AU Ch. 09

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Edited by: Tangent Joker


Cola brown eyes watched the cold, heavy, metal gun pass from one set of slender manicured fingers to the other. He watched his small… lover? Was that what he would consider Justin? No, most likely not. He had loved Justin once upon a time. That love was now replaced by fear. Jin knew what Justin was capable of. Hell, he was usually the punching bag.

“You… you aren’t going to hurt anyone, right? Just scaring him, right?” he whispered.

“Shut up, slut,” Justin snapped, smirking at the pretty blonde female. “We don’t have to answer to you.”

The blonde smiled at Jin, though there was nothing warm there.

“I’ve been wanting to end them for a long time. It is just a better ending when things are messy.” Jin felt sick. Justin used people like little game pieces and apparently the new female friend liked to write about her puppets. Both forced people to do what they normally wouldn’t do.

These two had come together to try and break Mark and Maddox up time and time again. Ever since Thanksgiving, they had seemed to be on a war path. As the weather grew warmer, Justin grew colder.

The unnamed blonde snorted, “I mean it was kinda hot when they were this whole forbidden romance thing but now that they haven’t had any issues… I just want to see Maddox suffer after everything he did to me.”

He had to warn somebody. That was all there was to it. Justin was crazy enough to kill someone. He didn’t question that. Jin went over everything he knew in his head. He knew Justin’s first name, Mark’s first name and Maddox’s first name. He knew they weren’t supposed to be together. But that could be because they were gay, couldn’t it? He knew the pretty blonde knew them both and wanted to see them pay for hurting her somehow. He didn’t know the plan. He only knew that now there was a gun involved.

Jin was jolted from his thoughts when the gun was placed on his forehead.

“I said, ‘Are you?'” Justin snarled.

Jin looked from the blonde to Justin. He had been so wrapped up on how to tell someone that he hadn’t been listening. He knew that was a terrible mistake as Justin hated to be ignored.

“You aren’t going to tell anyone are you, shithead?” Justin growled again.

Jin quickly shook his head “no” and flinched when he heard the gun click, firing an empty shot.

“You are lucky she took the bullets out.” He laughed, watching Jin try to swallow down his terror.

They were both crazy and had no regard for human life. He wondered how two good looking people from good families had ended up this twisted. There was some deep problem, some sickness, that had infected their core. He quietly moved into the corner, letting the wolves talk about their plot. He watched the predatory cruelness in their eyes as they licked their lips.


That night, Jin was in bed alone. Justin was at Mark’s again and the silence was nice. He looked up at the ceiling, noticing how it was crumbling. You would think with how expensive it was to come here that the ceiling would be holding up a little better.

Even if it was all falling apart, Jin felt safe. This was his home more so than anyplace had ever been. He hated to think of his safe haven falling to pieces. A door in the hall slammed loudly enough to make Jin jump and hard enough to cause some of the ceiling to flake off like bits of ash.

Justin had seemed so nice… All his life he had just wanted someone nice. His father had never really been the affectionate type. He was always flying from one business meeting to another. He had wanted Jin to get into a good school. GWU was not considered a good school. It didn’t matter now, though. This was his school.

Jin rolled over and pulled the sweatshirt-like blanket up to his chin. It would be easy. Tomorrow he would go talk to the Campus Police and they would stop Justin if he really did plan to do more than scare. They had to listen. This was a real threat. The law never failed. He truly believed that with all of his heart.


Mark walked down the steps of his dorm room. Maddox was away on some interview which he hoped was going well. Over the past few months, the couple had been looking into other teaching jobs for Maddox. They wanted to be public with their relationship and that meant one of them had to move.

Being the one temporarily in school, Mark had argued that he should be the one to switch. Maddox had insisted that he wanted to move somewhere that was a bit more hands on. He even considered moving to a high school since it was the students he really cared about.

Mark impaled a greasy sausage, swiping it through some sticky maple syrup. Turning the page of his anatomy book, he looked at the intestinal section of a cat. He had to memorize each part, know its correct spelling and functions.

