At Last Ch. 02


I look at you lying on the floor, clad only in your underwear and the blindfold covering your eyes; I can hardly believe that you are here. For three years I have only dreamed of having you in front of me to do with as I wish…three long years of longing and exchange of words are about to become reality; I close my eyes, sigh, and lick my lips in anticipation. My hand trembles as I reach out, leaning over to place it on your thigh. You hear my breathing moments before you feel the pressure of my lips on yours. My hand has taken a detour in order to fully evaluate the treasure that has so far remained hidden.

Touching your throbbing prick makes me shudder; I’ve waited so long to do this. My hand cradles your shaft and rubs up and down through your underwear as our tongues mingle. You gasp as I squeeze tighter around your head and run my thumb over the wet spot at the tip. You turn your head and buck your hips at the jolt of pleasure that runs through you. I take my cue and start down your body once more with a single-minded purpose: I must have that cock!

I am using both of my hands to relieve you of your underwear as I make my way down your chest. Stopping briefly to lick your stomach and enjoy the reflex it causes. Your final barrier has been removed Mersin Escort and there you are in all your hard glory. Your turgid member twitches at the change; it yearns to be touched by a female hand, I can tell.

I can feel your heat as I kiss my way to the side of your swollen dick. You run your fingers through my hair in an effort to force my lips in contact with it but I will not be swayed! I don’t care how much you beg; I know what I want and you know that I like to tease; you also know that the wait will be worth it. Feel the contrast between my soft cheek and your hot tumescence as I trail kisses over to your thigh. I look up at you, while my hand is fondling your sac and decide to put you out of your misery.

With my hand still caressing your balls, I extend my tongue and touch the base of your cock taking one long lick up the shaft; then swirling a pointed tip around the head just under the rim. I then go back to the base and swirl my tongue around and up the shaft, stopping when I reach the head and using the falt of my tongue to sweep across the head. Giving it a brief kiss, I go back down the shaft wrapping my lips around and suckling the sides of your stiff rod.

But I still need to taste you! I have been so involved Mersin Escort Bayan in teasing your prick that I haven’t even looked at you, but as I raise my eyes I see that you have removed the blindfold and are now watching me; waiting for that glorious moment when I take you fully into my mouth.


We share a grin and I dip my head back down with the intent of giving you a good lashing. My tongue snakes out and over the head of your cock again; curling over it and probing your hole for a moment. God, I so want you in me! I take the head into my mouth while my hand grips your shaft. Feel my tongue flicking you. All too soon I release the head and lick the shaft again; going down and sucking the balls one by one into my hot, moist mouth.

I love your cock! It’s so big; thick and meaty. I lick up again and with a quick glance at your face I open wide and take as much as I can into the wet cavern of my mouth. Your eyes roll back and you groan loudly in ecstasy. This is what I have always said I would do; this is what I have described to you over and over and asked you to imagine me doing for the longest time. I’m finally here, between your legs with your cock stuffed in my mouth. You look at Escort Mersin my lips wrapped around your meat, my head bobbing up and down, and you close your eyes to concentrate on the slippery friction that is pushing you higher and higher. It’s almost more than you can stand.

Feel me moving up and down on you, twisting my head from side to side to increase your enjoyment. I am so getting off on having you under me to taste and to please. My hand is pumping in a steady rhythm and my head is continuing it’s up and down momentum.

“Oh fuck,” you gasp, “ahhhhh.” How much longer can you hold out, I wonder.

“Do you want me to stop?” I ask as I continue jacking you with my hand.

“No,” you struggle, “I want to come in your mouth first. We’ve got all night for other places, right?”

And with that my mouth descends over your glans again; sucking and pumping, tickling your balls. Slick, wet, friction on your shaft. Your balls start to tingle and you know you’re close. As I continue worshipping your cock, the tingling starts to spread through your body. Oh God, oh shit! You know you’re going to lose it soon. A few more pumps, a tight squeeze, and you’re gone; your body tenses and tightens, your eyes roll back, and you let loose with a primal growl and unload; spewing your hot liquid down my throat over and over again. You just keep coming, squirting again and again, and I hold on for dear life swallowing every last drop. Finally I collapse beside you and look at you in the aftermath of your ecstasy while catching my breath.

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