At The Party


The party was still going strong, but he wasn’t into it. The music was too jarring, and the people were too loud. He stepped out onto the back deck, closing the sliding glass door behind him. There was less noise out here. It was still too cool to be outside at night, so he had the entire deck to himself.

He gazed up at the night sky, but it wasn’t doing anything for him. He turned and rested against the railing and stared back at the building. It was one of those new modern constructions. Basically a giant cube with a deck overlooking the backyard. The entire wall facing him was made of glass with sliding doors on each side.

This floor was designed to resemble a hotel suite, so there was a large common area where the party goers could gather and dance. On the right was a large recessed doorway that must have led to the master bedroom and on the left were a couple of smaller doors, leading to guest bedrooms. But, with all the people, he could barely see the doors from his spot on the deck.

Time passed as he studied his friend’s home, but his mood did not improve. He was going to have to apologize for it later, but he needed to leave. He opened the sliding door and went inside. Normally, it would be a quick walk past the two doors to the stairs that led down to the front door, but it was wall to wall people, and he could barely pass through them.

It took all his focus to keep pressing forward. Slow and steady, he moved through the crowd towards the stairs. He caught a glimpse of the oak handrail when someone tackled him into the door of the bedroom right at the edge of the stairs. Thankfully, the door stayed closed which kept them from falling.

For a second, he saw only dark fabric and black hair. His nose filled with the strong scent of strawberries. Something about the scent made his pulse race. He blinked and pulled focus on the storm that hit him and saw her. Before he could say or do anything, she pressed her hand on the door behind him, which rattled as she pushed herself off him and turned around.

“You fucking asshole! Watch where you’re going!” She turned back to him as he got his feet under him. “I’m so sorry. Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just taken by surprise is all. How are you?” He was finally able to get a solid look at the woman who was knocked into him. The first thing that caught his attention were her dark brown eyes. She had on a black dress, and what looked like a leather hoodie under the mess of dark hair. His words put a half smile on her red, full lips.

“I almost knocked you down the stairs and you’re worried about me? You are a rare one.” Her eyes went up and down, checking him out. Her smile got wider, and she turned her body towards him. “I’m okay now. I’m Karin. Listen, I’m sorry that I slammed into you like that. Let me get you a bee-“

Before she could finish her sentence, she pitched forward again. As before, Ordu Escort there was nothing but black fabric, dark hair, and strawberries. But this time, there was a loud click and he felt the door behind them give way. Then there was nothing. Just his body, Karin’s body on top of him, and the air. The carpet on the floor did nothing to dampen the shock of pain as he landed on his back.

An instant later, Karin landed on top of him knocking the breath out of his lungs. Her momentum pushed her further, and suddenly her lips were on his. They both tensed, eyes wide, and bodies stiff. The door they fell through clicked shut, cutting off the noise of the people and the light from the common area.

As the darkness enveloped them, they both relaxed into the kiss. Her lips were soft, sweet, and delicious. Her scent filled his nostrils and his pulse was going a mile a minute. His arms wrapped around her waist, instinctively pulling her towards him. She didn’t resist, her form melted into his body.

He had a moment of clarity and pulled his mouth away from hers. Breaking their kiss with a pop that was louder in the silence of the dark bedroom. “Hey, is this ok-“

Karin growled and pressed her mouth against his again and all logical thought left his mind. He ran his hands up and down her body. He grabbed her ass and pulled her pelvis down towards his hard cock. She moaned into his mouth and started to grind against him. In between their pushing together, he felt Karin’s hands reach between them and undo his pants. A second later his hard cock was rubbing against her skirt.

He lifted her dress and felt no underwear, just warm, bare skin. His cock pulsed as his heartbeat sped a little bit faster. She moaned again as it twitched against her clit. He lifted her up a little and she lined them up. In one smooth move, as if practiced for years, Karin pushed down, and he thrust up. Her wet little hole swallowed his cock and she broke their kiss as she arched back and moaned in pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, yessss…” Karin started grinding against him. He thrust up in time to her hips. Each time they hit bottom they let out a breath of pleasure. Karin pulled his hands up from her hips to her chest. With her hands over his, she pulled down her top and put his hands on her tits and leaned forward, pressing them into his hands. He started to squeeze her tits and pull on her nipples.

“Ohhhh, good boy!” Karin moaned again. “I’m going to ride you until you explode into me.” Karin started rocking back and forth faster now increasing the intense pleasure. “Ohh… your cock… Feels. So. Fucking. GOOD!” Karin screamed as she ground down on his cock. Something snapped in him at her sound, and he lifted her off his pulsing cock. Before Karin could register what was going on through the intense pleasure coursing through her, he pushed her onto her belly, spread her legs and pulled her ass Ordu Escort Bayan up into the air.

