Double Penetration

Chapter 1

Aurora giggled at the barman as she ordered three shots of tequila.

“Would you like all the paraphernalia that goes with that little miss?”

“Ha ha, no it’s cool, I’m hardcore like that.” She flashed him one of her super sweet yet innocent smiles.

“Here ya go ladies.”

Aurora passed the shots to her two girlfriends, Ambrosia and Lyiana. “Bottoms up-cheers to.. Uh, being kick ass hot!”

She raised her ninth glass of Guevara tequila to her full red lips and knocked her head back, letting the burning liquid shoot down her throat and slamming the tot back down on the counter.

“Hey Aurora,” Lyiana grabbed her best friends arm and linked hers through it.

“Guess what band is on next?”

“Which one is that miss?”

“The one with the bassist you were so hot over at Woodstock”

“You mean Shaun? Aurora’s eyes went open wide. “Man that dude is sooo fucking sexy. And the way he plays.. Holy Fuck!”

“..And he’s such a nice guy too dude, I’ve spoken to him once or twice.” Ambrosia piped up from the sidelines.

“How the hell do you two little ladies know so much about him huh huh?” Ambrosia and Lyiana burst out giggling

“Because we’re shameless flirts and totally addicted to face book”

Aurora giggled and began to walk towards the stage area where the band was setting up their equipment, she spotted the man the trio had been talking about tuning his bass guitar, his fingers hitting the strings with exact precision, his shoulder length brown hair tucked behind his ears.

“You’re so staring at him dude, he really is hot hey?” Lyiana came and stood next to her. “We got a table yo, and Ambrosia went to get us some brandy and coke.”

“Sweetly. Ha ha you guys trying to make drunk?”

“You know it, maybe then you’ll pass out and not freak out on the drive home, you Para pants”

Aurora giggle, her friends were constantly ripping her off about how scared she was of cars. Sliding into the seat, Aurora reached into her bag and pulled out a small compact mirror to check if she still looked presentable. She had been drinking a lot tonight and the weather was extremely humid, everyone around her was moaning about the heat, metal heads had taken off their shirts, pouring beer in their long hair to try cool themselves down. A bruise had already begun forming on her arm after a drunken slam dancer had knocked her doing some ridiculous windmill move. Aurora glanced in the mirror, her dark blue eyes were intensified with thick lines of black eyeliner and dark Smokey eye shadow, her tanned skin had sheen to it from the perspiration, and she flipped the mirror shut and put on some of the pale lip-gloss she kept in her pocket.

“Here ya go ladies “Ambrosia returned with the ice cold drinks

“Better get some form of liquid inside you before you dehydrate Aurora, you’ve been going ape shit for almost every band here.”

“I can’t help it ha, they’ve been really good, and I’m in such a SUPER awesome mood.”

“Yeah and you’re looking SUPER hot today.”

Lyiana looked over her friend’s profile- Aurora was wearing killer lace up boots, a long black skirt with deep red hem, slits that reached up high on her fishnet clad thighs and a red and black corset that pushed her ample breasts up high on her chest. Her long wavy black hair hung loose behind her back.

“Aww thanks buddy.”

“Only because she’s gone try mack on Shaun”

Ambrosia winked at Aurora.

Just then, a loud crackling noise came from the speaker, Auroras head turned sharply towards the stage as she felt the deep pulse of the bass line. The band had begun their sound check. A slow smile began creeping over her lips. “Shall we go get a decent spot in the front?”

“Right in front huh Rora?” Lyiana piped up

“Yeah, right in front of Shaun oooo lalala” Ambrosia teased.

“You guys are so lame.” Aurora giggled at her friends, they were always teasing her about her thing for bassists, not that she had ever actually done anything remotely groupie. She had been on the metal scene for ages now, since she was fourteen, had fallen in love with the unique sounds of many bands, only to be heartbroken when they broke up and the brilliant musos turned to the corporate world to join the rat race. Each time it happened, it broke her heart; she became attached to the bands. Many of the musicians had become her life long friends. However, she had never gone out of her way to snap up a bassist. She was usually pretty shy around hot guys. It was only recently that she had started flirting deliberately.

