At The Office


I was expecting him to show up that day, we had an appointment after all, so it really was no surprise when my secretary buzzed my office to let me know she was sending him up. He was the first man I’d had an affair with. I thought things were long over between us, the last time I’d seen him, just a few weeks prior, he’d hardly even hugged me, much less shown any interest in the way things had been between us.

Today, he walked into my office, shut the door behind him, dropped his computer bag beside my desk and walked to where I was sitting tilted back in my office chair, hard at work. I looked up to smile and tell him to sit down I’d be done with what I was working on in just a moment. I never got the chance, he placed his hands on either side of my chair, leaned me back farther, nearly causing the chair to flip. I reached up and grabbed his arms, pure reflex reaction on my part, but as I touched him, I remembered why I liked holding onto his strong upper arms, I lightly dug my nails into his arms as he dropped his head and kissed me.

After a very brief moment, he stood up, walked around my desk and sat down. “Well, hello to you too,” I stammered.

“Sorry, but I wanted to do that last time I saw you and didn’t dare, I was sure you’d slap me, and this time, I just couldn’t resist.”

“Have I ever slapped you? In all the years we’ve known each other?”

“No, but you did tell me you didn’t want to see me, or rather, you weren’t interested in spending any extra-curricular time with me anymore, I figured I might get slapped for it, but didn’t care.”

“I wouldn’t slap you, you know that.” I placed my wireless keyboard back on my desk and swiveled around to give him my full attention. I grabbed the papers I needed to show him and tried to turn things back to the reason he was really here. “I wanted your advice on these, if you don’t mind that is,” I said as I handed them to him.

“Sure, no problem,” he glanced through them briefly and put antep escort them down on my desk. “So, you say you wouldn’t slap me, does that mean if I did it again you still wouldn’t slap me?”

I rolled my eyes a little, and smirked at him. I thought he was joking. I held out my hands to him and said, “Here, you can hold onto them to make sure I don’t.”

He was quickly out of his chair and back around my desk, he grabbed my hands with his, and pinned me back to my chair as he leaned over me again as he kissed me. He let go of my hands, and put his hands on either side of my head, holding me still while he ravaged my mouth. When I whimpered, he pulled back and smiled, “I love it when you do that.” I suppose he was expecting me to pull away, and to be honest, it was what I intended to do, but he lulled me in with his kiss. Moments later he was again kissing me breathless as one hand dipped down into my silk shirt to find my breast. He began unbuttoning my shirt before I realized exactly what he was doing.

“Ummm, you know there are other people here in the office, right?” I knew that the office 2 doors down from me was occupied and that several of our technicians were out in the warehouse, just outside my door. Anyone could walk in at anytime, if they wanted to. I figured this statement would stop him, that he’d be worried about someone catching us, but instead it just seemed to inspire him to speed up his actions.

He had my shirt unbuttoned in no time, and had my bra pushed down out of his way. He dipped his head and began sucking each of my nipples, and cupping and teasing the one he wasn’t licking or sucking at the moment. I sighed with pleasure, as it occurred to me, I should stop him, if for no other reason, my body still hasn’t figured out I’m not breastfeeding, and is still producing milk, not a lot, but some. I really had no idea how he might react. I shouldn’t have wasted the time worrying, he seemed to be enjoying himself quite thoroughly.

I let my mind go, trying not to think of my coworkers just outside the door, and the possibility of being caught. He kissed me again, and I felt his hands begin working at my jeans, trying take them off while I was still sitting in my chair. I lifted my hips, allowing him to slide them down to my ankles.

I instinctively moved to cover my mid-section, I’m still carrying around some of my baby fat, and my stomach isn’t as flat as it once was. He pulled my hands away, cupped my face, and whispered, “You are beautiful, why don’t you see that?”

He pulled me up out of the chair, never breaking the kiss, I tangled my fingers in his hair, holding on as tightly as I could. He reached down and within seconds, his pants were in a pile on the floor. He kicked them out of the way. I leaned back against my desk, and he pulled my knee up to hook it over his arm, and he rubbed his dick into my pussy, feeling how wet I was, how ready I was. He pushed me back farther onto my desk, until I was laying back over it, and swiftly he spread my legs farther apart, and entered me in one stroke. I put my hand in my mouth to keep from crying out. He pulled completely out, and was back in again in another stroke. He continued at his lazy pace for a minute, slowly driving me insane. Sensing my urgency, and laughing as I reached down and began furiously rubbing my clit trying to find my own release, he sped up his thrusts. He watched with obvious pleasure as I brought myself to climax, and then grabbed onto the desk for support as my body quivered through my orgasm.

Just then, I heard someone coming up the stairs to where my office was. “Someone’s coming,” I said as I tried to sit up.

“Not just yet,” he said as he pushed me down onto the desk again and began pounding himself into me. I kept an anxious eye on the door, trying to hear if someone was coming to my door. The footsteps stopped down the hall a few doors down, but didn’t go in.

He reached up, and grabbed my chin, forcing my eyes off the door and onto his face. He looked me right in the eyes, “I want your undivided attention when I cum inside you.”

I nodded my head, and began to meet his every thrust. In almost no time, he grabbed my hips and pulled me even tighter to him, and I felt him cum deep inside me. My muscles tightened as I felt myself nearing another orgasm, I reached down to help it along, but he beat me to it, he reached down and rubbed my clit for just a few seconds before I was once again writing through another orgasm.

The footsteps resumed outside my door, coming closer. I pushed him backwards, and grabbed my jeans and thong off the floor and pulled them up as quickly as possible. My fingers fumbled as I tried to rebutton my shirt and adjust my bra at the same time. I failed pretty miserably, but I got my shirt buttoned, just as the person knocked on my door. I looked over, and saw that he had just finished putting his pants back on, and he sad down in the chair, as if we’d never done anything but discuss business.

“Come in” I called. I know my face had to be flushed, and I’m not sure how I carried on a stable conversation as my co-worker stood there and discussed a project with me. He finally handed me papers, and walked back out the door and down the stairs.

I looked at him, and laughed. “Don’t laugh too hard, your face is awful red,” he said.

I sat down on his lap, kissed him, and then stood up and walked around to my side of the desk again. “Now, about those papers…” I tried. The panic of almost getting caught, the thrill of it all is just too much for me though. “I’m sorry. I’m done for the day, take those with you, I’ll call you next week, deal?”

“Sure thing. I can always drop them back by here for you,” he said as he winked at me.

I watched as he grabbed his computer bag and let himself out of the office. I couldn’t move, I was too amazed at what we’d just done, and how very close we’d come to getting caught. It was such a high. I think next time I’ll make sure there aren’t any co-workers around.

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