spread her pussy lips with my fingers. I licked up and down her thighs and around her pussy lips, never touching her clit directly just yet.

“Oh yes, yes…” Momma moaned.

She stroked her hand back and forth over my pussy and I fingered her with one hand and stroked her clit with the other while Bobby continued to wetten Momma’s hole with his tongue and open her with his fingers.

Bobby grasped Momma’s hips and I held his cock, slowly guiding it into Momma’s pussy… Watching Bobby’s cock split her lips and stretch her hole. He thrust gently into her at first, I stroked Momma’s clit. She moaned a little louder and I stroked her clit a little faster as Bobby pounded her a little harder. Momma reached back towards my face with one hand but I caught her wrist and held her hand down. She looked at me between her swaying breasts, her cheeks a little rosy and her face a little sweaty. I smiled at her and kept rubbing her clit. Bobby thrust harder into her, his balls slapping her clit in unison with my hand stroking her. Momma’s moans got louder, her breathing got more shallow and I could see her cum leaking down her thighs.

“Yeah, harder!” Momma cried.

Her voice got high pitched and she shut her eyes tightly. She came, crying, with Bobby. They’re cum mixing together, Bobby pulled out from Momma and their cum spilled on my face. Momma lay on her side and stroked my legs and said softly, “Good girl, good boy… You’ve made Momma very happy.”

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