He kept saying them in the order that they were used… or, at least, that was what he was supposed to be doing. Instead, he kept thinking about his lover and his canlı bahis job interview. He closed the monstrous textbook and smiled, recalling the morning’s events. He rarely ever spent the night in his dorm anymore and Maddox’s place felt like him. The crumbling ceiling, chipped paint and even the balding carpet.

He had tied Maddox’s tie this morning. He had kissed his freshly shaved cheek and then those sinful lips. He had definitely learned how to use those lips over the past few months.

Mark took in a deep breath. He realized breakfast was almost over and if he planned to move anytime soon, he needed his erection to go down. Damn, he had picked a bad time to wear his collage sweatpants. He tried to take a page from Cassie’s book and people watch until the passionate thoughts of Maddox left him.

He watched a few sorority girls nursing hangovers with blue Powerade as their more dedicated sisters were scribbling away in fancy notebooks. He watched the guy everyone referred to as Omelet Man pour some eggs onto the large griddle.

A flash of movement caught his eyes as he watched a slender Asian boy swipe his card and dart through the dining hall, barely pausing to grab an apple. He wondered where he was going in such a hurry. Likely some study meeting, if he was making up stories.

Realizing he was safe to leave, Mark took his plate to the dirty dish drop off and headed to his dorm room. He really should make more of an effort to hang out with Justin and Cassie more. They had been such good friends to him.


He wasn’t here again. He never was anymore. Mister Perfect seemed to have all of Mark’s attention, just like Noah had when they were kids. Mark just looked through him. After tonight, though, that would all change. Mark would have to see him after tonight, after all he was going to do.

Justin walked over to Mark’s side of the room, running his dainty polished fingers over the bed spread. He hadn’t slept in it yet. Not after Mark had, anyway. On the rare occasion that Mark spent the night in their room, he saturated his bed with his scent. Justin would then hold out a day or so and let the scent linger in the room before he would crawl into Mark’s bed and think of him.

It had been a week almost. Justin rolled his T-shirt over his head and slipped out of his underwear. His eyes flicked to the door and was reassured it was dead bolted. It would provide him an extra moment or two if someone happened to try and enter.

Sure he wouldn’t be interrupted, he grabbed one of Mark’s dirty shirts and a pair of his boxers. This was almost a ritual to him now. The shirt went down on to Mark’s pillow, enhancing the scent that was already there. Justin slipped between the covers and set the boxers next to him. Closing his eyes, he envisioned Mark’s hands and lips on his body.

He imagined his soft fingers touching his own lips, like a lover might. Tracing down to his neck, gentle at first, and then constricting his airway with pressure on his throat. Mark would take total control of him, take what he wanted and break Justin’s control freak nature down. Gasping a little, Justin’s body prickled with heat. His fingers moved to his own erect nipples “Mark… Fuck me, Mark,” he whimpered, wanting to be taken care of tonight.

The Mark of his sinful fantasy would, of course, give him everything he asked for. He rolled his nipples between his fingers, and dug his heels into the bed, arching his back to press against the man who would never be there.

In an almost trance like state, Justin reached for his favorite lotion and squirted a liberal amount in his hand.

“I love you,” he told Mark, turning his head to inhale Mark’s scent. A slender finger teased the head of his cock, thumbing the slit. The slick digit traveled down, touching each vein before his entire hand clasped over his balls.

He tugged, whimpering a little, but his cock lurched. His member, begging to be touched again, drooled onto his taught stomach. He knew, as soon as he touched himself, this fantasy wouldn’t last. He parted his legs for Mark as a finger dipped inside.

“Please,” he begged, wanting to feel full. His wish was granted as a purple cock entered him, filling the void.

The blonde thrashed with pleasure, feeling Mark inside of him. His hand then grasped his member. He fucked himself, and jerked at a furious pace. His heels dug in again, and he felt himself getting ready to combust. The pleasure coiled inside of him like a furious serpent ready to strike.

Closer… Closer…. Almost… He heard the grind of keys in the door and his eyes flew open.

“Hang on!” He yipped, scrambling out of his roommate’s bed and throwing the unused boxers and the shirt back into Mark’s heap of clothes. He pulled the toy out and his legs felt weak and shaky.