The trio picked up their drinks and walked towards the stage, ducking and diving around people to get to the front. They put their bags on the floor in front of them and smiled at the guys next to them. Lyiana turned to the guy directly behind her and cooed in her sweetest voice “Will you be my protection against the mosh pit? I think it’s going to be pretty insane tonight?”

“Sure thing Hun.”

“Thank you kind Sir.” She winked at him and turned back to her friends. “I so shotgun that guy”

“Ha, totally shameless” Aurora winked at her best friend then turned to the stage, looking directly in front of her. Shaun was talking to the drummer of the band. They were laughing and checking out the crowd, impressed at tonight’s turn out. Aurora stared straight at him and when his eyes fell on her he paused. She gently cocked her head to the size, face expressionless and returned his stare. Shaun leaned towards his band mate and whispered in his ear. Just then, the Rize Escort vocalist of the band roared through the mic:


The crowd began screaming loudly as the drummer counted in the opening song of the set.

Shaun loved being on stage. It was such a rush for him. He began circular head banging while running his fingers over the fret board with the greatest of ease. He was feeding off the energy of the crowd, adrenaline rushing through his veins. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the girl in the front row just standing staring at him, gently rocking to the beat, a slightly amused look on her face. Occasionally a stray Mosher bumped into her, but her gazed was locked onto him. As the song ended, he turned and looked at her properly. Her long hair was cascading down her bare shoulders; she had a slight smile on her face a look of mischief in her ocean blue eyes. Shaun grabbed the mic


“HELL YEAH!!” the crowd cheered. Shaun was intrigued to see his silent observer raise her hand into the air, her black painted nails saluting the band, her full lips forming a soft ‘o’ shape as she screamed along with the crowd.

The band launched into a heavy set, the drummer pounded away and the vocalist was growling into the mike. Aurora started swaying her body from side to side feeling the beat of the song slowly she began moving her head from side to side, her pace increasing as she starting feeling the song intensify when the guitar solo began she let completely loose and swung her hair wildly from side to side. Her graceful neck swinging around in circles. Her back arched up and down and she head banged to the song. The crowd was cheering and bodies were slammed into each other. Aurora heard nothing but the music. Through the rest of the bands set Aurora danced along with the crowd.

When the band had finished the song, the crowd quickly dispersed. Ambrosia went off to the bar to get another drink, Lyiana and Aurora moved over to the benches on the side of the dance floor.

“Good god I can’t believe those assholes- they kept jumping on my feet!” Lyiana moaned. “mmmhmmm…”Aurora replied uninterestedly

“Aurora you’re staring, just go over and say hi”

“You know,” She thought for a second. ” I think I’ll do just that!” Aurora jumped up and strolled to the stage. She stood in front of Shaun and patiently waited for him to notice her.

Shaun was on a high after the gig. He was talking to the guitarist from the band, Jared, whilst putting his guitar away when he noticed the girl who had been watching in the front looking at him.

“Hey give me two seconds man.” Jared noticed the girl and winked at his friend.

“Sure thing dude.”

“Hey!” Shaun waked to the ledge of the stage and knelt down to face Aurora.

“Hey. Awesome show tonight.” She flashed him a quick smile.

“Thanks. I noticed you rocking out, glad you enjoyed it so much.”

Aurora bit her bottom lip “I wanted to ask if I could have your pick please”

Shaun was taken a back. Of all things, he thought she could possibly want, his pick was not one of them. He stood up and smiled at her, reaching into is pockets to look for it.

“Isn’t that a little groupie?” He asked mockingly. Aurora pouted her lips, putting her index finger on her chin and pretended to think it through.

“Maybe just a little.”

