Aunt June Ch. 04


Aunt June and I were exhausted, we hadn’t slowed down until now so in hindsight it was a mistake for me to encourage her to curl up with me. But as I had soaked her bed, she could either sleep on the couch or go back to Mom’s room… or crash with me. Sunday morning was my off-day, no training so I had no alarm set. And as blasted as Mom was, we figured that she would sleep late. We just didn’t plan on sleeping late either.

“What the fuck!” Mom’s voice jerked us both awake! She was standing at the foot of my bed, and boy was she pissed! “June! What the fuck are you doing!” she yelled. “You pervert! Get out!”

Aunt June was stunned and after a moment burst into tears and started to get up but I stopped her.

“No!” I looked at Mom and tried to control my emotions. “Mom, go get some coffee, we’ll be downstairs in a moment.”

“Tommy shut the fuck up, you…” she started.

“Mom!” I interrupted, “Go downstairs! Now!”

She stared at me a moment in shock. “Tommy, what is going on?”

“We’ve got a lot to talk about and this is not the place to do it.” I said. “You owe me some answers and I owe you an explanation; but I’m sure you have a hangover so go fix some coffee. “

“I don’t have to explain myself to you,” she said. “I’m your Mother!”

“You have a nipple ring, tattoos and suck cock like a vacuum truck…” I said.

Stunned her mouth worked like a fish out of water, but no sound came out.

“Please Mom, go downstairs.” I begged.

Slowly turning she muttered “Yeah, coffee… not a bad idea.”

As I got up and tugged on my shorts Aunt June was trying to compose herself. “Tommy, I’m so sorry.”

I grabbed my bathrobe and tossed to her. “Come on let’s get this over with before I think about it too much.”

When we entered the kitchen Mom was sitting with her coffee at the table staring out at the pool. I grabbed a glass and poured some Mango juice while Aunt June popped a canister into the coffee maker. A few minutes later we were all seated and I looked at Mom.

“So,” I began, “do you want to tell me what happened at the Reunion that started all of this?”

Mom looked up, “What do you mean? What has that got to do with my slut sister sleeping with my son?”

“Mom, you got blind stinking drunk and came home a day early because something happened.” I said. “Do you want to tell me what it was?”

“No.” Mom said. “It doesn’t concern you and I don’t have to justify my behavior to you.”

“Well pardon me Mom but that is bullshit. You came home so drunk that we couldn’t rouse you. You had pissed yourself, shit yourself and vomited all over yourself and the car. Aunt June couldn’t handle getting you inside and cleaned up, so guess who did?”

Mom stared at me, the dim memories returning.

“I carried you inside, upstairs and into the shower. I stripped you and washed the shit out of your clothes and off of you.” I continued. “And when I went to get Aunt June to help me, you fell and busted your nose. Are you starting to remember?”

Mom looked like she could die. “Tommy, I’m so sorry. You shouldn’t have had to do any of that.”

“Aunt June couldn’t, she was exhausted and sick from your odor. She jumped in her shower while I took care of you.” I kinda skipped a few details… “Then when she did come in, you groped her and dragged her to bed.” Mom’s jaw dropped. “You shocked me and disappointed me Mom.”

She sat there for a minute in silence and then looked up at her sister. “June, I’m so sorry, but I, I’m having trouble remembering… Did we come home alone… or did I bring someone?”

Aunt June was still crying but silently. She sniffed and without looking up muttered “We were alone Faye.”

Mom tried to speak but was having trouble finding the words. Finally she swallowed hard and asked, “Why do I remember a man? I had, a… a…” She stopped and looked at Aunt June.

“You grabbed me Mom.”

“No!” she said, “it was a man, a man with a…”

Frustrated I stood up and jerked my shorts down, “It was me, Mom. You grabbed my cock and sucked me off. And you weren’t gentle about it either! You were rough and obscene and you shoved Aunt June away when she tried to stop you. You were greedy and determined to have your way.”

Aunt June began to sob loudly now. Mom was still staring at my cock, so I pulled my shorts up and sat down. “What the fuck Mom?”

But instead of being ashamed, Mom suddenly turned accusatory. “But you came! You had an orgasm! You liked it!”