Thankfully, Mark had stopped trying to enter as Justin scrambled to put clothes back on. He tucked his erection back into his pants, in an upward position. Fuck, it hurt to walk. He unlocked bahis siteleri the door and saw a sheepish Mark on the other side.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, um, interrupt again,” he apologized, knowing what he had likely been about to walk in on. “I really don’t come by enough.”

Justin recovered as quickly as possible and smiled. “No, but I know how it is with new love.” He refrained from choking on the last word. “Did you, umm, need something?” he asked, wondering why Mark was even here.

“Not really. I just thought we could hang out for a bit.” Mark sat on his bed not noticing the warmth where Justin’s body had just been. “Maddox has his interview today, for a teaching job at another university.” Mark informed his roommate.

“I am pretty sure he will get it. Actually, I’d be shocked if he didn’t. He is one of the best teachers here and that university seemed pretty desperate for a chemistry teacher. Plus, the department head here said he would give him a really good recommendation. I have a feeling he knows why Maddox wants to transfer.”

“That sounds perfect, then,” Justin chirped, trying to sound as happy as possible. He just had to keep reminding himself that tonight he would get rid of Maddox. Tonight would be the night that Mark would always remember as the night when Justin proved just how far he was willing to go to be with him. Mark would see that Justin was better than Noah; better than Maddox; better than everyone.

“It is. Since I’m pretty sure Maddox will get it, I wanted to celebrate.”

Well, there went tonight. Mark would probably be at Maddox’s house all night. His plans would have to be pushed back again. Then he heard Mark flick his tongue stud against his teeth. It was a terrible habit that Mark had picked up sometime after his family had disowned him. Still, it was a good indicator that something was troubling Mark.

“So, if you are pretty sure he will get it, what’s wrong?”

Sex wasn’t something Mark was as open about as Justin. “Well, I was thinking since it won’t matter anymore that he is my teacher we could, ummm, maybe celebrate somewhere on campus. If he gets it, I mean.”

Perfect! “Somewhere on campus?” Justin baited with a knowing grin. It was perfect, now he would know exactly where the lovers were going to be. “Well, whenever I want to get my rocks off in public, I go to the nature walk. You know, by the science building. They use it for studies of nature and its development or whatever and there are a few places to avoid where they are studying how fast stuff decays but it is private and pretty. Just bring a blanket.”

Mark’s face lit up “Damn, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! The best idea I had was behind the residence hall where the dumpsters are.” He wrinkled his nose as if imagining the smell. “Thanks, I knew you would have a better idea. I wanted to make him dinner first so we will probably get there in time to see the moon and stars.”

Justin nodded as if agreeing. He now had a place and a time of day. Everything was falling into place perfectly.


Maddox twisted his hands, trying to wring the nerves from his own body. This job, the one he was about to walk through the door and interview for, was far from his dream job.

Rhodliss University wasn’t that far from where he lived now, and it held special memories for Mark and him. The science department was offering a full time teaching position that would also allow him to have some time for his own personal research. It wasn’t a dream job, but he wanted it badly.

He had gone over his good qualities and was trying to think positively. It was becoming more difficult everyday that he walked into that chemistry class. The first semester had ended and when Mark had signed up for his last mandatory chemistry class somehow he had ended right back in Maddox’s group.

He had to look at him every single day and then keep his thoughts together enough to teach. He needed out before he did something stupid and got fired. He had to get out before someone found out…


“You should have known better.”

“Fuck you. I just thought it was a really strange coincidence.”

“Noah… It’s not that common of a name. Besides, you should have been pissed he was hooking up with anyone but you.”

Justin narrowed his eyes. She was right.

“You have been planning this for years. Tracking him down, paying for that lady to offer him a fake scholarship and then bribing the people of Resident Life to ensure you got in the same room.” She tilted back her wine cooler. “Maddox is in your way, love. Just get rid of him.”

“You mean…” Justin bit the side of his tongue. “You mean I should really pull the trigger?” he asked.

“It’s more interesting that way.” Something evil flared in the blonde’s eyes. “Besides, Maddox isn’t even a good guy. He is leaving a pregnant ex-wife to have a fling with some student,” she snarled the last bit a little more bitterly.