He leant down to give her the pick and was returned with a huge smile. “Thank you” She winked, turning around to go back to her friends.

Back at the bar, Ambrosia had ordered yet another round of tequila.

“Just in time buddy!”

“Oh heavens! More! you’re trying to kill me” Aurora feigned distress for a brief moment then took the shot and drank it, gagging a bit afterwards.

“Where’s Lyiana?”

“she’s off macking some guy, which reminds me, I’m going to find that sexy drummer from De Lion Court Lives.”

“Good luck. I’m Gonne grab some water, I feel my head spinning and I do not want to throw up on the drive home.”

“You better not else your cleaning it dude!”

“I promise I will” Aurora turned to the bar and waited to grab the bartenders’ attention.

Shaun was moving his guitar to the band room when he spotted the dark haired girl standing at the bar. He walked towards her and slid into the stool beside her. “Can I get you drink?”

“Oh it’s ok, I’m just grabbing some water thank you.”

“Water?” The bassist pulled a face

“Yeah, Water big shot. I’m feeling pretty crunked.”

“Are you driving home?”

“Nope luckily not.”

“Well then you have no excuse.” He leaned over to the barman and ordered two shots of Jagermeister. He handed over the tot glass and they saluted each other before drinking them.

“So, how long have you been into the band?”

“A while now, I’ve been to a few gigs, but tonight’s the first time I’ve plucked up the courage to talk to you.”

“Really? Ha ha. I see you got a bit beaten up?” He nodded his head towards the newly formed bruise on her arm.

“Oh this, nothing I cant handle. Besides, I like a little pain. Lets you know you’re still alive.” Aurora winked at him.

“So what did you want the pick for? Do you play?”

“As a matter of fact I do. I love my bass. An Ibanez 5 string. It’s my instrument. And-” She said matter-of-factly, “-I think the best songs ever are those with independent base lines, not bassists who follow the guitars.”

“Oh yeah? Who would you Rize Escort Bayan say your influences are?”

“Chris Wolsterholme is my god. He’s just. Amazing. And of course Flea. I love Jonathan Davies. And Alexi Laho. Danny Elfman, Matt Belemy. So many more. Wow. Something about those musicians.”

Shaun was beginning to like this girl. He did not usually pick up groupies like the rest of the band; they were usually young teens that just wanted the privilege of being to brag about being with the whole band. He knew from the moment he saw her watching him that he wanted to feel those lips on his body and bonus- it seemed this girl actually knew a bit actual music. “How about I get you another drink and we head out outside?”

“Sounds like a plan, excuse me while I go to the ladies, I’ll be right back.”

Aurora walked to bathroom. She was feeling woozy and needed to sit for a bit, she could not risk passing out in front of the sexy musician. The loud beat of the band playing was pounding in her head. She walked into the bathroom and splashed some water on her face and hair in an attempt to cool down. Feeling a bit better, she touched up her make up and checked her outfit. She thought of Shaun, waiting outside for her, and her mind drifted off to images of his arms locked around her naked body. She was going to hookup with that rock star one-way or another-even if it was for a single night. She was feeling rather confident and maybe it was the alcohol pumping her but when felt very sure of her success. She gathered her hair around her shoulder and turned on her heels to go catch her prey.

Shaun watched as Aurora walked towards the bathroom. He had no doubt in his mind. That girl would be coming home with him tonight. He ordered the drinks and when they arrived, he walked towards the bathrooms putting the glasses on a nearby table. As Aurora waked out the bathroom, he grabbed her around her waste and spun her around to him immediately bringing his lips to down to her neck. She was caught off guard and lost her balance, falling into a pair of strong arms. Confused, the feisty girl struggled a bit until he raised his lips and brought his face up to look at her enchanting eyes. Realizing who her assailant was, she gazed into his eyes for a brief moment before pulling him to her by his shirt. She pushed her lips towards him began kissing him deeply. Shaun wrapped his arms around her crushing her breasts to his chest, searching her mouth with his tongue. He broke the kiss and without saying, a word grabbed her hand, picked up the drinks and waked to a secluded table outside. He sat down and pulled the beauty onto his lap. Aurora placed her hand on this neck and pulled him close again, kissing him softly this time, playfully licking his lips before plunging into a deeper kiss, pressing her body to his. She ran her other hand up his arm, feeling his muscles. Shaun was gently exploring her leg with his fingers. He dragged them over her stockings up to her thigh and pausing there for a moment before grabbing her long hair in his hands and pulling her closer to him.