“Aw shit Mom!” I yelled back, “Of course I came! You sucked my cock like a porn star and then took me deep-throat! I’d only had one other blow job in my entire life and you think my psyche can override stimulation that intense?” I swallowed hard and fought to calm myself, and then spoke softer, kinder. “Mom, I love you. I did not want to or try to take advantage of you. There is nothing sexy about a woman covered in shit. Look I could have copped a feel at any time but I didn’t. Hell I could have grabbed my phone and taken pictures or video to post to hd abla porn sites. But I didn’t. And then when you blew me, I held your head because I didn’t want you to see me. I was terrified of you realizing it was me. I hoped that you wouldn’t remember anything, or thought you’d dreamed it… I would never have mentioned it.”

That did it. Mom crumbled and burst into tears. I reached across the table and took one of her hands as Aunt June took the other. They had a good sob for a while. Okay, I cried a little too. Hey, I love my Mom.

I recovered quicker than they did and decided that I had to put some food on my stomach. I fixed a decent brunch (yeah, I like to cook, so what? As an athlete I have to eat smart!) and since it was so nice out, I dragged Mom and Aunt June out to eat poolside. It took a while for the tears to all dry up. And Mom still wasn’t ready to talk about what happened at the Reunion. But the silence was unacceptable to me, so I decided to open up.

“Mom, I need to tell you about last night, and I ask that you hear me out. Then you can say whatever you wish.

“I don’t think you knew it but I was still a virgin, I never got that involved with either Traci or Beth. I guess it was because I had a different mental picture of what a beautiful, sexy woman was supposed to look like. Well, like you two. And I know that I may someday find a girl like that, but until last night, that hadn’t happened.”

I then went on to explain briefly about how Aunt Jane and I had surprised each other and in the heat of the moment, gave in to passion and screwed. I told her how badly we had both needed this and how awesome it was. Mom would listen to me and look at Aunt Jane who was blushing with embarrassment. I tried to keep it simple and avoided mentioning how much I had fantasized about this all those years growing up. And I left the timeline of events rather vague as well.

“Mom, I have always found older women far sexier than the girls my age. And I have looked at my fair share of porn like most guys. But I always find myself drawn to the MILFs and such.”

“Milliffs?” Mom asked, “What’s that?”

“Oh, uh, it’s initials for Mothers I’d Like to Fuck…” I explained. “Usually women over 30 or so, but it varies. Anyway, like I said, skinny girls and tiny titties are not attractive to me; I like real women with curves and great, well…”

“Big titties?” Mom suggested, grinning at Aunt June.”

“Uh, yeah. But size isn’t everything, I mean they have to be nicely shaped and balance well with the rest of her body. Big boobs and a small ass just looks off to me. And fat girls with massive tits and big bellies are not attractive either. I look at Aunt June and I see a really beautiful, sexy and very desirable woman. I don’t know why you guys are lovers and what makes her desirable to you, but let me tell you what I see.”

I stood and coaxed Aunt June to her feet and removed her robe. “A sexy woman of only thirty eight with wavy rich brown hair that cascades onto her shoulders and captivating blue eyes. Her smile is electric and is framed by lips of the most perfect kissable shape.” I tried to sound like a TV announcer and they both giggled at me. “She stands five foot six and has wonderful big breasts that are perfectly shaped and nicely fill her 38 double D cups. Her exquisite nipples do not droop but sit level and aim slightly outward of center; they are erect and the total effect is to give her breasts a full heavy shape that ends in a point. These nipples are attention getting and like her areolae are a lovely shade of pink. This nicely complements her creamy smooth and flawless complexion. This fine feminine form continues with a nice thick but firm waist and soft warm tummy that create a firm foundation for those massive mammaries. Balancing those giant jugs are her wonderfully round, full and shapely hips. She possesses a true hourglass figure and her measurements are …” I paused and raised my eyebrows at her expectantly.

“Forty five, thirty four, forty two. ” Aunt June said, blushing a bit.

“An arousing shape indeed. To watch her walk is both mesmerizing and thrilling. And when she walks she does so on two shapely, gorgeous legs that look great bare and are heart-stopping in stockings and high heels.”

They laughed and clapped. Aunt June smiled at me.

“Tommy is that really how you see me?”

“Absolutely!” I said and kissed her.

Aunt June and Mom moved to a pair of chaise lounges in the sun. We sat and talked some more.

“Look there was no plan for any of this to happen and we can’t go back and pretend it didn’t. I don’t think I would want to anyway. This was the most incredible thing to happen to me in well, forever I guess. I don’t have any difficulty equating my emotional, familial love and my passionate love. To me the love I feel in my heart can, if allowed, be expressed as physical, sexual love. Add to that the simple plain truth that we are making each other happy. Isn’t that what love is? Isn’t that reason enough?”