Justin nodded. “They bahis şirketleri will be celebrating tonight,” Justin stated. “He wants to do something on campus for the first time. I told him about this spot in the woods. It is a perfect place to do it.” Justin shivered with excitement “I can’t believe we are really going to kill him.”

“You are going to kill him. I am keeping watch. Mark will have to love you when he realizes you were willing to kill for him. I bet he helps you cover it up, too.” She smiled. Justin really was delusional. He was entertaining and the perfect fuel for her creative fire. Besides, after Maddox had rejected her and decided to be gay, he deserved what he had coming. Justin was just the little psycho doing her dirty work. “Don’t tell shithead, either. I think he thinks he can stop you.”

Justin laughed a little. Jin was afraid of his own shadow. There was no way he was willing to take a bullet for some guy he didn’t even know. Not to mention Jin hardly knew anything. Justin had been sure to purposely leave him in the dark. Jin wouldn’t know it had happened until the rest of the school did and, by then, it would be too late. Justin would be going to prison, or on the run with Mark. The plan was in motion and it couldn’t be stopped.


Jin had worked up the nerve to tell someone something. Even though he didn’t know much, the school would have to look into it. Maybe it would get back to Mark and Maddox, whoever they were, and they would know to look out. A shooting would have to be taken seriously.

The mid-fifties secretary looked over her thick rimmed pink glasses as though she was just now noticing Jin sitting there. She likely just had, even though he had been sitting there waiting for her to get off the phone for a good twenty minutes.

He had sat quietly and almost motionlessly as she babbled on and on about what Susan and Kathrine had brought to their last book club meeting and about how Margret was having an affair with a little twenty something. It had given him time to collect his thoughts and organize everything he knew into the most helpful and logical presentation. His father would be proud.

The secretary coughed. “Can I help you with something, sweetheart?” she asked, just wanting him to go away so she could get back to not working.

“Yes. I needed to talk with the Director of Student Affairs,” he replied almost too quietly for anyone to hear. Jin had decided against going straight to Campus Police because they weren’t real police officers but rather security guards. He guessed the Director of Student Affairs would know the students best and would know who he was describing. She could then call the real police and, with what she knew and what Jin knew, there was a better chance of tracking down Mark and Justin.

She had to have a list of who was sharing rooms with whom and she would narrow it down to the right combination of names.

The secretary picked up a phone and dialed a short extension. “Mrs. Marglow, there is a student here wishing to speak with you.” She covered the receiver “What did you need to talk to her about?” she asked, filtering the director’s calls.

“It is an emergency,” he stated softly.

“He said it is an emergency,” her voice dripped with sarcasm. Likely he was some uptight little Asian kid who was freaking out over final exams. “Ok, I’ll send him back.” She hung up the phone. “She said she has five minutes. Go down the hall and it’s the last door on the left,” she told the student, motioning to the hallway behind her.

“Thank you.” Jin gave a little nod of gratitude and rushed down the hall.


“So, let me see if I understand correctly. You need me to look up two roommates named Mark and Justin because Mark plans to kill Justin and his lover.”

Jin shook his head. “No, Justin is going to kill Mark’s lover, Maddox.”

“Let me call Campus Police. They should have been who you went to first, dear.” She smiled, not truly believing a word this kid was saying but knowing she had to at least call Campus Police in order to cover her own ass.

Jin’s head dropped. He had a skill at picking out how people felt about something and it was clear his only hope thought he was crazy and stupid for not going to the police first. At least she would have to be in the room, though, and the police could ask her to pull up the needed information. The more people who knew about it the better chance they had of scaring Justin away or stopping him.

Jin tucked one foot behind his ankle, folded his hands and kept his head down. He would wait quietly. There was still a good bit of daylight left and he knew Justin’s plan relied on it being dark. He knew the crazy blonde would want to watch if Justin was, in fact, going to shoot to kill and not just to scare.

She liked watching things like that, he would imagine.

It took twenty minutes for the Campus Police to get there. They would be the one to make the judgment about if the actual police should get involved in the matter. It would snowball. He was sure of it.

Of course, when Campus Police came he soon realized his story didn’t sound any less crazy. “Aren’t you going to write this down?” he asked softly.

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