“Hey Shaun!” The couple stopped their embrace abruptly as the drummer for the band walked up to them.

“Listen man, we’re hitting the road, Gonne take the trailer back to Jared’s place, grab a few beers while we offload…” He glanced at the pretty girl sitting on his bassists lap. “Will we be seeing you there?”

“Yeah sure man.”

“Mmmhmmm.. I’m sure,” The guitarist murmured before high fiving his friend and walking to the exit.

Aurora picked up her glass from the table and sat down next to Shaun. He gently tucked her hair behind her ears. “So what’s your name pretty lady?”


“Ah, like the northern lights?”

“Aurorae occur at both poles. It’s a common misconception that it’s only the North Pole.”

The hunky brunette shrugged his shoulders. “Guess you learn something new everyday.” He whispered before nipping at her earlobe. “So would you like to catch a few drinks at Jared’s place with me?”

“And how, mister, do you propose I get home from there? I’m not driving remember.” She held up her drink and took a sip.

“I’ll take you home. Unless, you have a curfew.”

“A curfew?” Aurora feigned a lock of utter horror. “No I don’t think so.”

“So it’s settled?”

“Why not? Do you wanne get going now?”

“No time like present baby”

“Ok, let me go tell my friends and I’ll be right back.”


Chapter 2

Aurora walked back to the bar area, looking for her friends. She peered around the table area and spotted Ambrosia and Lyiana chatting to some guys.

” Hey dudes.”

” Hey. where were you?” Lyiana asked.

” Uhm..” Aurora paused. Thinking of a way to tell her friend about what had just happened… and what was about to happen. ” Well. I kissed Shaun. And, Uhm. He asked me to go to Jared’s house with him for a beer. And. Uhm. I said yes. And he said he’d take me home so you don’t have to worry about that.” She finished off hurriedly.

“What? Dude? Are you serious?”

“Uhm. Yeah. Pretty serious hey.”

“Well. Uhm. Lyianna was pretty taken aback. Aurora usually had guys hit on her, but she never went home any of them. “are you sure you want to do this dude?”

“yes. I do. Come on. You guys always moan that I never do anything spontaneous-well now I am”

“ok.. just. Call me if there’s a problem ok?”

“I will don’t worry!” Aurora winked at her friend. She walked out the exit towards Escort Rize the bar, feeling the unnerving tremor of butterflies in her stomach. She was very attracted to this man. He made her. Feel sexy. she mused to herself that this must be the high that groupies felt. She spotted him leaning against a car and walked up to him, taking long strides, eyes locked on target. She stepped up to him and without pausing leaned into a kiss. His mouth met hers hungrily, his hands grabbing her cute bum and pulling it close against him. They carried on their heated embrace until they heard some wolf whistles coming from a group of passing guys. Shaun pulled her face back to his by her chin and kissed her once more gently. “Shall we be on our way?” Aurora nodded her head gently, not trusting herself to open her mouth. He guided her round to the passenger side by the small of her back and opened the car door. As she got in, she gently placed her hand on his chest and let it slide down his stomach as she took her seat.