Then hentai porno I took a deep breath before my summation.

“As I see it, I could have a number of girlfriends with the inherent drama,complications and potential pregnancy threat, or I could instead keep my wonderful, sweet lover. You have taught me how to be a good man. She can teach me how to be a great lover. And then maybe someday when I do meet the right woman, I will be ready for her and marriage.”

Mom frowned. “Tommy, what you’re asking…”

“Is for us to keep our private lives, private. Look Mom, I don’t want to take Aunt June from your bed and we won’t flaunt our love life, but I can’t just ignore how wonderful she is! I have loved her all my life, and now I love her even more, more than I could ever imagine loving anyone.”

I looked at Aunt June and saw that she was crying again. But this time she was smiling broadly and crying. I took her hand and held it.

“If I could do anything under the sun without consequences or judgment, it would be to marry her right this minute, but I know that this is impossible, and pretty stupid. But that’s how strongly I feel about her.” Something about the way Mom was looking at me made me stop. A thought, really just a kernel of an idea came to me.

“Look, I’m just thinking out loud and if I get offensive, well just hear me out, okay? Mom, I love you with all of my heart and it has bothered me for a long time that you were hurt and not once but twice, well, that I know of. And while I think that Aunt June is, well at least my ideal of the sexiest woman alive; I have to admit something. Mom you look great. No scratch that, you look damn fine and I don’t understand why guys from eighteen to sixty aren’t lining up for a chance to love you. If you weren’t my Mom, I would. No, that’s not quite true… Even though you are my mom, if you would let me, I would like very much to make love to you, to please you and make you happy. But that would have to be your choice…”

I felt my face grow hot and I couldn’t hear much over the rushing of blood in my ears, and I wanted so badly to just die right then and there… But I knew that I had to say it. She had to know.

“Oh my god Tommy…” she said very faintly. “That, that is… that is so sweet.”

Huh? I expected a rebuke or outrage, but… I looked at her and those loving eyes were filled with tears that quickly flowed down her cheeks. She sniffed and smiled at me.

“Tommy, I love you too! And I am so ashamed about last night. I realize how much of a shock it had to be for you, and yes, most boys probably would’ve taken advantage of the situation. Hell if you had I would have only myself to blame. June, I need to apologize to you too. You are more than just my sister; you are my best friend and confidant and, yes, my lover. We knew that people would judge our physical love so we kept it hidden. I monopolized you and you never complained. You helped me build my business, run my home, raise this young man and… on far too many nights you brought me home from a drunken binge and twice kept me from ending it all when I thought that I couldn’t go on. I love you so damn much. How could I deny you a little happiness?”

Mom got up and she and Aunt June hugged and cried. I stood up too and wrapped my arms around both of them. I kissed Aunt June and turned to kiss Mom. She looked at me for a second before kissing me. It wasn’t the quick peck we had always shared. Mom really, intensely kissed me. She ran her fingers through my hair as her mouth moved on mine. There was no tongue, but, wow, that was really some kiss!

“Tommy,” she said looking deeply into my eyes. “I don’t know why I’m even thinking about loving my son. It’s wrong and horrible and naughty and, and… arousing. I can’t say that I will, but I can’t say that I won’t. Your kiss is sweet and your cock looks enormous and deep in my heart I crave that intimacy again. And I want a big cock. There have been too many nights of yearning where our toys and June’s attention just can’t erase that need. And I can’t take chances with risky one night stands with men I don’t care for. Like you, Tommy, I want to love the person I am having sex with… But this, this is a game changer, I don’t know if I can do it.”

Mom was wearing a bathrobe and I had given my robe to Aunt June, and now I decided to act with bravado. I reached out and took Mom in my arms. I kissed her again and spoke softly.

“Mom, I want you to watch us make love. I want you to see me make love to your sister and I want you to enjoy it. Yeah, I want you to masturbate and I hope you can cum.”

And as I stepped back I untied her robe and opened it. I looked at her naked body again and was very impressed. Mom was really fit. As I said she stood about 5’4″ and at this point weighed around 125 pounds. She wore a 34D and had a trim waist and firm hips. Mom used to bike with me some and still had awesome legs. Her tits were big and though still firm, hung heavy without a bra. Her nipples were long and thick, very kızıl porno thick; they and her areola were red, not pink. They sat rather high on the front of her breast and pointed straight ahead. Her nipple ring in the right nipple was so tempting. I reached down and touched it, toyed with it. She smiled and gently pushed my hand away. Her tattoo of ivy about her right areola and the purple butterfly were beautiful in the sunlight. Before she could stop me I quickly kissed it and ducked away grinning. Mom scoffed but was smiling broadly.