He filled her pussy with his cock from behind. Karin was just recovering from the sensations when his thrust sent another torrent of pleasure running through her. He moaned loudly along with her just as he sank his full length inside her. Karin’s hands gripped the carpet tightly as he mindlessly pounded his cock into her. Each thrust pressed her face into the carpet, muffling her moans as he stuffed her over and over again. If he kept up this pace, she would be cumming soon.

“Oh, fuck me.” He moaned loudly as he pulled out and came all over her back. The first touch of his warm cum on her bare ass sent her over the edge into a mind blowing orgasm. Their bodies became rigid for a seemingly eternal moment. Then they collapsed, trying to catch their breath.

After a moment, he looked around and saw that they were on the floor in front of a king size bed. He stood up and reached down to pick up Karin. She was limp, so relaxed it was like there wasn’t a bone in her body. He sat her on the edge of the bed.

What he had taken as a full dress was actually two pieces. As he kissed her, he took off her top. Karin offered no resistance at all. She was like a life-sized doll. He lifted her up and pulled down her skirt. She was now completely naked. And she was perfect, a raven-haired goddess laid down upon this bed. He took off the rest of his clothes, his eyes never looking away.

Karin’s eyes followed his hands as he revealed his body to her. Then she beckoned him towards her. Kicking off the last of his clothes, he laid down on top of her. Karin moaned and lifted her head up to kiss him. He pressed down upon her body as he pressed his lips to hers. Only then feeling the warm steel of the ring piercing her lip. He kissed down the left side of her neck. Licking every line and curl of her tribal tattoo as he kept moving down to her breasts.

He kissed down the center of her sternum and then started licking her breasts. He wanted to worship every single inch of her skin. The tendrils of pleasure started to bring Karin back to her senses. Just when he started kissing and licking her left areola and nipple, she clamped her arms around his head. Karin held him there while he licked, sucked and scraped his teeth against her nipple. Everything he did just made Karin moan more and more. Then he gently bit her nipple and she screamed as pleasure ripped through her. Her hands froze clamping him down harder then slacked as the pleasure that inundated Karin subsided. She tried to catch her breath, her ample breasts bouncing with each deep inhalation.

He moved down her body kissing her stomach, her belly button, and down one thigh. Karin’s skin was warm and when he exhaled tiny goosebumps formed. He got closer and closer to Karin’s pussy, but always kissed around it. After Escort Ordu a while, Karin started whining in desperation, and started moving her hips trying to shift his head towards where she wanted him. He kept teasing her, blowing on her labia, but never quite touching them.

“Oh, god, please…” Karin moaned in desperate need. “Please…”

“Please what?” He blew against her labia again. She moaned as the sensation tore through her body.

“Please lick it… suck on it…”


“My fucking pussy… PLEASE…”

Before he could say anything, she grabbed his head and pressed it against her soft smooth pussy. He ran his tongue up and down the slit of her and she moaned out loud. Her hands dropped from his head and gripped the sheets. “Ooohhh, fuuuuuck….”

He opened her labia and pressed his lips to her clit. He started pleasuring Karin’s vulva, kissing and licking it like he was starving, and Karin was his first hot meal. Karin had others lick her, but no one with the skill and enthusiasm as he did.

“Mmm,” he said, “you taste like strawberries.” He went back to licking her pussy, and Karin writhed in pleasure. The room was filled with moans, and gasps as he continued his oral assault on her pussy. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he slid a couple fingers in her pussy.

“Oh, fuck… Yesssssss…” Karin rode wave after wave of pleasure washed her mind away. She pulled him up from between her legs and pushed him on the bed. Her face lit up with a wicked grin when she saw his cock at full attention again.

She bent down and took his cock down her throat in one fell swoop. She sucked it down deep and slid her mouth up and down his shaft. She cupped his balls and licked up and down his shaft before sucking it down her throat again with a growl.

It seemed like only seconds when she felt his hands grip her hair and forcefully slide her head up and down his cock. Her pussy tingled at the idea of being controlled. But when she felt his cock twitch, she pulled her mouth off his cock.

“No. I need you inside me again… please…” She climbed the length of his body and slid his cock back inside her. A loud grunt escaped her lips as she pressed herself against his chest and ground herself against his cock.

She pressed her face against his chest and screamed in pleasure. She kissed his chest. Her lips pressing in with each rocking motion of her hips. “Ungh… oooh yeah… ohh yeah ungh… yeah… aww FUCK!!” She started humping him faster. “I can’t believe it… I’m going to cum again…Didn’t … ungh… think this… oooh… was possible…”

He reached down and grabbed her ass, then pulled her down on his cock. She screamed as shock waves of pleasure wracked her body, her whole body spasming. The clenching of her pussy was too much for him to take. He had been barely holding on as it was, but this put him over the edge as he shot a huge load of cum deep inside Karin. The feeling was so intense, neither of them knew it when they passed out.

He woke up in the bed alone. Surrounded by her scent. Strawberries. He didn’t know how, but he needed to find Karin again.

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