Shaun was feeling quite smug. He had played a riveting gig tonight and was about to take home a gorgeous babe. The bassist climbed into the driver’s seat and put on his safety belt. He offered his companion a smoke that she gratefully took and light one up for himself, he started the engine and began diving out the parking lot. Aurora turned to face him, captivated by his handsome jaw line. She leaned over and began to kiss his check, brushing his hair out the way, planting soft kisses up to his ear. “Please don’t kill me.”

He was taken aback. “Kill you?” he glanced at her,

“Yeah, ” she sat back in her seat “While driving. I get very paranoid.”

“You don’t seem the type”

“Oh trust me I am. So where does Jared live?”

” About half an hour north from here.”

“Shit! That’s pretty far.”


“My place.”

“And where is your place?”

“About thirty minutes back east ha..”

“Well that’s not too far from my place. And my place, if you don’t mind too much, is where we’re headed.” He turned winking at her before kissing her quickly and turning back to the road.

“Hey! keep your eyes on the road!” She playfully smacked his knee, he caught her hand and playfully bit it. “Shall we listen to some music? I think I may have some of your favorites.”

Putting the radio on he skipped through some songs before resting on one he thought she would like. Muscle museum by Muse. Aurora was astounded. “Wow. This is my favorite song. The bass. It was the first song that really made me wanne play. Its beautiful.”

“Yeah this bassist is good, I won’t lie.”

The song changed to something heavier, Aurora checked the radio to make sure she was thinking right.

“Twisted Transistor. Nice.” She sat back in her seat tapping her booted feet against the floor. She began bouncing her head to the beat of the song. She always thought this was a sexy song. She felt the party beat come back to her and began bouncing her head from side to side. Shaun was watching her through the corner of his eye. It was a few blocks from home, he could drive these roads with his eyes closed. Her shoulders were bouncing up and down, her breasts heaving up and down., her eyes closed. As the chorus kicked in she began swinging her hair from side to side, she caught her hair up in her hands she rolled her hips seductively. Shaun was beginning to feel very aroused by her little performance. He pulled into the driveway of town houses and buzzed the gates open, parking the car he turned to Aurora “Welcome.”

“wow, looks like a cute place.”

“It serves it purpose.”

The couple exited the car and Aurora began dancing up to the door playfully. Shaun came up behind her and smacked her bottom. She squealed softly. He unlocked the door and let her in. before he had turned the key in the lock Aurora pounced on him. She kissed his lips desperately pushing him against the door. Shaun returned by swinging her around and pinning her to the wall, his hands sliding up her thighs pulling her hips to his, firmly cupping her breasts. He moved his lips down her throat softly biting her soft flesh then lowering to kiss the mounds of each breast. Not wanting to let go of her Shaun picked her up and felt her arms tighten around his neck, she wrapped her legs around his waist, softly sucking on his neck. Shaun gently lowered her onto the couch, grabbing the Hi-Fi remote and switching the music on. Aurora grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him atop her. Her nails began to scratch his back over his shirt. She reached under, touched the naked skin of his back, and began lifting his shirt off. Encouraged by her boldness Shaun began rubbing her thighs. Gently moving higher. He was pleased to find her stockings clipped to suspenders and lifted her skirt up to expose her black-laced panties. He pushed his groin against hers and she felt his hardness through his jeans and felt her respond by soft rolling her hips up to him. he gathered her hair in his fist and kissed her hard before pulling away and lifting himself up off her. The musician grabbed her skirt and began tugging it off. He expertly unclipped her suspenders and slid his hand under the see through material of her underwear. She was totally clean-shaven and sopping wet. He began rubbing his middle finger across her slit feeling her shudder as he brushed against her clit. He slipped his index finger inside her and started rubbing her in a beckoning motion. Aurora was breathing heavily, she moaned loudly when Shaun began to stroke her clit with his thumb and groaned when he retracted his finger. The well-built man kneeled down on the floor and gently removed her underwear. He firmly grabbed each thigh and her towards his face. His soft lips slowly kissed her inner thighs. He slowly blew on her exposed clit, making her shiver.

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