I turned to Aunt June and kissed her deeply. Holding her hands I said. “As of this moment, I cannot feel comfortable addressing you as Aunt June. To me you are June, my lover and my teacher.” She smiled and nodded. “Now June, make love to me, right here.”

June sat on the chaise and drew me close. I dropped my shorts and my cock began to rise to meet her. June made sure that Mom could see everything. She caressed my glans with her fingertips and kissed it. She let her lips linger on the underside. Her tongue darted out and flicked it. I trembled. She stroked my shaft. Then June gently cupped my balls and turning her head carefully sucked on them. She returned to sucking my cock as I swelled to my full erection.

I looked over at Mom. She was reclining on her chaise and was indeed rubbing her tits. At this point her legs were still crossed but her hips were moving. As we made eye contact, she parted her legs and slid one hand down to her pussy. Now I could see that she did shave like June, hell maybe they did each other!

A warning nip from June brought my attention back. I ran the fingers of one hand through her hair as the other hand caressed her cheek. She rewarded me by shoving my cock into that cheek and I could feel it pushing against my palm. Very quickly she started sucking me really hard and stroking my shaft with both hands. She was squeezing tightly on the up stroke and relaxing her grip on the down stroke. She was trying to milk me! June started moaning as she worked her magic on me. I honestly can’t remember my cock ever being this absolutely rigid!

Suddenly Mom was speaking, “Oh June! You look so sexy with a cock in your mouth! Oh he is so huge! Suck it June, suck it good and hard and oh so deep!”

June was doing exactly that. She was trying oh so hard to make me cum quickly! I realized that she wanted Mom to see me blow my load in her face, not inside of her. Here I was standing poolside in the open air and sunlight, my Aunt was sucking my cock as my Mom watched and masturbated in front of me. I watched her slipping her fingers inside her wet pussy while the other hand rubbed her clit. I ran my fingers through June’s hair as she sucked me. I relaxed and felt it building.

“Oh Tommy, cum for me!” Mom said. “Cum on her face Tommy, cum on her face just like you came on mine! I want to see it, I want to see you cum.”

Well she got her wish. I grunted and pulled out from June’s mouth. In anticipation she opened wide and extended her tongue… And I unloaded. I shot a thick rope of hot cum right into her mouth. I sprayed cum all over her face. To keep it out of her eyes she also let it spray on her neck and tits. June swallowed her mouthful and looked first at me and then at Mom. I understood. I stepped back and June rushed to kneel on Mom’s chaise. They kissed and Mom tasted my cum and sighed.

“Oh it’s delicious, oh god I love it!” and she proceeded to clean all of it from June’s face and neck.

The sight of them was really a big turn on and I straddled the chaise behind June. I played with her pussy, toying with her and testing her pussy until I was sure she was wet enough. It didn’t take long. I pressed my cock into her slit and rubbed the tip up and down to get it wet. Then I pushed it into her opening and slowly she accepted it, moaning as it stretched her. I took it nice and slow, a little in, and a little out, spreading her juices until finally she could take all of me. I started stroking in and out in long slow movements and her tight pussy seemed reluctant to relax. After a few minutes it got easier and I was able to pick up the pace a bit. I still moved fairly slowly, the intensity was incredible and I didn’t want to rush this. I caressed her back and buttocks, savoring the feeling and enjoying the new position.

After a bit Mom had slid down a little to reach Junes breasts and I could hear her kissing and sucking and muttering about how wonderful they were. I chimed in.

“Mom, aren’t they wonderful? Aren’t they incredible? Sounds like you love sucking them as much as I do. Oh god Mom, suck her titties and make her moan for me.” Mom didn’t answer but a few seconds later June did start moaning loudly.

I also realized about this time that I enjoyed fucking from behind for another reason: I could look down and watch my glistening cock sliding in and out of June’s pussy! Wow, this was great! I could pull almost all of the way our, until just the tip was still in her and then push it all the way in, until her ass was tight against me and her fluids were seeping out around my cock. I pulled out again and saw the wetness on my shaft. I wiped some off and tasted it. It was June’s sweet flavor and it was wonderful. Part of me wanted to eat her pussy right now but a bigger part of me wanted to keep fucking.

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